A Little Late for Halloween

by: Kokubia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2012

A young, 17 year-old woman finds herself late for a Halloween party, but when she gets there, her friend is really dissapointed.

Chapter 1
Just a Little Late...

Chapter Description: Cassidy is running late for her friend's Halloween party, and her friend Colin isn't very happy.

Cassidy is a 17 year-old beauty. She had blue eyes, a slim figure, and smooth, silky orange hair. She was getting ready for her friend, Colin’s, Halloween party. He was 18 years-old and was kind of a nerd, but hot. He had almost black eyes, a slim and gets-him-by figure, and rough, black hair that reminded you of ravens.

"Stupid blow drier!" Cassidy yelled at the inanimate tool in her hand. it just malfunctioned and started smelling like an old man’s foot. "I’m going to be late!!!"

Meanwhile, at her friend’s house Colin was getting angry that no one showed up yet. He knew though, that Cassidy wouldn’t let him down though. Or would she? ARRRGGHH!!! Why would it be so hard to ask a girl out and she won’t even come!!??

"Gotta hustle! Gotta hustle!!" Cassidy was saying to herself behind the wheel. She needed to use the washroom sooooooooo badly, but she was already almost 2 hours late!

Finally she got there and knocked on the door. Colin came out and greeted her and told her she’s the only one that came. He beckoned her in and sat her down.

Colin was her BIGGEST crush! She didn’t want to insult him or anything so she was red and silent all evening when she remembered she needed the washroom!

When Cassidy was about to get up to use the washroom, Colin sat her down and said to her that he needed to tell her something incredibly important. Her bladder was bursting at that time and she just sat down and listened. "Cassidy," Colin started, not knowing about Cassidy’s predicament, "do you wanna be my gir..." He stopped with a clear face of disgust as she looked down and saw her urine stain his leather sofa.

"You know what? I think I have just the thing for a little child like you." With that, Colin picked Cassidy up as if she were an infant still shocked with what she just did in front of her crush, and he brought her upstairs.

"I think you forget I shift reality Cassidy," Colin said, a smile appearing on his solemn face, "and YOU get a front row seat to watch the changes!"

He put her in the guest bedroom on the bed and he stepped back to watch the fun.

Cassidy realized her clothes felt funny. First her make-up started disappearing, then she noticed something wrong with her clothes as they got more loose every waking second. She was regressing! Not only physically either. Her Maths and Sciences were erased from her mind. She grew smaller and smaller, pre-pubescent and pre-pubescent, chubbier and chubbier until she stopped at the age of 1 and a half. Then, her clothes wrapped around her body like a snake and transformed! she felt her crotch area getting so incredibly bulky she wasn’t sure she couldn’t stand, and realized her panties became a thick, bulky diaper with baby Disney princesses asleep on the front. They made her feel good. Then, her dress started to wrap around her chest and stretched over her chest and down her back and met at the crotch with a double snapping noise. It’s a legless onsie! It was pink and had baby Disney princesses for the chest. Then, her purse shrunk into a pink pacifier that hopped into Cassidy’s mouth. She started sucking it furiously. While she was watching herself change, she didn’t notice the room did too. Now it was a fully equipped nursery!

"you thought you were late? I made you late so I could make you my baby sister!" Cassidy had no clue what the big man in front of her was saying, but the mobile above her was interesting, "And because pissed on my couch, I have something for you!"

He waved his hand and Cassidy pooped herself to the near limit. Her adult mind(what’s left of it) was saying that it’s disgusting. Her baby thoughts took over and she liked the satisfying squish and feel of the poop.

From downstairs they all of a sudden heard the party guests’ knock. "Hang on! I’m putting my baby sister to sleep!" Colin yelled down to them.

"Enjoy your wet poopy sleep Cassidy!!" And he left the house and joined his friends.

Wasn’t I an adult a few seconds ago? Cassidy thought to herself. She was soooo tired and just wanted to sleep. She’d find out tomorrow, after Dora the Explorer, she’s fun. She fell asleep.

Always remember your childhood, but don’t fall into it.

Happy Halloween!

The End



End Chapter 1

A Little Late for Halloween

by: Kokubia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2012


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