The Happy Family

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Another short story, set in Princess Pottypants' fantastic Diaper Dimension universe.

Chapter 1
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Mommy spotted an unoccupied park bench beside the narrow walking track, and, deciding that it was perfect, she primped out her 1950s-style housewife dress and walked over to sit down. The park wasn’t particularly busy right now - it was only mid-morning on a Wednesday after all - but the current little corner was particularly quiet, and was the perfect place to do her reading.

Snapping open her large purse, she slid out the heavy parenting manual within, then pushed the stroller to one side - facing it away so that she could still hold one handle - and began to rock it gently, pushing it back and forth ever so slowly.

From within her purse, a few spare disposable diapers threatened to spill out alongside the book, and Mommy swiftly caught them and pushed the whole mess back down, scowling and thinking that she’d have to get a proper diaper bag soon. The giantess noted with a frown that there were some adult clothes in her purse too - albeit of dwarf size - and she realized that she could really get rid of those now, they wouldn’t be needed anymore, especially those black panties.

A sudden kick came from the front of the stroller, the side facing away, and Mommy scowled at the back of the seat.

"What did I tell you about behaving?" she warned, "Do we need to have more spankings already?"

The struggling ceased, and Mommy waited in a warning silence for a moment longer, before finally resuming her gentle rocking of the stroller, pushing it back and forth, a motion which should calm down even the most disagreeable of young ladies. Perhaps it had just been about testing whether she was actually still there.

Flicking open her newly purchased parenting manual, the stern giantess began browsing through the table of contents, nodding in approval at what she saw. Much of it was obvious, but some parts were already standing out. There was a chapter on nutritional balance in meals, another on inducing lactation, and another on the benefits of cloth & plastic pants versus disposables. Well, she’d already bought both, and right now the nice people from the Happy Family Store would be delivering them and setting things up in her home. Still, there was more, a chapter on how all dwarves regardless of station or age were realistically little better than babies, and comments on how nobody would question if somebody were to treat one as such, deciding that they inherently needed it. Part of being a good parent, the guide said, was knowing what was best for little ones, even when they disagreed.

Patting footsteps approached, and Mommy looked up to see a jogger approaching, an athletic-looking betweener-sized college girl, wearing a midriff-baring jogging suit comprised of a spandex tank-top and mid-thigh tight black pants. Mommy wondered if the girl was aware of how translucent her pants had become from her sweat, and whether she knew that the pink princess pullup was nearly entirely visible. Mommy suspected not, given the confident swagger which the girl moved with.

The young jogger stopped in front of the stroller, grinning, and crouched down to make silly faces and cooing baby noises on the other side, rhetorically asking who was just the cutest, and reaching in to pinch cheeks. Mommy couldn’t help but smile, though also found herself fighting a desire to walk over there and check the college woman’s pullup. No matter, there was probably a dorm matron waiting for the girl back at campus, who would point out just how visible her pink princess-themed pullups had been the entire time when she returned.

Finally the jogger stood and moved back onto the path to resume her run, only for Mommy to reach out and grab hold of her wrist. Not even bothering to explain herself, the giantess simply reached over to yank the girl’s black pants down, lifting a hand between the student’s legs, and hearing a faint telltale squelch as she pushed.

"Here," she snorted, thrusting one of the larger disposables from her purse forward, "You may need this."

The young girl yanked up her pants in a frenzy and glanced down, her eyes growing wide as she realized how transparent the pants were, her face turning every shade of pink. In the inescapable amazon’s grip, she had no choice but to reach over and accept the white diaper, rushing off a moment later with the disposable clutched to her stomach, unable to even drop it in the park with a lack of trash cans around - not unless she wanted to risk a misdemeanor notice for littering, and the likely boarding school sentence which would follow.

Mommy sighed and shook her head, glancing back down at her parenting manual. The betweener sized folk sometimes stood a chance, but the dwarves were near useless. The book was stating that exact same thing, and Mommy nodded in firm agreement.

Why, just that morning she’d been shopping at the Happy Family Store, and had overheard a dwarf family arguing - a mother and teen daughter - over clothing of all things. The nineteen year old wanted to expand her goth look, but the mother was berating her, pointing towards something more formal like what she wore to work.

Well, Mommy hadn’t listened to their whining and arguing for long, marching into that little corner and taking true control. They’d both gone over her knee at once, each in squealing confusion and outrage, and Mommy had bared their bottoms to introduce them to how a real parent took charge. The little mother had obviously not been capable of handling her own daughter, little better than an overdressed child herself, and now the two sat strapped and gagged in the front of the double seated stroller, wriggling but finding their situation helpless.

Mommy had set down the law of how they should be properly dressed in no time, getting each into nice thick disposables and denim overall dresses in a life-changing transformative flash. After hearing all that mutual arguing and whining in the store, she’d known straight away that neither was ready for anything more than the very basics - how could a baby mother raise anything but a baby daughter after all? No, she’d gotten them frilly trimmed denim dresses which rode up on the back, giving a clear view of the disposables when they waddled, and Mommy already knew that these two would need such a window for frequent checking, given their apparent lack of maturity displayed in the store.

Musing over how nice the workers at the Happy Family Store had been, offering to deliver two cribs, highchairs, a playpen, wardrobes, stacks of diapers, and a changing table, Mommy was suddenly interrupted in her thinking by a loud reluctant fart from the front of the stroller. The giantess slowed her rocking slightly, hearing a horrified moan against a strapped-on pacifier gag, and gave a cold nod of approval.

"Yes, that’s right dear," she cooed, thinking that it didn’t matter which she was talking to, "The enemas are coming through, and are going to teach both of you what it means to be starting over from basics."

The panting moaning and loud wet farting increased, and the giantess continued her gentle pushing of the stroller, realizing that that was going to be one very full diaper.

"It’s okay," she cooed, "Mommy will change your diapers later today, probably before bed tonight. At least, if you’re both well behaved angels until then. This is for your own good sweethearts, and in time you’ll both come to understand that. Why, in a few years, we may even be able to enroll you at a local daycare school, while Mommy helps you grow up all over again - properly this time. Won’t that be fun!"

As if in answer, another loud series of desperate farts began, and Mommy smiled, resuming her gentle rocking of the stroller, back and forth. She knew then that they were going to be a happy family indeed, just as the title of the store had promised when she went shopping there, finding dwarves lured into the rather private dwarf clothing section for just that, conveniently arranged into size, gender, and lifestyle, and she wondered how many other happy families the chain store had made.



End Chapter 1

The Happy Family

by: aus_dpr | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 6, 2014


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