the invitation

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jim finds acceptance during a halloween party

Chapter 1
the invitation

Chapter Description: jim finds acceptance during a halloween party





He sat at his desk staring at the letter he received inside of the package, and wondered if it was some kind of prank, that someone was playing on him. Jim Drury had never been liked and he wondered just how far some one would go just to make it hard for him.

Reading the letter once more, he shook his head, and finished off his glass of Jim Beam.


Dear Jim:

You are hereby invited to a Halloween party on October 31st at 8:00 PM.

Your costume has already been picked out by someone very special in your life, and will be delivered earlier on Halloween day.

You are hereby instructed to show up wearing your costume, and plan on enjoying the evening. Food and drinks will be provided.

A limo will be there to pick you up at 7:30 PM

In kindest regards,

You’re Host.


Jim wasn’t sure how to take it. Why didn’t the Host put down his name, and who is this someone special that picked out a costume for him. He was confused, and didn’t like that feeling at all. He knew what the people of Gatlin, Indiana thought of him, and he usually didn’t care. He had come home several times to broken windows, and once he even found dog crap burning on his front porch. He wasn’t a rich man, though he did have more money then he knew what to do with.

Jim had never been married, nor had he ever had anyone else he could call family, unless you could call the other children at the orphanage family. His parents had died in a house fire when he was a baby, and he was alone in the world.

He preferred to be alone.

For the Two days since he had gotten the invitation, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. The only special someone that he had had, he had driven away. She had loved him, but he couldn’t return that love. Love was an emotion that he had never felt, nor had he received it enough to know what it was. It was true that the townspeople thought he was grouchy, and maybe a little hateful, but that was just the way he was.

The doorbell rang, and he walked to answer it. There was no one there, but on the stoop was a large package. Jim bent over, picked it up, and shut the door. Walking into his study, he speculated once more what costume could be in the box.

Jim had already resolved not to go, but curiosity had made his decision moot. He opened the box and stared into it. His eyes widened as he picked up the garments. There was a pink frilly blouse with short puffy sleeves, a pink corduroy jumper dress with a teddy bear on the bib, white anklet socks, black patent leather Mary Jane shoes, and to top it all off was a pink disposable diaper.

His mind went back to the day of the accident, and realized that the child that died was wearing the same clothes that was in this box. Four years ago, a little girl had darted in front of his car in the parking lot at the grocery store, and he had killed her. Simple as that. Even though the prosecutor had found that, it was not Jims fault, the other townspeople blamed him. He decided to go and find out what was behind this mystery. He was going to play along until he found out what this was all about.

He went upstairs, taking the box with him, and took a hot shower, shaving all the hair off his body. He went into his bedroom, and laid down, taking the pink diaper, and putting it under his bottom. Pulling it up, and taping the sides together, he felt a jolt of electricity.

?What the...” He thought to himself, and proceeded to put the other clothes on. Putting his shoulder length hair up in ponytails, he looked into the mirror, and was amazed at what he saw. Instead of a grown man of Twenty-Five, stood a little girl of about Two years old. A tall Two year old, but a child nonetheless.

The doorbell rang, and Jim looked out the window. A limo was waiting outside, and he hurriedly ran down the stairs. The limo driver had the back door open, and Jim could see what awaited him there. It was a car seat. A pink and purple car seat. He wasn’t sure why, but he found it appealing. He sat down in it, and the limo driver buckled him in.

The ride to the house was a very short one, and Jim was relieved when they got there. He was cramped in the car seat, but it felt very comforting to him while he was in there. He got out of the limo, and walked to the house. There were many people in there, and some of them were people he knew. Walking in, he become conscious of the jumper being so short that people could see his diaper.

He took a drink from one of the service people that were going around with drinks on silver platters, and took three gulps. He thought that being drunk would make the night pass by more smoothly, but after the third drink, his head started spinning, and he dropped the drink.

“Aw.” He heard a man say. “I think the baby girl needs her bottle!”

A pink plastic baby bottle was put into his hands, and instinctively he put the nipple into his mouth. He knew something was happening to him, but he wasn’t sure what.

Finishing the bottle, he felt his bladder become full, and he was scared. He felt a few drops come out and hit the inside of his diaper. Concentrating, he willed himself not to pee.

He stood still, and thought, but a tap on the shoulder broke his concentration. His bladder let loose and he felt the warm liquid fill the diaper, as tears welled up in his eyes.

The woman that had tapped his shoulder stood there smiling. “I know a little girl who needs her diaper changed. Come with me!” She demanded, sounding more like a mommy then a person his own age.

She took him into a bedroom, and made him lay down. She took off his wet diaper, and folded it up. Looking around, Jim could see he was in a little girls’ room, walls painted pink, dolls in the corner, a playhouse, and a toy kitchen. There was a crib, and he realized he was on a changing table.

The woman finally spoke, as she started putting a new diaper on him. “You better get used to this. These are your new underwear for a while.” She smiled down at him. “You took my daughters life, now your going to replace it.”

“No!” He cried out, looking hard into the woman’s face.

“You will call me mommy from now on, and you will be my little girl.” She laughed.

Jim felt himself getting smaller, and he could feel his features becoming more girlish in every second. His clothes were fitting at every stage, and he was finally scared. He felt his boyhood shrink, under his diaper, then disappear, being replaced by the lips of his new vagina. Knowing now that he was going to be a girl forever, he cried. His cries were that of the little girl he had become.

“Jamie,” Her mommy started. “You have a choice, you can keep your male consciousness, and go crazy knowing that your doing things girls do, or you can embrace being a little girl, and have a life of happiness. It’s up to you. I promise that you’ll be loved, and taken good care of.”

Her mommy picked her up off the changing table, and carried her out of the room, back to the party. Jim looked back into the room, and thought to himself, ?That’s my room.’

“Mommy,” Jamie smiled. “Me be a good girl!”




End Chapter 1

the invitation

by: katiekat | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 3, 2010


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