A Misfired Curse

by: shadowbang32 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 24, 2012

Two brothers are accidentally affected by a curse meant for a kinky couple. Male AR, gay, incest, humiliation. The rating is for future chapters.

Chapter 1
The Beginning

Chapter Description: The curse is cast, and the brothers begin to notice some changes to their lives.

Grendel flew through the air, feeling his eyes water as the cold wind slapped his face. He loved the feeling of bolting through the sky, moving too fast for anyone below to see him. With a smile, he spread his arms out and began to rotate. For a brief moment he closed his eyes, reveling in the moment of infinite freedom. He was on his was to do a job. Grendel was a sorcerer, one of the most powerful on the planet, and he worked as a freelance spellcaster. Anyone who know of him could email him a wish, fantasy, desire, punishment, anything really, and for the right price, Grendel would make it come true. He had finished mixing up a particularly volatile curse up earlier in the evening, one that had taken him several days to put together. The customers were a married couple who were looking to spice up their lives in the bedroom a bit. When Grendel first read the request, he intended to decline. The couple seemed to have some very specific, and unusual, fetishes and interests. However, after reading how much they were willing to pay to make their fantasies come true, the sorcerer was unable to deny that he needed the money, and so he had spent the next week preparing and creating a masterpiece of spells, mixed with the right amount of charm, curse, and power. He was about halfway to his customers house and he went into a bit of a dive for fun, to gather up some more speed, and he felt a weight in one of his pockets shift. Reaching a hand down to feel for whatever it was, he felt something glass slip through his fingers.

The spell! Though some sorcerers have moved to the digital age of carrying spells on flash drives and disks, Grendel was old fashioned, and preferred to keep his in glass bottles. Clearly, a mistake, as he watched his carefully crafted and concocted creation fall through the air, much too quickly for him to react. He sped down to try and retrieve it, but by the time he had redirected himself, he heard a crash and a brilliant green light erupted for a moment, shining all around the house the bottle broke in front of. The light surged and writhed, then shrunk inward, into the house. Grendel landed on the lawn and whispered a word, instantly becoming invisible. He snuck up to a front window and peered inside. He saw two young men lounging on chairs, watching television. The green light hovered momentarily, suspended in the air like a gas, then moved to collect around the two boys. They paid no attention to it, unable to see or sense the magic in any way. Grandel blanched, remembering the details of the curse he had unwittingly cast on the unsuspecting boys. With a heavy sigh, Grendel rose into the air and shot off again, this time in the direction of his home. With a frown, he realized he would have to start all over with the spell again from scratch. He needed to be more careful next time.

Back in the recently afflicted house, the two young men were each lying on a separate couch, staring blankly at a flashing tv screen while the magic worked its way around their entire lives, altering and shifting things. Nothing too drastic, at least not yet. The spell was designed to be slow releasing, building up to the full effects in about a week or so.

The older of the two boys, Nathan, was lounging around in sweat pants and no shirt. He was home for Christmas break from university, and was taking full advantage of not having to do anything. He was 22 and in excellent physical condition thanks to being on the intramural rugby team at school. He missed his bros, but it was nice to get away from the stress of college. His visible chest had a fair amount of dark hair on it that matched the treasure trail following his abs into the waistband of his sweats.

His younger brother, James, was 16 and a sophomore in high school. He was laying on a couch opposite Nathan, wearing gym shorts and a t shirt. James was skinnier than his brother, but with the same brown hair and green eyes. The two boys got along well for the most part, especially since Nathan had moved away to college. Only seeing each other on breaks improved the brothers’ friendship, and they rarely fought anymore. Their parents were away on a business trip for the next two weeks, and both boys were enjoying the freedom of being home without having to listen to overly tired and gripey parents.

Unknowingly, as both boys watched the television, their eyes unfocused and drooped shut as they were put into a temporary sleep while the first round of changes to them took place. As the green light surrounded the boys, it also spread out through the house, making slight alterations to different things here and there.

A few hours later, James shook himself awake as he sat up, yawning. He saw his brother passed out across the room with the tv still on. James stood and stretched, then, thinking it was a bit warm in the house, slipped his t shirt off. Unlike his brother, James had no chest hair, and a much slighter happy trail than Nathan’s. Feeling somewhat strange, James headed upstairs and into his room to change. Normally, he wore the same gym shorts shirt all day, but for some reason he felt uncomfortable in what he was wearing. Pulling open the top drawer of his dresser, he peered quizzically inside. None of these were his, were they?

He reached in and pulled out a lightning blue jock strap, looking at it strangely. For some reason he thought he always wore boxers, he was even wearing some now. Inside the drawer was an assortment of other brightly colored underwear. It was mostly made up of jockstraps, but he saw some briefs and boxer briefs too. He even thought he saw a couple thongs, and everything was colored brightly, and usually neon. Shrugging it off, the teenager figured he must be confused, and slipped his shorts and boxers off. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought that he looked a little more defined than he was earlier. He had always had a flat stomach and was skinny, but not it looked like he had the beginnings of a six pack coming in, and his chest stuck out a little too. His dick and balls were about average size for his age, around 5 inches or so when he was hard, which he found he was for some reason. He put his legs through the jock strap and pulled it up, loving how tight it was. He turned around and looked at his ass, reveling in how the straps helped to make it look plump.

Turning away from the mirror, James’ thoughts shifted for a moment. Why did he care how his ass looked? But then he reached a hand out to pull open another drawer from his dresser, and he worried about it no more. Looking for a new pair of shorts, James shifted through some of the slick fabric inside. All of his shorts were in there, but there was something different about them. After a moment, he picked a pair of plan black shorts and slipped them on. Something felt different… Turning to look at himself in the mirror, he saw that the shorts only came down to about halfway down his thighs. He normally only wore shorts that went past his knees, but he thought this looked ok, so he headed downstairs to start cooking dinner for him and Nathan.

Nathan snapped awake suddenly, unsure of what woke him up. His head was groggy with the familiar after-nap feeling, and he sat up slowly, yawning. James was nowhere to be seen, but the tv was on, and Nathan reached out for the remote to snap it off. As he looked at his outstretched arm, he thought it looked slightly different for some reason. His forearms had been covered in dark hair since he was 18, but now the hair on them was much lighter, and there was a lot less of it too. He raised an eyebrow and ran his hands down his arms. He had always wanted a little less hair on them. He wasn’t sure it happened, but it didn’t bother him too much. Scratching his chest, the young man headed upstairs into his room to change.

When he got there he headed to his mirror, looking to see if he was missing hair anywhere else, and sure enough, his chest hair was almost all gone, and the once thick trail leading down to his pubes was now hardly more than a whisp of hairs leading down to…

Nathan lowered his shorts, curious at what he would see, and was surprised. His pubes had faded as well. He still had them, but he now looked like he was at the beginning of puberty. His balls were relatively hairless, and above his dick was a small patch of hair, nothing like the thick bush he once kept trimmed. Shaking his head, Nathan tried to wrap his mind around it all. Maybe it was still from the nap, but he just couldn’t find the motivation to be freaked out or worried. Instead, he walked over to his dresser and pulled open his underwear drawer.

Once again he was in for a surprise, as he pulled out the first thing he saw. Since he was 17, Nathan had been wearing only boxer briefs and jocks, but he now held in his hands a pair of plain tighty whities. The drawer was full of them, and even thought Nathan felt like something was wrong here, he pulled them on anyway. They were a little tight, and Nathan felt his cock and balls, each impressive specimens, being crammed together and up into his crotch by the tight pouch. Shutting the drawer and looking for something to wear over his undies, he opened the next drawer and frowned. Where he once had a myriad of Underarmor shorts and gear was now a pile of shorts, each in a different bright color. Slipping a red pair on, they came down to right above his knees, and as he pulled them up, Nathan noticed that the thick black hair on his legs was now a light peach fuzz. Shutting the shorts drawer and opening the next, he found a bunch of t shirts for him to choose from. After sifting through them and realizing that he did not recognize a single one, he eventually chose a blue one with a large picture of Spider-Man web swinging on it. He moved to look at himself in the mirror again before he went downstairs, and felt a dropping in the pit of his stomach. Even though he couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong, he could tell something was, but the feeling was chased away after a couple moments of being unable to figure it out. Nathan smiled and headed downstairs, where he could hear James moving around in the kitchen. Nathan stepped in and stopped on sight of his brother.

James was pouring a box of noodles into a pot of boiling water. Nathan hadn’t seen him wear shorts that short in… ever, and James hardly ever went around without a shirt off. Yet Nathan could see why he was tonight. His brother looked in great shape, with a six pack already starting to be visible, and thick, toned legs for a sixteen year old.

“Hey bud,” James said, smiling when he saw Nathan. “Nice outfit.”

“Thanks,” Nathan muttered, unsure if James was being sincere or sarcastic. Even though Nathan was taller by a good five inches, and much larger than James, he still felt somewhat intimidated by the younger boy’s presence. “I’m gonna go watch tv.”

“No,” James snapped, pointing at the kitchen table, “sit in here with me.”

Without thinking, Nathan slid into a chair and looked expectedly at James. For a while, the two brothers remained in silence as James bustled around the kitchen while Nathan sat, admiring his brother’s work. Nathan was surprised to find that he rather enjoyed looking at his brother, and that he should compliment him on his improving physique. However, whenever he tried to open his mouth to make the words, he got embarrassed and remained quiet.

James, on the other hand, was enjoying the evening immensely. He felt powerful and strong, his body’s new muscles bounding with energy. He was using it on the meal, but every few minutes he would stop and flex, and with each flex it actually felt like he could feel his muscles tightening and growing stronger. He loved that his older brother was sitting there watching him show off, and the rapt attention Nathan was giving him inspired James to up the show. He would occasionally bend down to get something he didn’t even need from a low cabinet, showing off his great ass to his brother, whose eyes he could feel crawling over his cheeks covered by a thin layer of fabric.

“You look like a nine year old in those clothes,” said James in a strong voice as he scooped a large helping of lasagna onto Nathan’s plate.

“I thought they looked cool,” Nathan mumbled, looking down at his plate, unable to look James in the eye.

“Well, they are cool I guess,” James said reluctantly, and he saw Nathan’s gaze glance up at his hopefully, a hesitant grin in his eyes. “For a kid, but not really or an adult.”

Nathan’s head lowered again as he plunged his fork into the pasta, ashamed and unable to think of a single retort. He was 22, not a kid! Whenever he thought about saying anything back to James though, he was unable to form the words. After he was about halfway through, Nathan noticed that the lasagna seemed to be slightly more difficult to eat than he remembered it being the last time he had it. For some reason he had difficulty aligning the fork with his mouth, which would result in pasta sauce being smeared onto his face. Even though James had given him a napkin, it remained unused at Nathan focused more on improving his next bite than on cleaning up the last. When he finally finished his plate, he looked over at James, hoping for some praise for finishing his whole plate. Instead, he got a harsh laugh.

“Seriously?!” James nearly shouted. “You look like a fucking mess. Get upstairs and take a bath, now!”

Shocked, Nathan flinched and got out of his chair sheepishly, heading upstairs to the bathroom. When he got in, he looked at himself in the mirror and stopped in shock. Where he once saw a confident, sexy, 22 year old man, he now saw a ridiculous parody of what he used to be. His whole lower face was covered in tomato sauce, with a generous amount on his shirt and shorts too. How had he not noticed he was making such a mess? Feeling more juvenile than ever before, Nathan stripped and began running the bath, forgetting the fact that he hadn’t sat in a bath since he was a child. After the tub was full, Nathan got in and sighed at the amazing feeling of the warm water all around him. This was paradise.

For several minutes Nathan relaxed, then he worked on getting all the tomato sauce off. After that, he found himself getting bored but didn’t want to get out, so he started splashing around and smiling, playing happily in the water. He didn’t even realize when the bathroom door opened.

“How’s everything going in here?” James asked, walking in unabashed. Nathan spun around, his neck burning in embarrassment from being seen naked by his little brother, but making no move to cover up any of his more private bits.

“Good…” Nathan answered softly, looking up at James. The younger boy grinned wickedly.

“What the fuck is this? Stand up!” Nathan, without even stopping to think, immediately rose to follow his brother’s order. James’ reaction was to laugh. “What happened to your pubes?!”

Nathan blushed furiously, but again left his hands hanging loosely at his sides.

“Wow, you really do look as young as you were dressed, and as young as you were acting! You’re such a fucking joke… to think I used to look up to you!”

Nathan felt his whole face burning, but simply stared down at the floor, which was unfortunate, because his nearly bare dick and balls were directly in his line of sight. What was even more unfortunate was that even while he was staring at them, Nathan’s dick began to rise and harden. In seconds it had gone from about 4 inches soft to… about 4 and a half inches hard. What the fuck?

“Whoa bro,” James gasped, still laughing, “I’ve never seen you hard before, but I expected it to be bigger than this!” Without warning, James reached out and slapped the small dick, making Nathan flinch. He couldn’t believe his brother just touched his dick!

“Alright, sit back down,” James ordered, and Nathan obeyed instantly. “I don’t want to have to look at your pathetic wee-wee right now.” He sneered. “But I do have to piss, so I guess you can see what I’ve got going on since I saw yours.” Stepping to the toilet, Nathan watched, still rock hard, as his little brother pulled a decent sized soft out from the waistband of his shorts and started pissing. Nathan was unable to move his eyes, they were transfixed, even after James had finished peeing and had started stroking his shaft slowly. Even though it started out slightly smaller than Nathan’s was soft, as it grew, Nathan watched in awe as it stretched out to 4, 5, 6 inches and rock hard. “That’s what a real man’s cock looks like.” He smiled wickedly at Nathan. “Jealous?”

With that, the younger boy left the bathroom, leaving the door wide open. Unsure of what to do, Nathan laid back down in the water, his dick still rock hard. After a moment’s hesitation, he reached down to stroke his now much smaller piece of equipment until he came hard less than 2 minutes later. If James heard any of the suspicious splashing as Nathan’s fist furiously pumped back and forth in the water, he made no remark, and Nathan made no attempt to quiet or hide his indiscretion.

After spilling his seed in the tub water, Nathan drained it and dried off, heading to his room with the towel wrapped around his waist. It had been a long, strange day, and he just wanted to fall into bed and go to sleep. Opening his underwear drawer, Nathan pulled on a new pair of tighty whities. Even though he didn’t usually wear anything other than underwear to bed, Nathan began opening other drawers in search of pajamas, and was rewarded when he found something miraculous. He lifted out a footed sleeper, deep blue with stars and moons decorating it, that looked like it would be exactly his size. Anxious, Nathan stepped into it and zipped it up, reveling in the comfort and warmth. With a bright smile, he walked over to his bed, which now looked to be a twin size compared to his previous full, and pulled back the blankets, revealing star wars bed sheets. Getting in and snuggling up, Nathan drifted off with thoughts of spending the day with James again tomorrow.

James left the bathroom, still rock hard and tenting in his shorts, but he didn’t care. He now had a piece of meat big enough to put Nathan to shame, and he wanted to get back to his room to take it out for a spin. As he entered, he stripped to nothing and laid on his bed, feeling his cock with both of his hands. It was bigger than it used to be, but he didn’t worry about how it got that way. Instead, he just started stroking and loving the jolts of pleasure it delivered him. From the open bathroom, he could hear the sounds of his older brother jerking himself off in the tub, and James closed his eyes, matching the immature 22 year old’s rhythm. A couple minutes later, both boys came at the exact same time, and James’ had splattered him from his forehead to his pubes, and on his bed too. Rolling over and enjoying the smell of sweat and cum, James fell asleep that way, his bare ass presented to his open door.



End Chapter 1

A Misfired Curse

by: shadowbang32 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 24, 2012


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