Tricked and Treated

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Dan is invited to a Halloween party he will never forget.

Chapter 1
Tricked and Treated

Chapter Description: The entire story.

"Come on Dan, we’re going to be late!" Jennifer yelled into the apartment.

"I’m coming!" I said. I adjusted my gray, old lady wig and glittery leotard, making sure it thoroughly accentuated my balls. I had the best Lady Gaga costume ever!

Jennifer tried to hide her nervousness as I walked in.

"Is that... is that Lady Gaga?" Jennifer said while obviously fake squinting and adjusting her glasses in my direction.

"Just dance. Gonna be okay. Da-doo-doo-doo Just dance. Spin that record babe. Da-doo-doo-doo Just dance. Gonna be okay. Duh-duh-duh-duh Dance. Dance. Dance. Ju-just dance." I sang whilst twirling.

"Thanks for saying something that took so long!" Jennifer exclaimed.

"Sorry ’bout that!" I sang.

"Lets get going." Jennifer was dressed as a shiny android.

We drove to the party. We had to use OnStar three times, but other than that the ride was uneventful.

"It was so nice of Steve and Lacey to invite us, wasn’t it?" Jennifer said. I nodded, this party looked like it was going to be fun. I knew Steve from work, both of us were employed in the steam alpha sector of the quarligarnian emerald mines. His wife Lacey I knew only from tax records and hearsay but apparently she was a somewhat heavyset, maternal type woman. Crazy about babies. Had one about a year ago and won’t shut up about getting another.

We approached the front door and knocked unbelievably hard and rapidly until quite a ruckus was made and the Master of the house opened up.

"Trick or Treen!" we said in unison.

"Awww!" Steve said.

"Awwwww!" We all cried in orgasmic ecstasy.

"Come in-awwww!" Lacey said, slowly rising up out of the carpet in the living room.

Jennifer and I walked in.

"Your costumes look terrific" Lacey shrieked. "Is that... is that Lady Gaga?" Lacey said while obviously fake squinting and adjusting her glasses in my direction.

"Just dance. Gonna be okay. Da-doo-doo-doo Just dance. Spin that record babe. Da-doo-doo-doo Just dance. Gonna be okay. Duh-duh-duh-duh Dance. Dance. Dance. Ju-just dance." I sang whilst confirming.

"Your costumes look wonderful, and they honor my home. The party is just getting started, please, Dan, sit right there on the device we’re going to usetoturnyouintoababy"

"What?" I said.

"Nothing, nothing. We’re going to turn you into a baby. I like babies, and I want a little friend for my son, Connor" Lacey said.

"What?" I said. I really didn’t hear her that time either, and I was willing to risk further embarrassment to get to the bottom of what they were saying.

"Jesus, forget it. Sit down".

"Alright" I said, sitting on the top secret CIA age-regression device that Steve had access to.

"Hey everyone at the party, watch this!" Steve said as he pressed a button. The thing I was sitting on began to emit smoke and cool lightning effects.

Suddenly I felt funny. My limbs seemed to be retracting into my torso. I was getting shorter and lighter. I was now willing to consider that history is written by the winners. My body became more fat and tiny until I was 9 months old.

"Success!" Lacey said, running over to the confused, naked baby in the pile of clothes.

I managed to maneuver my weak head out from inside the shirt I was now practically drowning in. I got a good view of Lacey bounding over to me, her ample, supported bosom bouncing up and down in the gothic bustier and violet dress she was wearing. She grabbed me and pulled myself towards her, embracing me in a big hug.

"Oh my GOSH! You are so CUTE!" she practically yelled, squeezing me hard and making it difficult to breathe. I was still a bit disoriented from the transformation, and wasn’t sure what to make of this.

"wauhappa!..." I gurgled, trying to ask what had just happened. I could now not speak, my entire body felt weak and I had trouble supporting myself in Lacey’s arms.

"Honey" Jennifer said. "I’m sorry to inform you that this whole party was an elaborate ruse to turn you into a baby. I owed it to Lacey, sweetheart. She fixed my transmission and installed an edelbrock manifold in my ’stang, and she said to be paid back she wanted you, in baby form".

"ewanabbeahbaaybay!" I said with all of my strength. I was scared.

"Shhh, shhhh, sweetheart. You’re my baby now, sweetie" She hugged my body and surrounded my head with her neck while rocking back and forth gently. I could not help but be comforted.

Lacey carried me into her son’s nursery with Jennifer and Steve following behind. She laid me naked on the cool, vinyl changing table and rubbed my tummy for a second while smiling at me.

"Danny, you’re an infant now, which means you’re incontinent. Its not your fault, nobody expects a nine-month-old to be able to control themselves. All the same, you’ve got to wear diapers". I groaned a bit. I shouldn’t have been embarrassed, to all outside observers, me wearing a diaper is entirely appropriate. Still, my ego suffered an understandable blow.

"Hmmm... Joshie’s size four Pampers should do it" Lacey said wryly.

"Just lay back and I’ll take it from here, honey" she said down to me warmly. I tried to relax as her slightly fat hands with the purple fingernail polish grabbed my ankles and easily lifted my bottom up.

I looked at Jennifer, who smiled lovingly at me. I felt powder being applied to my shriveled genitals and butt while some type of cream was rubbed on my bottom. I started to turn beet red, this was getting hard to tolerate. My friend’s wife was now powdering my ass.

She grabbed a white, bulky plastic rectangle out of the package under the table. I recognized it was a diaper, but a part of me didn’t want to believe it.

A slight crinkling sound was heard as the diaper was opened up and spread out under me. It was... soft. Kind of papery. As it was pulled over my crotch and pressed against the bottom of my tummy, I could feel the leg gathers softly rubbing against the inside of my thighs, which were now spread apart a bit.

Each tape on either side was opened and pressed down tightly onto the taping panel on the front.

"There, that wasn’t so bad" Lacey said, still smiling. She let me lay there for a second to get used to the feeling.

I moved my legs a bit. The bulky garment crinkled every time the plastic material was shifted. It was hard to gauge how much the diaper inhibited my movement because moving my legs in a purposeful manner any way was difficult. Still, it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be walking anywhere for a long time.

Lacey picked me up and held me over her shoulder. Jennifer walked up to me and held my outstretched hand and wrist in hers.

"Its so small..." she said, amazed. "Look at your face! You really are adorable!" she gushed, nuzzling her face into mine.

I blushed and looked down, my cheeks burning. I was happy to be treated so warmly, despite what had happened earlier.

"Come on, you’ve got to be hungry after all that’s happened" Lacey said. "Steve, get me a bottle".

"Right" Steve said, retreating to the kitchen. He came back some moments later with a Disney Babies nurser filled with warm Similac.

Steve handed the bottle to Lacey, who positioned me in the crook of her arm. The whole left half of my body was overwhelmed by her torso and breasts and she supported me in a nursing position. After having Jennifer velcro a terrycloth bib around my neck, she coaxed the latex nipple past my lips.

"Come on Danny, be a good boy and eat your din-din" she said in a motherly tone, giving me a slight bounce.

As soon as the nipple was in my mouth, unconscious reflex took over and I began to suck noisily.

"Good boy" Lacey’s big, feminine face smiled down at me approvingly.

The formula was mostly tasteless. As long as I kept thinking of it as milk, and not some canned powder mixed with hot water, I could ignore the slight chalkiness.

As the bottle drained, I began to feel pretty full. I kicked my feet in discomfort, my diaper rustling between my immature legs. I felt like I needed to burp, but I didn’t have enough control over the muscles near my neck. This necessitated whimpering, as I was powerless to help myself, but fortunately Lacey knew what I wanted. She pulled me to her shoulder, over which she had draped a cloth diaper. She rubbed my tiny back with her palm and patted a few times. I felt my tiny throat contract and I involuntarily let out a cute burp. Instantly I felt relieved and let out a slight "ahh...".

"There you go, all-winded. Lets get you tucked in, okay? You’ve got a long day tomorrow." Lacey said, carrying me over to the crib.

Her son, Josh, was tucked in at one end. He was a few months older than me, wearing just a thick overnite diaper. His mouth was agape and a pacifier sat nipple-up next to his face. From the looks of it, he was wet, but I guess Lacey figured the diaper would hold through the night.

She laid me down at the other end and tucked a baby blanket over me.

"Its warm enough tonight you should be fine with just a diaper and a blanket" She said while looking down at me, more to herself than to me.

Jennifer, Steve and Lacy peered into the crib down at me. Their faces had a combination of curiousity and appreciation for how cute I was. Jennifer reached down and tickled my feet.

"Good night, honey. You’ll be sleeping at Mommy Lacey’s tonight. You can come home when I have the nursery built. Trust me, everyone’s a winner here. You get to experience your infant years again, something a lot of people wish they could do. And, me and Lacey get a cute little baby to take care of-"

As she was talking to me, I tried to listen as I felt myself peeing. I gasped audibly and Jennifer stopped what she was saying.

"Whats wrong?" Jennifer asked as she looked into my face with concern. I tried to enunciate what I wanted to say while simultaneously trying to stop soaking my diaper. I succeeded at neither.

"P.... pppeeepeee" I said excitedly.

"Oh... oh. You’re peeing!" She said. "Go ahead, sweetie. Those are very absorbent diapers, they should keep you dry until morning.

"Here, this should make you feel better". She slipped a pacifier between my lips and I started nursing it.

I finished up. I had never peed lying down before. I could feel the warm liquid be wicked into the absorbent core of the diaper, swelling its bulk slightly. Except for a slight amount of condensation-moisture on the leak guards from the hot urine, the diaper basically felt dry. I felt confident this diaper could hold up.

Lacey reached down and removed the blanket, exposing my yellowed, infantile garment. She stuck a few manicured fingers into the leg gathers, brushing against my scrotum as she got a read on how much I had wet.

"You’ll be fine, baby. These things can take an unbelievable amount of wetting" holding up the Pampers package and patting it.

Lacey tucked me back in.

"Okay, get to sleep, my little diapered cherubs" Lacey said, as she, Jennifer and Steve went to turn off the light and leave the room. As they left the nursery to go join a night of Halloween fun, Dan reflected on his day as he drifted off.

"I think I can get used to this..." a small smile appearing behind the shield of the pacifier.



End Chapter 1

Tricked and Treated

by: lilbabyboy | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 23, 2009


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