A Mother's Love

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated May 8, 2010

After an illness hit's her son, Rose takes him to the hospital quickly, but what happens there will change her life.

Chapter 1
The Virus

Chapter Description: Rose has to take Kyle to the hospital after the virus hits him. Rating: PG

Chapter 1 - The Virus

The young 16 year old Kyle laid in his bed. After a long day of school he suddenly didn’t feel well about an hour after the school day ended. He was tall and athletic, but didn’t play any sports, he was to himself and wouldn’t come out of his room for much. He was more on the feminine side, the only person he talked to mainly was his mom, that is who took care of him; his dad had died a few years back, causing him to go into isolation. His mom Rose tried to get him to come out and start doing more things, but nothing never worked.

He started to get warmer and started to sweat, his breathing getting fainter and slower. “Mom...” He moaned, it was barely hearable, but Rose still heard it and dropped the dishes that she was cleaning and dried off her hands quickly going upstairs. She opened the door to Kyle’s room and looked at him.

“Oh my baby!” She said. He was very pale, looking as if he could die any moment. She went over and quickly took his head in her arms kissing his forehead. “Stay right here and I will go call an ambulance” She said hastily going down stairs again nearly tripping down them. She grabbed the phone and dialed 911.

“911 emergency how may I help you”

The phone call took a little while the operator telling Rose what was best that she could do for Kyle until the ambulance arrived. She put a cool towel onto his head and took his hand. “It is alright baby, I am here for you” She said a tear rolling down her cheek as she watched him.

The ambulance came quickly and they put Kyle on a stretcher and into the ambulance. Rose stayed right by his side holding his hand. “I am still here Kyle” She said. The ambulance people put oxygen mask onto him and a heart monitor.

“His heart rate is normal...” One said to the other.

“How is it normal, he is barely breathing....?” The other questioned

“I don’t know, but it is!”

“We will just leave it for the doctor.”

The rest of the ride went smooth. Rose was still upset over the fact that her son was on the verge of dieing, but other than that it was a good ride.

The pulled up to the hospital and quickly got him into a room. Three doctors and two nurses went into the room with Kyle. The kept Rose out of the room.

“What is going on?” The head doctor asked.

“He is changing...!” The second said after.

“He is becoming younger, and more feminine!” The head said.

To Be Continued....

Author’s Note: Please comment, I would love to hear what you have to say about this story. This story started as an rp with Octacon and evolved from there into a story. Though it is pg in this chapter it may go into more R rated things. I am always open for a roleplay in you want to message me.





End Chapter 1

A Mother's Love

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated May 8, 2010


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