Andoids baby

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Man makes giant androids and human adult becomes baby. Futuristic!!

Chapter 1
Androids Baby

Chapter Description: giant androids have adult woman as their baby

The year is 2025 and man has been able to create human looking and acting androids. They are able to think and function as humans and can be programed to serve in different capacities. They have super strength and super intelligence. Science has been try to have androids living as families to see if they could truly function as a family unit. So far they had not been able to make any baby or child androids so they could not learn if the androids could deal with caring for babies. They considered making a cloned baby for the androids to be able to try and care for. However it was banned by every government to use a real baby for testing. One group of scientist thought of using an adult as a test baby to see how it would work. Because an adult could legally agree to being used as a test subject. Their problem was that no adult they had approached would allow themselves to be kept as a baby by the androids. So they decided they would have to try and trick someone into signing the legal documents not knowing their fate ahead of time. With the androids super strength they would be able to keep the adult a baby against their will.

Then they thought it would be better if the androids were much larger than normal humans so the the adult they used as a baby would feel and look baby sized compared to the androids. So they made a female and male android for the experiment that were very large. The female android was 11’ tall and weighed near 600 pounds. The male was larger standing 12’ tall weighing in at 775 pounds. With their size and weight they also had to construct a very large house and furnishing to conduct the experiment. This house was 10,000 square feet and the ceilings were 15’ high. They made it a three bedroom with one being the very large nursery. All the babyish items were larger than normal to accommodate an adult as a baby. The scientist had the two androids live as a couple alone for 6 months to make sure all was going ok between them Making some adjustments as needed they acted the same as a human couple, they were even capable of sex like a human couple, of course they could not conceive.

It was decided that a female test subject would be the best and she would be as the androids baby for a term of one year. So they set out to find a suitable female test subject. The scientists were offering $50,000 to a female that would stay and be the test subject for a one year period with two androids. They was going to say it was a test to see if a female human could live with two androids for a year and be taken care of by the androids. In the fine print it said that she would be as their baby, hoping the female would not read the fine print. They really wanted a female that was smaller and had a childish attitude.

Brent and Suzie were married and Suzie was somewhat childish and was only 4’8" tall. One of the scientists had spotted Suzie at a local store shopping and watched her for some time. They thought she was a perfect match to what they wanted but she was married. So they raised the fee to be paid to $100,000 dollars. They contacted Brent first and talked with him about the idea of using his wife for one year. He would receive $50,000 up front to allow his wife to be gone for one year. At the end of the test he would be paid the remaining $50,000. Brent thought it was a great deal but did not want Suzie harmed in any way. They told him she would be well cared for and not harmed, in fact she would be pampered. Brent said he would allow it but needed to know what was going to be done with her for the year. The scientists knew he would do it unless they told him their plans. So Brent was told that for one year Suzie was going to be kept as a baby by two giant androids as her mother and father. Brent thought they were joking until they showed him a video of the two androids and the home they were living in. They as well as the home were huge and the nursery would for sure make any adult feel tiny. He agreed to the deal but said he would demand updates on her well being as well as pictures and videos of her being taken care of as a baby.

Brent knew that Suzie would not sign the documents to be use as a test subject for one year. So he went to a layer and had power of attorney assigned to him in her behave. It was easier to do that he had expected. Once that was accomplished he signed the documents and got the $50,000 as agreed. Now he just had to get her to the scientists so they could begin the experiment. He figured he could take her out for an outing to see something and it would be where the scientist could take her. It was decided that he would get her there and they would drug her to be asleep and awaken with the experiment being started.

Brent took Suzie to the agreed area and the scientist had put a sleeping agent in her drink. After she was asleep they took her to their lab adjacent to the test home. She was then stripped of her clothing and with modern science being as it was they made a few changes on Suzie. They had all body hair removed and removed her teeth. Then they took always her breasts and made her vagina appear as a virgin little girls. Brent was there as they performed these changes and he actually liked what they had done to her. She looked very much like a baby just larger than a normal human baby. They then put Suzie in her first diaper and dressed her in a cute babyish dress, bonnet, sock and shoes. They then took her to the test home and introduced her to the androids as their baby girl. The androids had been programed to know everything they needed to know as far as caring for a baby. The female android picked Suzie off of the hospital bed they used to get her to them. She cradled her in her arms and admired the little baby, she seemed excited to have a baby of her own. She showed her baby to her male counterpart and they both admired the baby girl commenting on how cute she was.

The two took their baby to the nursery and placed her in her crib and just stood by watching her as she slept. Brent was watching this and was told there were video cameras in every room so they could monitor everything 24 hours a day. Also any time Brent wanted to he could come and watch the monitors but could have no contact with Suzie. Suzie was in her new crib and was showing signs that she would soon be fully awake. The androids were watching as she began to move around and awaken.

When Suzie did open her eyes she was immediately frightened seeing the two giants looking at her. She then realized there was some strange things going on around her and she felt different. She opened her mouth to say something but all that came out was garbled. Brent did not know it but the scientists took away her ability to speak by restraining her vocal cords. The female picked Suzie up from the crib and was holding her like an infant and Suzie could not stop it. She then realized she was in what seemed to be huge nursery and had just been in a huge crib. She noticed her mouth felt different and she moved her tongue around to find that her teeth were gone. Then she felt the bulk between her legs and reached down to find she was wearing a diaper. As she looked her self over she learned she no longer had breasts and she felt weaker. The scientist had made it where she would not be able to walk just barely be able to crawl. They told Brent for all practical purposes Suzie was now very much as a real baby to the androids. In fact that is the way they will see her is as just an infant.

Th female android holding Suzie as Suzie was starting to cry realizing the changes that had been made to her. The female checked her diaper and it was wet, which was also set up by the scientists before she was taken to them. As Suzie was laid down on a giant dressing table the female spoke," awwww is my little baby needing her diaper changed, well mommy will just have to get her baby changed." She removed Suzie’s wet diaper and wiped her with the baby wipes and then applied baby lotion and baby powder. She picked Suzie’s hiney off the table by her two feet in one hand and slid the diaper under her. She pulled it up between her legs and expertly fastened the tapes. The scientists were ecstatically happy with this and was hollering and clapping. As Suzie was then being carried to another room the lead scientist said it was time to pause the androids and go tell Suzie what was going on. Brent asked you can pause the androids from here. He was told yes they could but they would have to wait till Suzie was not being carried so she could not be dropped. They watch as Suzie was placed in a playpen that the male android had brought into the living room. As son as the androids were sitting they were both put on pause.

The lead scientist and a female scientist went into the android home. They went over to the giant playpen which had sides almost as tall as the scientists were. When Suzie saw the two she raised her hands and was attempting to say something. The female scientist said she thought Suzie wanted help to escape. Suzie nodded her head in agreement. The lead scientist said," Sorry Suzie we can not help you, in fact it is us that put you here and made the androids just for you. We needed to find out if androids can function as parents to a baby or child, but we could not risk a real infant. So you have been made as much like a real infant as possible and made the giant androids to make it seem real. For the next year you will remain a baby for the two androids as their baby girl. You have no way to speak other than possibly mama and dada later on. You are not able to walk just barely able to crawl. For all practical purposes to them you are about 6 months old. Please be assured that we have safety’s in place if needed and as you can see we can pause the androids anytime we see a need to." The female scientist spoke," We are sure the changes we have made to you are disturbing, but after the year is up you will be returned to normal as you were. Also do not think this is illegal because your husband has signed you over to us for one year for $100,000. I will say that after we altered you we were pleased with the results. You actually make an adorable baby and have no choice but to be treated as a baby, as you are not capable of anything more. As you can tell the androids see you as a real infant. So we have to leave and let the experiment continue as planned. Unless there is some major problem you will not see any of us for one year when the experiment is completed. So it would be in your best interest to relax and try and enjoy your baby life for the year." The two turned and left as Suzie sat there and cried. She could not believe that her husband would let them do this to her for money. Now they expect me to be a baby for one year with these giant androids as my parents, this is too much.

The scientists returned to the monitoring area and put the experiment back in motion. The male android went to his crying baby and picked her up from the playpen. The female went to the kitchen and made a baby bottle it was probably twice the size of any bottle Brent had ever seen. She handed the bottle to her male counterpart and he put the nipple to Suzie’s lips she tried to refuse it but the lack of strength made the nipple slid in without much resistance. She had no choice and began to suck on the nipple and was being bottle fed by a giant male android like a baby. After a little while of sucking he pulled the nipple from her mouth and placed Suzie over his shoulder, Suzie could not believe she was about to be burped. Which of course did happen and Suzie did actually burp and the male brought her back into his arms and continued feeding her the bottle. Everything was going perfectly the scientists felt and Suzie was being well taken care of as a baby. Brent had to leave for the drive home and was assured Suzie was fine and they would be emailing him picture and videos of her being cared for daily. Sometimes they said they could put him on live feed so he could see what they were seeing at the same time.

During the next couple months everything was going great. Suzie was well taken care of in every way. She had even seemed to be accepting being a baby pretty well now. Her android parents were very attentive to her needs. She was kept clean well dressed and changed and fed as needed. Suzie had even gotten to the point of saying mama and dada, which the androids seemed pleased about. They considered her as their baby girl and they loved her. These two things surprised the scientists as androids were never known to consider anything as their own or showed or voiced real love. But they did seem to really love their baby girl as human parents would. Everyone knew that the newer more advanced androids could learn and reason things out but these two seemed to be surpassing expectations for androids. They saw no reason for concern as Suzie was in no danger they were better parents than a lot of human parents were.

Every day they had sent Brent email updates as well as videos and pictures of his wife being the baby. He started seeing that she had gotten to where she almost seemed happy being their baby and was very happy playing with her large baby toys. He thought at times as he looked at the videos that she really was a cute baby. The scientists were curious as to how the androids would react to other androids like them visiting. So they created two more female androids and had them introduced as new friends. The female was protective at first and would not allow the others near her baby. Eventually she allowed them to hold her baby but only for a very short time. Suzie was now really concerned as now there was 4 giants treating her like a baby.

None of the scientists seemed to notice that the androids were advancing much further than any ever had. Until one day the female android looked directly into one the monitoring cameras and spoke to the scientists," We know you have been watching us with our baby for a long time. We know that our baby is really an average adult to you that you have altered for us. So we now understand that this is an experiment that you have staged. Well here is YOUR problem we are not giving up our baby girl and you can’t take her. Go ahead and try and deactivate us, it will not happen we have found a way to stop your doing that." They were stunned as they tried to stop the androids but nothing happened. The only way they might be deactivated was by getting to the deactivation device on each of them. All androids were programed with a safety to never harm a human for any reason. So the lead scientist decided he would go into the android home and deactivate them and get Suzie out. They had the information they needed in the last 10 months.

The scientist went to the android home and entered the home. The androids were sitting at their table and made no move towards him. Finally the female spoke," You must be one of the humans that made us and gave us our baby. We thank you for that but if you are here to take our baby you will not be allowed to. I further suggest you not even try. "You are not going to harm me you are not allowed to with your programing," He replied. They just sat there and the male android was holding Suzie so he would have to be the first to deactivate. As he got to the android the female android reached out and grabbed the scientist. He told her to let him go and reminded her of her programing. " we have no intention of doing any harm to you at all. We plan on taking care of you BABY," she said. He panicked he knew then that they were planning on making him their baby also and he knew he was helpless against them. She took him to the nursery as he tried to struggle and argue that he was not going to be a baby. She lay him on the changing table and removed his clothing then strapped him down. As much as he tried he could not remove the restraint. She rolled him over and applied baby lotion and baby powder then rolled him back over doing the same on front. Then cam the diaper same ones Suzie had been wearing for 10 months now. Before he knew it he was diapered and being carried out of the nursery, completely helpless. Back in the kitchen she made a baby bottle and pushed the nipple into his mouth and forced him to suck. "We now have a baby boy and a baby girl," She told the male.

The other scientists tried to figure out how to get the androids shut down but had no success at all. It had now been two months since their leader was abducted and turned into their baby by them. It was decided that they would see if it was possible to reason with the androids. The androids said the only way they would release the male human was to alter and send them another female human baby. Same as their little baby girl they had already they wanted two baby girls. If they did not agree they was going to start dressing the male as a baby girl and do any alterations they could do. The scientists knew they had to get him out of there. So they agreed to their terms but had to be given time to acquire another female. The androids agreed but advised them not to take very long. They had no idea what to do as they really could not justify making another adult female become a baby for androids from the public.

The men scientists had been talking privately and they could come up with one idea. They decided that the female scientist with them was small enough and young enough to be what they needed. So it was decided to use her to get their leader from the androids. While the female scientist was out the makes told the androids they would have their new baby girl in a couple days. The androids were pleased and said as soon as they had their new baby they would release the scientist.

When the female scientist returned the leader that had taken over since the real leader was abducted told her they had decided what to do. She was happy they had a solution and asked what it was. Well they want another baby girl and finding a willing female has turned up nothing. She agreed that the search had not had any results. " So we decided that since you are the youngest of the group and the only female........." He was stopped." Screw you I am not going to go in there and be a baby for these two giants. forget it you asshole!" As she turned to walk away the other three scientists were right behind her and grabbed her. Each one had a limb one on each arm and leg as they carried her screaming and struggling to the lab. Once there they strapped her onto the table, there was no way she could get free. " We have no choice you are expendable he is not. They are demanding a baby girl and you are going to be their baby. She pleaded with them not do this to her. There had to be another way to solve the problem. They told her it was the only way the androids seemed to be getting impatient. "We are really sorry about this but it has to be. Also you just as well know they are wanting a newborn infant, younger than the baby they have now. So we will also have to reduce you in height by about 16" to be small enough to pass as a newborn to them. It was a pleasure working with you but we hope you come to enjoy your new life as a newborn infant girl. It is time for you to go to sleep now so we can do what we must do. When you awaken you will be their new baby girl." She drifted off to sleep with the injection they gave to her thinking that her life was over. To become an infant with all her knowledge and schooling.



End Chapter 1

Andoids baby

by: babysuziesdaddy | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 14, 2014


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