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Chapter 1

Chapter Description: the history of my character: ARknight

the sky is red, like the blood that many have seen and described from many tales, the blood that none of us had seen technically because of our more technological advance in weaponry. swords could still strike blood but no man dared, we had our respect to the others who we would vow to regress.even with a black heart, i could never do such a thing,EVER!

or maybe thats what I thought... untill it happened...

we were released from the chopper ,placed in the middle of the battle. Once again, I was battling solo when miles came up to me."hey ,didnt think you could miss a battle without old miles could ya?" he said in his childish voice.Miles was the same age as I was ,sixteen. he was a furry with yellow fur and a tail.he wears a t-shirt always and shorts. he was the only friend I had on my life.He was restless and friendly.

"of corse not" I replyed in a cocky tone

"then lets show these wannabe’s a lesson then ey?"

Miles grabbed my arm and brought me with him to an area with heavy fire "this should do then AR?"The fact was that nobody knew my name, not even myself. I was named but with no parent to tell anyone,i was simply named "ARknight Aura" to everybody I knew.



End Chapter 1


by: ARknight | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 1, 2010


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