Eary Retirement

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Great story by Shortysboy

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Couple take a swim


by shortysboy

“Goodbye. Enjoy your new home!” Cammie called out while waving from her car. The Thompson’s waved back from the front door of their beautiful house way out in the country.

Getting into her car and driving away, Cammie wondered, not for the first time, if she should have told the Thompson’s the secret history of the house that they just bought. How in the last 10 years, since the house was built, in fact, 6 families had moved into the house and all of them disappeared without a trace, leaving all of their possessions behind..

The story had become sort of a town legend, but lucky for Cammie, the Thompson’s had moved here from San Francisco and had no knowledge of the house’s curse. She had begun to wonder if she would ever sell the house again, since it had been 2 years since anyone had shown any interest in it. But then she placed that ad in a national magazine and lo and behold, 2 months later the Thompson’s called and the rest is history. Seems that Mr. Thompson was a big shot in an internet company and made a huge fortune before bailing out and taking early retirement. He and his wife had been searching for over a year for a remote country house to retire to, and now at the age of 48, he had found it.

“I’m sure that they will be happy there,” Cammie thought. But still, she couldn’t help but feel guilty for her omission. “Oh well, nothing to do about that now.”

Meanwhile, the Thompson’s retired to their new bedroom and spent the next 2 hours breaking in their beautiful four poster bed.

After the hours of sweaty sex, Byron and his wife, Jane decided to take a walk outside and survey some of the 20 acres of wooded land that they had purchased along side their house.

About an hour into the walk, the Thompson’s had to admit they were lost, and with nighttime approaching, both were beginning to get a little worried. Still, it was a relaxing 60 degrees outside and they still had a couple of hours left before sunset.

“I’m sure we’ll either find our way back home or come upon a road or something to help us find out way back.,” Mr. Thompson reassured his wife.

Another 30 minutes of walking, and no closer to home, the Thompson’s came upon a small inviting pond in the middle of a clearing.

“What do you say honey, take a few moments and cool off in the water?” Jane asked her husband.

“Sure, dear, but neither of us have any swimsuits,” Byron replied.

“Come on honey, we can skinny dip, just like we did in the old days, remember?”

The smile on his face showed her that Byron definitely remembered.

“It’s not like anyone is going to see us. We’re in the middle of no where, on our own land, for God’s sake,” she added.

Quickly removing their clothes, the couple entered the water at the same time and swan around, relaxing in the cool water.

After a few minutes, both were beginning to feel a little strange, but neither could actually describe what the feeling was.

Leaning over to his wife, Byron kissed her firmly on her lips, feeling his erection jump to attention, and realized that even after two hours of sex, he hadn’t had enough.

As kissing for several minutes, Jane pulled away, and looked back at husband. Something looked different about him, but at first she couldn’t place what it was.

Then suddenly she realized that his salt and pepper hair was completely brown again. No grey at all.

“Byron, did you dye your hair,” she asked.

“No, why?” he responded.

“Because the grey is all gone. And there’s no grey in your chest hair anymore. I could be wrong honey, but you don’t look a day over 30.”

“Oh my God, neither do you. What do you think is happening?”

“Could it be the water. That might explain the strange feeling we’ve had since we’ve been in this pond. Is it possible, the water is making us younger?”

“If you had asked and hour ago, I would say it’s not possible to grow younger, but, I can’t think of any other excuse for what’s happened. Can you.”

“No,” she replied. “Do you think we should get out?”

“Not yet. Let’s get a little younger. Just think, we can be 20 years old again. It’s perfect. We can have it all. We’ll be young, with a beautiful house and more money than we know what to do with.”

Suddenly, Byron pulled his wife to him again and began kissing her again.

A few more minutes passed. Meanwhile, Byron and Jane continued growing younger. Their bodies becoming firmer. Jane’s breast’s no longer sagged and she could feel her stomach and butt growing tighter and firmer.

The gut that Byron had developed over the years working at a desk had also disappeared and the thick chest hair had lightened and then finally disappeared except for a line of hair connecting his belly button to his pubic area.

“Damn, honey, we better get out of the water before we get any younger,” Jane said, noticing her voice was slightly higher.

“You’re right. We look like 18 year olds,” Byron responded.

Leaving the water and drying themselves with their clothes, Byron took his wife in his arms and made love to her amide the scattered leaves on the ground.

Thirty minutes of lovemaking and Jane said, “Let’s make ourselves a little younger, honey.”

“Why would we want to do that?”

“We didn’t meet till college, Byron. Don’t you want to see what I looked like as a high schooler. Don’t you want to have SEX with me as a high schooler!”

Perhaps, if he hadn’t been under the influence of his overpowering hormones, he might have notice the flaws in this argument, but as things were, he was so hot to see her get younger, he didn’t even think about it.

Stepping back in the water, they agreed to keep their distance from each other so they didn’t start screwing around and make themselves too young.

A couple of minutes rolled by, and the sun was approaching sunset, when Byron and Jane left the water and stared at each other’s youthened bodies.

The first thing Byron noticed was his wife’s smaller, perkier breasts. “Definitely a mouthful now, he thought.” He followed her body down her perfect stomach, small batch of brown pubic hair and beautiful round ass.

Jane noticed that Byron seemed skinnier than before, his chest smaller with small puffy nipples. His washboard stomach was so incredible she wanted to run her tongue over his beautiful sixpack. She noticed his penis had gotten smaller, only an inch or two, but still it had to be 6’’ hard so who was she to complain.

“We can’t be more than 16 now, maybe 15. It’s amazing,” Jane said.

“No more talking,” Byron replied, afraid he might come right now if he didn’t take her at this moment.

At the moment of penetration, Byron knew something was different.

“Oh my god. What was that,” he said.

“I’m 15 years old, so I’m a virgin again,” she said slyly.

“Cool,” Byron replied, and then reentered her.

This time didn’t last as long as before because of Byron’s useful exuberance cause him to climax much sooner than either of them was used to.

“Wow, that was amazing! An orgasm hasn’t felt that incredible in years!” Byron practically screamed, his voice cracking.

“It was amazing,” Jane added, even though she was far from satisfied. “How bout a couple more years?”

“Are you serious? Aren’t we young enough?”

“Come on. Just a couple more years. Imagine sex with each other at 13. It’s always been my fantasy to have you as a boy. And I KNOW that you have always fantasized me as a school girl. Remember, you used to make me dress in those school girl uniforms. Now you can have the real thing.”

Even though the 48 year old in him told him that this was stupid, the 15 year old was so turned on by this point he would have done anything to have sex with her again.

“Ok, I guess. Just a couple more years.”

The sun was almost completely down now as the teenagers got knee-deep back into the water.

Byron watched as Jane’s breast’s grew even smaller. Becoming more like small mounds than breasts. And the patch of pubic hair between her legs grew smaller and her vagina became more “girl-like”. She had lost several inches in height over all the changes, but still now she was about his height, which was unnerving for him since he had always been taller than her.

Meanwhile, Jane watched as the rest of Byron’s body hair disappeared, leaving only a small patch under his arms and surrounding his penis. Speaking of his penis, it had grown quite a bit smaller now, 4’’ hard now at most. And his body lost the definition it had had before leaving only a slender boy.

“Let’s get out now,” Byron squeaked in a much higher pitched voice.

“Oh that is way too cute,” Jane replied, noticing that her voice was higher now too.

They had almost made it to the edge of the pond, when Byron tripped over an underwater branch and sprawled to the ground with Jane under him, just on the edge of the pond.

Immediately, and awkwardly, he began to kiss and caress her again. But that lasted a very short time, as his barely pubescent hormones took over and insisted he stick it in. What do teenager’s know of foreplay?

What neither of them noticed was that their feet were still touching the edge of the water.

The first thing Byron noticed upon penetration this time was that, “Wow, it’s so tight now.”

“What do you expect? I’m 13.”

“And a virgin again,”, Byron responded, smiling.

He kept on for a few minutes, till he finally exploded and collapsed on top of her.

The lay there for a little bit longer, both of them managing somehow to fall asleep, meanwhile, their bodies continued to undergo changes.

Her pubic hair disappeared completely, leaving her small naked vagina exposed, while her breasts receded completely, her flattened chest topped with two small pink puffy nipples.

Byron also lost the remaining body hair and his penis shrunk from 3’’ soft to about an inch. His body gaining baby fat around his belly and arms. He had been a chubby child and was becoming so again.

Jane was also gaining some baby fat and slowly as her body continued to get smaller, her belly began to round.

Waking up, Byron was the first to realize something was wrong. Standing up quickly and pulling Jane further from the water, Byron exclaimed in a little boy’s voice, “Jane, wake up. We fell asleep touching the water and now we’re children again!”

Standing up, Jane looked over at her husband and noticed he wasn’t kidding. He couldn’t have been older than 6, and looking down at herself she noticed that she wasn’t either.

“Look what you did to us,” Byron yelled.

“Whadda ya mean, it’s not my fault!” Jane yelled back.

“Yeah, it is. Stupid girl!”

“Yeah, well you’ve got a baby dick now! HA HA HA HA HA!!!, Jane yelled childishly back.

“You’re just angry cause you don’t got boobies anymore.” And with that Byron started laughing.

All the while their minds continued to regress to match their childish bodies.

Finally, they caught up.

“My name’s Byron,” he said, looking at the strange little girl in front of him.

“I’m Janie. Wanna go swimming?”

“Sure,” Byron responded.

And they both ran into the water, playing at the edge, slowly growing younger and younger.



End Chapter 1

Eary Retirement

by: poisonelf | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 28, 2015


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