A man and his diaper.

by: diaperguy14 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 18, 2009

A successfull buisinessman is cursed by an young witch who makes him wear diapers.

Chapter 1
the last straw

Chapter Description: Successful buisinessman Jim Jacobson leaves for work wearing jockeys but returns wearing Huggies

“Goodmorning Mr. Jacobson!” said Brittany the young blonde intern to her young grumpy employer. “why isn’t any work getting done?” he asked “get back to work before i put you back in the nursery you came from!” that was the last straw for brittany she had been putting up with this kind of thing for months. “let’s see who needs a nursery now.” she said as she pulled her wand out of her pocket and aimed it at his butt as he leaned over. She smirked as his briefs swelled up and turned into a extra thick extra large version of a huggies diaper. she giggled as the plastic backing pushed its way out of Jims pants.

Jim felt strange he walked into the bathroom and unzipped his pants, and gasped when he realized what he was wearing. Jim walked back to his desk and sat down.Jim’s ass felt thickly padded as he sat down at his desk. He couldn’t put his legs together. he saw two bottles of water on his desk and chugged both of them. After a while of work, Jim had to pee he waddled to the bathroom ran into a stall locked it and unbuckled his belt unbuttoned his pants and unzipped and tried at the Velcro but it wouldn’t budge he struggled and struggled. After a while the urge was getting quite painful so he finally let out the stream of pee into his diaper it spread from the front of his diaper to between his hairy thick ass cheeks. “Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh.” He groaned as the diaper started to swell, much to his surprise so did his cock. “That’s funny I didn’t know I had a diaper fetish.” He sighed then walked over to the mirror to wash his hands and noticed his ever swelling and bulging diaper sticking out of his suit, the colorful childish tape protruding. He tried to zip up his pants but it was difficult. After squishing his wet diaper down he was finally able to zip up and button his pants.

The diaper still gave the telltale bulge so he figured he should probably change. He remembered that he had some underwear in his gym bag. With that he buckled up his belt. As he walked back to his desk his diaper felt very heavy and warm. He felt it bobbling and swaying between his legs it felt comfortable and he decided to leave it on for a while. He heard his watch beep. “Oh crap!” he said. He was late for a meeting! He ran towards the meeting room, His diaper squishing between his legs. As he reached the office he caught his breath, apologized for his lateness, and sat down. As he sat down he felt the diaper squish between his manly butt. He sighed ?This actually feels really good!’ he thought. After twenty minutes Brittany knew that he was enjoying this. “I’ll soon fix that!” she giggled as she pulled her wand out. She pointed it at him, and that was all it took for Jim to start to cramp. He knew what this meant; he would soon have to crap. He moved around in his chair uncomfortably. He tried to hold it in but he knew that the meeting still had another ten minutes ?I can’t hold it that long!’ he panicked in his head. He knew that he would soon dump a load in his diaper. He let out a wet fart that was muffled by his diaper. ?I can’t hold it anymore!’ Finally He let go and the first log smashed its way into the back of his thick diaper. He quietly grunted, and filled the rest of his diaper. He crapped until he could crap no more. ?Aaaaaaahhhhhh that’s better!’ he thought. “Thank you everyone, I appreciate your input.” said his boss. ?WHAT?’ he screamed in his head. The meeting was over and he could have held it. He stood up and noticed that his diaper had grown even heavier than it was previously. “How am I going to clean this up?” he mumbled. Brittany walked by him and slapped his butt playfully. “Couldn’t hold it huh? Good thing you have some protection.” she giggled as she walked away. ?How does she know that I am wearing a diaper?’ He wondered.

Oh well at least he had some clean underwear to change into. As soon as he got back to his desk he found his gym bag and searched for the briefs. After five minutes of tedious searching he finally found them. He zipped up the bag and made his way to the bathroom. When Brittany saw that he had found them she said “so he found them, well I’ll fix that.” she pointed at the gym bag with her wand and giggled silently. As soon as Jim entered the bathroom, he went into a stall and locked it. Jim opened his gym bag. And much to his surprise he found in place of his white briefs, ANOTHER DIAPER!!! Jim was very confused. Was this some kind of prank? He looked around in the bag and only found more diapers and some diaper wipes. He was very perplexed. But he figured that the diaper wipes would ultimately help to clean up this mess. Seeing that the diaper was his only alternative to going “commando” and were kind of sexually pleasing He decided to put on another one. He ripped open the Velcro on the sides of the diaper and proceeded to clean himself up. Once he was convinced that the wipes had done their job, he put them into a plastic bag he had found in his bag. When that was done He opened the new diaper, put it on the toilet lid, and sat on it. He ripped open the Velcro bindings on the back, pushed the front over his extending cock, and taped it up. He stood up and pulled up his pants. As he left the bathroom he threw away the bag with the used wipes, and his warm sodden diaper.

Right before he was about to exit he stopped, and remembered how good it felt when it was wet. He walked over to the sink and decided to wet his diaper willingly this time. He turned on the faucet to a drip, then turned it more so it was a slow steady stream. He had to pee but instead of holding it, he just let go and felt the rush of pee flood his diaper. He moaned, and groaned, as the diaper grew warm, squishy, and heavy. His diaper began to swell s the last trickle made its way out Jim groaned, “Aaaaaahhhhhhh, that was better than using the toilet.”




End Chapter 1

A man and his diaper.

by: diaperguy14 | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 18, 2009


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