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Andrew's wife Iris catches him cheating on her. Iris is a biological researcher who uses her experiments on him as payback.

Chapter 1
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Chapter Description: As stated previously.

Andrew cursed as he almost got side-swiped after running the red light. That asshole should have at least seen him coming. His phone started vibrating, so he answered it as he sped off. It was his wife, Iris. “Hi, honey! Are you on your way back from work?”

“Oh, no, dear. They’re keeping me a little late tonight. Everyone’s using their vacation time so I have to get it all done tonight so we don’t fall behind.” he lied.

“Why do I hear the radio, Andrew? You’re not really in the car, are you?” Iris suspected Andrew of infidelity, but he always covered his tracks so she never actually caught him.

“Oh, someone’s just singing. They get really annoying sometimes. See you in a few hours.”

“Alright, bye. Come home to me soon.” Iris said longingly.

Andrew was on his way to the brothel. He and Iris didn’t always have time for each other and that’s when Andrew started going, however it had become a bad habit of his to cut loose from work early once a month to play around with different women, which happened to be what he was doing tonight. Andrew put away his phone as he pulled into the Massage Deluxe parking lot… Massage Deluxe was such a phony name he wondered why it hadn’t drawn any attention, but all the same he was happy to visit.

“Oh, hi Andrew, back again I see. Well, who will it be tonight?” asked Alex, the receptionist. She had short dark hair and a slightly plump figure, but Andrew loved her voice.

“Andy wants Candi.” he joked. Candi was his new favorite. She always seemed to know what he was in the mood for and every time was fun and exciting.

“Alright,” Alex laughed “You’re know the room, I’ll send her in… we don’t have to call them all out again.”

Andy went to the room where he would have the time of his life banging the shit out of Candi, their newest girl. She was blond, slender, had the sweetest voice, and was an amazing partner.

“Oh, hi, Andy. Does Andy want some Candi?” Candi walked in. Tonight she was wearing workout clothes, just what he was in the mood for. He’d have fun tugging those off of her.

“Oh, yes, Andy wants a lot of Candi.” Andrew responded, eyes very hungry.

“Alright, Andy, today you have to work for it.” she teased “We have to run a mile today before Andy gets rewarded.” Andy always let her choose how they’d ease into it. The first few times it had been smooth talk to get them both stimulated, but this time she was going to have him work up a sweat for it.

“Ready when you are.” Andrew grinned. Tonight was definitely going to be interesting. They ran in place for about ten minutes. Andrew was exhausted. He almost never worked out, but this was going to be even more fun because of that.

“I guess I’ll have to undress you tonight,” Candi teased. Andrew gave a slight laugh in response. Candi pushed him down onto the bed. Andrew was definitely going to enjoy this tonight… Candi was taking the dominate role, he supposed. She leaped on top of him and slid his tie off. After she unbuttoned his shirt she threw it on his head. While the shirt still covered his eyes she unzipped and started sucking him. Andrew groaned with delight as he started to feel the pleasure, but after a few minutes of it, everything went black as he was knocked unconscious.

When Andrew woke up, he was strapped naked to a table, his wife was standing over him. “Did you have fun tonight, honey?” she inquired, glaring down at him, her voice still sounding sweet.

“Iris, where are we?” Andrew asked, looking around, “why am I tied down?”

Iris pulled out a plastic hose that was attached to one of the machines. “Oh, mommy just found out that her little Andy was being naughty,” she answered, “so little Andy’s gonna get a little time out so mommy can teach him some manners…” She taped the hose to his stomach, right over his belly button. It reminded him of an umbilical cord.

“Iris, what the hell is all this?” Andrew asked. He knew Iris was a biological researcher, but had no idea exactly what she was researching. Iris activated the machine that Andrew found himself attached to.

“Well, first, you’re hooked up to a hose. That hose will deliver you special enzymes that I have been researching. So far all our animal experimentation has been successful, but it has yet to be tested on human subjects. You should consider yourself honored.” She sneered at him. “Just think, because of your unfaithfulness you get to be the first man in history to turn back into a child.” Andrew was speechless. He supposed Iris was just trying to intimidate him because she found out about the brothel, but what if her bite was worse than her bark? Some strange orange fluid met his skin of his belly, which caused him pain as it dissolved the skin. What was she doing to him?

“Honey, just relax. This enzyme dissolves dead skin cells and causes rejuvenation. This is what I’ve been researching over the past few years and in a few more years it will make us very rich, though I think you’ll have to wait six or so years before you even understand the concept of money again.” she said as she watched her husband writhe in pain.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!!!” Andrew exclaimed. He started to feel the rest of his dead skin peel off of him as he continued to writhe in pain.

“I just told you, I’m turning you back into a little kid so I can raise you right. I guess your mother never taught you, and I’ll tell you now before I start teaching you again in a few years, but it’s very wrong to cheat on your wife. Right now your skin’s starting to form a membrane around you. This enzyme will cause your body to get younger the longer you are exposed to it, and I am pumping a ton of it into you, sweetie, so for all intents and purposes I suppose I’d better go shopping for a crib tonight.”

Andrew tried to wiggle out of the straps he was in since he had lost a bit of body mass by now and the straps were slightly loose. His movements slowed down as Iris injected him with a drug. “Tsk, tsk tsk,” she shook her head “I’m not making this that easy for you. What you did hurt, and in your last few moments as an adult I will have you know just how much…” she continued with how she had always been worried to arrive home and not find him there, along with other aspects of their marriage that had her worried, but the confirmation through her sister, Amy, who posed as Candi, had hurt the most. Within half an hour Andrew’s old skin had become a membrane; the former orifices had somehow sealed shut , trapping him inside with his bodily fluids and this enzyme which was slowly but surely deconstructing his body.

One hour later, Andrew found himself infant-sized. The drugs had made him drowsy, but his self-awareness was otherwise undiminished. Iris put on a pair of gloves and cut open his skin-membrane, his bodily fluid spilling out as she did so. She pulled Andrew out and hugged him to her chest. “Now, I know you’re still there, Andrew, but in a few weeks your brain activity will slow down to the level of a baby, which is when my new job as your mother will really begin.” She put him down on another table and started cleaning him. Once she was done cleaning his tiny body she took out a diaper. “Didn’t fancy you’d ever be wearing these again, did you dear?” she asked as she lifted his butt into the air. Andrew was infuriated, but the drug hadn’t worn off yet, so all he could do was be pissed off. Iris placed the diaper under him, powdered him, and finally taped him. She then retrieved the car seat she had hidden in the corner and put him in it, along with a very fluffy baby blanket. “Aww, if only you could see yourself right now, you look so adorable!!” Andrew was so pissed! Anger was building, drug aside, he knew he could easily take this bitch down, nobody talks down to him like that. He contracted his abs, or tried to, only to make his car seat rock the tiniest bit. Andrew started to cry as he realized the gravity of his new situation.

“Oh, baby, don’t cry. Mommy’s going to take good care of you.” she started tickling his foot, which to his horror made him giggle. “Little Andy’s going to be a very happy little boy. Once I can find you a father we can be a real family!” Andrew cried even more. He was supposed to be the father of whatever kids they would have, now he was HER kid. Iris picked up Andrew and holding him against her shoulder, patted him on the back. “Yes, cry it all out, you little brat. You have lost everything but me. Be grateful that I don’t just set you up for adoption; I’ve heard foster care can really ruin a child.” She started to jiggle him and put him back into his car seat after he calmed down a little bit. She gave him a pacifier to hold him over until they got home.

Andrew watched as Iris started to clean up her laboratory. He got angry several times, but the pacifier was very soothing to him, so the flashes of anger never lasted long. He watched as his former wife put her lab coat back on, along with a new pair of gloves. She disposed of his skin and bodily fluids in a biowaste container, and started to scrub down surfaces. He had to pee really bad. He wasn’t going to let her change him like a baby, instead he’d just wait until they got home and find his way to the toilet somehow. He surprised himself as his body responded differently than what his constitution dictated, as the front of his diaper started to feel warm and moist. He wouldn’t cry though; he never cried. He watch Iris finish up the surfaces as she moved on to the floor. Andy felt something warm and goopy fill the back end of his diaper. This was outrageous! He didn’t even know that he needed to go! His wife was a fucking bitch for doing this to him. As anger started to fill his mind, he found himself crying in infantile response. Upon realizing his limited means he started bawling. His pacifier fell out of his mouth.

Iris came over to investigate. She sniffed the air to detect the odor before stating “Messy already dear? I thought you had at least a little more self-control than that… I suppose I was wrong…” Andrew’s crying got louder at the insult. How could his wife talk down to him like that? Iris pulled out a new diaper and changed him into it, tossing out the old one. Andrew stopped crying after getting cleaned up, but Iris wasn‘t done talking down to him. “I don’t know about you, but I’m having a LOT of fun with this.” Andrew started to cry again. Iris placed the pacifier back in his mouth and started jiggling him again. He didn’t know why, but it was fun to go up and down and up and down… he started to giggle again. Iris stopped jiggling him and kissed his cheek, then put him back in his car seat. He sleepily watched as she finished up mopping the floor.

Andrew phased in and out of consciousness as Iris took him to her car. She strapped him into the back seat of the car and took off. She’d let Andrew sleep with her for the night, she was too tired to go buy a crib for him.



End Chapter 1


by: Mr. D | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 5, 2016


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