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Justin Bieber, right on the cusp of manhood, learns there are prices to pay for his level of stardom.

Chapter 1
BREAKING: Are Justin and Selina Finally Ready to Go All The Way?!

Chapter Description: Justin and Selena decide that now is the time to lose their v-cards together and everything goes swimmingly. Yeah right.

Their lips were locked in a tight embrace before finally letting go.

"Lose the clothes, baby."

"Selena, I..."


"I don’t want you to see me...this way..." he blushed.

"Oh, Justin. You’re such a boy. I don’t care about…that. I care about you.”

Justin’s shirt was the first article of clothing to go. Selena ran her hand over his hairless, smooth chest. “Ohhhh, I like this, baby. So soft and baby-smooth. And just a teensy bit of baby fat. It’s so cute!”

He groaned as he dropped his pants next. His boxers thankfully covered up what little was presently underneath them, but that would only work for so long at this rate. He took a deep breath, and dropped his boxers to the floor.

There was a gleam in her eyes, a sudden menacing glee in her voice. "Oh, Justin, look at your little thingie! It’s practically a nub!"

Justin covered himself in embarrassment. "Selena, please!"

“What’s the matter, honey? You don’t like Selena talking about your teeny weeny and itty bitty baby balls? How about that big boy hair? One, two, three, four strands! You must be soooooo proud. I bet you’re the talk of the school showers...the small talk!"

Justin was openly crying now. The love of his life sizing him down like this was just too devastating. The reminder of what he lost. What he could never have again.

"What’s wrong, baby? Upset you’re not the tall, strapping young man you used to be? That you have to go through puberty all over again? That your big, sexy manhood is just a little boy’s pee-pee now?"

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Say it, Justin. Say ’I’m a little boy with a little boy pee-pee.’"


"Say it, and you might just score tonight after all, baby."

"...I’m a l-l-little b-boy with a little boy..."


"Pee-pee! With a little boy pee-pee!"

"Okay Justin. You’ve been a very good little boy. Now come here. Come to Selena."

She unfastened her bra and let her perky, globular breasts hang loose. They entranced him. She pushed them together and leaned them into his face. “Do I turn you on, baby?”

He breathed lustfully. “Yes, Selena…” He reached and grabbed for one of her breasts when his hand was slapped away.

“Ahah! That’s for big boys who have big boy wee-wees.”

“But you said…”

“I mean, look at yourself, Justin. You’re not a man. You’re not even a teen. You’re a little boy with a small, boring package that could never satisfy a woman like me. I mean how many inches have you got, really? Four inches?” Justin’s penis sprung to life, revealing all four inches of his boyhood. “Nah, it’s more like three inches.” It shrunk little by little until it was three inches, the penis getting thinner and more childlike with each passing second.

“Selena,” his voice cracked horribly, “Something is wrong.”

He could feel it all over his body, the shrinking. Getting smaller and smaller, younger and younger. He dropped from fourteen, to thirteen, to twelve, then eleven. His small penis shrunk even further, and his testicles finally retracted and moved their way up closer to his abdomen.

“No, no! Stop this!”

“Ten, nine, eight…” she whispered in his ear.

He dropped from 11 to ten, leaving puberty for good this time. Ten to nine to eight, he shrunk rapidly and all parts of his body diminished and plumped up, leaving him a very horny young boy.

“Please Selena, I gotta get this outta me!” he whined, jumping up and down, his penis bobbing up and down with him.

Selena bent down and put her mouth right next to his pathetic penis. It couldn’t have been an inch long hard, completely hairless and marble-sized balls that were tucked high into his body. But he was so horny. He could blow at any minute…if he still had the manpower.

“Looks like someone’s got a little baby boner!” She giggled. She blew her hot, lusty breath on his penis and sent him over the edge. He quivered, shook, and gripped his penis tight in climax, but only a drop or two of clear fluid came out. He looked down disappointingly at the lack of results he had produced. He started to cry again.

“It’s not fair! It’s not fair!” he shouted in a high pitched soprano. “I don’t wanna be a little boy.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Justin. That was the last of your manhood you shot out.” She said, licking it up. “Don’t you know what that means? How does your song go again? You’re going to be a real ‘Baby, baby, baby.’”

“Nooooo!” He yelled, already getting smaller. Getting pudgier, rounder, cuter.

“Six, five, four…”

“Sewena! Hewp me!” He gasped at his now babyish voice.

“Three, two, one…”


Justin awoke covered in sweat. The first thing he did was check the size of his penis. He was relieved to find he still had the hefty dick of a healthy teenage boy, but was less relieved to see he had pissed all over his bed. It would not be the last time in the upcoming months. He checked is clock. Twelve hours to go until the procedure. He began to sob quietly.



End Chapter 1


by: wishfulthinker | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 15, 2012


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