Lady Succubus: Joe’s One Night Stand

by: UnknownARTG | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 5, 2012

Joe is a man who thinks he's God's gift to women. And he's had countless women in his bed. But what happens when he gets a "special" woman in his bed?

Chapter 1
Lady Succubus: Joe’s One Night Stand

Chapter Description: COMPLETE STORY

The two of them lay on top of the bed, their hearts beating so hard they felt like drums in their chests. Sweat poured freely from their bodies like a waterfall, and their breathing was slow and heavy. Both of them were exhausted. But then again, with sex an intense as what they just experienced, anyone would be hard pressed not to feel worn-out. For a long moment, all either one of them could do was stare blindly at the ceiling above them, still lost in the ecstasy of their moment together. Finally, the man could stand it no longer. He turned over to look at the woman. She was gorgeous! With her shoulder length blonde hair, that even now didn’t have a single hair out of place. Her perfect skin and figure made her look like a priceless doll. And her breasts were the perfect size; not too big and not too small, but just right.

“That was awesome,” he said first after a long silence, sounding as if he were fighting the urge to pass out. “I hope it was good for you.” The woman next to him turned over to look at him. And he was equally stunning. His jet-black hair and tanned body gave the impression of a vaguely ethic background. His muscle toned body made him look like a Greek gladiator. And his penis was the biggest the woman had ever seen.

“It was,” she told him smiling. Then she leaned in to give him a kiss, which he eagerly and happily reciprocated. The man’s man was Joe and the woman’s Susan…and they had never met before tonight.

To any other person looking in, it appeared to be like any other one night stand. It all began at the local bar. Joe had gone there for a few drinks, and casually struck up a conversation with a hot girl at the bar. It started off friendly enough; just regular chitchat with some flittering sprinkled in here and there. After both had consumed a few drinks, the casual flittering turned to something else. Then, by the end of the night, Joe had convinced Susan to come to his house, and once there they almost immediately proceeded to screw each other’s brains out. That’s how it would look to anyone else. Little do you realize…it’s much more complicated.

Joe is what might many call a “player.” And he indeed was a master of it. Whenever he got certain “urges”, he would frequent one of the bars or clubs near his home. Always a different one so as not to arouse too much suspicion. Once there, he’d find the hottest girl there, talk her up, get her home, fuck her silly, then send her packing the next day. If they were stupid enough to get to emotionally attached to him, he’d promise to call and maybe have to indulge her company a few more times. But in the end, they all got the boot. And really, they were stupid if they expected anything more. They all understood what a one night stand was, and they were all equally guilty of it as he was. Oh well. It didn’t matter. If he did see them again, he might get lucky to fuck the same girl twice, though it was never as good the second time. And that was the point of it all. Sex with a woman always lost its thrill for him after the first time, so he’d long ago given up a normal relationship with a woman. Instead, it was all about the sex to him, as all relationships between men and women were. If anyone said otherwise, they were full of it. So he developed the perfect way to, in a manner of speaking, have his cake and eat it too. He’d pretend to be drunk (when in reality he was much better at holding his liquor than he let on) so the woman wouldn’t expect anything other than sex from this stranger. Than, when he “sobered up”, he could say thanks and give her a ride home without fear of anything more. Than he could move on to the next hunt. The Cunt Hunt he liked to call it.

Little did he know, this woman in his bed now was not like any other woman.

Susan knew exactly what Joe was. In fact, she dealt with his kind all the time. They thought they were so smooth and careful that they could never get caught. They were hot, but entirely too aware of that fact, and weren’t afraid to use it to their advantage. And they thought with only one part of their body, and it certainly wasn’t their head. Which is why women like Susan existed. Although to call her woman might be a stretch. While she does look like any other beautiful girl…she isn’t exactly a human. She is a witch! And not just any witch…she is known to her kin as Lady Succubus. That doesn’t mean she is a demon. The tale of the succubus has been grossly over exaggerated over the generations she’d say. The succubus is an ancient type of witch, who specifically use their magic to defend women against the manly predators who might use and hurt them. She had been taught in the ways of magic by her mother, and her mother had been taught by her mother, and back, and back…and back. And she was known as the greatest succubus of the current generation. Now she sought out men like Joe, in order to punish them. Different succubus women had different methods for how to deal with these men, but Susan had chosen what had been know as the “classic way.” After all, parts of the legend were true.

“I got to tell you sweetheart, I ain’t had a girl as good as you in a long time,” Joe told her, sounding clearly impressed.

I find that unlikely, Susan thought.

“Thanks,” she said, “You were half bad yourself.” And it was true; he had pleasured her, though probably not as good as he thought. His kind always believed themselves to be the greatest bed lovers in the world. “You want a drink?” she asked, ready to get the real fun started.

“Sure,” he answered. Joe was making to get up, not bothering to wrap a cloth or put his boxers back on, but Susan lifted a hand to his wrist and pulled him back down.

“Let me,” she whispered sensually, “I got something special I only make for times like this.” Joe smiled, very intrigued.

“And what might that be baby?” he asked. She smiled coyly.

“Secret. You have to wait to find out.” Then she leaned in to kiss him, gathered up her things, and quickly dressed herself in her bra and panties. She heard Joe make a soft whistle sound.

“Even half dressed, you’re still so damn sexy.” Oh yea, he was good at laying on the charm. Susan would bet half the time it worked for him too. But it wouldn’t work this time. Not on her.

“Just wait here ok.”

“Ok.” And he gave her a soft slap on the ass as she left the room for the kitchen. Once out of ear and eyeshot, Susan let out a small groan. It disgusted her to have him touch her like this, but she had to make him believe she wanted it. It was the only way he wouldn’t suspect something. So he didn’t question why she needed her purse to make them a small drink. Once in the kitchen, she found a few small brandy glasses and Joe’s liquor cabinet. At the countertop, she poured them equal amounts of alcohol. Then slipped out of her purse a small vial of a clear liquid. This was how she dealt with men like Joe. Only one thing mattered to them…their manhood and ability to prove themselves a man. So the best way to deal with them was to take that away. She slipped a few drops into Joe’s drink, then gave the glass a small swirl to mix it up. Putting her “sexy face” back on, Susan picked up the two glasses in her hands and sauntered her way back to the room.

“Did you miss me?” she asked once back into the room. Joe had stilled failed to dress. Either he was hoping for a second round, or he just didn’t care about his nakedness. It made no different. This was would be more fun for Susan anyway.

“Terribly,” Joe said, taking the glass as she handed it to him. Joe gave the liquid a small sniff, as if curious what it was. “This smells like just regular brandy. What do you call it?”

“Little Man Special,” she said with a silent snicker, “And trust me, it has a very special ingredient. Susan sat next to him, and lifted her glass to a toast. “To men like you.” Joe only smiled at that, pleased with himself.

“To men like me.” He rang his glass against hers. “And to woman like you,” he added quietly as a side note.

Indeed, Susan thought happily. She watched happily as Joe chugged the drink and swallowed in one gulp. His fate was sealed now.

“I still don’t taste anything different,” he told her.

“Just give it a minute. You’ll feel the effects soon,” she said to him. Then she drank hers, and savored to bitter taste as it coursed its way down her throat. It tasted like success.

“Well then…in the mean time,” Joe began, then leaned over and began kissing her lips and neck the same way he had done when they had began. She allowed it for a moment, letting the drink settle into his stomach. Then, after she was certain the potion would be taking affect soon, she dropped the pretense.

“How many other girls have you fooled like this?” she asked so suddenly, Joe at first didn’t grasp the implications as he continued making love to her breasts.

“What?” he asked, licking her nipple and suckling on it like a newborn. Susan liked the irony.

“I asked how many other girls have you fooled like this?” she asked again, only now there was love or affection in her tone. Joe, finally grasping it, disengaged from his kissing, and stared dumbfounded into Susan’s unforgiving eyes.

“What?” he asked again, clearly confused this time.

“I’ll bet you think your hot stuff don’t you. How many other girls have you used and fucked like this before you kicked them to the curb? Ever wonder what kind of emotional damage you might be doing to these women you screw?! Probably not I’ll bet. But you don’t care. To you, women are only good for sex. All you care about is getting somebody into your bed for a night and putting your dick in them! You think that makes you a man? It makes you pathetic!”

Joe was silent, taken completely aback by this sudden shift in emotion from Susan. But Susan could see in his eyes he was getting angrier with her every word. Good. It was best he knew why what was about to happen to him was going to happen.

“Let me tell you something right now. You may think the number of women you fucked is like a badge of honor to increase your manly rank, but it isn’t! And it’s time you learned a lesson. Which, by the way, is the ONLY reason I agreed to have sex with you tonight. Oh, and FYI…you’re not even all that good.”

That did it. His faced dropped into a scarlet rage, and Susan thought for a second Joe might hit her. It wouldn’t matter, and it wouldn’t be the first time she’d been hit by one of her targets.

“Listen to me you little bitch,” Joe began, “I’m not going to sit here and be judge by some whore like you! So you can–” Joe stopped suddenly, his face going from anger to sudden and unregistered confusion.

“What is it?” Susan asked. Although she knew perfectly well what it was, she wanted to still hear him say it.

“I feel funny,” he said, “My body tickles all over.”

“That would be the drink,” Susan said smugly. Joe looked up at her aghast. The anger quickly returned, only now there were tints of fear laced underneath his tight skin.

“What did you make me drink?” he demanded of her. Susan smiled.

“Wanna know why you weren’t so good? Well with a dick as small as that, how could you possibly pleasure me?”

“What are you talking about?” Susan looked down, and Joe followed her gaze. He gave a small, pathetic gasp of alarm when he saw what was happening. His once giant penis…was shrinking! Slowly but surely, it was shrinking in both length and width. And his testicles were crawling back up into his body. “Wh-What’s happening?!”

“The drink was called a Little Man Special. And pretty soon, that’s all you’ll be! You’re kind only care about the size of your penis. You think the bigger you are, the more manly you are. So logic serves that the smaller you are…the less a man you’ll be.” Susan laughed as she watched his penis quickly become a little boy’s weewee. It looked especially funny, as it didn’t appear to be in proportion with the rest of him. Suddenly, Joe got up and ran out of the room. Susan laughed harder at his childish response. The potion should soon be affecting his emotions and ability to think. But his memories…those Susan made sure to keep in tact so the man would always remember what he’d lost and why.

Susan quietly sat there for 10 minutes, waiting for the potion to take affect and waiting to see if Joe would return. But he did not. After a few more minutes, Susan got up and wondered throughout the house looking for little Joey. She knew he must still be inside, as she had not heard the front or back door open and close. But try as she might, she could not find Joe. In the kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement, nowhere! Susan was starting to think maybe she used too much potion and Joe had become a mere sperm stain on the carpet when she faintly heard a small whimpering sound from nearby. It lead to a nearby closest. Susan slowly opened the door, and what she founded made her giggle. Where the once manly and sexy hunk of man was, there now was only a little boy of maybe 4 or 5. He sat with his knees to his chest, hugging them with his arms as he whimpered and cried, occasionally whipping away a tear. His legs and arms were very scrawny, though his face and stomach were pudgy with baby fat. As she opened the door, Joe looked up, and Susan saw he had a slightly upturned nose, and his black hair was shorter in something resembling a bowl cut. He sniffled as he looked at her. His sad expression made him look like a child who had just been caught and punished for a bit of mischief. And on some level, Susan thought that was the case.

“What you do to me?” he asked in a child’s tone, his voice trembling with sadness and fear.

“I made you into the little boy you really are,” Susan told him, getting down to one knee so she could look him closer in the eye. Joe stood up in defiance of her words, trying to harden his face, but only accomplishing in making it look pouty. This was a bad idea, for now his penis was freely exposed to Susan. She could help bursting out into mocking laughter when she saw it. To call it a penis now was an overstatement. The tiny uncircumcised thing was smooth, hairless, and looked unusually small even for a child of his current again. Perhaps he’d gotten some surgery to fix that when he was older. And his ball shack was so small it looked almost nonexistent. This manhood was now only a pathetic, little boy’s peepee. Joe suddenly remembered he was a naked boy, looked down, gave a small yip, and quickly cupped both hands over himself. Susan kept on laughing. “Look! Now your penis matches your maturity level.”

“Don’t laugh at my weewee,” he begged, swaying back and forth on his legs. Susan forced herself to calm down. There was still more fun to be had with this little guy.

“I’m sorry,” Susan said, adopting a mock motherly tone to her words, “But little boys don’t need to be so modest in front of big girls.”

“I’m not a wittle boy! I’m a big boy,” Joe said, stomping one foot. He quickly moved his hands away from his tiny peepee, using his arms to emphasis how much of a “big boy” he was by extending his tiny, skinny arms to their fullest length to both sides. The gesture made him look silly, and afterwards he quickly covered himself up again.

“Do big boys have a tiny weewee like yours with no hair?” Susan taunted, “Do big boys hide and cry in a closet? No. So I think all those things DO make you a little boy.”

At this, Joe went into a full on tantrum. He cried loudly, moving his hands away from his groin to rub away the fresh tears, allowing himself to be fully exposed. He stomped both feet and wailed loudly as he did. Susan let him have his tantrum, enjoying every second of it.

“I’m so wittle! Me no wanna be wittle! Make me big down there again! Pwease!!!!” Susan watched him, enjoying his humiliation. This was always the best part of her work. The power she held over her victims as they regressed both physically and mentally into the boys they really were in their minds. She loved to she them lose what they loved most in their giant dicks.

“Now don’t cry little guy. Come here,” she said, returning to her motherly tone. Extending her hand to take his, Joe didn’t fight her as she took his small hand into hers and lead him out of the closet and into the living room. In fact, he seemed content to let her guide him like the child he’d became, firmly holding her hand with one of his, while still whipping away the still falling, but now silent tears as they went. Once in the living room, Susan scooped up Joe under the arms and placed him in a chair that was no far too big for him and placed his bare butt on the cushions. Then she crouched down again to look Joe in the eyes. His crying and turned into soft sobs, and he began sucking on his thumb to comfort himself.

“Now you’ve been a very bad boy haven’t you little Joey?” Susan asked him. Joe gave a quick, small nod of his head. Whether he agreed out of simple childishness, or actually being somewhat regretful now that he was being punished, Susan neither knew nor cared. “Yes you have. And little boys who are bad have to be punished.”

“Do I have to gwo-up again?” Joe asked, clearly afraid of the answer as his little hairless body trembled. Susan smiled sweetly at him.

“Of course not my dear.” Joe smiled in relief. “You’re never going to grow up again. You’d just go back to your old habits, and a punishment isn’t very effective if you don’t learn anything is it? So you’re gonna stay a itty-bitty, tiny little boy…forever!” Joe looked horrified. A lifetime of being a little boy! With a tiny peepee for the rest of his life! No sex ever again! Not even being able to masturbate! The idea sent him into a fit of new sobs.

“NOOOOOoooooo,” he yelled. He began to kick his legs, flail his arms on the chair. It made his old tantrum look tame.

“Oh now don’t do that. Susan still as a little treat for her “little” man.” And with that, Susan stood up over the young boy, and began the strip tease he used on all her regressed victims. The boy immediately stopped what he was doing and gapped open mouth at the woman, sexily dancing in front of him. He looked like a pre-pubescent boy, taken surprise at his raw luck to see a full-grown naked woman. Of course, he wasn’t pre-pubescent. Inside his head, he still had the mind of a horny man, but with his regressed mentality, he might as well been pre-pubescent. Susan gracefully unfastened her bra straps, letting her breast fall out as she let it drop to the floor. Joe went rigged with shock. Then, Susan began to tauntingly, slowly remove her panties. Now they were both naked, though the bodily maturity between the two of them was vast. Susan tossed the panties into Joe’s tiny lap and continued to dance for him.

“Does the little Joey like Susan’s body?” she asked, thrusting her breasts into Joe’s face.

“Mommy?” was the first thing Joe said. He seemed to quickly realize this, and clapped his hands over his mouth.

“Oh, does Joey like seeing mommy naked. You tiny, little pervert. Looks like Joey’s little boy parts are happy to see me.” She pointed at the panties that spread like a blanket on Joe’s lap. And there, in the middle of them, was a tiny bulge. Susan moved first, and drew the panties away, exposing Joe’s tiny, almost infantile erection. “Somebody’s a little Pinocchio.” Susan could see Joe blush as red as a fresh tomato, embarrassed to have gotten an tiny erection and for having a grow woman see it. Susan moved one of her hands slowly toward his little tool, and began tickling it with here fingers. Joe instantly was hit with a fit of childlike giggles as he tried to use his small hands to push Susan away.

“Pwease…stop…no,” he said in between laughs. Susan noticed him smiling for the first time as she played with his peepee. Now he looked like any other happy, playful child. But she knew that was only due to the tickling. Inside, little Joey must have felt morbid for having this grown woman toy with his former manhood in such a way. Joe was finally able to push Susan’s hand away enough to allow him to jump down off the chair and rush for the front door. Susan slowly stalked him to the door, like a lioness hunting it’s prey. Joe pulled on the knob as hard as his tiny body would allow. But he could not get the door open. It was a mark of how much even his mind had regressed. Even if he had gotten the door open and ran outside, what would that accomplish? All it would do is expose his now pathetic body to the world, and all they would see is a tiny little boy who liked to play naked.

“Sorry, but no going outside,” Susan told him. But Joe kept pulling on the door.

“No, no, no! Wet me out!” Joe screamed. Susan looked at his smooth bottom as he pulled will all his child’s strength to get the door open. One he’d given up, he turned to face the woman who’d taken his maturity from him. He glared at her with all the anger and hate a child’s face could muster. But it only succeeded in making him look even cuter than before. Made even cuter by his still maintained erection.

“Awwww, is little Joey mad about mommy tickling him?”

“You mean wady! You make me big boy again wight now!” His demands sounded so petulant, like a child who didn’t understand something simple.

“Little boys don’t talk to their mommies that way,” she told him sternly.

“You not mommy! You a biwch!” That was it, now she had an excuse to do what she’d wanted to from the start. She lunged for Joe, and the defiance left his eyes instantly, replaced again by abject fear. He tried to avoid her grasp, but Susan scooped him up with one arm and dragged him back into the living room, where she laid him over her lap.

“When little boys talk back like that, they get a spanking.”

“No! Pwease! I sowwy!”

Susan raised her hand up, and the proceeded to spank Joe’s cute butt. In truth, he slaps were of light medium strength and almost playful. But Joe screamed as if she had used her full ability to spank his bottom.

“Say your sorry!”

“I’m sowwy!”

“Say your sorry…mommy!”

“I sowwy mommy!”

There, she’d gotten him to say the childlike endearment toward. Now he was completely and utterly defeated. Now there was only one thing left to do. Susan turned Joe over in her lap to have him sitting on her knees. She watched as he cried, his face and eyes now a stark red.

“There you go. Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Mommy is sorry for having to spank, but bad little boys have to be punished remember? Being a little boy forever won’t be so bad. You don’t have to go to work ever again, you can play all day, and nobody will care if you run around naked. Think of how fun that would be, to have all those grownup woman able to see your peepee just like you always wanted,” she explained to a still whimpering Joe.

“But I don’t wanna be a wittle boy. I don’t want them to see my weewee,” he whined.

“I think I know what you need.” And with that, Susan began to guide Joe toward one of her boobs. It took Joe a moment to understand, and once again tried to fight her. But by now, he was too weak from all his tantrums for it to be overly effective.

“No,” was all he could manage.

“Come on now. Little boys need to drink their mommy’s milk. Or do you want another spanking?” With that, Joe willingly let Susan guide him to her boob. She the put her nipple into his mouth, and soon Joe was suckling on her titty. He had done this a few moments before when he was a man. But now, he was nothing more than a small child being breastfeed. Susan watched as Joe’s eyes began to slag. Sleep was now overcoming him. He tried to fight it, as his eyes would fly open only after they had briefly shut. But his eyes were staying shut for longer periods, and his too young body could not hold out for long Susan knew. Within a few minutes of breastfeeding him, Joe was fast asleep in her arms. She had won. Carefully, she removed her nipple from his mouth and placed him down on the couch as she gathered up her things and dressed herself. Then gently so as not to wake him, she picked up the still sleeping, still naked child and took him to her car. Placing him in the backseat, she started up the engine and drove off to take Joey to begin his new life.

* * *

Joe was taken to an establishment built and run by the order of witches Susan belong to. It was there that permanently regressed woman and men were taken to spend the rest of their lives as children. It was here that they served out the rest of their punishment, treating the regressed people like the children they looked like, even though inside they were still adults. This was done until they were so broken, the acted out like the children they resembled simply out of shame. Then, they were sent to live with a single witch “parent” who would look after them. Susan immediately took Joe to this institute and couldn’t help but stay back and watch as the attendants slipped Joe into his first of many Pull-Up training diapers, the only clothes children here were allowed to wear. Then she watched as Joe was sent into the playroom with various other boys and girls of his ilk. She watched as he slowly and uncomfortably turned to take in his new surroundings, and all that they implied. Then, Susan turned to leave.

There were plenty others out there who needed to be taught the same lesson as Joe. She had a lot of work to do.

A/N - Hey guys. Hope you don’t mind my long break. Now I want your opinion on something. I was thinking of making Lady Succubus one of the characters I bring back for multiple stories. Tell me what ya think in the reviews you leave.



End Chapter 1

Lady Succubus: Joe’s One Night Stand

by: UnknownARTG | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 5, 2012


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