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Chapter 1

Sheila wanted something different for tonight, some new. Earlier that day, while shopping for supper, she found a special shop that only carried spices. Sheila wondered up and down the aisles. She knew that Jason was going to cook his famous lasagna and wanted to find something special to really make it famous. She saw the aisle labeled ?Italian’. Sheila noticed that on above each spice, there was a scratch and sniff paper. She smelled her way down the aisle until she came upon an aroma that she felt drawn to. Sheila saw the label and it said ?Magic seasoning for lasagna’. “That is it”. she smiled. Sheila had one more stop before home.

Jason came home and the house had a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. He followed that smell to his wife and gave her a big hug and kiss.

“What smells so good”, Jason asked.

“Lasagna”, Sheila replied,” trying some new seasoning.”

“Smells great” Jason smiled.

“I thought we’d have a quiet evening together,” Sheila said as she prepared a salad for them.

“Sounds good.”

The dinner was fantastic. Both Jason and Sheila ate their fill. Once the dishes were cleaned, Jason and Sheila went into the living room. Sheila loaded a DVD into the machine.

“What movie did you get?” asked Jason.

“Diary of a Dream,” Sheila replied.

“Another chick flick?” Jason sounded disappointed.

“Awww, come here you pouty baby and lay in my lap!”

Sheila was surprised at the words that just came out of her mouth. She had never spoken to Jason that way. What surprised her even more was that Jason walked over to her sitting on the couch and laid in her lap with out saying anything back to her. She started the movie and Jason just laid there staring at the TV. Not a word was spoken between the two.

The movie was entertaining enough but Sheila was disappointed in it. Her mind began to wander back to the exchange. Jason just lay there, saying nothing. Was he mad at her for saying that? Why did she call him a pouty baby? A grin crossed her face as another thought crept into her mind. Sheila unbuttoned her blouse and released her breast from her bra.

“Come here, sweetie. I’m sorry.”

Sheila slowly turned Jason’s head and guided it towards her exposed nipple. Jason began to suck on it. A tingle shot thru her body. Sheila thought how good this was feeling and held Jason closer to her. Then another tingle spread thru her. To her surprise, her breasts became swollen with milk. She could feel Jason sucking on her even harder, nursing her milk into his mouth. Sheila smiled down at Jason nursing on her. She became overwhelmed with maternal instincts. Even though there was no physical change in Jason, Sheila started seeing him differently. He looked small and helpless. She wants to take care of him, to protect him. She knew he needed her to do all this. To Sheila, Jason was just a baby.

Jason couldn’t believe Sheila had said that to him but he also couldn’t believe that his legs began to move him to Sheila and lay on her lap. He couldn’t talk; laying there made him feel so relaxed. He was bored with the movie and fell into a light sleep. Jason was awakened by Sheila’s gentle hand turning his head towards her. He was surprised to see her breast. His head was so close to her nipple. An urge came over him to take it in his mouth and suckle. It felt good to be held by her, closer to her. A warm feeling spread thru his body as he started tasting something new. It was milk! As it glided into his mouth and down his throat, it spread that warm feeling throughout his body. His image of himself changed. He was tiny and vulnerable; he needed for someone to take care of him: he became so dependent on Sheila. Jason knew that Sheila would do this for him and he loved her for it. He felt Sheila removing her nipple from his mouth, switching him to her other one. He could now tell her.

“gaagoodah geebabie”

Sheila smiled at Jason as she changed breast.

“Yes little Jay-Jay, you’re my baby.”

Jason drained her other breast dry. Sheila put her breasts back in her bra. Small amounts of milk dribble down Jason’s cheek. Sheila decided to that Jason needed a bath. She gently slid herself from under Jason’s head and stood up. She helped Jason stand up and led him into the bathroom. She began the bath water, making sure it wasn’t too hot. She then began to undress Jason. She smiled as Jason stood in front of her naked, sucking his thumb. She guided Jason into the tub and sat him down in the tub. The water was shallow enough just to cover Jason’s bottom. Sheila lovingly began to lather Jason, rubbing the soap all over his body. She realized that she didn’t have anything for her little Jay-Jay. Then she remembered that her sister had brought her nephew over last week and left her baby bag. Comforted by this thought, Sheila continued to bath Jay-Jay. Jason would babble and coo as she washed his legs. She was amazed that his penis remained limp as she washed it. Not that it mattered; she was so excited just to be able to care for him.

Jason stood in front of Sheila naked. He did not feel any embarrassment. As a matter of fact, he felt free. Jason put his thumb in his mouth and it felt good. It felt as good as the warm water he was lowered into. Sheila’s bathing made him feel even better. Her gentle touch soothed him as she rubbed the soap over his body and then rinsing him off. Another tingle spread thru him, as Sheila washed his penis. He began to feel littler and he needed Sheila even more. Jason sat in the water, getting bathed, and sucking his thumb. He began to gently splash the water as Sheila washed his back. It was fun to watch the ripples that his hand made to the water. Jason was enjoying the new feelings that he felt, the new images he was seeing, and all the attention he was getting from Sheila. She was making sure he was clean everywhere.

Sheila was bending over to wash her Jay-Jay’s back. Then it happened! Jason had made a big splash with his hand and drenched Sheila’s blouse. A silence hung in the air. Sheila’s shock dissipated as she looked down on her Jay-Jays face, drool running down his chin. She could only laugh and Jason began to babble and coo. They struggled as Sheila tried to wash Jason’s face. He kept turning away as she wiped it with a wash cloth.

“Okay, you little stinker. Time to dry you off.”

Sheila helped Jason out of the tub and toweled him dry. Then Sheila unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra, and dried herself. She then led Jason to the living room. She slowly set Jason down on his back on the carpet and went to the closet to check out the baby bag that was left.

Jason didn’t like having his face washed. He kept turning his head but eventually Sheila had it washed. He stood there as Sheila toweled him dry. Her touches were so soothing. He stood there and watched as she undressed. He stared at her breasts and wanted to be cuddled up next to them. It made him happy to see them. Once again, his thumb found its way to his mouth. It felt good. Jason let Sheila lead him to the living room and he laid there on his back. His entire world was Sheila’s smiling face and her wonderful breasts, the source of that wonderful liquid. Jason wanted to be held close to them and to taste them in his mouth. Suddenly, she was gone. At first he was sad and began to suck on his thumb harder. Then his small world opened to new sights and sensations. The thick carpet felt good on his naked back. He saw something in the air and reached out to grab it. Then he would open his hand. It wasn’t there in his hand but he would see it again and try to catch it. Jason remembered how he felt when Sheila was washing his penis. He remembered how wonderful it felt becoming littler. His other hand slide down his body until he found it. He began to touch it. That feeling returned and he liked it and again, Jason felt himself being littler.

Sheila didn’t want to leave her Jay-Jay to be himself for a long time. To be honest with herself, she didn’t want to be away from him too long. She wanted to have him close to her. She wanted to hold him, cuddle him, and care for him. She didn’t want to be without her little Jay-Jay. Sheila found the bag in the closet. She found in it a pacifier, baby powder, baby wipes, and even baby oil. She dug deeper into the bag. She pulled out diaper pins and some diapers. She had forgotten that Jay-Jay may need those things but the diapers she held in her hands we going to be too small for her Jay-Jay. She had an idea. Sheila remembered those two over sized beach towels she had bought. She smiled at the thought of diapering Jay-Jay and her idea just might work. She went to grab the towels and to wash off the pacifier. Then she hurried back to be with Jay-Jay. As she walked into the living room, she stopped. Her heart melted as she watched Jay-Jay trying to catch a moonbeam shining thru the curtains. He looked so cute as he opened his hand and tried to grasp it again. He looked so innocent as he laid naked on the carpet and playing with himself. Then Sheila realized that he had an erection. Her makeshift diaper was barely going to fit as it was. And now she knew that with his erection, it wasn’t going to work. She then had an idea. Sheila walked over to Jay-Jay and knelt down beside him. She slowly pulled out his thumb and replaced it with the pacifier. Her heart was filled with joy looking at him smiling back at her.

“My little Jay-Jay,” Sheila smiled. “I found things to take care of you like I want to, like I need to. I think like you want me too. But we can’t have this!” She gently touched his erection. “I have to make it go away.” She brushed away his hand and began playing gently with his erection herself. “Once this goes away, I can take care of you. You like being my little Jay-Jay?” She realized that Jay-Jay may not understand what she was saying. She realized that it really didn’t matter. She started to fondle his balls and his erection. Sheila began to baby talk to her Jay-Jay. It did her heart good to watch as he smiled and drool around the pacifier. Sheila’s hand slid up and down his erection and he smiled even more. She rubbed faster and saying,” you my little Jay-Jay. Show me how little you are.” His erection started to dribble. “Yes Jay-Jay be little for me,” she smiled, “be as little as you want to be.” Sheila could see a sigh come from him as she made him come. “Good baby!” Sheila laughed as she watched his erection wither away.

Jason’s world was once again filled with Sheila’s face and her breasts. He smiled at her. Jason felt her touch around his hand and his thumb being pulled out of his mouth. He didn’t like it, but then something else was there to suck on. He couldn’t understand what Sheila was saying but the sound of her voice was very soothing. He knew he wasn’t touching himself being littler but he was being touched and still being littler and littler. That touch was making him feeling so good. Jason didn’t want it to stop. He kept getting littler and being soothed by Sheila’s voice. That soothing touch was coming from her; she was making him littler. Jason could only smile up at her. Jason wanted to be so little for Sheila. All he wanted was for her to take care of him, be her little tiny baby. Jason felt himself explode from Sheila’s touching him. He knew that he was so little for Sheila. He was so relaxed, so little, so wanting Sheila to hold him, cradle him and feed him.

Sheila saw that her tiny Jay-Jay was relaxed. He laid there naked in front of her with his legs spread out. To Sheila, her Jay-Jay was so so small and needed to be loved and cared for. She knew that he needed her so much more and just loved it. She started cleaning him off with the baby wipes. Then she grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled it generously of him. Sheila rubbed the powder into his skin around his legs, across his once again limp penis. She smiled as Jay-Jay squirmed with delight. His pacifier fell out of his mouth and he started to babble and coo again. She loved it when he did that. He was tiny in her eyes. She bent down and blew on his tummy and he squealed with joy. His laughter filled her heart. Sheila didn’t want to stop pampering him, so she grabbed the baby oil and rubbed it on him as well. She was so happy to see him coo and he seemed to like it. She grinned as he reached up and played with her nose. He smelled so sweet. Sheila took the two big beach towels and put on top of the other. She then folded them into a big diaper for her big tiny Jay-Jay. Then a problem occurred. Sheila didn’t know how to get her makeshift diaper under Jay-Jay’s bottom. She moved the diaper close to Jay-Jay and started tickling his bottom cheeks, talking baby talk to him. One cheek went up and Sheila quickly slid the diaper underneath it. Then she tickled the other cheek and slid it under that one. Sheila folded the diaper over her tiny Jay-Jay and then pinned it. It was a tight fit but Sheila was satisfied with her handiwork. She started tickling jay-Jay again just to hear his giggling. It was music to her ears to see him so content. She felt another tingle as she felt her breasts begin to swell with milk again.

Jason laid naked, so relaxed, so vey little. He felt wet rubbing around him. He felt her hand in the wet thing. It was so so soothing. Jason loved being so tiny for Sheila. He loved her touch and her taking good care of him. Jason felt something new, it was soft sprinkles. It was cold. It was soft. It smelled good too. Then he felt Sheila’s gentle touch, rubbing the sprinkles into his body. Once again, he felt himself slip into being littler. It felt so good, he wiggled. He wanted to tell her. He smiled and the sucking thing dropped from his mouth. He began to tell her how much he was enjoying all this. Jason watched as Sheila bent over him and blew on his tummy. He went ballistic with his delight. Jason then felt a new sensation on his body. It was cool. It was soothing. He was telling her how wonderful that liquid and her touch felt. Hel loved to see her smiling at him. He loved to see her happiness at him. He reached up to touch her, to rely his delight. Jason felt a tickling on a side of his bottom and lifted it. Then the other cheek was being tickled so he lifted that too. His bottom felt something new underneath him. Then he felt it cover his front. He was unhappy not to be naked and free. That feeling soon left as he felt Sheila’s tickles making him laugh and drool. He started getting excited when he saw that special liquid dribble from her nipple. Jason had a very happy feeling.

Sheila patted Jay-Jay’s bottom. She stood up and helped him up. She needed relief and only her tiny Jay-Jay could do it. She guided him over to the couch and then laid him in her lap. She held her dripping nipple to him. Tiny Jay-Jay latched on and began to nurse, tasting that precious fluid. He was sucking hard wanting more and more. He could not be fulfilled. Sheila held him close to her, rocking him back and forth. She was so happy having him there, nursing on her. Jay-Jay looked so tiny to her. She cradled him closer to her and began to think of all the new experiences that they would share together. Once the one breast was drained, she switched him to the other and let him nurse on her until he was contented. Sheila looked down on Jay-Jay sucking her milk. She watched as his eyes began to flutter. She knew that she was making him happy and he was making her just as happy. She watched as he fell asleep and yet he still kept suckling. Sheila soon drifted off herself, feeling Jay-Jay close to her.

Sheila woke up. Jason was still sucking on her in his sleep. A smile crossed her face as she slowly slid her hand down to check his diaper. He was wet. She gently slipped from under Jason as not to wake him. She undid his diaper and once again cleaned him up. She grinned as she heard Jason whimper. She sprinkled the baby powder on him and rubbed it into his skin. She watched him smile as she touched him. Her heart melted once again staring at him sleep.

She didn’t have another diaper idea but then felt that it was not necessary. Sheila gently woke up Jason and let him to bed. There they fell asleep again in each others arms. In the morning, they woke up still holding each other. Sheila and Jason looked into each others eyes and smiled. They felt closer to each other than ever before. Sheila said that she was hungry. Jason didn’t as feel hungry but he wanted to be with her. They both got up and shared a shower. Some remnants of the night before remained. Sheila wanted to wash him. Jason let her. Sheila wanted to dry him off. Jason let her. Sheila even wanted to dress Jason and Jason again let her.

They drove to their favorite breakfast spot. As Sheila got out of the car, her left breast began to leak. She smiled and thought to herself that this should be interesting.



End Chapter 1


by: bbygar | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 30, 2009


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