Babe's a Baby, Baby's a Babe

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After returning home from her second year of college, Jessica is presented with a strange gift from the uncle of her friend Rachel.

Chapter 1
Part 1

The little clock read 12:34 PM as Jessica’s vision became clear. She let out a sigh of relief as she finally got out of bed to take her morning…err…afternoon shower. Jessica had returned home from finishing her sophomore year of college two days ago. She was enjoying the first few days of summer the way she always did… by doing absolutely nothing. She of course helped around the house and helped her mother take care of her 2 year old baby sister, Anna, but she was content. After writing essays and studying nearly 24/7 for ten months, there was nothing she enjoyed more than the lazy weeks of summer.

Of course those weeks would become more like three days.

"You are leaving me with Anna? For the rest of the summer?" Jessica remarked as she questioned her mother.

"I know it is out the blue, but my sister called a week ago and asked me if she would go with her on a cruise. With you here I wouldn’t have to worry about a babysitter."

"For two months?"

"It sails all around the world, making stops at India, the Caribbean, and Asia. However, the final decision is yours. If you feel I am pushing this all on you and it’s too much, I will stay."

Jessica stood there for a minute. She remembered how her mother told her how her 2nd grade class this year had given her a hard time at her job at the elementary school, and gave in.

"No, I think you deserve it. Besides, taking care of Anna isn’t too hard of a job and we get along well."

"Thank you sweetie, I’ve already paid everything in advance, so all you need to worry about is groceries."

As her mother closed the door behind her, Jessica walked over to Anna and picked her up.

"Well, it looks like it will be just the two of us for awhile, now I think…"

Before she could finish her sentence, Jessica caught a whiff of the welcome home present her sister just left her.

"…that you need a fresh pair of pants before I make us something to eat."


As she was finished changing Anna and washing dishes from her late brunch, Jessica heard a knock at the backdoor, opening it to see her friend Rachel standing there with a small decorative gift bag.

"Sweatshirt, jeans, and hair pulled back in a ponytail. Looks like someone’s starting to unwind for the summer." Rachel remarked looking at Jessica’s attire.

"If not studying for three days for a test is starting to unwind, then yes I am. What’s the bag for?"

"It’s a gift for you. I’ve been telling my uncle how you’ve been working yourself like crazy, so he sent you a graduation present."

Rachel then handed the present to Jessica, seeing a blue liquid inside of a bottle upon opening.

"That was awfully nice of him, what is it? Alcohol?"

"No, he wouldn’t send anything like that. But why send a drink?"

"I don’t know. Be sure to tell him I said thank you."

"Will do…wait, it looks like a left my phone over back at my house. Mind if I go run back to get it?"

"Sure, I’ll leave a key to the backdoor under the doormat."

She then closed the door as Rachel went back to her house to pick up her phone, Jessica then eyed the strange gift wondering if it was just a harmless drink. She noticed that Anna was trying to reach for the bottle, apparently wanting a drink.

"Well, I suppose as long it isn’t alcohol it would be okay to give you a taste." Jessica said as she took out a glass for herself and a bottle for Anna.

As she opened the glass bottle, she sniffed just to make sure it wasn’t actually alcohol, poured the both of them a drink, and sat down on the couch with her baby sister.

"Well, cheers to us, then."

Jessica then took a drink from her glass as her infant sister drank from her bottle, both enjoying the odd taste that filled their mouths.

Then things felt… different. In the few seconds that she had swallowed the strange liquid, a peculiar sensation ran through Jessica’s body. The only thing that she could think of was feeling…calm.

It was almost like being in a moment of pure tranquility. A moment that lasted until she glimpsed her right hand.

Her hand seemed alien to her, it appeared disproportionate, small and pudgy seeing it attached to her forearm. She raised her left arm for comparison, but while doing so she was met with an even stranger sight. Her index finger started to shrink toward her palm, with the rest of her fingers following in suit. In seconds, her left hand now appeared as a mirrored version of her right. Jessica then noticed that her shoes felt more spacious, as she saw her left shoe flop to the side. Before she could even mutter a comment, her limbs started to pull toward her, as the sleeves of her sweatshirt and the pant legs of her jeans appeared to engulf them. Frantically, she tried moving around, but stopped when she looked at Anna.

Anna appeared to be undergoing changes just like Jessica, except they were very much different. Anna’s limbs grew, it appeared as though the arms and legs of a young adult had replaced her own and sprouted out of her infant body. Well, her body was not so infant any more, as it expanded and grew just like her limbs. Anna’s shirt was starting to tear, straining across her maturing frame and budding breasts as the tape of her diaper gave out with her diaper nearly popping right off her body.

Jessica then noticed that everything in the room was getting bigger, while in actuality her body was regressing at the same pace that Anna’s was maturing. Her clothes became baggier and baggier to the point where her head was sinking through the neck hole of her sweatshirt. The image of Anna’s hair starting to become longer as her face started to mature was the last thing Jessica saw before the neck hole of her sweatshirt engulfed her.


"Jessica? I’m back." Rachel opened the backdoor looking around for her friend until she walked into the living room to be met with a strange sight. On one end of the couch was a young woman with long brown hair that bared some resemblance to Jessica wearing a torn baby shirt and sitting on top of a diaper while she sucked on her thumb, looking at Rachel in a curious fashion. And on the other end was a pile of clothes of what Jessica was wearing before Rachel had left, which then started to move.

Both Rachel and the near naked young woman turned their attention to the now moving pile of clothes, which presented the head of an infant with a few tufts of auburn hair popping out of the sweatshirt. After a few seconds of silence, the baby girl finally spoke.

"Wachel? What happened?"

Hearing those words from the infant’s mouth, along with the strange sight her eyes had met, Rachel had to ask one question to answer her suspicions.

"Jessica, is that…you?" Rachel asked hesitantly.

The infant nodded as she tried to free her arms from the now oversized heap of clothes.

Just as Rachel was trying to wrap her head around the situation, her phone started to ring.

Grabbing the phone from her pocket, Rachel responded to the call.


After listening for half of a minute, Rachel turned her attention to the now infant Jessica.

"It’s my uncle."

- End of Part 1 -



End Chapter 1

Babe's a Baby, Baby's a Babe

by: mad0charles | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 19, 2013


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