True Life

by: iceman | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 27, 2009

Chapter 1
True Life

Chapter Description: life can be a livin hell when you are bullied

Hi everyone i just wanted to tell everyone how i was kinda of regressed cause of being bullied almost my whole life!!

So it all begins when I first started kindergarden things were going ok at the start but when the days went by one day when we all got to go outside to play a kid came up to me and started to pick a fight with me and when i went to fight back the teacher stepped in and I got into trouble. But I made sure that the kid who started the fight got into trouble as well. so this went on for a several months and i was only 6 years old and my younger brother was 2 in a half and i was a little scared of the bulling so one day i went into my brothers nursery and i grabbed one of his diapers and i went back into my room and put it on. on the same night i went to bed but i forgot i still had on the diaper and when my mom came in to checked up on me she noticed i had on a diaper. So she woke me up cause she was a little confused so we talked a bit and I told her all about school and the bullys so she understood and she took me into the nursery cause I went in the diaper so she layed me down on the changing table and changed my diaper and what really confused me she put me in the crib with my younger brother but this only happened once.

So I finally graduated from kindergarden the diaper fetish stopped but however from grade 1 to grade 6 the bulling still went on and then when grade 6 was coming to a close I was 15 years old and my diaper fetish came back but this time i had no diapers to put on but i still somewhat acted like a baby but i kept this from my mother for the time being and lived this life style behind everyones back.

When grade 6 ended THE LIVIN HELL BEGUN. About a month into grade 7 a kid who i thought i got away from Grade 6 and how i met him again well this kept me away from grade 7 all year. What happened was i was walking in the hallway at lunch, he came up behind me and put a choke hold on me for a minute and when he let me go he smiled at me and walked off. I was so terrified i left school and did not return. But i found a cool program that i could take for 3 months and graduated from grade 7 but still own free time in my room and acted like a baby and i had baby diapers and how i got them i am still ashamed and i hope god can forgive me when i took them from my churchs nursery and even sometimes i went into the nursery and with no one around i climbed in the crib which i sometimes still do and hanged out for a bit.

Grade 7 Ended and headed down the grade 8 to grade 11 road and the bulling still kept goin and by grade 10 i was still messed up from grade 7 diprression hit and it hit hard. But by grade 10 I finally go adult size diapers still my mother somewhat did not know but she figered it out and was disgusted by it but she let me do my diaper thing but i could not ask her to be part of it. My diaper fetish kept on going to this very day maybe for the rest of my life i am still deprressed i am down school grade 11 there was a bit of bulling and grade 12 not so much but all this time being distroyed inside I wish i can go back to the beging and never grow up but with a mother who is loving and careing about my needs.

SO with all thats happened to me goo goo gaga bye bye!!

by the way i dont know how to spell check so sorry about the spelling and gaga



End Chapter 1

True Life

by: iceman | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 27, 2009


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