Alex's Regression

by: Mr. D | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 16, 2014

This is the regression portion to one of the stories I am working on. I have not gotten that far in the story yet, but please feel free to comment and critique. Edited for the purpose of being a stand-alone story. Will be further edited when The Dark Forest builds to specified point.

Complete Story

Chapter Description: Alex finally finds time alone with Samantha, who has to be the hottest women he's ever met. With plans to seduce her, the night goes on differently than Alex had planned.

“Alex, do you know anything about magic?” Samantha inquired, her green eyes flashing with sinister hunger to which Alex was oblivious. His infatuation with Samantha rendered him oblivious to obvious dangers.

“I know it isn’t real,” he replied. “Whoever got Mike was no witch. I hope we find him alive, but I seriously doubt he was killed by witchcraft like everyone else believes."

“What if I told you it is real and I could show you how to use it?” She beamed at Alex as she said this, similar to the expression on a grown woman’s face who was giving praise to a child, followed by a momentary look of hunger in her eyes, which again, Alex overlooked. Alex got the impression that she was into him, but that he wasn‘t exactly her type, or so he guessed. The girls in town were so much easier to ’read’. He took a hint that he needed to act kind of dorky to get in her pants. “Only once every few generations is someone born who can utilize the magic arts.” she continued. “ I can see that potential in you, however you’re too late in your life to amount to much of a magic user, but I-”

“You mean witch,” he cut her off. “I suppose I do have odd, inexplicable events that have happened in my life, but I guess I find magic is a tough pill to swallow, so to speak. If only I could use it…” He stood up. He got it.. He could play along. He just had to say things that were really dorky but try to make them sound cool.

Samantha got up too. She whispered something in Alex’s ear. Alex nodded in response. “I suppose I could give it a shot,” he told her. ‘Yes! I’m finally gonna get laid!’ he thought. He honestly hadn’t paid attention to a word that she said, but immediately took off his beanie and was going to strip more until he saw Samantha approach him again.

“Here, drink this,” she said, “it will help with the training,” she handed him a water bottle filled with a dark, amber-colored fluid. The liquid looked like beer. Alex figured this was probably just something he had to do to get her aroused. He was definitely willing to play along, especially with the added perk of free booze. It had been days since Alex had last drank beer and didn’t mind if he did. Alex opened it and took a gulp. It was unfamiliar, but easily the sweetest drink that he had ever tasted. He took another gulp. It was even sweeter than before. As interested as he was in better acquainting himself with Samantha, the drink that he had been offered was very addictive. It took all of his willpower to pull the bottle away from his lips. Having accomplished that feat he looked longingly at the bottle.

“This is some very good booze,” Alex announced. He didn‘t feel buzzed, but the sensation was so similar that he was dismissive of the fact that his beverage was not actually alcoholic. “Where did you get it?”. His clothes seemed a little bit loose on him and if he’d paid attention to his surroundings he would have noticed that the cave did seem a bit bigger, and had there been a mirror he would have noticed that he didn’t look a day over twenty, but there was no mirror and Samantha had his full attention right now.

“I actually made that myself,” she answered him quickly, “Honey is the main ingredient, but there is also milk and may or may not be a few sedatives….” She guided the bottle back to his lips and tilted the bottom of the bottle upward, forcing him to drink. “Now drink,” she coaxed.

She gave him that maternal gaze again, which prompted Alex to drink faster. He didn’t know what it was about that look, but if she had told him to do the most unthinkable thing while giving him that look he would have had a hard time turning her down. Alex’s clothes felt very loose on him now. He noticed that something felt out of place about the cave, and had to stop drinking this concoction. His clothes seemed a bit bigger which left him slightly confused and bewildered, despite his trance-like state.

He looked up from drinking for a little bit, but could not take his lips off the bottle. Samantha and the cave around them seemed a bit bigger. Still beaming at him, Samantha coaxed him sweetly, “Drink up, we can’t begin training until you finish.” She approached him and again tilted the bottle upward once more.

Alex’s clothes felt heavy on him. Everything in the cave looked gigantic now. He looked back over at Samantha and gave a small, childish giggle. He didn‘t remember exactly what he and she were doing there, but she was pretty and he wanted to impress her. He wanted very much to hear the sound of her voice, so he tried to pull the bottle away from his lips so he could say something, anything, in order to get a response.

“Finish up, sweetie.” she said, tilting the bottle upward for a last time with one hand, whilst stroking his thin, wavy locks with the other. Her touch felt heavenly. He didn’t know what exactly was going on, other than the fact that he was drinking something very delicious and he had to do what the pretty lady said. Alex took one last gulp, finishing off the amber liquid, his mind was now all but gone. He dropped the empty bottle.

Alex tried to maintain his balance on his legs, but found that to be difficult. His clothes were engulfing him and he could not move. They seemed to be growing bigger by the second. Alex was scared. He couldn’t see anything outside his sweaty shirt, which smelled terrible to him. Wanting someone to come to his aid, he let out a high-pitched squeal. When no one came to his defense, he continued crying. Finally his small legs were too weak to support him and he fell on his back. Alex’s wails grew louder.

He continued to wail until help arrived. “I know you’re in there somewhere…” said a very familiar voice. Alex stopped crying as a pair of hands pulled him out "Oh, I’ve got you!!!" said a very sweet and melodic voice. He giggled. This sweet lady was going to take care of him from now on.

Samantha took Alex to where she kept a diaper bag hidden from sight. "Guess tonight didn’t go according to plan, huh, Alex?" she teased, knowing full well that he couldn’t understand her anymore. She took out a changing pad which she laid Alex down on, pulled out a diaper and baby powder next, and continued to address her captive-turned-child as she unfolded the diaper, "You were gonna get that nerd chick horny, drink that free beer, and get laid, tonight was such a shock, huh?" Alex giggled. He couldn’t comprehend anything that she was saying, only that the tone of her voice was very child-friendly and he didn’t feel threatened in the slightest. Samantha put the back of the diaper underneath Alex’s butt, showered powder on his behind, pinned down the front panel and began to tape him in. "Oh, if only you could see yourself now!" She laughed at him, which made him giggle all the more. He stuck his hand in his mouth.

Samantha picked the boy up, perched him on her hip and walked over to a rocking chair where she put Alex in her lap and began to rock. "You know, I only made you like this because of the potential that I was telling you about, otherwise you would have met the same fate as the other travelers whose lives I ended in here." She tickled his feet, making him giggle all the more. He loved her touch on him and was completely mesmerized by her. "I’ll start your training soon, but for now let’s work on bonding." The rest of the night was silent as Samantha rocked Alex to sleep.



End Chapter 1

Alex's Regression

by: Mr. D | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 16, 2014


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