Agent Melissa

by: Airum | Complete Story | Last updated May 15, 2010

Don't know where this is going really, also feel free to finish/steal from my old stories if you want; I'm done with them

Chapter 1
The Start

Chapter Description: Just the opening, lots of options from here

Agent Melissa Walters sauntered into Maxim’s. Of course, right then she wasn’t an agent of the DEA, nor had she been for months. Right then, she was Melissa Walters or “Mel” to the man she was meeting here. She was dressed to kill for the occasion, wearing a “little, black dress” that wasn’t quite called for in that setting. However few complained as she filled it out perfectly, with healthy C-cups and an ass to bounce a nickel off of. Her body was complimented by a face that vaguely resembled some celebrity, though few agreed which. Either way, she found a seat and waited for her date, her “job”. She spotted him as soon as he entered the restaurant. His name was Howard Franklin, a son of the mob in New York. At 27, he was just beginning his life as a drug supplier and shipper. He was filled with information worth a lot of money to different organizations. Seeing as he had bought her a ticket to Paris for the day and her lunch, Melissa decided to enjoy her job before she had to spoil his fun with a gun at night’s end. They met, talked, ate, drank and ended up in a hotel room and spent a good hour having a decent time. At the end of this, Melissa finally did her job and restrained a bewildered Howard to a chair. She revealed herself to be a third party agent and knew he had information on the people at the top of the mob. She told him that he could walk free, but he had to talk fast. To her surprise, he calmly told her everything she wanted and she honored her word. She told him he had to stay in France until everything happened, he said sure. As she went out the door in her thin dress, nothing but a white thong underneath, she felt his hand slap her ass, leaving quite a sting, she was about to kick him in the head when she simultaneously passed out and came.

Melissa woke up some time later, completely disoriented and without her dress. Her memories quickly returned and she was immediately desperate to get out. She soon realized she was well restrained and gave up. It was not much longer that she started squirming due to a pleasant warmth on her bare ass, where she was spanked. Howard chose now to walk in, comment that she couldn’t escape and ignore her threats and bargaining. He told her that they were back in New York in a basement somewhere. He told her that you couldn’t get away with messing with the mob, it was evident she believed him. He explained that he was actually a busy man and couldn’t give Melissa her proper punishment, so his little sister would fill in; it was his 18th birthday present to the girl. He introduced a petite, but beautiful young girl as Harmony Franklin, all the kids have ?H’ names. She had short black hair cut to frame her face and two, vividly alive brown eyes; she was a good deal smaller than Melissa, in every aspect. Howard gave his regards to both women and closed the door behind himself.

As soon as she was sure they were alone Melissa tried her bargaining on the younger sibling; she was met with a painful slap on the ass that increased the warmth from the first slap. She was stunned. “You’re a beautiful present from Howard, don’t spoil your own beauty your stupid little words.” Melissa opened her mouth to speak and was met by Harmony’s mouth on her own. She kept this lock for a few moments before backing off; Melissa cried out in shock and anger and was once more met with Harmony’s Oral Oppression. She glared at her, mouth shut, biting her lower lip. Harmony enjoyed the view of Melissa, clad only in a small, white thong and matching bra, silent. She licked her lips, “Good girl, you’re learning.”



End Chapter 1

Agent Melissa

by: Airum | Complete Story | Last updated May 15, 2010


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