A Boy and His Collar

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 16, 2011

Commission. This story is a new X-rated one dealing with regression, humiliation and sexual content, all with somewhat of a pet-play theme. And a young man named Joseph is the victim of it all!

Chapter 1
A Day at the Mall

Chapter Description: The story begins, with a scene at the mall.

Joseph entered the mall one Saturday morning. Joseph is a skinny lad of 22 years, with untamed brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a black SC2 t-shirt with the Protoss symbol on the front, dark blue shorts, and fake leather sandals. As he explored the mall, something he liked to do in his free time, he found something very odd on the ground; it looked like some kind of collar. He picked up the strange object to examine it more closely.

He confirmed it was indeed a collar... a pretty big one too, big enough for a human-sized neck. It was only about an half-inch wide, and about as thick as cardboard, with metal studs placed evenly along the length of the collar, roughly an inch apart from one another. It was made of some kind of leathery material, but blue in hue, sewn together with some kind of white thread. Attached to the one end near the buckle was a steel charm on a small chain, made to look like some kind of ribbon. Engraved into the ribbon-like charm were the words “Born to Beg.”

Joseph found himself very confused as he held the collar, a mixture of emotions going through him. On one hand, he felt repulsed that someone would make such a thing, like it was some kind of bondage prop... on the other hand, he wondered why it was there in the first place, not aware of any such shops in the mall, nor any reason why someone would drop something like this... but the most bizarre feeling was that of a curiosity towards putting it on. Why would he wanna do such a thing?

But this urge was getting the better of him. Joseph made his way to the nearest men’s room, and into an open stall, where he closed the door, unable to lock it though. Even so, Joseph sits down and puts the collar on himself... once it’s comfortably on him, he feels an odd tingle begin to run through him... “What the heck?” Joseph said aloud to himself, and tries to remove the collar... only it’s stuck! It won’t come off of him now! Oh no!

So now that he’s stuck with the collar, and he’s stuck in the bathroom, too modest to leave and risk being seen with the collar on. But just then, he hears the door open, and someone walks into the bathroom, and then, to Joseph’s terror, the man who just entered walked into his stall. Joseph blushes heavily as he’s seen by the main... and worse yet, he feels the tingling returns. And it’s doing something to him. He feels his hands begin to move on their own, and grab the hem of his shirt, before raising his arm over his head, pulling off the shirt in the process, followed shortly by his pants...

The other man starts to laugh as Joseph, in no control of his body at the moment, ends up removing all of his clothes, one by one. Once all his clothes are off, leaving him in nothing but the collar that caused this off, he gets down on all fours and crawl around like a dog. The other man continues to laugh at the man who’s acting like a dog, unknowing that it’s against Joseph’s will, much to his embarrassment, blushing heavily as he starts to crawl out of the man’s room and into public view.

Well now he was really humiliated, as the crowd gathers around him while he makes a fool of himself, acting like a dog, naked as the day he was born. “Oh, what a cute little doggy!” One woman said.. and then, as if that was some kind trigger, Joseph begins to find himself tingling again... his body began to shrink, slowly at first, but then it began to speed up as other things began to happen as well... his body hair began to fall off as his lost the muscle and tone he mainly developed during his teenage years... wait a minute, he wasn’t just shrinking, he was regressing as well! And it’s true, he was indeed becoming younger and younger, going backwards through puberty, gradually losing his signs of maturity.

And everyone watched as he regressed too... one woman even stated “Look, he’s becoming an adorable little puppy! How cute!” And indeed, he was getting young, regressing out of puberty and into the tween years, devoid of body hair, an Adam’s Apple, and a lot of his muscular bulk, leaving him a skinny kid. And he was still going, shrinking down into the elementary years, before stopping at the age of 9. “Oh, how adorable!” Says a woman as she walks up and pitches his cheek. “He’s got a little stiffie!” Well, now Joey could have died as he heard that, looking down to see his cock, throbbing with lust.

The magic of the collar wasn’t done yet... soon, several woman walked up to him and begin to talk about Joey’s cuteness and even started playing with his cock a bit... his lustful member was quite sensitive in it’s current state, and the contact with female hands was quite powerful for him, his penis throbbing more and more wildly as time went on... and it was like the humiliation itself also fed his lust, and so the whole situation was driving him closer and closer to the edge. And before long, he found himself, he released an orgasm and with it, the magic within him seemed to be released as well, as he quickly found he had control over his body, and with that control, he ran back to the bathroom.

By the time he got back to the bathroom, he had also returned to his normal age, so he was able to get redressed once he got back... and while he was still unable to remove the collar, he quickly escaped the mall bathroom and not long before that, left the mall itself, embarrassed to no end about what had just happened to him... but will it happen again? Only time will tell.



End Chapter 1

A Boy and His Collar

by: RyuuAinaki | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 16, 2011


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