A Prisoner of Time

by: Jonny ARed | Complete Story | Last updated May 28, 2009

A man, convicted of sexual abuse, is punished with an experimental drug.

Chapter 1
The prison.

Chapter Description: Despite the title, this has only a little Mental AR in it. If you dislike this story, please, if you want, say you want it deleted.

At the secret prison facility in Washington D.C, a guard is walking down a long corridor, passing many cells, only a few of them being empty.

He came to a stop outside the third-to-the-end. Inside, a rugged-haired, unshaven man sat, his head in his hands.

His name was Matthew Williams. He had been patrolling many a chat website for less than a decade, searching for young girls to trick into having sex.

Unfortunately, his latest victim was not the 13-year-old-girl she’d claimed to be. It should be fitting that the man he met, who promptly arrested him, should be the prison warden of this very facility. The man now standing and grinning dirtily at him in his cell.

An iron key turned in the lock. The warden stepped into the room, blocking the one window of the room with his massive shadow, blocking out all natural light. An aide stood outside the door, gun aimed at Matthew, should he try anything clever.

"Mr. Williams. I’m sure you remember me?"

"I can’t not, can I? You come in here every single day.", Matt said coldly.

The warden picked him up by the collar of his grey uniform, "What did you say, you worthless piece of scum?"

"I meant -"

"I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU MEANT!" screamed the warden, causing the prisoners in the other cells, and even his aide, to jump with fright.

Calming himself, the warden let go of Matt, and pushed him down to the seat.

"Now, Mr. Williams.."

"It’s Matt, actually. I’m not a Bank Manager... [size=1]God forbid...[/size]"

Again, the warden jumped to his feet, ready to smack Matt. A cough and a nod from his aide forced him to do otherwise. The Prison officials, and several top scientists, were marching down the corridor towards Matt’s open cell.

The five men entered, adding more pressure to the already claustrophobic Matt. The leading official, a grey-haired man, with a mustache that could act as a Yard-brush, spoke, and his voice had a gravelly, forgiving tone.

"Mr. Williams..." [size=1]The warden whispered in his ear[/size], "Sorry, i mean, Matt; You’ve been in this facility for two years for your crimes against people of the opposite sex. Now, fun as it may be, and although you will be admitted onto the Sex offender’s list, we will not be following usual procedure, and as such we will not let you out."

Matt looked up in surprise.

"Instead, our top scientists have been working on a drug which will make you change your mind about everything you’ve done in the past."

The three lab-coat clad scientists, all wearing glasses and bearing clip-boards, nodded in his direction, one of them even smiling.


The eight men marched down the corridor. Matt was in the middle of the group, the warden, much to Matt’s dismay, was marching right next to him. Whenever Matt looked at him, the warden always turned to him and gave him a leering grin, showing his fifteen gold teeth, and 21 rotting teeth.

After what seemed like going through a maze, the group reached a large, metal door. A keypad sat on the wall. "Beardy", one of the scientists, punched in a code, then, waiting for them all to pass, punched in another code, closing it.

The warden, his aide and the second official stood waiting in front of each of the three doors, the idea being that if Matt tried to run, he would easily be caught. With at least a hundred scientists and doctors in the room as well, his chances of escaping were very slim indeed. Matt hated scientists.

Beardy led his team of scientists into a separate chamber, emerging with a vial. Inside the vial was a purple-blue liquid.

"Now, genteelmen," Beardy spoke with a German accent, "Zis is zee most important thing ve have created in zis whole laborvatory. It is a Drurg zat, vhen applahed corvectly, will vremove the subject’s most basic skills!"

"What do you mean by "Basic skills"?" Matt asked nervously.

"Oh, you name eet, walkeeng, talkeeng, et cetera..." The second scientist, "Geeky", cut in. Matt also hated the French.

The three scientists prepared what looked like a large crate in the middle of the room. Inside the cage, they placed a blanket, a pillow and a toothbrush.

"Okay, Matthew, please, er, Could you get in the cage, please?" The third scientist "Brainy", opened the cage, and helped Matthew in. It was a bit of a tight hole.

"Look here, chaps, i think we got the measurements wrong..." Brainy showed the others what he meant. "Oh, could you get me a pot of tea?" He asked a passing scientist.

Eventually, Matthew was pushed through. The cage was sealed.

"Okay, Okay. There is NO way i’m doing this. No way. I’m not being used as a human test subject!" Matt began rattling the cage bars, just like the prisoners on either side of him, in the jails, yearning for the impossible.

"You little-!" Out of nowhere, the warden came and grabbed Matt’s face, then, grabbing the vial, forced the liquid down Matt’s throat.

"No, you eedeeot! Not the eentire vial!" Geeky tried to stop him, but got hit out the way.

"Ve’ll need to restart all our research! Stop this, madman!" Beardy had joined the fray. Brainy, meanwhile, was sipping his cup of tea.

"I say, old beans, this has been most frightful..."

But while this was going on, no one had noticed what was happening to Matt. The liquid rushed through his muscles, relieving them of their unneeded strength. He yelled out in pain, and all that came out was an unemotional "Guh!"

This got the attention he needed. He felt better now that everyone was watching him. Everyone could see what a big by he was. He beamed happily at them.

Brainy, having finished his cup of tea, approached Matt, and, looking into his eyes, saw nothing. he saw no purpose, he saw no fear, the eyes staring blankly around the room were just that - blank.

"I fear that the massive overdose of that mixture has somehow made him carefree, and innocent. Kind of like the infant, a carefree, innocent being without a care in the world." Brainy looked up at the ceiling, lost in his own dream world.

"Well, gentlemen, our test is now complete." The official sent the others away. then turned back to Matt. "And as for you..."



The ex-prison official sat in his small, old house. In front of him, his elderly wife, susan, played on the floor with Matt.

"Oh, frank, he’s just like a larger version of our children when they were little." She sighed, admiring Matt as he spelt "Mat" with blocks, and clapping his hands happily.

Frank sighed as well. At least Matt was now happy, and not the girl-hunting pervert he once was. And, according to the last prison fact-file, they’d sent more of men, just like Matt,away from their past lives and into a world of care and fun.

Comments and criticism, please.



End Chapter 1

A Prisoner of Time

by: Jonny ARed | Complete Story | Last updated May 28, 2009


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