Kelly's unhappy weekend:

by: kira | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 29, 2009

Teenager babysits 5 year old who has plans of her own.

Chapter 1
Kelly's unhappy weekend:

Chapter Description: Teenager babysits 5 year old who has plans of her own.

It started out to be a good day for Kelly. She was a very attractive 17-year old and had everything she could ask for. She was happy that the school day was over and especially that it was Friday. She had it all planned out that she would meet up with some of her friends and they would go out and party, but when she got home her mother asked her if she didn’t mind to baby-sit the Summers’ daughter Lilly for the weekend. At first, she really wanted to argue with her mother but knew that she would lose. So she told her mother she would. Kelly then called her friends and told them she wouldn’t be able to do anything over the weekend with them and then packed up some clothes and headed to the Summers’ house. When she got there, Ellen and her husband, Rick, were glad to see her. They told her that Lilly was asleep right now but needed to have a bath and be in bed at 9:30. They also said she had been pretty lonely and asked her if it would be ok if Kelly would maybe play with their daughter.

An hour later when Kelly was sitting on the couch watching TV, Lilly, the five-year old, walked in the room. She saw that Kelly was there to watch her and play with her over the weekend. Lilly then asked Kelly if she could give her the tour of the house. So she followed the five year old as they went down the hallway. First, they stopped at Lilly’s room which was your average little girl’s room with the walls painted a light pink and Tinkerbell on the walls and stuffed animals on the bed. Then, they headed to Lilly’s parents’ room and then she showed her the guest room and the bathroom. Lilly had taken her to every room except one. As they walked up to the door, the little girl opened the door and the room was set up like a nursery with a crib, changer, toy box and a rocking chair in the middle of the room.

Kelly asked Lilly why the room was set up this way and the girl told her that her parents left it this way just in case they have anymore children. After the two girls ate, Lilly asked Kelly if she would play a game with her. Kelly asked her what type of game and the little girl said a game of house, but Lilly told her that she wanted to play it where she was the mother and Kelly was the baby. Kelly told her that it might be better if they played where Lilly was her age and Kelly was the parent but after the sad puppy dog face on Lilly, Kelly agreed to play it her way. So Lilly told Kelly to go to the guest room and that she would first fix them both something to drink. So Kelly did as she was told while Lilly waited for the door to the room to close. She then slid a chair over to the counter and pulled out two cups she then poured kool-aid into both cups. Afterwards, she took out a small vial and poured a little in one cup and then she took out another vial and poured some in the other cup.

She then got down off the chair and walked to the guest room and knocked on the door. When Kelly opened it, she let the girl in and Lilly handed her a cup and they made a toast mainly because Lilly wanted to and after they both finished drinking, Kelly felt that she could hardly keep her eyes open. Within minutes, the teenager was asleep on the bed while Lilly just stood there and watched her. An hour later, Kelly woke up but something felt very odd. When she set up and pulled the blanket off she noticed her jeans were missing. She thought that she must have taken them off before she fell asleep but when she got up on her feet, she heard something strange. When she tried to walk to turn the light on, she noticed that she was having a hard time walking for some reason, but she thought that she wasn’t fully awake yet. When she moved a little closer to the door, she heard the strange noise again. She looked to see what it was but she noticed that she didn’t hear it until she moved. Right before she got to the light switch, the door opened and in walked Lilly. The girl then turned on the light and said to Kelly “it looks like my baby is finally awake.” Kelly thought that they needed to stop playing so Lilly can have her bath and be in bed by 9:30.

All the time Kelly was thinking about this, she never thought to look down. When the air conditioner cut on she felt a draft which caused her to look down at her legs. She screamed when she saw what she was wearing and looked at Lilly very angrily, asking her why she was dressed that way. The only response the girl could give her was that every baby wears a pink shirt with a pacifier clipped on it and a very crinkly diaper. Kelly thought that she had enough of this little game and decided to end it until it hit her she had to use the bathroom very badly. So she tried as hard as she could to undo the tapes on the diaper but they wouldn’t budge. Kelly then started to plead with Lilly to help her get it off so she get to the bathroom but all the little girl said was that she didn’t need to get to the bathroom that she could just relieve herself in the diaper since that’s what they are for. This only made the teenager try even harder to get the diaper off, but right when she got back to pulling at the tapes she couldn’t hold it any longer and the floodgates broke. Before Kelly knew what was going on, she was wetting the diaper. Once she had finished, she couldn’t believe what she had just done.

Lilly noticed that the diaper started to sag a bit so she knew she would have to change her. But before anything else happened, Kelly felt a little strange for a moment, as did Lilly. then it was over. Kelly looked at Lilly and told her to get her pajamas right away and meet her in the bathroom. Their game was over. When Lilly left the room, Kelly grabbed some dry clothes to put on. She then went to the bathroom and filled the tub up for Lilly, after the bath Kelly had Lilly brush her teeth and to go to bed. That night while Kelly was asleep, she had a strange dream. When she woke up the next morning, she felt something very odd. She pulled the blankets off and was surprised to see that she had wet the bed while she was asleep. The other thing that was a little odd was that her clothes seemed a little looser then before but she didn’t think anymore about it because she had other problems to worry about. She took off the sheets, blankets and wet clothes and put them in the washing machine. She then hopped in the shower and got cleaned up. When she finished, she went to the kitchen to fix her some cereal. Then Lilly walked in the room and instead of being a little girl at the age of five, she now looked to be the age of 8.

Lilly was almost the same height as Kelly now. Kelly thought she was still asleep but after Lilly pinched her on the arm, she saw that it was no dream. Kelly couldn’t figure out how Lilly had gained three years in age until Lilly said that it was easy to figure out. When Kelly looked at her Lilly told her that she stole the three years from Kelly during the night. Kelly didn’t believe her. So Lilly took her to a full length mirror and showed her. When Kelly saw her reflection, she was shocked to see a 14 year old instead of a 17 year old. She then asked Lilly how it happened and Lilly said that the game of house. Kelly looked like she was confused. Lilly said that when she agreed to play as her baby, she fixed her a drink that would make the game even better. Kelly was still confused and asked how she was losing her age. Lilly said that every time that she has an accident, it takes a year from her and gives it to Lilly. But Kelly said that she only had one accident the night before and Lilly said that even though they ended the game. the effects still apply.

Then Kelly remembered that she wet the bed during the night but she couldn’t figure out why she was getting younger and Lilly was getting older. Lilly then told Kelly what she had put in the drink and the effects it had on the person who drinks it. Kelly stopped what she was doing and looked at Lilly, telling her to reverse what was happening to them immediately. Lilly looked at Kelly and told her that she didn’t have anymore of the vials. This started to make Kelly very angry. She demanded that Lilly get this reversed because she had a feeling that the girl wasn’t telling her the truth, but as she was telling Lilly, she didn’t notice what she was doing. Instead of the 8 year old being scared and looking her babysitter in the eye, she was grinning and looking at something else. Kelly asked the girl what was so funny but when she moved closer to the girl, she knew what it was. Kelly then looked down and hoped it wasn’t the case but she was wrong. She noticed a big wet spot on the crotch area of her jeans. She couldn’t believe that she had just stood there in front of the 8 year old and didn’t even realize that she was doing it; Kelly then looked at the little girl and noticed that she seemed to grow a little in height. Instead of looking like an 8 year old, she now looked the age of 10, meaning that she must have shrunk to the age of 12.

Kelly ran as fast as she could back to the mirror and was shocked to see the reflection she had when she was 12. She was holding her jeans up trying not to lose them and her bra had now sank to her waist while her shirt was now baggy, looking at least three or four sizes too big for her. She turned around and sat down and started to cry from the shock of what was happening to her. Lilly walked in the room and told her that it would be ok and that she would help her through this. Kelly looked up at the girl with tears running down her checks. Lilly said that she didn’t mind even if she would have to change diapers trying not to laugh. Kelly then started crying even harder and looked at the girl and said that she was mean; Lilly then grabbed Kelly by the arm and told her to meet her in the bathroom. Kelly, too afraid at what the girl might do to her, did as she was told; when Lilly came back to the bathroom, she had her arms full of clothes. She told Kelly to strip because she was going to take a bath and then afterwards she would try on the clothes she had. Kelly did as she was told and Lilly left the room giving her some privacy.

Kelly got in the tub and got cleaned up and once she got out she then wrapped a towel around her and picked up the clothes and went to the guest room. When she got to the room, Lilly was sitting there on the bed. Lilly then got up and left the room, shutting the door while Kelly tried on the clothes. After a few minutes, the door opened and she walked to the family room. Lilly was sitting on the couch watching a movie and Kelly sat down beside her. The movie appeared to be a comedy which made Kelly laugh. She laughed so much that she felt the jeans she had on get wet. She then started to cry because she knew what would happen next. When she stood up from the couch, she thought she would see how young she had now become, but when she got up she felt something else. She tried to hurry to the bathroom but she couldn’t move and she felt her bladder release something else. Kelly couldn’t believe that not only had she wet her pants but she also messed them as well. When Lilly came back into the room, she could smell what Kelly had done then she looked in the mirror and saw that she had grown to the age of 13 and Kelly had now became the age of 9.

Lilly then grabbed Kelly by the hand and took her to the unused nursery and put the girl on the change table. Once she was on there, Kelly saw where she was and tried as hard as she could to get away, but Lilly had strapped her in so she couldn’t get away. Kelly looked at Lilly and told her that she had better not be changing her or she would be sorry, Lilly looked at the girl.

“Fine,” she said. “Stay in it if you want, but don’t come crying when you get a rash.”

Kelly then knew that this had to be done. So she stopped trying to fight her and let her get this over with. Lilly then unbuttoned the girl’s jeans and pulled them off. When she was about to pull the panties off Kelly closed her eyes not wanting to watch. Then Lilly slid the panties off and pulled out a couple of baby wipes and right when she started to clean her up, Kelly opened her eyes. Lilly told her that she had to get her cleaned up. Kelly laid her head back down. Lilly pulled out a pull-up and slid it up the girl’s legs. She was about to put a new pair of panties on her when Kelly sat up again and saw what Lilly had put on her. Kelly started arguing with Lilly until she told her that she wasn’t about to put her in just a pair of panties if she would just wet them again. This way, her jeans won’t get wet, making it easier the next time this happened.

When the fighting stopped, Kelly just lay back down and crossed her arms, letting Lilly finish. Lilly then grabbed another pair of pants and put them on the girl and undid the strap from the table letting the girl go. Then Lilly placed a child’s potty seat in the bathroom and told Kelly that if she needed to go, that’s what she would use for now on. Kelly wasn’t too happy about it but nodded her head in agreement. Everything was going good until after they finished eating and went to the family room to watch a movie, about an hour into the movie, Kelly fell asleep on the couch with her head on Lilly’s shoulder. While she was asleep Lilly heard a low buzzing noise then it stopped she got up to see what it was. She realized what it was after she saw her reflection change right before her eyes in the mirror, meaning that Kelly must have wet the training pants. She then picked the now 7 year old up and got her cleaned up without making any noise so she wouldn’t wake the girl. She put her in a pair of Tinkerbell pajamas and put her to bed.

After she got done with that, she went to the guest room and went to sleep herself. When morning came, Kelly had woken up and went to find Lilly. She woke her up to tell her that she had wet the bed by accident. So Lilly got up and changed the sheets on the bed and helped the five year old get cleaned up and back to bed. About 10 that morning, Kelly sat straight up and got out of bed rushing to the mirror. This time, she had to move a chair over to it so she could see. When she looked in the mirror she saw the reflection of a five year old girl she then sat down in the chair and started to cry. Lilly walked in and picked the girl up trying to calm her down. Kelly told Lilly that she didn’t want to grow up all over again, but there was no way for her to get back to normal now. After breakfast, Kelly was watching cartoons until she felt the urge to use the bathroom so she got up and started down the hall desperately to get to the potty chair, but right as she got there she was too late. She then fell to the floor on her bottom and started crying. When Lilly heard the cries, she ran to the bathroom and found a 2 year old sitting in the floor in oversized clothes. She then picked the 2 year old up and cleaned her up only this time she put her in a diaper.

Lilly then put the toddler in a playpen and then went back to clean the room up passing a mirror as she went by. She stopped, went back and saw that she now had a very attractive 20 year old body. When she went back to the family room, she sat down on the couch. A few minutes later, the kitchen door opened and in walked her parents. They came in and asked their daughter how the baby-sitting job went and that the Collins’ would be by soon to pick little Kelly up to take her home. Lilly then got up and went to where her room was and instead of a room for a girl the age of five, there was now a room fit for a 20 year old girl, then the Collins came and got Kelly and took her home.

Then Kelly woke up sitting straight up in bed and got up and rushed to the mirror and was happy to see she was her old 17 year old self. She walked to Lilly’s room and found the 5 year old fast asleep in bed. Kelly thought that it must have been a very strange dream until she felt a wet spot on her pajama pants causing her to rush back to the mirror only to find that she hadn’t gotten any younger.



End Chapter 1

Kelly's unhappy weekend:

by: kira | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 29, 2009


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