Baby Detective Sasha

by: Sasha Nekosune | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2010

This story is based in the world of Long Rifle stories. Apologies. for some reason it wont let me say the story is not complete. As a note this story is going to have short chapters.

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: The Detective is doing a little snooping.

[Case File {Sasha} part 1 Snooping]

Sasha flicked on her lighter and light a cigarette as she watched a woman get hauled off from a house. there were 2 other women and a girl who had been effected. "Damnit... I hate people like this." She says walking over to Jan angrily and Jammed her Lite cigarette in Jans arm causing her to yowl loudly. "That outta teach you to Mess with peoples heads..." She says with a light growl.

She remembered the last few cases she had taken. she often inspected girls that had been changed into babies mentally. The first case she had she was inspecting what seemed to be a case of hit and run. a girl had been hit with a car in the road. The forensic analysts had found trace signs of a strange drug in the girls system. Her second case she had found a cult. many of the girls that were affected by the cult were taken into care. there was no cure for them. it was if their minds had been completely removed.

She sighed. she had a new case after this. she was to inspect a place where girls were going missing. it appeared to be a corporate office/Warehouse. She snuck in through a window on a high office floor. she wandered the Office Glancing around. She made her way to a hallway and opened a door a few doors down. When she opened the door she gasped. it was a nursery. And there were all the missing girls. She walked over them. One seemed to be awake. She stare into the girls eyes and saw no sign of intelligence. She opened her walkie talkie. "Hey John. I found the girls. Come pick me up after i take pictures." She says taking a few. but after a few flashes they all woke up and started crying.

She gasped and tried to silence them. As she does so she notices that someone was alerted. thinking quickly she removed her cloths and stashed them away somewhere where the person wouldnt find them and got dressed like a baby. She then joined in with the crying. The caretaker opened up. "Oh deary me! Calm down sweeties." She says taking each and every one of them and calming them down. she got to Sasha who looked up at her sniffling. the Caretaker didnt seem to notice that she wasnt like the babies. She hmmed a bit before rocking her. "There there." The caretaker says with a smile. "Dont worry little one. im gunna take good care of you." The caretaker says with a Coy smile.

[End file part 1]



End Chapter 1

Baby Detective Sasha

by: Sasha Nekosune | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 30, 2010


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