by: PieInTheSky | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 28, 2011

Alice is insulted when her boyfriend insists that she wouldn’t notice any changes he’d make with his reality alteration device, so she makes a bet.

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Heavily adapted from a story I wrote for another site.

“What do you mean you can change reality?” Alice asked her boyfriend Steve.

“Exactly what it sounds like, if this thing works right. I don’t think I can break the laws of physics, but I can adjust just about anything else. You just need to use some lamb’s blood invert the reflex manifold around the bezoar, depending on the quantum alignment of...”

Alice just let him ramble on for a bit. Like a lot of nerds, he would get obsessed about seemingly random things, and she learned that it was best to just let him get this stuff out of his system. This recombobulating watchamacallit was better than some of the stuff he was into earlier, like anime. She didn’t mind the genre in general, and she liked a few series herself. She was in fact a bit of a nerd herself, which you could tell just by looking at the clothes that covered her stick-like body. The problem was that Steve was into it to the point where he plastered his dorm room with posters that were just inappropriate. One of the first things she did when they started dating was insist that he take those things down. To his credit, he did, but he never seemed to understand why one of her friends seeing that his wall was half covered in half naked cartoon women and half covered in pink posters for what looked like little girl shows might be embarrassing. Alice didn’t really want to boss him around much, but she had social skills and a sense of restraint that he didn’t, and she didn’t want her friends to think she was dating some sort of pathetic, uncouth neanderthal.

“So,” she said during a lull in Steve’s rambling, incoherent explanation, “can you give me a demonstration?”

“I guess, but it takes a little while to do anything major.”

Alice didn’t believe that this bizarre device would do anything, but she decided that she might as well humor the guy. “We have a couple hours before my calculus class. There’s this one dork there who won’t stop talking about his damn stamp collection to anyone who doesn’t immediately tell him to shut up. At least make him blather about something else.”

“Alright, I think I can do that.”


Alice entered Steve’s dorm, still shocked. “Ponies!?”

Steve laughed. “Holy shit, it really worked. Did you like that, or should I have gone with Barbie?”

“I can’t believe you weren’t full of shit. I thought the guy was making some kind of retarded joke, but then he started going on about how great the animation was and a bunch of other shit no one cared about because he was talking about fucking cartoon ponies.”

“Perfect,” said Steve, now very pleased with himself.

“But why did you do it to the other guys, too?”

“Wait, what?”

“Yeah, this other guy started agreeing with him, and then another pulled a pink pony out of his backpack and said it was his favorite. And then, well, the short version is that there ended up being like 5 grown men talking about My Little Goddamn Pony until the professor showed up.”

Steve started looking over some schematics. “Shit, I must have gotten the intensity wrong.”

Alice continued after a moment, “The weird thing is that they acted like they’d been into this shit for ages. I think one even said something about how this was always what they discussed before class.”

“Well, yeah, this thing changes what’s normal. The only reason you or I noticed anything different was that I specifically set it wouldn’t change our memories.”

“Come on, how can you not realize something like that changed? I would totally notice.”

“Sorry babe, but you wouldn’t.”

Alice was getting annoyed. Sure, dorks like Steve might not notice if up was suddenly down one day, but she was hardly that oblivious. “Wanna bet?”

“Come on, it isn’t anything personal.”

“No, seriously. I want to make a bet!”

“Look, we probably shouldn’t mess around with this thing much until I get a better handle on how it works.”

“Come on. If you change something this weekend and I don’t notice, I’ll, I don’t know, wear one of those creepy outfits you’ve been trying to get me into.”

Steve became quiet for a moment as he considered this. “So what if you do notice?”

“Then you’re taking me on nice, romantic date. It’ll be wherever I want to go and whatever I want to do no matter what.” Alice couldn’t remember the last time Steve took her out somewhere nice. She wished Steve put more effort into romance on his own, but having to force him into a proper date by making him lose a dumb bet was better than nothing.

Steve considered it a bit more. “So you just want me to change one thing?”

“One, two, hell go nuts and change a whole bunch. But don’t cheat and just change a grain of sand in China or something. Make sure it’s something I’ll actually encounter.”

Steve thought a bit more, and then smiled. “Alright, you’re on!”


When Alice awoke the next morning, she could tell something was different. She couldn’t quite put her finger on just what it was, but she felt it, which was more than what Steve said would happen. Dummy. This was going to be easy. All she had to do was look around until she found something out of place. She figured that it would be just like Steve to turn his girlfriend into some sort of supermodel or something, so she started by examining herself. Her hair and face seemed to be the same, and there wasn’t any obvious change to her body. Even her pajamas were clearly the exact ones she wore to bed the previous night. She decided that she needed a better look at herself, so she got up and and began to take her PJs off, though she found it a bit difficult. Stupid buttons. This would have been a lot easier if her roommate was there to help her, but she’d gone home for the weekend. After a few minutes, she finally did get her one piece, footed PJs open enough to slip out of them. She clapped at herself for a moment, proud that she managed to do that on her own, then began to examine herself in the mirror. She was quite proud of her curves, but as nice as her C-cup breasts looked to her, she was sure that Steve would have given her Ds. She looked down, and saw that around her waist was a soaked pair of Pampers. Steve always thought Luvs were cuter, so this obviously wasn’t something he changed.

The next obvious thing to check was her room. She looked around her walls, but all the posters were the same ones she always remembered. Even that Sailor Moon one that she made Steve give her hadn’t budged, and she knew he wanted that back. She pulled up her sagging diaper and went over to check the DVDs, half expecting him to have replaced them with GI Joe movies or something, but her DVD shelf was just as pink as ever, with her beloved My Little Pony, Barbie, and Tinkerbell DVDs exactly where they were before. Alice went over to her dresser. On top of it were a few of her ponies and an old picture of her and her sister when they were younger. They were in the bath together, wearing nothing but their smiles. As much as she liked being mature enough to go off to school, she still longed for those innocent days, when the two of them would just play together all the time. She studied the picture. Given their features, it had to have been at least 3 years or so since it was taken. Had it really been that long? Alice sighed, and opened the top drawer. It was filled with several brands of disposable diapers, a few cloth ones, and some Pull-Ups. That was pretty much normal. After all, she needed to make sure she had something to match any outfit. The only thing slightly weird were the Pull-Ups, but she thought they looked cute enough on her that it didn’t matter if she wasn’t even quite sure what those "potty" things were or what you were supposed to train them to do. The lower drawers contained the usual t-shirts, onsies, overalls, etc. that you would expect anyone her age to wear.

Alice was getting a little frustrated. Everything here was just so normal. She went back to her bed and picked up a doll that was lying next to where she slept. "Little Alice, have you noticed anything strange today?"

The doll was silent.

"Poopy," Alice responded disappointedly. "Oh well. We should go get changed before we get rashes. Maybe we’ll see something on the way to the bathroom." She grabbed a diaper and left her room, doll in hand. Unfortunately, everything looked as bland as always. She decided to change tactics, so she closed her eyes, covered Little Alice’s, and listened. She heard at least 3 different cartoons, some Sesame Street, several different types of music, and one girl loudly crying. In other words, it was exactly what one would expect in just about any girl’s dorm in America. Alice was going to stop by her friend Diane’s room to see if she had noticed anything odd, but it turned out that she was the one crying, and she could see through Diane’s open doorway that she was about to have a full on tantrum, and Alice hardly wanted to get involved in that.

Alice didn’t find anything unusual in the bathroom, but she didn’t really expect to. She passed by a girl from down the hall in a bubble bath. She had several toys floating around, but her attention seemed mostly focused on her breasts. She was wiggling her torso, reacting to the resulting jiggling with a fit of giggles. Alice giggled with her briefly as she passed by. Breasts certainly were a lot of fun to play with, and for some reason, watching another girl play with some made her feel funny, but in a good way. No one else was in the bathroom, so Alice went over and sat on the chair in the corner to wait. The chair was actually a bit strange, now that Alice thought about it. It had a bunch of water in it, and if you hit this lever on it, it made a loud noise and swirled all the water around for some reason. But in any case, it was hardly anything new. Alice remembered how enthralled she and Diane were when they first discovered the thing. They must have spent an hour hitting that lever over and over again.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a girl came in, sobbing. Alice ran over and took a sniff. "Someone went poopy, huh?" The girl nodded. "Well hop up, and we’ll get you clean in a jiffy!" Alice replied as she patted one of the many changing tables in the room. The girl did as she was told, and Alice proceeded to wipe her clean, throw away the old diaper, and put on a new one. Alice had her doll help by pushing down the tapes for that last step.

The girl was now much happier. "Fank ’oo," she said around her thumb.

"You’re welcome," Alice responded as she climbed on the changing table herself. The girl briefly attempted to change Alice one handed, but then she removed her thumb from her mouth, disappointment showing on her face. It only took her a moment to change Alice, and the girl happily popped her thumb back into its proper place. "Thanks," Alice said as got off the table and placed her doll on it. The two girls did it together this time, with the thumb sucking girl holding Little Alice’s legs up while Alice took her diaper off, wiped her, and put that same diaper back on her. Alice brought the doll’s face to her ear and paused for a few seconds. "She says thank you."

"’Oo wewcome," the girl responded. "Wash hands now." She said as she approached the sink, where both of them washed up.

Alice looked at the clock. It was one of those really hard ones with the hands and the V’s and I’s rather than numbers, so she had no idea what it said, but it did remind her that she was supposed to meet Steve for breakfast this morning, and she didn’t want to be late for that. "Hey, would you mind helping me get dressed?" The girl responded by excitedly jumping up and down a few times, so Alice led her back to her room. Alice waited patiently on her bed as the girl pulled item after item out of Alice’s drawers, examined them, then haphazardly threw them about the room. Alice wasn’t happy that she’d have to clean that all up, but she wasn’t really upset at the girl or anything. After all, how could you expect a toddler not to make a mess? Alice knew she would probably be doing the same thing herself if the situation were reversed.

"Dis pitty," the girl said as she held up a pink shirt with some sparkly writing on it. "What it say?"

"My boyfriend told me that it says ’princess,’ though knowing him and his pranks, it could easily be ’stupid idiot head.’"

The girl giggled for a moment before she brought the shirt over to Alice. "’Oo wear dis," she said. Alice obediently raised her arms and let the shirt be slid on her. The girl then grabbed some ribbons and started putting Alice’s hair into pig tails.

Alice looked down at her bare legs. "No pants?"

"No," the girl replied as she finished one pig tail and moved onto the other. Alice sighed. If she knew she was going to be wearing this shirt bottomless, she would have had herself changed into Pull-Ups. They matched it much better. But what could she do, pick out her own clothes? That would be silly.

"Okay, aw done. ’Oo pitty now."

Alice blushed at the comment. If this girl said so, she must look pretty. She gave the girl a hug. "Thank you so much. We should have a playdate sometime!"

The girls agreed to play outside after lunch, and Alice proceeded to pack her diaper bag with the necessities. She placed Little Alice back on her bed. "Sorry, but when you’re on a date, three’s a crowd. I’ll take you out later." She got up and approached the door. "Goodbye everybody. I’ll be back later today," she said as she waved in the direction of a pile of stuffed animals. She left the building glad that she was going to have a nice meal with her boyfriend. It was certain to be better than last night when... "Oh poop," Alice thought, "the bet!" She still hadn’t figured out what changed! Luckily, she realized that she was in a great place to figure this out. People always hung around the green next to the dorm, so if Steve’s changes affected the population at large, she’d probably see it out here.

Sure enough, the green was filled with people. She carefully examined them. To one side of her, a circle of people were playing duck duck goose. There just about always was a group doing that, so Steve obviously had nothing to do with that. Besides, most of the girls were fully dressed. On a bench to the other side of her, a mother was nursing her one-year-old infant. They were both only wearing matching diapers, and the mother was suckling formula out of a bottle herself. That was heartwarming, and it made Alice miss her own mommy a bit, but nothing was really strange about it, and besides, Steve was hardly one to be into sweet Hallmark moments. Alice then heard some giggling, and a naked boy ran by, chased by a fully clothed girl holding a diaper. "Stop, Bobby! Dey won’t wet you in nakey!" the girl shouted as she chased the boy behind the building. Alice giggled. Like most people, she had been on both sides of an incident like that. After all, almost everyone has an occasional phase where they just wanted to be nude. It was at least as common as a "no phase" or a "mine phase."

This was getting frustrating. Alice could still feel that something here wasn’t right, but when she thought about any thing intellectually, there was clearly nothing at all out of place, and nothing even looked like something Steve would cause. It was looking less and less likely that she’d be able to greet him with an “I told you so.” Alice was taken out of this train of thought when she heard something coming up behind her. She turned around to find a naked 20-year-old girl on a big wheel.

“Morning, Alice! Want a ride to the dining common?”

“That would be great, Molly,” Alice said as Molly shifted forward so that Alice could get behind her. Alice wrapped her legs around her friend for stability and reached her hand around to her friend’s breast for something to play with on the ride. "Sure you want to pee all over this thing? I have some extra diapers in my bag."

"Don’t worry about it. I waited until I wet my pants before I got on this. I should be fine for a while," Molly responded proudly. Alice was impressed at how clever her friend was.

They rode on for a minute or two before Alice started talking again. “This might sound strange, but have you noticed anything out of the ordinary today? Like something that just...seems like it’s wrong?”

Molly thought for a moment as she pedaled along. “Well Janet told me that she caught her boyfriend watching that pony cartoon. What’s the deal with guys and that show, anyway?”

Alice couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Yeah, that’s pretty odd, but I mean something being significantly different today than yesterday. Someone looking different or acting different or something like that. Like you could have sworn that this teenage girl with huge boobs used to be a middle aged professor or something.”

“No, I sure I haven’t seen anything like that. Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

“Yeah, no, it’s a stupid thing with Steve. Trust me, I’m fine.”

“That explains it. That boy sure is an odd one.”

The two of them approached the dining common to find that Steve was already there, waiving at them. He was wearing a Pokemon shirt, Pull-Ups, and some sneakers. Alice thought he looked handsome and mature in that outfit.

“Hi Steve.” She said as she got up, then gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He was smiling broadly and seemed unusually happy to see her. He looked up and down her body, lingering particularly on her diaper for some reason. That was a bit weird, but the attention made Alice feel rather attractive.

“So hon,” he began with his eyes now lingering on her chest, “do you think anything’s different today?”

“I certainly do! You definitely made your changes last night!” she stated proudly.

“Oh really?” he responded, trying to hide his obvious doubt. “So what did I change?”

“Well... I don’t know... but I’m going to figure it out!”

He laughed and patted her on the head, making her smile. “I’m sure you will.” He turned to Molly. “Thanks for giving her a ride,” he said as he looked at her breasts. "You know, your boobies are really pretty."

Molly blushed. "Why thank you!" Steve proceeded to reach out and play with them for a minute. Molly seemed to be ok with that at first, but then she started to look uncomfortable. "I should get going," she said as she pulled away a little. "I’m meeting some friends at the swingset. See you later."

As Molly left, Steve turned back to his girlfriend. She was furious. "Oh shit, it didn’t work," he mumbled to himself.

“Really?” she started. “You really did that right in front of me? With one of my closest friends?”

He started to panic. “Honey, I, uh, I can explain-”

“How many times do I have to tell you!? You do it like this!” she said as she grabbed Steve’s hands and put them on her own breasts. Steve was confused, but went with it. Alice spoke as she manipulated his hands. “Breasts are attached! You have to be gentle when you play with them. You can’t just shove them all over the place. I mean Jesus,” she said, still frustrated, “it’s like you can’t even play with girls without embarrassing me.”

"I’m sorry, baby," he said, looking very relieved. "I’ll do it like this next time." He slipped his hands into her shirt and started massaging like Alice showed him.

"You promise?" she said, looking a little better.

"I promise." Alice was relieved. "And if it makes you feel any better," he continued, "your boobies are even prettier than Molly’s." Alice blushed, then gave Steve a big hug. "Anyway, let’s go get some food."

The two went inside, got their trays of food, had bibs put on them, and sat down. Alice immediately swapped their trays and started cutting up Steve’s food, and when Steve figured out what was going on, he did the same for Alice’s. They swapped back when they were done, and Alice grabbed a handful of her pancakes and jammed them into her mouth. Steve burst out laughing.

Alice was honestly confused. "What?"

Steve looked at his girlfriend, chewing with her mouth wide open, her her face from her nose to her chin covered in syrup. "You look cute when you eat." Alice blushed and started to look embarrassed. “So hon,” Steve continued, “have you been looking for changes all morning?”

Alice was glad for the change of subject. “Yeah, I looked all over the place, but everything looks exactly as it did yesterday.”

“So you’ve merely been looking on the surface level?”

Molly looked at him suspiciously. “Are you hinting that I should be looking at something else?”

Steve smiled. “I’m just saying that if I were looking at something like this, I would take stock of behaviors, instincts, and opinions of everyone, including myself.”

She thought for a moment. “Hmm... alright, so let’s take a look at my mind. Ask me about something important.”

"So what do you think about the potty?"

"Well I think some of those training pants are really cute. And you look great in them, by the way. But to be honest, I don’t know anything else about potties. I’m not even entirely sure what one is."

Steve seemed to find her answer hilarious for some reason, though he was doing his best to not laugh.

"What?" she continued. "Do you know?"

"Yeah, they’re like chairs, but they have hole on top and a bunch of water inside."

"Oh, that’s what a potty is? We have one of those in our dorm. So how exactly do you train one?"

Steve had to hold back laughter again. "No, the potty isn’t the one being trained. A person is."

Alice looked confused. "What exactly do you train to do?"

"You learn to use it instead of a diaper."

"People really carry those things around!?" She had a mental picture of someone bent over, with one of those potty things strapped to her butt, and it was the funniest thing she had thought of in a while, so she couldn’t help but laugh.

"No," Steve continued, nearly as amused as Alice, "the potty stays put. You just go over and sit down on it when you have to pee or poop."

"But how do you know when you have to go?"

"That’s where the training comes in. It’s something you can learn."

Alice sat there contemplating this for a moment. This was really bizarre. "So what exactly is the point? Either you go wherever and need your diaper changed, or you sit down on this special chair while doing it, and then need your training pants changed."

Steve laughed again. "You take your pants off first, silly. That’s why training pants are made to slide up and down so easily."

"So you keep using the same training pants all day?"

"Yeah, unless you have an accident and don’t make it to the potty in time. That’s why they still work pretty much like diapers."

Alice thought about it some more. "Well I guess that would save some money, but it seems like an awful lot of work, and it’s got to be really inconvenient. I really don’t see why you’d bother. Wait, is this your change? You made these weird potty things so some people have to run all over the place just to pee?"

"Nope," replied Steve with a smile.

Poop, Alice thought. It sounded like just the sort of thing he’d find hilarious. Heck, she still found it funny. "So then why did you bring it up? Unless..." she started looking a little worried. "Do you want me to get potty trained?"

"What? No, of course not."

She still looked worried and confused. "Wait, are you potty trained?"

"Yeah, I use the potty sometimes."

This time it was Alice’s turn to burst out laughing. She pictured him in the middle of a movie theater, having to get up and run out just because he had to pee and missing the best part. Or maybe he’d have to do it in the middle of a test. Or maybe he would be playing with a toy that everyone else wanted, and he’d have to put it down just to poop. It was all so silly.

Steve was looking a little embarrassed. "Come on, it’s not that funny."

Alice calmed down a bit. "Sorry, babe. I guess it’s your choice if you want to use one of these potty things." She giggled a little more despite herself. "Just promise me that if we’re in the middle of something, you’ll just wet your pants and get changed when we’re done like a normal person, ok?"

"Alright, I promise," he responded, still looking a little embarrassed.

They were quiet for a moment as Alice started feeling a bit guilty about laughing at him, as ridiculous as this whole potty thing was. She figured that she should change the subject. "So Diane’s birthday is next week."

"Diane?" asked Steve with no sense of recognition.

"Uh, yeah. You know, my best friend? Lives on my floor? Likes playing video games with us?"

"Oh, right, of course. Diane," replied Steve, feigning recognition. "So how old will she be now?"


Steve snickered a little.


"You don’t think there’s anything strange about this?"

Alice raised an eyebrow. This must be about the change. "Strange about what, exactly?"

"About someone that young coming here."

"What’s so weird about a five-year-old attending a pre-school? I guess she’s younger than average, but you know that admittance here is about maturity, not age. That’s how it works for just about every pre-school and kindergarten in the country. I mean, you took the exam yourself. What was it, count to 20, walk across a room without resorting to crawling, say a complete sentence, and identify some animals and colors? Everyone hist those things at different rates. My best friend’s 4, my roommate’s 11, and the girl who changed my diaper this morning looked like she was 30, but we’re all on roughly the same level. I mean we’re all toddlers, right? Why would a number matter?"

"We’re all toddlers, huh?" asked Steve with a smirk.

"Well duh. You know the" she counted on her fingers for a second, "three stages of life? Newborn, infant, and toddler? I mean, it might be weird if I was in Alphabet 101 with an infant, but I mean, but I think everyone here has passed the two year mark, so we’re all pretty much grown up. I mean really, the biggest thing the age difference between me and Diane has meant is that we can’t borrow each other’s clothes. Heck, she’s probably smarter than me. I mean she can tell a lower case ’d’ from a ’b’, and I can barely recognize a dozen letters reliably."

"You know how much a dozen is?"

"Well no, but my teacher does, and he told me that. He said it was ahead of the curve." Alice was getting really frustrated. "So what’s with these questions? Are you saying that Diane was older before? Younger? That toddlerhood used to start at 10 or something?"

"Nope, nope, and nope."

Alice started to sniff, and tears formed in her eyes. "Then why do you keep..." she became incoherent as she burst into tears.

Steve ran over to her and gave her a hug "I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!" She kept crying and didn’t return his embrace. "I’ll never mess with you like that again. How about I give you a direct hint?" Alice calmed down a bit and nodded. "Alright, so what kind of hint do you want?"

Alice thought for a moment as she finished crying. "How about if there are if there are any changes in here, you point out where they are?"

"Alright. How about you check the right half of the food line over there?"

"Come on, Steve, you don’t have to show off how smart you are all the time?"


"You know darn well that you’re probably the only person in this cafeteria who knows which way ’right’ is."

"Oh, right. Sorry. It’s the side that’s closer to that wall."

She got up and went over to the line. The first thing she checked were the people getting their food and drinks. There was a 3-year-old in a sundress easily carrying a tray with a bowl of cereal on it, a teenage girl wearing only a diaper and tutu who was leaning on the counter for balance, and behind them was that naked guy from earlier, now wearing a diaper and not looking happy about it, and the girl who was chasing him, now looking rather smug as she sucked on her pacifier. Obviously nothing remotely unusual there. Alice got in the line and examined the food. That was just pancakes, toast, jars of baby food, and other things that were completely normal. Working the line were the usual girls in aprons and diapers. That outfit had been normal for this sort of job for as long as she remembered, so that wasn’t changed. Besides, Steve would have wanted their breasts exposed. She looked a little further over, and she saw that one of the girls had lowered the top of her apron and was now hooked up to a breast pump. While she was pretty sure Steven would appreciate that, it was again something completely normal. After all, how else was one supposed to get breast milk? She moved further to the right, and there were the drinking machines along with the necessary bottles and sippy cups. The drinks were the usual sodas, juices, formula, and milk. The milk was offered both from cow and human breast, each offered in regular and chocolate varieties. Again, all of that made perfect sense. What else would be there? Finally, there were couple of couches, each with a topless older girls sitting on them. One of them had a boy about her age lying on it, suckling from the breast of the girl that occupied it. Everyone knew that breast milk was best straight out of the breast, so it made perfect sense to offer the opportunity to have it that way. Guys in particular seemed to love it for some reason, though it was hardly uncommon for girls to go for it as well. Steve was into it enough that one of his favorite game to play with Alice was house, but only if he was a baby and she the mommy. It felt like Steve could suckle for hours sometimes. Alice tended to enjoy it as well, though she always thought that it was weird that Steve liked to have a hand in his diaper when he did it. She asked him about it once, and he just muttered something about being itchy. Alice considered getting hormone treatments so that she could actually lactate herself, figuring that it would be a great surprise for Steve, but then she realized that everyone in her dorm would constantly bug her to let them suckle. She’d seen that before, and she’d been one of those begging for a meal herself at one point, and she didn’t want to have to deal with that. Maybe she’d do it when she and Steve got out on their own.

Now at the end of the line, she found that she was no closer to an answer than before. She also found that she was thirsty. "Mind if I have a suckle?" she asked the woman on the otherwise empty couch.

"Of course, sweetie. Go right ahead."

As she took the nipple into her mouth, she decided that she needed to think. As much as she hated to admit it, it seemed that Steve really didn’t do anything obvious. It wasn’t like Steve to be subtle, but what else was there? Maybe he changed the taste of some food or drinks or something. She already confirmed that at least one type of milk was the same as always, but would she really have to try a little bit of everything? That seemed odd. If you were going to subtle, you think you’d at least try to do something clever rather than simply obscure. This was getting really frustrating. Alice really didn’t feel like she was any closer to an answer, and she really wanted that evening Steve promised her.

"Thanks," she said sadly as she pulled away from the girl’s breast. As she did, she noticed that syrup was now smeared around the girl’s nipple. Steve never cleaned her face up. She started to get angry, but then she realized that she hadn’t quite finished her breakfast yet, so he really had no reason to wipe her face off, and how was he to know that she’d be putting her messy face on anything? "Sorry about that, hold on." She got up, ran over to a reflective metal napkin dispenser, grabbed some napkins, and came back to clean this girl up. "Sorry, this is so embarrassing."

"Don’t worry about it. You’re hardly the first person to suckle with a messy face, and usually they’re not thoughtful enough to help me clean up. You’re a good girl."

Alice beamed at the compliment. At least something went right today. After she finished cleaning the woman up, she stood back up and went back to the reflective napkin dispenser. Something struck her odd about that.

“Ah HA!” she shouted triumphantly. She ran back back to Steve. “I found it!”

“Well what is it?”

“My eyes,” she said smugly. “They’re green. They were brown yesterday, weren’t they?”

Steve laughed, but he also seemed to be a bit surprised. “They certainly were. So you think that’s all?”

“Don’t think you can avoid giving me my prize by pretending you did something else. You have no one to blame but yourself for this.”

Steve smiled. “Alright, fine, you win. So what exactly do you want for this date?”

“It’s going to be perfect. First, you’re going to come to my room with flowers. Make sure you’re dressed up. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, but I’m going to see if I can get the girls in my dorm to dress me up like a fairy princess, so we’ll look silly if you don’t have the guys put you in something at least a little fancy. Then we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese’s. After that, it’s a movie. I heard that that little theater in town is doing a showing of The Last Unicorn. I know it’s girly, but it’s my favorite, so too bad. Then we go back to your room to play. I’m thinking we could do that weird game you showed me where we get naked and you put your penis in me. You know, the one you said could make babies? That was a lot of fun last time! Either that or Hungry Hungry Hippos. Whichever we feel like, I guess. Finally, you’re going to read me a story and cuddle to sleep."

"That works for me. Pick you up at 5?"

"YAY!" she said with excitement as she hopped up and down before giving him a hug and a messy syrup kiss. After she calmed down a little she looked over her now very messy boyfriend, then at her very messy self. Her shirt looked awful. She must have touched it with her syrup covered hands. She probably should have realized that she’d do that, but she hadn’t brought a spare. Oh well, she thought as she lifted it off herself and put it into her diaper bag. She’d just have to go topless until she got home later. No big deal. "Hey, do you want to take a bath?"

"I don’t know," Steve replied with an odd mixture mixture of unease about how sticky he was and pleasure about how is girlfriend was now dressed. "I just took one."

"Come on, we can see how big a splash my breasts can make. It’ll be fun!"

"Well when you put it that way," he said as he got up with her, and the two went over to the nearest bathroom, hand in hand, Alice practically skipping with joy. This day started off iffy, but it was turning out great.



End Chapter 1


by: PieInTheSky | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 28, 2011


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