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Amber thinks she may have met the man of her dreams, but is he?

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Amber thinks she has met the man of her dreams, but has she?




Amber Johnson looked down at her watch, and sat fidgeting at the table where she was waiting for her blind date. He wasn’t really someone she didn’t know, but rather she had met him in a chat room. The restaurant was very public, but she was nervous because she had never done anything like this before.

On the TV that was just over the counter, the news was on. The handsome anchor smiled at the audience. “In news closer to home, the two college students from Indiana State University, twenty year old Michelle Cobb, and nineteen year old Sarah Jacobs, are continued to be missing.” The pictures of the two women were shown, Michelle, had Blonde hair and blue eyes. Sarah had auburn hair and green eyes. “Anyone with any information is asked to call the Terre Haute police.

At nineteen, Amber was very pretty. Five foot five, brown hair, blue eyes. She weighed a hundred and fifteen pounds, and her breast size was thirty-two “B’s”. She had worn what he asked her to wear, but it was the first time she had ever wore anything like it out in public.

Knowing that people couldn’t see it, didn’t help her nerves any, she knew that some people would probably hear the crinkle that came from under her skirt that she wore. Amber hoped not. If it got out that she was wearing a diaper, she would be ruined.

The waiter brought her a coke, and Amber sipped on it while thinking about what she wanted from life, and about the past that brought her to where she was.

She had known that she was an Adult Baby, since she was thirteen. Her mother was babysitting the next-door neighbors two year old, and she watched her intently, with a little jealousy. Little Megan sat on the floor in just a diaper, and played with her dollies, like it nothing for her to wear just a diaper and let people watch her.

Amber was fascinated. While her mom was busy, she took one of the disposables, and walked to the bathroom as fast as she could. Shutting the door, she felt as nervous as she did now. Looking at the diaper, she felt the excitement rise within her. She wanted the diaper to incase her, but she didn’t know why. She wanted to feel like the girl in the living room, but she knew that was impossible.

She took off her jeans and panties, and stood in front of the mirror. “Amber,” she said to herself, a little disgusted. “You’re crazy! Girls my age don’t wear these! For Gosh sakes, I’ve had my period for two years! You’re a big girl!”

Amber threw the diaper on top of the hamper, and started to pull back on her panties, but her eyes kept being drawn to the plastic covered garment. Her mind told her that she should wear it, and her wanting to have to feeling of the soft cottony fiber as it touched her skin down on her crouch was starting to become overwhelming. She didn’t understand where these feelings were coming from, but she knew that she had to wear it.

Grabbing the diaper from the hamper, she laid down on the floor. Opening it, she heard the soft crinkle, and her mind exploded in ecstasy. She found that she wanted it on more then anything and that when it was on, she knew that she would be in heaven. She brought her bottom up, slid the diaper under her, and laid back down on it. The touch of the diaper on her butt was a joyous emotion, and she brought the front up to cover her vagina. She was having an orgasm, and she knew immediately that diapers were going to be a part of her life forever more.

Taping the right side then the left, it was a snug fit, but it was on. She could feel the thick padding rubbing against her bottom, and stood up to admire it in the full-length mirror. Looking in it, she saw that she was rubbing the front of her diaper. She knew that she could think of the diaper as hers now, because she was wearing it, and that made it hers. Her bladder was full, she wanted to hold it in just to get a feeling of how the diaper felt when it was dry, but knew that when she let the urine go, she would have another orgasm, and that would be all right.

Giggling, she smiled, and closed her eyes while touching the soft plastic covering. The door to the bathroom opened, and she let out a scream. She turned and saw her mother standing there. Her bladder let loose, and she flooded her diaper, with her mouth wide opened in shock.

Grace Johnson stood at the door with a look very much like her daughters, watching the plastic covering of her daughters diaper turn yellow. Her expression of shock, turned into a smirk, and she smiled. “Look’s like I know a little girl who needs her diaper changed!” She exclaimed, sarcastically. “Stay there and mommy will be back to change you.” She turned and shut the door behind her.

Amber stood there, scared to death of what was going to happen next, she trembled, feeling the wet diaper between her legs, and she exploded into another orgasm. She thought to herself, ?This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. I’m a big girl, not a baby!’, but the wanting to be a baby again filled her heart with glee, and fear.

She didn’t know what her mother had in store but whatever it was wasn’t going to be pleasant. She was sure of that.

Looking in the mirror she saw that she looked like a baby in the diaper, and she was afraid that maybe she was turning back into a little girl. For all she knew she would be sitting on the floor next to Megan wearing nothing but a diaper, and playing dolls with the other baby. The idea rather excited her. In her mind, she could see her full brown hair in ponytails, in a diaper, and drinking from a bottle. She was afraid to say it aloud, but she thought that she would enjoy that.

Her thoughts were broken by the door opening, she turned to see her mother standing there with a diaper, and powder, and baby wipes. Her mom smiled as she walked into the bathroom. “I had no idea Amber that you wanted to be a baby again.” She stated, in a soothing motherly voice. “So I decided that you’re going to be my baby again. You will wear diapers all the time, until I think you’re ready to rejoin the big girl world. When you’re thirsty, you’ll be drinking from a baby bottle, eating in a high chair, playing on the floor with your dolls. I will dress you, change your diaper, and you will use them as they were intended. The bathroom is off limits to you unless I’m giving you a bath.”

Amber’s eyes widened in horror, she only thought of it as a fantasy, but her mother was going to make it a reality, and that scared her. What if someone she knew came over, would her mom try to embarrass her by bringing her or him in? She suddenly found that she didn’t want to be a baby, or have anything to do with being a baby. She wanted to be a big girl, with all the rights and privileges that went with it.

“Mom.” She started, but was cut off.

She heard a loud smack, and felt the pain almost as quick. Her mother had just smacked her face. “You are a baby girl now.” Her mother told her, with a frown. “You will call me “Mommy” until you are a big girl again. Do you understand?”

Amber felt the tears well up in her eyes, and croaked out a small, “Yes Mommy.” She knew that for a while she was going to be treated like a baby, and that she could not resist. The longer she resisted, the longer she would be a baby.

“Mommy,” She said, in a little voice. “I don’t wanna be a baby.”

“Amber, you should have thought about that before you put on that diaper. You’re wearing a diaper, and only babies wear them, so I guess that makes you a baby.” Her mom stated, “I know that you probably were just curious, but that in no way makes what you did okay. Therefore, for a while you’re going to be the same age as Megan. Two years old, and you’ll have a playmate. You and she will be such good friends. Sitting on the floor, in just your diapers, I think you’ll have fun.” She laughed.

“Now,” She smiled at the little girl in front of her, “Let’s get you out of that nasty old wet diaper, and make you all nice and dry, shall we. I don’t want my baby girl to get diaper rash!”

Amber lay down on the floor while her mother bent down and changed the awful wet diaper that she wore. She felt the embarrassment as her mother looked at the pubes she had developed and stated, “Little girls don’t have hair down there so I just think I’ll have to take care of that.” She was speaking in a mommy to baby tone, and that had scared Amber worse then knowing she was going to have to be a baby for a while.

Her mom had kept her as a baby for a whole week, luckily, she didn’t have to go out anywhere, and none of her friends found out that she had been a baby that week. For that week, she wore just diapers and a t-shirt, and she had used the diapers for what they were intended. She hated herself all week. Amber had sworn to herself that she would never ever wear a diaper again, but that was before her mother had died when she was seventeen.

She had always had that feeling in the back of her mind while she was growing up, and sometimes they were tremendous. She had a hard time controlling her urges, but somehow always managed to keep them in check. Her mom had never caught her in a diaper again, but she thought her mother knew that the thought of them were always present in her daughters mind.

Her mom had died in a car accident, while she was at school, and she had cried. She loved her mother even though she had done that to her, but she had understood why she did it. She wanted her daughter to be as normal as possible, but that was impossible now. Amber had studied, what they had called “Infantilism” on the computer, and knew that is what she was. An adult baby. She was left the house and everything, and she lived comfortably.

The day after they had buried her mother, she went out and bought some depends, and wore them around the house. She had stayed in them for about 24 hours and she loved the feeling of them. She felt liberated. As if the whole world lifted all the cares that she had off her shoulders.

She got online and ordered adult baby things like, footie pajamas, adult baby bottles, she found some cute dresses that looked extremely babyish, and some black patent leather Mary Jane’s to complete the ensemble. She started going to chat rooms where the theme was adult babies, and she was welcomed there. They told her that girls weren’t into the fetish like guys were, and for the most part, she found out that they were right.

When she first got into wanting to wear diapers, she thought she was a freak, but now looking at the others in the chat room, she knew she was only a small part of others who liked wearing diapers. What she didn’t understand was why there weren’t as many girls as there were boys there. She thought that it was probably that there were a lot more girls into it, but girls in general were more private then boys when it came to there sexual fantasies, and that they didn’t like the boys hitting on them in a chat room. She had had several guys wanting to meet and have a sexual encounter, but the only guy that was in there that she had any desire to meet was a guy that came to her rescue when she was being bombarded by a guy that would not simply take “No” for an answer.

The guys nick on the chat was Daddy Dan, and he lived in Terre Haute. The closest city to Amber’s house. She couldn’t believe that there were two people in the same state that were into a fetish like this. However, she was glad that he was there and she started to immediately like him.

When she got online, she wore only a diaper and a pink top so that she wouldn’t show off her assets. She enjoyed feeling like a baby while chatting with boys in the room. Most of the boys were babies too, but there were a fair amount of daddies in there too.

She had only been caught once in a diaper by a guy. His name was Troy Reamer, and he had never said anything to anyone. It was a few months after her mother had died, and she went out with him, and he wanted a blowjob, and she was willing. He was the first guy to ever ask something like that of her, and she wondered what it would be like. She had always wanted to do that, but was afraid to approach a guy with the proposition. On that night, she felt truly venerable, and she put the diaper on for confidence.

When he asked she immediately went down and right there in the front seat of his car, she went to work on his stiffy. He tightened up, as she kissed it, and she could see that he was ready to blow his wad. She loved it, as she squeezed his little man. He had started to put his hand up her skirt, as he was getting ready to spasm, and when he shot off into her mouth, he reached the plastic covering of her diaper.

“What the hell?!” He exclaimed as he shot off.

She didn’t realize that he had touched her diaper, and she licked all the wood sauce off his pecker. She looked up at him what a question in her eyes, and realized that he had just found that she was in a diaper. He was stunned. “Why are you wearing a diaper?” He asked, as he felt again.

She said the first thing that she could think of, “I have lost bladder control, so I have to wear these hateful things. I’m sorry if I didn’t let you know about them, but they really are an embarrassment for me!” She knew that she had manipulated him, and that he would never tell anyone about her diapers. He took her home, and she had never heard from him again.

Daddy Dan was always there and she wanted to meet him. She had felt that if he was the right one, then she could be a baby for him at any time. She knew that he was kind, and funny, and she found herself wanting him more then she would care to admit to herself.

She had seen a picture of him, and had talked to him on the phone. He sounded to be a man with principles and a man with great love in his heart. He seemed to be the man of her dreams. Amber thought that this was a man that would let her wear her diapers whenever she wanted.

He had introduced her to Tranquility ATN diapers, and they felt right to her. She loved the feeling of the thickness between her legs and it made her feel even more babyish. Everything that he had done had made her feel like it was for her that he was doing it. She knew she was falling in love with a guy she had never seen in person before.

He had waited for a year before he had asked her to meet him at a restaurant, and she had accepted without so much as an afterthought. He had asked her to wear a diaper under her clothes, and she readily agreed. She knew what he had on his mind. He wanted what all boys wanted. They were born out of a pussy, and they spent their whole lives trying to get back in. She was willing to let him have her.

In her minds eye, she could see him taking her diaper off, fucking her, then putting one back on her. She knew that she would enjoy that, and as a thank you, she would suck him off, and he would blow his wad into her mouth, and she would love that. Being a baby was fun, but being a big girl also had it’s advantages.

“Hello Amber.” She heard someone say, bringing her out of her deep thought. She looked up, and saw that it was Dan. He was even more handsome in person then what his picture had shown. He stood about six foot, and had to at least weigh a hundred and seventy-five pounds. His jet-black hair was cut in a block style, and his green eyes were piercing. He had two cute dimples when he smiled, and she knew right then that she was in love.

He wore a pair of jeans, with denim button up shirt. He looked like he was a professional, and she smiled to herself as he sat down.

“So,” He asked, “Am I what you expected?”

She grinned at that and smiled. “Actually, you’re more then I expected. I thought you were cute, but I had no idea that you were a major hunk”

Softly, he asked, “Are you being a good girl and wearing your diaper under your skirt?”

Amber blushed, giggled like a little girl, and nodded her head. In his presence she found that she could easily be a baby, that he had a certain commanding charm about him, that would make her feel little at his whim. She had a feeling that she was going to be his baby, and that he would take good care of her. She thought that being his baby girl would make the world right. She would have her place in the world and would finally be happy.

“That’s a good little girl.” He kindly replied. “I like my little girls in diapers, and if you’re to be my baby, then you will be wearing them all the time.”

Her mind flashed to her mother, and then back. She didn’t want to remember that, she wanted to go forward with her life, and with a man to make her life worthwhile. She pushed it from her mind. “Do I hafta?” She asked. She didn’t know why, but she was starting to feel a bit funny, feeling younger. She usually spoke better English, but she felt she had to ask the question in that way. It was the right thing to do, and it felt natural.

“What?” Dan asked, with a little smile touching his lips. “You don’t like wearing your diapers?”

Amber looked into his eyes, with sadness. “No. It’s not that, but a person can’t be a baby all the time. Sometimes they have to be grown-up, and do the things big people do.”

“Do they? Even when they are a baby?” He stared hard at her, and she could feel him inside her soul.

?I’ll be damned, if he isn’t hypnotizing me!’ She thought to herself. She had seen a hypnotist once before on a stage show, in Indianapolis. His name had been “THE MAGNIFICENT MERLYN” and he had people doing all sorts of things. One of the things was that he had made a guy put on a dress and become a woman. Amber had laughed until she cried. It had been so funny. She wasn’t laughing now, as she felt her bladder let loose and she flooded the diaper that she was wearing. She blushed and felt herself wanting to cry, but she knew that if she did people around them would hear, and she would be laughed at. She hadn’t known that she had to pee, but she peed in her diaper without her wanting to. She wondered what was happening to her. Was he making her a baby in front of all these people? She didn’t like what was going on, but was powerless to stop it.

“Big people not can be bebes...babies again!” She said in a little girl’s voice. She knew it was happening, yet she couldn’t bring herself to speak in an adult commanding tone. She was becoming a little girl again in front of all these people, and she was starting to see Dan as her daddy. She was seeing adult words floating past her, but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words that grown-ups used. She felt a tear roll down her face.

Dan smiled at the girl who he knew was becoming mentally a baby, and asked, “Sweetheart, did you go pee-pee in your diaper?”

Amber stuck out her lower lip and nodded. She wanted to go home, and get out of this diaper. She didn’t bring another with her because she had no idea that this was going to happen, and she wanted to feel big again. She didn’t like being an adult and not having control of when to be a baby. It scared her to think that she was going to act like a baby in a big girl’s body for the rest of her life.

Dan looked at her with sympathy. “It’s okay sweetheart. That’s what diapers are for. You should be glad you’re wearing one or that seat you are sitting in would have been wet.” He stood up and took her hand. “Come on. Let’s go home, and I’ll change your diaper, and you’ll feel so much better.”

She stood up with him, and walked to his car. She knew that she should know what kind of car it was but it was just out of her grasp. She knew that she wasn’t a baby, but she couldn’t help but feeling like one.

He helped her into his car, and buckled her in. She noticed that in the back seat was a toddler’s car seat, and that it was pink. She loved pink. All little girls loved pink. She smiled. She found herself wanting to sit in the car seat but knew that she was too big for it. It saddened her a little to know that she was a big baby and that she couldn’t do the same things a real baby couldn’t do. She didn’t want people to think she was retarded, and had to be a baby. She wanted a bottle, and knew that she could at least cry for one now. They were alone in his car, and on the way home to start her life as a real adult baby. One that could only be a baby mentally.

She let out a cry, and the tears started streaming down her face. She knew she was a baby in her mind now, and wondered if she would ever be allowed to grow up again.

Dan smiled to himself as he drove into the country. Amber, he knew would love her new life, but he was going to give her a choice. She was being conditioned, and she had took to the conditioning well. The Coke that she had drunk was the perfect vessel that had brought her to this level.

Dan was a amateur scientist, and had found what he thought of as the fountain of youth. Any one who would drink the serum would become mentally a baby, and it only lasted a while.

She could return to her old life with just one adverse effect. She would be bladder incontinent for the rest of her life. Diapers would become a major part of her wardrobe, and she would have to always keep a supply with her wherever she went. He thought to himself how ironic it was. She loved wearing diapers, and now she would have to wear them forever. She had no choice in that now. That was if she wanted to be an adult again.

He pulled his car into the driveway of his house. The house that he thought of as lonely. His parents had died and left him everything. His father had been a doctor, and his mother had inherited fourteen million dollars from her parents. It all came to him. He was considered an eligible bachelor but his work kept him more in line then women did. It wasn’t that he hated women, but he found them to be well... big babies. They were mostly his guinea pigs.

He smiled at the baby that sat in his passenger seat, and said, “Amber, do you want your diaper changed?”

Amber sat there and nodded. She put her thumb in her mouth, and sucked on it. She knew that she wasn’t a baby but it felt so comforting to just let the thoughts run away from her as she felt her tongue glide over her thumb. It was peaceful.

The man that was driving the car, who she could only think of as daddy got out, and walked over to her side. He opened the car door and unbuckled her. She got out, and realized that she was wetting her diaper again. She couldn’t help it, and she was crying harder.

“Hey.” Dan softly spoke to the baby that was if front of him. “It’s ok. You’re a baby and babies go potty in their diapers.”

She thought to herself that it was him that did this to her, and she hated him, yet she couldn’t help but love him too. He was daddy, and daddy’s always made everything better.

He took her hand and walked her to the giant door in the front of the house. Unlocking it, he let her go in first. She started exploring, as he knew she would. Babies always explored new things, and to her this was as new as it got. In the living room was a playpen, with dollies in it. Just waiting for the right little girl to come play with them. She shouted with glee. Amber knew they were her dollies, and that made her heart leap with joy.

Even though Amber knew she was a big girl really, she couldn’t fight the feeling of being the baby she was in her head. She liked being a baby but she didn’t. She didn’t know how to express this, so she just kept quiet. Her diaper was sagging under her skirt, and even though she knew it would bust open with one more wetting, she didn’t care. She was a baby and it was daddy’s job to change it before it got too heavy.

Dan came up from behind her, and she saw he had a fresh diaper in his hand, and he had something else, which caught her interest. A pink baby bottle. She smiled and reached for her bottle.

“Not until you lay down young lady.” He told her.

She lay down on the floor, and he handed her the bottle of milk, which went promptly into her mouth. She looked content, and he set about his work. Dan took off the skirt that she was wearing, and smiled as he saw how wet her diaper had become. She had succumbed to being a baby a lot easier then the other two had. Amber was the perfect subject for this experiment. He undone the tapes had held the diaper together and looked up at her face. She was happily enjoying her bottle, and wasn’t paying any mind to what her daddy was doing. ?Just as it should be.’ He thought. ?Either way my little baby girl, you will be in diapers for a long time.’

He cleaned her up and put the fresh diaper on her, and put her hair in ponytails, with pink bows, and then he made her get into the playpen. She was ecstatic to be in there with all her dollies. She held one out to her daddy and he held her, kissed her, and handed her back to Amber. She smiled as her daddy handed the dolly back.

For the next three days, Amber was a baby. In mind, even though she knew what was happening and that she was powerless to stop it. She wore pink footie pajamas to bed, wore pretty little girl dresses during the day. She drank out of a bottle when thirsty, and set in a high chair to eat. She spent the three days mostly in the playpen playing with her dolls, and sleeping in a crib. All the while, the diapers were the constant in her life. Daddy always made sure she was never getting a diaper rash, and she was always letting him change her. She knew she was living a baby’s life. She knew that she lived like this once before, but she couldn’t remember just when.

On the morning of the fourth day, she woke up and knew what was happening. She remembered everything that went on in the last three days, and that she was Amber Johnson. She was not a baby, but was nineteen years old. What ever he had done to her had worn off, and she was herself again. She looked down at the pajamas she was wearing and took them off. Her diaper was wet, but she knew that she could control that now too so her diaper came off and she threw it over to the side of the baby pink nursery

“I wouldn?t do that if I were you.” Came a voice from behind her. One that she knew could only be daddy.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” Amber swore. “For the last few day’s I had been nothing more than a baby and I wanted to get at you and rip your god damned throat out!”

“I thought that was what you wanted, to be a baby again. You got your wish. You were a baby.” He said, putting his hands out as if to say ?I just gave you what you wanted.’

“My wish was to role play as a baby, not be a real baby!” She grumbled. “I wasn’t even a real baby, only mentally a baby. You messed with the wrong girl this time!”

Dan started laughing, and Amber looked down at where she stood. The floor around her was wet, and she knew that it was her urine that soaked it. “WHAT THE FUCK!?” She yelled. “IT’S OVER DAMNED IT! I’M NOT A BABY ANYMORE!”

“Over? Do you really think so? Yes, you are an adult in mind again, but you’re also bladder incontinent. It’s only fitting. You wanted to wear diapers. Well, now you have to wear them. Diapers are now a big part of your wardrobe. You’ll be wearing them the rest of your life, so get used to it. As you can see what happens...” He pointed to the floor. “When you’re not in a diaper.”

Amber wanted to scream but she didn’t. “You bastard!” she stated.

“Do you say so?” Dan mocked. “Here.” He tossed a diaper at her. “You better put this on; you’re going to need it.” He said laughing. “Actually, Amber you’re still a baby. Diapers are now a big part of your life, and any boyfriends you have will have to put up with them.”

Amber walked away from the wet spot on the floor, and took the diaper and put it on herself. She looked down at her new panties. The panties she now had been condemned to wear forever, panties with tapes on the sides. She felt herself wanting to cry, but she would give this jerk no such satisfaction. “Why?” She asked Dan. “Why did you do this to me?”

“Amber it’s not over yet.” He pursed his lips. “I’m going to offer you a choice.”

“A choice? What kind of choice?” She asked, interested. “Whatever choice you give me, can’t be good either way?”

“I have known for a long time that you’re not happy. Come with me, and you’ll see first hand the choice that you have.” He said, and he watched as she pulled on her pink top.

They walked down a hall, into another hall and then down in the basement. Amber was scared at what she would find down there, but was intrigued enough to follow.

He flipped on a light and she could see two baby girls about two year’s old sitting inside a room behind a glass wall. They were in a playpen, having a great time from what she could see. They were wearing only diapers, and her mind flashed back to Megan. In a way she envied them, they at least would be able to be potty trained, and she would be in the diapers like they were now, for the rest of her life.

“Do you remember the two women that have been missing for a while?” Dan asked from over her shoulder.

Amber turned to face him shocked. “You’re surely not telling me that these two babies are them!”

“Yes I am!” He simply replied. “They were given the same choice I am about to offer you.”

“What? To change me into a baby?” Amber guessed.

Dan took her closer to the glass, so she could see the two toddlers better. “Look at them. They are extremely happy. They love what they are. They will grow up all over again, and maybe this time there lives will turn out to be better then what they were before.”

Amber looked at them and she felt the pang of pity for them. She didn’t know if that remembered their lives from before they became babies again, but she hoped they didn’t. She found herself wanting to get them out of there and if need be to raise them as her own.

“Here is your choice Amber. You can stay an adult, forever having to wear diapers, and being drawn to babyish things. Or, I could change you into a baby like them, and you will have the chance to grow up all over again, and when your old enough you will be potty trained, never having to wear diapers again. Either way, you will be in diapers for the foreseeable future.”

“This is something I really have to think about!” Amber whispered. While watching the babies in the other room.

Dan smiled and said. “Look at how content they are. I have certain clients who will take these baby girls in and adopt them. They will grow up being their little girls, and their new parents will take good care of them. If you stay as you are, you may get married someday, but when your children get ready to potty train and they ask, why do we have to get out of diapers? Mommy wears them. What will you say to them? You will be as an adult drawn to baby things and you will never be able to help wondering what kind of life you would have had if you had chosen to be a baby again.”

“Show me how you achieve this!” She demanded. “How the Hell can you make women little babies again?”

Knowing that he almost had her in his grips, he knew that there would be no harm in showing her what he had. “Follow me.” He said, and walked away. They walked down a dark hallway, into another part of the basement, and he turned on the light. There before her stood a gigantic machine. It was grey, and had a door panel that opened and closed electronically. On the front of the machine were switches and dials. In addition, they were marked with letters. There were LED lights on it that she supposed displayed the age of the recipient, and one of the dials said male and female.

Amber looked at this and asked. “What? You can make a boy a girl and visa versa?”

He smiled and nodded, while taking his cell phone out of his pocket and laying it on the machine. “I have done it before. There was a reporter that was nosing around and I caught him. He is now a sweet little baby girl, whose parents just love her. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, he still has his adult mind also. However, he can only do the things that a child of his age can do. In his mind, he is still a boy but his body says differently. She’s all girl.” He laughed aloud, as if this was the funniest thing he had ever heard of.

Amber hated this guy, and wondered how she could have ever let this happen to herself. She held Dan with great contempt. “Dan, you’re one sick puppy!”

“Now that’s a thought.” He said, letting his brain work. “I wonder if I could make someone into an animal. You know, my dear, you just gave me a new idea. I may work on developing that when I have a chance.”

“If I choose to become a baby what will you do to me?” She asked.

Dan looked interestingly at her and asked. “What is it you want? I can make you any age you want to be, any sex you want. You just name it!”

Amber decided in that moment what was going to happen to her, and she hoped that she was right. The days of being, a big girl was over for her, and she knew it, but she would once again grow up, and this time she knew that things would be different. In a few hours, she would be sitting blissfully in the playpen with the other babies, happily playing with her dolls, and waiting for her new parents to come and claim her.

She knew that once it happened she would be a happy little girl once again, and silently she asked her mother to forgive her. She hoped that she wouldn’t forget her, but knew in the grand scheme of things she most likely would. She hoped that once it was done, and she had finished what she knew she had to, it would all be over. “Make me a two year old. I want to stay a girl, because that is all I know, and I enjoy it.”

“If that’s what you want.” He said, and then pushed a red button on the machine.

The door of the entrance slid upwards, she took a deep breath, and walked in. The door slid down with a metallic bang, and she was in utter darkness. She realized that her diaper was once again wet, as she knew that once this was over she would be wetting them over and over until she was potty trained once more. She closed her eyes as she heard the humming of the machine start, and let out a little cry as she felt her already petite body starting to shrink.

She looked up and saw a red glow coming down on her, and she thought to herself, ?Keep your memories for a little bit! Keep your memories for a little bit!’ She repeated them until she could no longer think. The red glow disappeared, and the door opened casting in light from the outside basement.

She squinted, and started toward the door. Amber was now a naked little girl, and her diaper that had been on her was still in the middle. She giggled to see such a big diaper, and wondered who wore it. ?Grown-ups not wear diapers.’ She thought to herself. She would ask the man that was standing outside the door whose it was. She was sure that he would know. Walking out on her own, she was surprised at how big and monstrous everything was to her. She knew that she was just a baby, and that everything would be big, but she didn’t know what seeing through a baby’s eyes would be like.

The man stood there staring at her, and she felt like she should know who he is. Her mind was processing information as it should, but she kept seeing him as the monster that did something bad to her, but she wasn’t sure what. He had a diaper in his hand, and opened it up.

She looked at the man and smiled. “Who diapa is dat?” She asked pointing into the room she just came out of.

He laughed at the little girls voice that he heard coming out of her mouth, and said, “ Why Amber, that was your diaper when you were a big girl, but now you’re a baby so you get to wear little girl diapers.”

Suddenly she remembered who she was, and knew that she had to stop this madman from ever doing this to anyone else. She started wailing, as he put her new little girl panties on her. She knew that she was going to be in diapers for a long while, and she let him put it on her. She needed a diaper on now. There was just now way around it.

“What’s wrong? Doesn’t the baby girl want to wear her diaper?” He asked, tickling her belly. “You’re a baby now and that’s what you have to wear.”

Amber mustered all the courage she had, and screamed, “Pwease... gets mine big diapa outta dat scawy woom!”

Dan laughed at the childishness that Amber had embraced. She was a complete baby once again, and he knew she would fetch him a handsome sum of money. He loved watching the people he turned into babies at first. They were always a lot of fun, as they started getting their now lives in order. Amber was no different. She felt sorry for her old diaper that she was wearing when she went in, and was afraid that something bad was going to happen to it. Baby’s always thought everything had feelings.

He stood up, and helped the new baby to stand up. She waddled around in her diaper, and he smiled. He wanted to make sure that she was reassured that nothing was going to happen as long as he was around. He watched her look at the machines buttons and thought to himself that she was just curious, exactly how a baby should be.

He walked into the compartment, and the door slid down before he could get out. He knew that he had been tricked, but he didn’t think that Amber’s baby brain could remember how to run it. ?I’m going to spank a little girls butt when I get out of here.’ He thought to himself.

He walked to the metal door and pounded on it. Using his most commanding voice he ordered her to open the door so he could get out. He nervously looked up on the ceiling of the metal beast, and saw that the red light was coming on, and knew for sure what was going to happen to him. Dan let out a small whimper, and succumbed to his new position.

Amber stood on the chair that sat in front of the control panel and she hit the start button, and heard the familiar hum. Picking up the cell phone he had left on the consul, she dialed a number from memory, even though she couldn’t remember the names of the numbers. From the other side she could hear “911... What is your emergency?” She set the phone back down, and didn’t say a word.

She smiled as the machine stopped working and the door opened up to reveal another two year old baby girl.

“Bebe!” She said, as she waddled over to Amber.




End Chapter 1


by: katiekat | Complete Story | Last updated May 28, 2010


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