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After returing home for break in college, claire is left dreading reuniting with her older sister and longtime bully jackie. However,a mysterious antidote gifted to her from a friend may just be the key to finally flipping the tables and giving claire the upperhand... contains ar and light elements of pregnancy

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Claire sighed as she boarded her plane, nervous for what lied ahead. She was on her way home for winter break, and couldn't be less excited. Its not like she enjoyed being at the university, she wasn't a fan of school and got only decent grades, and she was happy to see her parents. but the reason for her misery was her older sister Jackie, who would also be returning home for the holidays. Jackie was 2 years older than Claire (making Jackie 20 and Claire 18), but had been held back twice so they ended up graduating the same year and leaving for college the same time. To say the sisters didn't get along would be an understatement. Claire blamed her sister for the pairs many fights, with her frequent insults and holier-than-thou attitude. Jackie was the stereotypical popular girl, always out partying and drinking and sleeping with as many guys as she could. Her perfect skin, glowing blue eyes, long blonde hair, big, d-cup perky boobs, and big-but-not-too-big butt and tiny waist made her quite they guy magnet. Claire on the other hand was far more interested in staying in and watching a good movie, enjoyed actual meaningful relationships and conversations with her fewer but more "real" friends and while still pretty, definitely was a lot nerdier than her sister, with smaller c cup boobs and a noticeable, albeit not huge, potbelly that had only grown more noticeable with the dreaded freshman 15 (or 20 in her case), She didn't quite match the general societal view of attractiveness as much as her sister did. They had nothing in common and Claire had no idea how her sister even managed to get into college in the first place considering her less than average intelligence, to put it nicely. And while her parents tried to keep the peace to some extent, they were far too passive to really ever do anything. Claire had always imagined things would be different if she were the older sibling, and now maybe that could just happen! Claire's new roommate was a nice enough girl and the two were decent friends by the time she left for break, so Claire expressed her problems to her and was surprised but intrigued by the solution she offered. Her roommate's aunt was a very smart scientist at some company called Biotec, and was working on a new experiment that needed test subjects. Claire met with the aunt and was given some strange vial; if she injected her sister with it, allegedly it should de-age her! She was also provided different ones for her parents that were supposed to alter there memories to make them think she was always the oldest. Claire doubted it would actually work, but it was worth a try!

         Claire arrived home after a long 4 hour flight. She was relieved that she had made it before her sister, even if it was only by an hour. She greeted her parents with hugs, feeling a bit subconscious at their not-so-subtle glances at her larger belly. They chatted for awhile before Claire went to unpack. Heading into her old room, amused that it looked identical to how it did before she left, she had just finished unpacking when she heard her sister arriving. She groaned as she stalled in her room as long as possible, only for her sister to come barging in soon after.

"Hey lardass, miss me? Wow, should've knew you'd somehow end up becoming even more of a blimp. I expected you to be a pig but didn't think you'd manage gaining the whole freshman  15 by break!" Jackie said as she came over and gave Claire's belly an aggressive slap. Claire winced as she pulled away from her sister. She was more than a little upset that Jackie somehow managed to keep her waistline so small despite the no doubt heavy amount of drinking she likely did.

"What, the piggy upset? Shouldn't have sat on your ass all day then! did you actually do anything at school besides stuff your fat face?" Jackie asked mockingly.

"Yeah, I actually studied. and you know, tried to work on my future. What about you, did you actually manage to pass any of your classes or did you just spend the whole semester drunk?"

"Of course I did! and I wasn't drunk the whole time! A lot of it though." Jackie mumbled the last part. "Let me guess, loser didn't get a boyfriend yet either?"

"Let me guess, you had 15?"

"9 actually! I was off my game a bit at first, but then I got this really hot senior who was crazy in..." 

"I don't want to hear it!!" Claire shouted before hearing the call for dinner from her father, relieving her from this awfulness. Unfortunately dinner went largely the same, Jackie bragging about things no parent wants to hear about while mocking Claire any chance she could, especially for getting seconds. And of course her parents did nothing except the occasional useless "now Jackie, you shouldn't talk to your sister that way" comment. Thankfully Jackie retreated to her room shortly after, allowing Claire to spend the rest of the evening having a pleasant time with her parents, who she did enjoy spending time with despite their ineffective handling of Jackie. Once everyone was asleep however, Claire carefully injected her family with their respective vials, hoping by some miracle this actually worked and had the effect she wanted.

          The next morning, Claire got up a little early to check on her sister. She quietly crept into Jackie's room and removed her blanket to get a good look at her eagerly hoping to see noticeable change (and being thankful her sister was such a heavy sleeper-not to mention had the odd habit of sleeping in her usual clothes). Much to her disappointment however, Jackie looked largely the same. Claire did notice a couple of blemishes on her sisters face, but assumed this just was a result of seeing her without makeup. Maybe her breasts looked a tiny bit smaller, but still certainly bigger than hers so it was hard to tell. Claire snuck out of her sisters room, sighing in defeat. She knew this was unlikely to have worked but she still couldn't help but be upset. Claire proceeded to go about her day as usual, but after a couple hours noticed she still had never seen Jackie get up today.

"Hey Mom, have you seen Jackie get up yet? she doesn't usually sleep this long." Claire asked, starting to get concerned.

"She usually sleeps in these days when she gets a day off from school. Did you forget already? you haven't been gone that long." Claire mother answered, not seeming worried in the slightest. Claire found her Mother's wording to be a bit strange but largely thought nothing of it. Eventually though her worries of something serious happening outweighed her reluctance to speak with her sister and she decided to go check on her.

"Hey sis, are you ok?" Claire asked while knocking on her door.

"Leave me alone! I don't feel good and dealing with your grating voice isn't helping!" Claire rolled her eyes and sighed. 'That sure is Jackie, probably just drunk as usual' Claire thought to herself as she continued to go about her day, going out to visit some old high school friends. Returning home later that night, Claire got home just in time for dinner and noticed her sister missing from the table. As antisocial as she could be and despite how little assertiveness her parents usually had, one thing they had always been insistent on was the whole family eating dinner together.

"Hey, where's Jackie?" Claire asked, her concern starting to return.

"Oh, she wasn't feeling well. Said she was feeling really dizzy so we told her to get some rest. Sucks to get sick right on break huh?" her father answered.

"yeah, I guess so." Claire replied. She secretly was overjoyed at the fact she could actually have a day mostly free of her sister. She enjoyed a nice dinner for once and an overall nice night with her parents, thinking little of her sister. Until her Mom made a strange comment right as she was about to go to bed.

"Claire, I know you and your sister don't always get along, and that she can be a bit rude to you at times, but I know she really has missed you. She won't admit it of course, but i can tell." This statement greatly confused Claire. How could she tell that? Jackie had been out of the house just as long as Claire had, and while she knew Jackie loved their parents she was also sure she didn't exactly talk to them much, certainly not about feelings. 

"Really, you think so? I haven't really gotten that feeling." 

"Of course! Even though she likes to pick on you, I know deep down Jackie looks up to you". her mothers response only confused Claire more. Jackie looking up to her was the craziest thing...just then, Claire came to  sudden realization.

"Hey Mom, random question, but how old is Jackie again?" 

"You really can't remember your younger sisters age? She's only a year younger than you!" 

Claire tried to hide her shock. Had the serum worked after all? If Jackie was now a year younger than her, that meant she was 17, three years younger than she was the day before. That small of a difference would explain why Claire couldn't notice any physical differences. Her excitement soon turned to disappointment however as she realized that being the older sister didn't actually change Jackie's behavior at all. Claire had hoped this would make Jackie respect her more and less likely to be so mean yet nothing had actually changed. Upset, Claire went up to her room and  drifted off to sleep, expecting this to be the end of her little experiment.

          Claire was woken up by what sounded like a high pitched scream coming from her sister's room. Concerned, she instinctively ran in there to see what the problem was, and was shocked by what she saw.

Jackie was standing in the middle of her room, looking at herself in the mirror. Except she didn't see a 20 year old college student looking back, but rather a 13 year old girl. Her face was much softer, making her look less like an attractive diva and more like a cute kid. She was noticeably shorter than her prior 5'3", now closer to 4' 11". her entire body was considerably thinner; her already tiny waist may not have looked that different but her perfect, hourglass curves were all but gone. her thighs went from being just slightly plump to being thin toothpicks, her backside was now basically flat and her boobs...her D cup boobs that got her tons of looks for how perky and bouncy they were were now barely existent, A cup at best. While she had always had pretty perfect skin, her face had a few zits and acne, something she hadn't dealt with in years. her teeth looked noticeably crooked, just like they did for the brief (and to her, humiliating) time she had needed braces back in middle school. Her clothes she had slept in from the day before now hung loosely around her smaller body.  Both sisters could only stare on in shock as Jackie quickly turned around, tears swelling in her eyes as she faced her now older sister.

"Claire, what the hell is happening to me?! its like I'm suddenly a kid again! This can't be real, it has to be a dream right? Right?!" Jackie shouted panicking, her voice much higher pitched than before.

"I-I don't know. There's no way that could be possible! But this certainly is no dream..." Claire was only partially feigning ignorance, as she sure never expected her to end up this young. she expected Jackie would end up 3-4 years younger at most, but she had now de-aged by 7 years!

"why is this happening to me?! why?! I cant become a kid again, I can't-I just cant-" Jackie actually began to break out into tears. Claire watched as her sister crashed onto her bead, head in her hands as she cried for the first time (that Claire could remember at least). Seeing her sister like this actually made Claire feel bad; even after everything Jackie had done to her, she still didn't want to see her in this state. Reluctantly, Claire decided to tell her the truth, explaining what she had done and her role in her sisters de-aging. as she explained this, she saw Jackie's expression change from one of fear and sadness to one of anger.

"What the hell is wrong with you! you did this to me?! you freak, how could you?! Is this some kind of sick fetish of yours? Were you just so jealous of me that you thought becoming the older sister would make you finally have a reason to exist?!" Jackie shreiked at her sister, her voice cracking multiple times.

"No, none of that! you want to to know why I did this? Its because of the way you have treated me! My whole life has been nothing but abuse from you! All the names, all the torment, I couldn't take it anymore! I thought maybe if I were the older one then maybe you'd actually be able to respect me as a human being for once!"

Jackie was taken aback by her sisters anger. She had never heard her shout before, let alone actually stand up for her herself. "Just-Just get out of my room!" was all she was able to muster.

Claire obliged as he left her sisters room, the door getting slammed behind her. Her Parents were outside in the hallway, clearly woken up from there daughters fight.

"Is everything ok? What was all that about?" her mom asked worryingly.

"Nothing, just sister stuff." Claire exclaimed, not knowing what else to say.

"That's too bad you guys are fighting already. Jackie was really looking forward to her big sister coming home for break. Do you think you can try to talk to her? I know she's in her moody teen phase, but as the older sister it would be nice if you could..." 

"Yeah yeah, I will later. I'm going out for a bit right now." Claire said as she rolled her eyes. 

         Claire returned several hours later, and was informed by her father that Jackie would like to talk to her room. Claire reluctantly agreed; even though she now was 6 years older, she still was afraid to deal with her sister. reluctantly, she headed into her room, noticing Jackie had found some old, better fitting clothes to wear. 'I guess that's one advantage to being to lazy to ever get rid of your old stuff' Claire thought as she sat next to her sister on her bed. "so, I hear you wanted to talk?"

"Yes, thank you. Look Claire, I just wanted to say I'm-I'm sorry. you were right. I have been a monster to you. I've always treated you terribly. The truth is, I've always tried to be perfect, and I've always taken my insecurities out on you because well, it was easy. I knew you wouldn't stand up for yourself and since you were younger I- look, I'm still not happy you did this to me, but I get it. And I'm sorry. Honestly thinking about it being a kid again isn't so bad. I will have way less responsibilities at least, being an adult is way to hard. And maybe-maybe it will give us a chance to start over?"

Claire was absolutely blown away. What she had just heard was the last thing she expected to come out of her sisters mouth. Unsure how to respond, Claire simply wrapped her sister in a big hug. The two sisters, for the first time in their lives, actually talked. They talked about school, about boys, about their interests. They spent the next several hours simply bonding, and it was great. Claire's dream had finally come true.

        the next morning, Claire was greeted by her sister giving her a giant hug. Jackie was now no older than 6, her adorable face buried into Claire's belly as she now was only about 3' tall. Any signs of her womanly  body were gone, now just that of a small child. Jackie remembered everything still from being older, but was still changed mentally. She felt less anger than she normally would toward her sister, and instead felt admiration, as if she really was her older sister. She felt overall happier and was more excitable, not to mention more energetic. Her parents watched the cute display of sisterly love; as far as they knew, Claire had always been the eldest and Jackie had always adored her. Claire, happy to finally have a bond with her sister, decided to take her out to the mall today, her parents happily agreed to this plan, excited to have a day off without kids (if only they knew the truth). The duo had a great time, playing at the malls arcade and shopping. Claire figured buying some toddler and baby clothes might be a good idea, just in case the de-aging continued, and while Jackie was suspicious Claire was able to take advantage of her increased naivety to convince her it was for a friend. Speaking of, Jackie had seen one of her old friends at the mall, who didn't recognize her of course. This initially upset Jackie, and Claire worried it could cause her sister to realize she had stolen her phone (in order to prevent any of Jackie's friends from contacting her or vice versa, as unlike her parents they still remembered Jackie as a 20 year old woman) but thankfully the power of ice cream was now enough to distract her. The two eventually headed home, enjoying a nice meal with there parents, before watching tv together. Jackie no longer could handle the horror films she was once a fan of, but found herself enjoying the animated shows she once mocked her sister for still enjoying. Eventually, Jackie ended up falling asleep in Claire's lap. Claire offered to put her sister to bed, in part so she could secretly set up the girls old crib, just in case.

       The next morning, Jackie woke up, her eyes slowly adjusting to the light. Right away she knew something was wrong when she struggled to even move her hands to rub her eyes, and when she attempted to stand up and couldn't control her legs she quickly began to panic. Using what felt like every inch of her strength just to turn to her side, her worst fear was realized when she saw the bars of her bed-or rather crib. straining her far blurrier eyesight to see into her mirror, despite it being much harder to focus she could tell she was just a baby, too young to move, let alone talk. She tried to form any word she could with her mouth, but only got various gurgle noises out. As if it was her first and only instinct, Jackie began to cry. This crying woke up Claire, who ran into her sister's room to see what was happening and was quickly shocked: her sister was just an infant! so small and innocent looking, the tiny baby, clearly only a few months old with little hair was sitting her crib bawling. Claire knew this was possible, but she didn't really think it would happen, she was expecting and hoping her sister would stop at around 2 or 3. Not sure what else to do, Claire walked over and picked her baby sister up, slowly rocking her. Jackie, despite having every reason to keep panicking, found herself calmed by this motion. 

"Jackie, are you still in there, can you still understand me? if so give me some kind of a sign!"

Jackie struggled to make out the words her sister was saying, her mind fuzzy. still, she got the basic idea of what her sister was saying enough to attempt to respond, her limited control over her body only allowing her to spit at her sister. Which was fitting, seeing as it was her fault she was a baby now after all, yet still cognitive enough about the situation to be upset with her now older sibling.

"I'll take that as a yes. I'm sorry this happened, I never expected you to become this young! but look on the Brightside, at least you cant get any younger now, right?" It was a sentiment that had little value to Jackie, who's anger quickly was beginning to be replaced with hunger. unsure how to handle the situation, she simply resorted to crying again. thankfully, Claire was able to determine this was the likely issue, and carried her sister to the kitchen to feed her. She assumed that based on her parents both being home, in there false memories she must have agreed to babysitting for the day. Jackie would have found the process of being spoon-fed by her once younger sister humiliating if she weren't so hungry, and after feeding her Claire decided to sit down on the rocking chair in her living room to contemplate what to do next. Jackie, not really having a say in the matter and infant body quickly becoming overwhelmed with tiredness, ended up falling asleep on her sister, head nuzzled up against her chest. As crazy as this situation was, Claire couldn't deny how adorable Jackie looked, nor could she deny how pleasant she was. 'maybe I could get used to having a baby sister" Claire said to herself as she suddenly felt a sudden overwhelming tiredness creep up, drifting to sleep herself.

        Claire suddenly jolted awake, unaware at first where she was or how much time had past. "how long was I asleep?" Claire wondered aloud, before suddenly noticing her sister-or rather, the lack of her. Claire began to panic as she realized her sister no longer was asleep on her. She frantically began to search the house, including Jackie's room, but she had simply vanished. to make things worse, she heard her mother coming home.

"Mom, Jackie is gone! I-I don't know what happened, but she's gone! I'm so sorry, you put me in charge of watching my sister, but I must have fell asleep and I-"

"Slow down honey! what are you talking about? Who is Jackie? and what sister? are you feeling ok?" Claire's mother asked concerned.

Claire froze as she began to realize what might have happened. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just-had a strange dream. Mom, What's up with the crib in there?"

"Oh that? didn't I tell you Joe and Tammy just had another baby? They were just staying here last weekend so we set up your old crib, guess we forgot to put it away. Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yeah, I-I just need to take care of something real quick, I'll be back down in a bit" Claire said as she rushed up to her room. She couldn't believe it, she had made her sister disappear. she de-aged into nothingness. Claire began to panic once more at this realization. thinking quickly, she called her friend's aunt, the scientist who gave her this stupid thing in the first place, leaving her a message pleading to help her fix this. as soon as she got off the phone, Claire felt a sudden wave of dizziness as everything suddenly became a blur as she passed out.


         Claire woke up, not remembering going to sleep in the first place, or anything from the previous day after attempting to contact the scientist. suddenly, she began to feel ill as an overwhelming wave of nausea overcame her as she quickly rushed into the bathroom. Unsure why she had suddenly become ill, Claire clutched her stomach, noticing it felt slightly firmer than usual. looking at herself in the mirror, she swore her belly stuck out just a bit more, and when she gave it a squeeze it was definitely less jiggly than before. Confused, Claire stepped outside and went into the kitchen only to find her parents sitting there, a stern look on their face's.

"So Claire, when were you planning to tell us?"

"tell you what?" Claire asked confused, worried their memories may be returning.

"Don't do that to us Claire, be honest. We know you are pregnant. we're not mad, just disappointed-primarily that you didn't tell us sooner."

What are you talking about?! I'm not pregnant!" Claire shouted as the nausea began to return.

"Do you really not know yet, or are you  lying to us?"

Claire couldn't believe what was happening. As she had to rush to the bathroom sick once more, her mother told her she bought some pregnancy tests for Claire to try to confirm. And sure enough, it was positive.

"But-but how is this possible? It isn't! I haven't even slept with any-" Just then, Claire suddenly had an idea as what could happen. How she became suddenly pregnant. and where her sister had gone.

                  "Hey mom, I'm going for a quick walk to the park!"

"OK honey, just be careful! and keep your phone on you in case anything happens!"

Claire left her house to go to the nearby park. she hadn't gotten out much the last few months so she was happy to finally get some fresh air. As she slowly walked around the beautiful park, she thought about just how much her life had changed in the last several months. What had started as a desperate attempt to deal with her sisters bullying with the far fetched idea of turning her a few years younger had instead led Claire to being 8 months pregnant. She had to drop out of college and move back in with her parents, but thankfully they had been incredibly supportive of her throughout her pregnancy. Claire didn't like that they though she had just screwed around and got knocked up by some random guy, but its not like they would believe the truth. Nobody would believe it, Claire barely did herself. The fact that her sister had seemingly regressed so far in age that she had seemingly disappeared only for Claire to be mysteriously couldn't be a coincidence. Regardless, Claire was excited about being a mother, preferring not to think about the strangeness of the situation. She gave her belly a rub, still amazed by how different it felt. She had always had a bit of a belly, but this was different, it was quite a bit bigger, much rounder and more firm, struggling to stay contained to her maternity shirts as it jutted out several inches in front of her. That wasn't the only physical change of course, she finally had the d cup she always bad all this made her feel so heavy and made it hard to walk. Before long the heavily pregnant young woman had to sit, taking a seat at a nearby bench to still enjoy the nice weather. She was amazed even still by how much of her lap her belly took up in her lap now. Soon she noticed a woman who looked to be around 40. She couldn't help but feel the woman looked familiar, and soon realized who she was: the scientist who gave her the serum that caused all this in the first place. It seemed the woman recognized her too, and while at first she started to try and leave she reluctantly turned around and slowly approached Claire.

"hey, your Claire right? mind if I sit down?"

"Go ahead. Dr-Sanders, correct?"

"Please, just call me Jenny. So, this is awkward...I'm sorry for never getting back to you. And about your sister..."

"its ok, I'm not mad anymore. Besides, it turns out she didn't disappear after all, not exactly at least..."

"Is that what-" Jenny motioned at Claire's extended belly.

"Yeah, I think so at least. I have no idea how its possible, or why she went inside me instead of my mother, but its the only thing I can think of."

"Wow, that must be strange. Certainly not what you had signed up for." Jenny actually was beginning to feel guilty about the situation for the first time.

"It certainly is...but its ok. I don't care how it happened, at least I know my sister isn't truly gone, but at the same time, I know the baby inside me is my daughter, not my sister. I don't think she will have any memories of her past life, its like shes the same person but also different. I know that sounds crazy, but that's the way I see it. Honestly this whole situation...its weird and confusing but...I kinda like it. I like all of it actually, being a mom, but especially the feeling of being's definitely something I hope to feel again." Claire explained as best as she could, blushing a bit.

Jenny was shocked by this revelation. As a woman of science with mysterious end goals she had done many experiments in her time. However she never had  been able to make a pregnancy happen in her tests before, yet here this woman was, proof it was possible. Jenny thought about all the experiments that she could do involving pregnancy, and it sounded like she had a willing participant...

"Say Claire...I don't suppose you'd like a job?"



End Chapter 1


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