The Terror Trailer

by: matrixfreak | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2012

A young woman looking to be scared on Halloween gets an experience she never expected as she's forced to revisit childhood trauma.

Chapter 1
The Terror Trailer

Chapter Description: whole story

Mary loved being scared, but she did not scare easily. Sure, she jumped at the occasional loud noise like anyone, but when she sought out to be scared, which was often, she was usually disappointed. Most horror movies bored her. Watching a guy in a dumb costume leap out of a closet and stab a big-breasted bimbo to death didn’t do anything for her. She liked stories that were disturbing, that really got into her head and under her skin. Stuff she couldn’t stop thinking about for days. Her freshmen dorm mates joked that she must be suppressing some terrible childhood traumas in order to enjoy such twisted material, but they were at least thankful that she hadn’t gone goth.

She usually wound up watching those movies alone because the other girls wanted no part of them, so she wasn’t surprised that she had to wait in line alone tonight. She’d been looking forward to Halloween since the beginning of freshmen year now that she was in Los Angeles. Everyone else in college was worried about finding the perfect sexy costume, but Mary had been researching haunted houses. And as luck would have it, a new one had just come to LA and was getting rave reviews.

It was called "Pitch Black" and was located inside a converted downtown hotel that already looked creepy enough. Participants were required to walk through alone with a flashlight and had to do anything they were told once inside, which could include crawling, standing in corners, and following actors into hotel rooms to witness private events. It was said that no two people had the same experience, but it warned that anyone who entered was sure to encounter violent and sexual situations. Mary thought it sounded awesome. She’d scored tickets for its last night on Halloween itself. Or so she thought.

"Uh, these were for last night," said the disinterested hipster wearing a plaid sweatshirt who worked the entrance. Mary snatched the ticket back in disbelief, but there it was, staring right at her — October 30th. She’d bought tickets for the wrong night.

"Is there any—"

"Sorry. All sold out tonight." Mary glanced back at the long line. He wasn’t lying. She’d waited half an hour herself even though she’d arrived before it opened. But she just had to get in. She hated flirting to get what she wanted, even though it usually worked. She tucked her arms in close to her sides, pushing her breasts together so her cleavage was more prominent. But just as she was about to lean in and whisper to the guy, she noticed him checking out someone else waiting in line. A man. She was trying to climb the wrong tree.

"Can I talk to someone else then?"

"Manager’s the only one who could do it, but he’s busy dealing with an incident inside. You can wait if you want, but it will probably be half an hour."

She wasn’t about to wait around that long only to be told the same exact thing. "Well can I at least get my money back?"

"I can’t do it, but the manager—"

"Fine then. Thanks for nothing." It wasn’t the guy’s fault, but she took it out on him anyway. She was never one to cuss someone out, so a dismissive tone was her biggest insult. She turned and walked away, annoyed and out twenty-five bucks. A frat guy further back in line leaned out as she passed.

"Got too scared, huh? I can keep you safe with this." Normally Mary would have torn this guy a new one, but she didn’t even bother to look to see if he was pointing to his biceps or his penis. She was content to just walk away, but someone jumped to her defense.

"Does she look scared?" the woman’s voice asked. "She looks pissed. Probably mad she wasted all that money on something that’s not even scary." Mary stopped and stared at the woman. She wasn’t waiting in line; she was standing off to the side, ready to confront people who were exiting. Her hair was springy and unkempt. If she’d had any sort of costume on, it would have been a great look for a witch. Instead she just looked like a lady with a bad perm. But she had a nice face, and a cute little beauty mark, as opposed to a mole, next to her nose. She gave Mary a friendly smile.

"Whatever. She didn’t even go in," the frat asshat countered.

The lady turned away from the boy and approached Mary. "Oh, is that right?"

"Yeah. I accidentally bought for the wrong night."

"Well consider yourself lucky. You saved yourself twenty-five dollars."

"They kept my money."

"Oh. That is unfortunate. I’m sorry. But if you still want to be scared, I can help you out."

Mary frowned at the lady. She was trying to sell her something, and considering that her method of advertising was standing on the sidewalk outside a popular attraction, it probably wasn’t great. But it couldn’t hurt to ask. "How?" The lady pointed down the street to a small enclosed trailer hooked to the back of a pick-up truck. An airbrushed illustration on the trailer’s side that showed numerous "scary" things looked like it was painted by a heavy metal enthusiast. The words "Terror Trailer" were done in a thick black with blood dripping from them. It was terribly overdone and had a bad name to boot.

"You look unconvinced. Come on, let me show it to you."


A few minutes later Mary was standing in the back of the open trailer with the lady, whose name she had learned was Lisa, staring at a piece of equipment that looked straight out of a bad 80’s movie about the future. Lisa claimed it was a state-of-the-art virtual reality device, but Mary didn’t think it looked much more advanced than a Virtual Boy. The user was supposed to lie down on the table and put the device over their head. It covered their face and ears and immersed them in "a totally engrossing, realistic nightmare scenario," according to Lisa. Mary figured it would just make her look stupid.

"So that thing can actually read my brain?" Mary asked.

"In a way. It scans it for buried memories to find things you don’t even know you’re afraid of. For instance, a lot of people are afraid of the dark, but they’re not really afraid of the dark. They’re afraid of what could be IN the dark. And that’s because at some point, in their early childhood, they were absolutely one hundred percent convinced there was something in the dark that wanted to hurt them. This machine taps into those memories and makes you re-experience them."

"Yeah, but stuff that scared me as a kid wouldn’t scare me now."

"Of course not. That’s why the machine makes adjustments to heighten the terror. It’s not so much about what happens to you as it is about building that sense of dread of what MIGHT happen to you. A large part of it is anticipation. But trust me, you’ll be scared."

"How much is it?"

"Thirty dollars for a thirty minute experience." Before Mary could reject her offer, Lisa continued. "And it’s a money-back guarantee. If you don’t think it was scary, you don’t pay."

"Then I literally don’t have anything to lose."

"Exactly. So, are you in?" Mary thought it over for a couple of seconds. There was little to no chance that this piece of crap in a trailer parked on the side of the street could actually do what Lisa claimed, but maybe it could be mildly entertaining. And in the end it wouldn’t cost her anything.

"Sure. What the hell?" Mary handed over the money and started to lie down.

"Wait. One stipulation. You have to wear this." Lisa reached into a cupboard to grab something. At the rate this was going, Mary was expecting a silver jumpsuit, so she was quite shocked to see a large disposable diaper.

"Umm… excuse me?"

"I know, but a large number of people become so frightened that they wet themselves. They all complained about ruining their clothes, and I got tired of cleaning it up."

Mary rolled her eyes. This had to be a gimmick. ’So scary you’ll pee yourself!’ Still, it was kind of amusing. She gave a halfhearted nod to show that she agreed.

"I’ll wait outside. Just holler when you’re ready."


Mary laid on the table, now pantless and wearing the diaper. Her skinny jeans wouldn’t fit over it. Lisa had offered her a pair of bulky sweatpants, but Mary didn’t want to think about the kinds of people that had worn them before. The door was closed so no one would see her anyway.

"You ready?" Lisa asked as she lowered the device towards Mary’s head.

"Sure." Lisa tucked the contraption into place, placing the headphone component over Mary’s ears and the videoscreen over her face.

"Now just relax." Mary took a deep breath, but not to calm herself. She was already annoyed. The device over her eyes left her in total darkness. Finally the screen turned on and a countdown began, starting from 25. Between each number, subtle images would pop up for split seconds. They weren’t even up long enough for Mary to register what they were. But she did notice that she seemed to be getting sleepier.

She didn’t even make it to 10.


The first thing that Mary became aware of was wetness. Wetness down below. She quickly sat up, pulled away he covers, and looked down to see that her underwear, and the bed she was lying on, were soaking wet. She’d peed in her sleep.

And then she remembered… she wasn’t asleep. She was under the simulation in the Terror Trailer. In reality, she was lying on a metal table in the back of a trailer parked on 5th street.

At first she was impressed. It genuinely felt like she had wet herself. But then she realized this probably meant she actually HAD wet herself and was lying there in a wet diaper. She recalled the video containing some sort of subliminal imagery. It was likely designed to make her pee herself, probably so that when people woke up wet they couldn’t argue that they hadn’t been scared, even though that wasn’t what had caused it.

All of these thoughts ran through Mary’s head in a split second because immediately afterward, she began to notice more details. She was wearing pink Snow White panties, very childish. That was odd. The bed sheets featured My Little Pony. She’d loved that cartoon when she was little. In fact, she thought she might have had these exact sheets.

And that’s when she really looked at the room. It was decorated with all sorts of childish elements, perfect for a three or four-year-old girl. It all seemed vaguely familiar, and that’s when it clicked. This was her old room, back when she and her mom had lived in the trailer park.

Mary’s mother hadn’t always been the best parent. It hadn’t helped that the man who’d gotten her pregnant and never bothered to call her back. Things hadn’t been easy for her mother, but she hadn’t done herself any favors either. She spent much of Mary’s early childhood drunk and floating from job to job. This was the pattern until Mary had turned six and her mother had found Jesus. Mary didn’t believe in God, but she was thankful that it had gotten her mother sober.

So this was her room in the trailer home. It was exactly how she remembered it. Or rather, how she would have remembered it, because she had more or less forgotten about it. They’d moved out when she was four. But it all felt very familiar. The simulation device really must have scanned her memories. She momentarily forgot about her wet condition because she was so impressed.

The only difference was, everything seemed bigger, including the bed. It was massive. She took up about as much room in it as she had when she was three, but she was nineteen now. It should have been tiny to her. Instead, it dwarfed her. This must have been part of the warping of reality that Lisa had mentioned, though Mary failed to see how it was frightening.

"You up in there?" a loud male voice asked. Mary couldn’t quite place it. She hadn’t heard it that well. It spoke again, closer this time. "Wake up!"

And then she remembered, just as the door opened, and he stepped inside. Roy. The one thing her mother had been good at during her childhood was dating a string of men that were more pathetic than she was. Most wanted nothing to do with a kid and ignored her, but Roy was the worst. She remembered simultaneously hating him and being terrified of him. And now here he was again, but like everything else in the room, he was enormous. She figured he must have been just as tall to her now as he was back then. Why the simulation didn’t just make her a child again, she didn’t know. But she held her breath as Roy approached the bed. He kept his hair shaved close (he did it himself) and also reeked of gasoline and cigarettes. At least one fingernail always seemed to be coated with grime.

Roy flicked on the lights and stared down at her. "Why are you just—" His eyes turned hard and angry. "Shit, did you piss yourself again?" Roy leaned down right into her face. His mere presence made her shiver.

"I sowee. I did’unt—" Mary stopped. Why was she speaking that way? It sounded correct in her head, but when she spoke…

"What?" Roy demanded. He didn’t seem to care what she had to say, but she was too scared not to answer him.

"It was an assy-dent." Roy slapped her hard across the face. Mary scooted back against the wall and rubbed her sore cheek. She began to cry. She couldn’t stop it.

"No shit it was an accident. Now go to the bathroom and wait in the tub." Mary leapt out of the bed and ran from the room, thankful to get away from him. She glanced over her shoulder to see him rip the sheets off the bed, then continued out of the room.

She paused for a moment in the narrow hallway. This was bringing back all sorts of memories, none of them pleasant. She’d never had a reason to think about Roy, but when she had remembered him, she only recalled him being loud and angry. Had he ever actually hit her, or was this another change the simulation had made? (And speaking of, her cheek really hurt. That thing was doing a number on her brain.)

Mary considered running outside and trying to escape, but she feared what would happen if Roy caught her. Plus, she wasn’t wearing any pants, only a clearly wet pair of little girl panties and a short thing T-shirt that her adult breasts were trying to poke through. Even though this wasn’t reality, she would be too embarrassed to go outside like this. She figured that if discomfort felt this real, taking a shower would feel just as good as in real life too.

Even though she was used to everything being bigger, she was still taken aback by the size of the bathroom. It was kind of fascinating in a way, seeing how things looked from a kid’s point of view. She closed the bathroom door and was about to lock it when the knob turned and Roy pushed the door open. She had to back up to avoid being hit.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I take showa."

"I told you to get in the tub. Now get in there, damn it!" Roy spun her around and smacked her hard on the ass. Mary yelped and grabbed her butt as she clamored into the bathtub. Immediately, Roy was standing over her, grabbing for her shirt.

"No. I do mysef."

"Shut up and hold still." Roy held up a threatening hand, and her sore face and rear reminded Mary what he might do if he was angry. She gave up her struggle, though she continued to sob silently as Roy took off her shirt. She took little comfort in the fact that he paid no attention to her breasts, as if she really did have the body of a toddler.

"Oh, quit you’re blubbering. I’m the one who has to clean you up." He reached for the waistband of her underwear, but Mary’s natural instincts took over. She grabbed his hand to try to stop him. "Damn in, Mary," he said, and with no warning he swatted her hard on the back of her thigh. Mary cried out in pain and removed her hands. Roy slipped off her underwear, leaving her standing there naked with several red marks on her body.

"Now sit down." She did so immediately. Roy turned on the water. When it reached Mary’s toes, she yelped and pulled back her toes.

"It cold."

"You won’t be in here long. Next time maybe you won’t be a baby and piss yourself." The water reached her feet again. It was freezing. Mary looked at the faucet. He hadn’t even turned on the hot water. She backed up again, but Roy’s hand reached down and pushed against her back. "Hold still."

The water caught up to her, running over the backs of her legs and her bottom. She cried loudly, complaining that it was cold, but Roy didn’t care. She shivered and squirmed as he held her in place and grabbed a washcloth. He dipped it in the water to wet it and then reached between her legs. She tried to close them, but he easily held them open with his other hand and dug the washcloth into her crotch. It was freezing cold and rough on top of that. He showed no tenderness as he scrubbed her until she was red. She cried as loud as she could, and finally he let her go.

"Fine, you don’t get any soap then. If you get itchy it’s your own damn fault." He turned off the water and grabbed a towel, holding it open towards her. She was shivering, and though she didn’t want to go to Roy, the towel looked awfully inviting. She reached out, and he picked her up, carrying her out of the bathroom and back into her bedroom. He sat her down and dried her off with the same lack of care he had shown earlier, but at least the towel was soft.

Once she was dry, Roy balled up the towel and threw it into the corner of the room. "Alright, since you’re being a baby today, you can be a baby then." Roy left her standing there as he went to the closet and dug something out of the back. Mary stared in horror when she saw what it was - a package of diapers. Roy pulled one out and approached her.

"No! Not baby!" Mary wailed.

"Only babies piss the bed." Roy reached down to grab her, but Mary ducked away. She looked around for somewhere to hide, but the only thing nearby was the bed. She ran for it and dove to the floor, crawling under it. But Roy grabbed her ankle before she could get all the way under. He yanked her back, and she lost her balance, flopping forward onto her stomach. He dragged her back, and the rough carpet scratched against her sensitive nipples, giving her carpet burn. She cried as Roy grabbed her around the waist and sat on the bed, pulling her over his lap.

"I’ll give you something to cry about," and with that, he let all of his anger fall onto her backside. He swatted her over and over, much longer and with much more force than anyone would with a real toddler. Mary wailed incessantly, tears streaming from her eyes and snot falling from her nose. Finally, Roy stopped and stood her up. She glanced in a mirror and got a quick look at her butt, which was turning shades of purple in places. It was heavily bruised.

"Now lie down." Mary gingerly lied down on the floor. Roy knelt in front of her and secured the diaper into place. She was mortified, but she did nothing to ensure that he wouldn’t hurt her again. He was far from gentle, but he got it over with quickly. Then he picked her up and headed out of the room. "Come on, we’re going to go see Vicki." Mary didn’t know who Vicki was, but she didn’t want her, or anyone else, to see her in the condition she was in.

"Shur-wat," she said, pointing to her naked torso.

"Babies don’t need shirts." Roy carried her into the living room and set her down just long enough to unfold a large stroller. Mary cried again as she was lifted into it. It was a tight fit, but not because it was designed for a child. It was meant for someone around her size, only slightly smaller. The simulation was doing this to emphasize that, even though she was meant to be younger in this reality, she wasn’t actually supposed to be a baby. She was just being treated that way. It definitely added to her humiliation.

Roy moved behind the stroller and wheeled it out the front door. He didn’t bothering to pick it up and carry it down the steps. Instead he rolled it forward, letting it fall to each one. Mary cried as she bounced painfully with each one. She didn’t think Roy would have cared if she’d fallen over.

Once they were down on the dirt ground, he wheeled her through the trailer park. Some older "kids" drank beer in front of one of the trailers. They looked to be in their 20s physically but were dressed like teenagers. They didn’t give her or Roy a second look. Outside of a trailer with an overgrown lawn, a shirtless man suntanned in his boxers. As they approached, he stood up, not an easy task because of his massive beer gut, and waved.

"She pissed her bed again, so this is what she gets," Roy said. The man gave a gruff smile and looked straight at Mary. She wanted to curl up and disappear.

"Well, she looks cute like that. Could just leave her that way."

"Might have to. But you can come change her." The man threw up his hands as if he wanted nothing to do with that and backed away.

"No thanks. I only deal with ’em when they can go on their own and don’t need no help. And even then I only like ’em for a few minutes at a time."

Roy and the man stared at each other for a moment. It was clear they’d run out of things to say to each other. Finally, Roy awkwardly broke the silence.

"Alright, I gotta get moving. Things to do."

"Take care," the man said before lying back down and closing his eyes.

The rest of the short trip passed without incident. Roy wheeled her to the edge of the trailer park to a larger one with a bunch of garden gnomes out front. Again, Mary was struck with how familiar it seemed. And when the door opened, she realized why. A woman with bleached blonde hair and too many freckles stood in the doorway. This was Harriet, and she was a sort of illegal daycare for the trailer park residents. When her mother and Roy were both busy, or when Roy didn’t want to fool with her, she got dropped off here.

"I gotta go see my guy. Can you watch her for a bit?"

"Sure thing, baby," Harriet said. Mary didn’t remember Harriet as being affectionate. Why was she calling Roy that?

"Shit, I forgot to get her something to drink. Can you?"

"Yeah, I got something."

"Alright. I’ll be back in a bit." Roy moved to the front of the stroller and got in Mary’s face. "Don’t give her no trouble." Roy didn’t have to add the "or else."

Mary watched as Roy walked away, back towards their trailer. Harriet smiled and came down the steps, unbuckling Mary and lifting her onto her hip. She playful tickled her right on the breast. Mary shifted away, very uncomfortable. Harriet prodded the front of Mary’s diaper.

"Did somebody have an accident this morning?" Mary didn’t feel like speaking, so she just nodded. Harriet carried her inside and shut the door. The trailer had a musty odor, like it had never quite been clean. There was a large playpen in the corner with another "baby" already inside it. Physically, he looked to be about fourteen, but he was dressed in a ratty blue onesie and didn’t seem to have a care in the world.

Harriet sat Mary down in the crib, and the baby boy crawled over to her. He wanted to play and wouldn’t leave her alone. Mary moved away, even standing up and walking to the other side. But there wasn’t very far to go, and the baby quickly caught up to her. She resigned herself to letting him crawl over her as he moved back and forth across her lap. By the time she looked back up at Harriet, she was standing over her and offering a sippy cup.

"It’s apple juice. You like that." Mary did like apple juice, and she was thirsty, so she took the cup and drank. At least it wasn’t a baby bottle, she thought, and she looked over at the baby boy’s discarded meal, a half-full bottle of milk. Harriet smiled as she watched Mary drink and then plopped onto the couch and turned on "The Price Is Right."

Harriet ignored them throughout the show, not that there was much to see. Thankfully, the baby boy had gotten tired and was now lying next to Mary, playing with his toes. Mary had already looked at everything in the room and was now occupying her time by counting the number of slats in the fake wood paneling.

"Uhhhnnnggg." Mary turned to look at the boy. He still held his toes but now his face was scrunched up. He seemed to be concentrating on something. And then he repeated his grunts, his face turning red. Mary realized with disgust what he was doing and scooted away. Harriet turned to look at them from the couch.

"Uh oh, somebody’s making a poopie, huh?" Then she turned back to her show like it was the most normal thing to happen that day. The smell from the baby’s pants had reached Mary’s nose, and she thought she might retch. Finally, the baby stopped. His onesie was pushed out from the load he had added down below.

"Just a minute, sweetie. Almost a commercial." Even if the baby didn’t seem to be bothered by his condition, Mary didn’t want to share space with him any longer. She was about to complain when the door opened, and Roy staggered in. He’d had a little bit to drink. He held up a small baggie filled with something white.

"You want some?"

"You know I do. Just need to change him first." Harriet pointed to the baby, and Roy took a whiff and waved his hand in front of his nose.

"Whoo-whee! That’s some rank shit! You sure it wasn’t her? She’s being a little baby today." Roy leaned down into the playpen, reached behind Mary, and grabbed the waistband of her diaper. She gasped as he pulled it away and peeked inside.

"No, I saw him doing it. Unless she’s stinky too."

"No. Not yet anyway." Roy joined Harriet on the couch. He wasted no time in plopping a wet kiss on her, using lots of tongue. Mary turned away in disgust. It was bad enough that her mother had dated Roy, but had he been cheating on her the entire time? It certainly fit his personality.

Roy and Harriet kept making out and were soon perpendicular on the couch. Roy undid some of the buttons on Harriet’s shirt, but then she sat back up.

"I want some of that first."

"Alright, alright. Let’s go back to the bedroom."

"What about him?"

Roy looked over at the baby, as content as could be. He was now sitting directly on his dirty diaper and rocking around as he played with some blocks.

"He’s fine. Come on." Harriet didn’t put up and argument as Roy grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom, closing the door. Mary stared at it. She didn’t know what kind, but those were definitely drugs that Roy had brought over. And it was pretty obvious what was going to happen after they’d done them.

Or maybe while they did them, if the nosies coming from the bedroom were any indication. Mary didn’t know what to think. How much of this had really happened to her as a kid? All of it? The simulator had definitely accessed her real memories to recreate her room, Roy, the trailer park, Harriet. Could it possibly have unearthed memories that she’d buried so deep she didn’t remember them even while re-experiencing them? Though in a way, they did feel a little familiar. But maybe that was just the simulator messing with her head. Either way, the thing had uncovered some demons she wished she didn’t have to confront, and she was ready for it to be over.

She was snapped out of her questions when the baby crawled over to her again, trying to play. It wasn’t bothered by the smell in its diaper, but Mary began to dry heave. She stood and walked away from the baby, but it kept chasing her. Finally it got tired and laid back down, and she sat in the furthest corner of the playpen. It still stunk, but if she didn’t breath too hard, she could tolerate it.

Just as things were settling down in here, they were heating up in the bedroom. She stuck her fingers in her ears, trying to drown out the sound, but it was no use. She wasn’t sure which of the two was louder.

Then, when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, she feel the strong urge to pee. She could hold it, but not for long. She was sure she could take her diaper off, but if she peed on the carpet, Roy would surely beat her. She couldn’t get out of the playpen on her own, so she did the only thing she could. She cried her head off.

The noises in the bedroom stopped momentarily. Then the door flew open, and Roy stormed out, naked and fully erect. She looked away, not wanting to see, but even the sound of his slamming feet let her know he was furious.

"What the hell is it?!" He grabbed Mary’s face and turned it to look at him. She forced herself to look up at his face and not let her eyes stray anywhere else. She wanted to explain everything to him, but now that he was standing over her, she froze. She caught her breath and managed to say just one word.


"Damn it, can’t you hold it?" Mary swallowed and shook her head. "Then use your damn diaper." And with that Roy turned away and returned to the bedroom, slamming the door. Mary leaned back against the mesh of the playpen, thankful to have escaped his wrath, at least for the moment. But it didn’t change her predicament. She had no other choice, and holding it was starting to cause her some pain. So she let go. The urine gushed out all at once, and the warmth felt nice until the padding soaked it up and it spread to all the parts of the diaper. It made her butt sore all over again, so she cried. But only to herself. She wasn’t about to make Roy come out there again.

Roy must have just been a rough guy in general because he liked his sex that way too. Mary heard slapping and yelling, but both of them seemed to be enjoying it. After a few minutes (and an uncomfortably loud and long climax from both parties), Roy emerged from the bedroom, now fully dressed and really drugged out. He snatched up Mary, took her outside, threw her in the stroller, and returned to their trailer.

He didn’t attend to her wet diaper right away. Mary knew he must have felt it when he picked her up, but she didn’t say anything else about it and kept her crying to soft sniffles. Once back inside, Roy sat her at the kitchen table and washed his hands in the sink. Then he dug through the fridge, coming out with a container of potato salad, which he threw in a bowl. He added some hot sauce, mixed it around with a spoon, and sat at the table to eat.

He didn’t look at Mary. She was afraid to say anything, but Roy’s meal, as disgusting as it looked, had reminded her that she was terribly hungry. Then her stomach gave her away by growling. Roy glared at her, and she felt the need to explain.

"Hungwy." Roy loudly returned to the kitchen and returned with a small bowl and another spoon. He divvied up some of his meal into the new bowl and sat it in front of Mary, along with the spoon. She recoiled at the sight of it, but one look at Roy told her she was going to have to deal with it.

"Eat it." She picked up the spoon and took a small bite. The taste wasn’t that bad, though she definitely didn’t enjoy it. But then the hot sauce kicked in. Even as an adult (a real adult), Mary didn’t like spicy foods. She felt as if ants were stinging her tongue. She dropped the spoon and pushed the bowl away.

"Hot." For a third time, Roy rose from the table, this time so quickly that his chair fell over. He plodded into the kitchen and searched through the drawers until he found a baby bottle. He filled it with cold milk from the fridge and shoved it into Mary’s hands. She drank it immediately, and it really helped cut the spice. She would have been content just to drink the rest of the bottle, but Roy pushed the bowl and spoon back to her.

"You’d better eat it." Mary knew what was in store for her if she didn’t, so slowly she made her way through the bowl, taking very small bites and following them with a healthy amount of milk. She realized she needed to ration herself or she’d drain the bottle with food still to go, and she doubted Roy would give her a refill.

When she was almost done, she felt some discomfort in her belly. At first she thought it was due to the spice or maybe the milk, but then she recognized what it was. The pain increased, and she knew she couldn’t last long.

"Woy, I—" She couldn’t finish her sentence. Unlike earlier when she had had to make the decision to pee, this time her body betrayed her. She couldn’t control it as she leaned forward and pushed. A blob of warm poop slid into her diaper. Whether Roy figured out what she was doing from the smell or her expression she didn’t know, but he caught on right away.

"Are you shitting yourself? Damn it!" Roy reached over for her, and out of fear, she tried to back away, plopping right down on her butt and smutting the gooey contents into a flattened mess. It also didn’t stop Roy from grabbing her and pulling her over his lap. "You’re not a baby, goddamn it! Stop acting like one!" He spanked her again and again. The diaper cushioned the blow, but with each hit, the poop smeared around even more. Even worse, she wasn’t done. While he was swatting her, she grunted and pushed again. Finally, they were both done. Roy picked her up and carried her into her bedroom and threw her on the bed. As she bounced, she could feel the poop spread to her lower back and upper thighs. She cried loudly as Roy headed back to the door.

"Take a nap. Your mom will be home in an hour. Let her deal with it." Roy slammed the door and stormed out. Mary was pretty sure she heard the main door to the trailer close as well. She sat up in bed, wincing as the contents of her loaded diaper shifted again. She hated Roy, but she also hated herself for losing control like that. Then she got ahold of herself. She hadn’t lost control; she’d never had it. The simulation had done this to her. But it had also tapped into something real. She knew for a fact that it had taken her awhile to be potty trained, something her mother mentioned from time to time. But she’d never felt the need to ask her mother any questions about it. Maybe it was incidents like these that had caused all her problems.

She was trying to decide what to do. She could probably find the stuff to clean herself off, but if Roy caught her out of bed, or worse, out of her room, it would be hell to pay. As she lied there considering her options, a soft blue light filled the room, and her Fairy Godmother appeared. That was the first thought Mary had about the woman who suddenly materialized before her. After a moment, she recognized her as Lisa, the woman from the Terror Trailer.

"Wisa?" Mary asked. Lisa smiled and nodded, approaching Mary’s bed as the blue light faded and left Lisa standing there, just as real as Roy and Harriet and the others had been. She was the same size as well.

"Hi, sweetie," she said softly. "Let’s get you all cleaned up." Lisa carefully picked up Mary and cradled her against her hip. "Someone made a big whoopsie. Yes, you did, yes, you did!" she said playfully, pushing Mary’s nose as if it were a little button. It was the most affection Mary had been shown since she got here, and despite herself, she smiled.

Lisa set Mary down on the ground and grabbed some cleaning supplies, including another diaper. Mary groaned upon seeing it.

"No diapah," she said.

"It’s okay, sweetie. I don’t mind that you still need them. I’m here to take care of you." Lisa smiled down at her as she undid the tapes and opened the diaper, revealing the stinky mess inside. Mary was mortified, but Lisa didn’t seem bothered by it. She continued to deliver cute baby talk and occasional kisses to Mary’s chest as she thoroughly cleaned her up. It took a long time, but finally she put the new diaper on, along with a healthy coating of diaper rash ointment and powder.

"You know sweetie, a lot of children have traumatic experiences during their potty training, but yours is especially bad. But I can help you. Otherwise you’ll remember all of this and have to deal with it on your own. Do you want my help?"

Mary thought about it for a moment. Lisa was being so kind to her, surely whatever help she could give would be much appreciated. Mary nodded up at her.

"Good. Now hold still. This will only hurt for just a second." Lisa pushed Mary onto her side. She felt a cold swap being rubbed across her butt cheek, and then a quick pinch that could only be a needle. Then it was over, and she was back on her back, looking up at Lisa.

Mary blinked, and they were no longer in her old room. They were back in the Terror Trailer, Lisa smiling down at her as she pulled away the simulation device. Mary shifted slightly and realized that she was still in a diaper, but it was dry and clean. Had she imagined the whole thing, or had she been changed?

She didn’t have time to think about it. Her eyes felt heavy, and the last thing she saw was Lisa smiling down at her while holding a syringe.


Lisa sat in the immaculate living room, rubbing her tired eyes. It had been a long flight with an unruly child, and she was exhausted from lack of sleep and jet lag. But she still maintained a professional appearance, smoothing out her business suit as she spoke with the young Japanese couple who sat on their couch, politely smiling. They conversed in Japanese, which Lisa spoke fluently.

"You have all of the paperwork. Everything’s in order. She only speaks a little bit, but of course, no Japanese. But she’s a quick learner."

"Where did she get off to, anyway?" the Japanese woman asked. Lisa stood and walked around the living room before pausing in front of a large chair in the corner. She got down on her hands and knees, and, sure enough, found Mary hiding underneath it. She now looked now different than any one and a half year old child, except that her eyes hid a bit more intelligence, though that would be hard to see if you weren’t looking for it.

Lisa offered her arms and, after a moment, Mary crawled out and allowed herself to be picked up. As Lisa positioned her arm underneath Mary’s rear to support her, she felt it squish against her diaper.

"Just what I suspected. She still hides when she has to go. She’s suffered a lot of trauma. But I’m sure loving parents such as yourselves can help her recover. Just be sure to be extra sweet to her while you clean her. Make it a bonding experience. And don’t rush the potty training when the time comes. I wouldn’t even start it until she’s at least three."

Lisa held the whimpering Mary out to the Japanese couple. The woman took her and bounced her on her knee, trying to calm her. But that only made her cry more. When the husband got a whiff of her diaper he cringed, which made his wife laugh.

"You’d better get used to this, dear. Because you are definitely helping with diaper duty."

"I know, I know," he said with a smile. "I’ll start now." He offered to take Mary, but his wife shook her head.

"We’ll do the first one together. Make sure you don’t mess up." They got off the couch and moved to the floor, where the woman unfolded an expensive changing pad and laid Mary on it. Lisa was pleased to see them working together. They’d passed all of her extensive background checks, and she had been certain they’d make wonderful, loving parents, but it was still heartwarming to see it in action.

"Aw, look at Mom and Dad. Settling into their new roles already. I’ll leave you to it, then. Call me if anything comes up."

Lisa slowly made her way out of the room, smiling over her shoulder as the new parents consoled Mary with baby talk as they went to work on her diaper. Mary couldn’t understand what they were saying, but she seemed to grasp that she was being left here with them. By the time she learned enough of the language to really communicate, she would have settled into her new role as their toddler daughter. And as far as Lisa was concerned, that was the best thing that could happen to her.

Judging from the way Mary was crying, she disagreed. But she’d change her mind.




End Chapter 1

The Terror Trailer

by: matrixfreak | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2012


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