the babysitter

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When a teenager named laura finally gets her first job as a babysitter, things quickly spiral out of control when Laura finds the baby shes sitting suddenly isnt so little anymore. contains temporary age progression and age regression.

Chapter 1
chapter 1 of 1

Laura awkwardly adjusted her glasses as she stood in front of the Smith's house. Today Laura would be babysitting for the first time ever, and while she was excited she was also quite nervous. After all, the 17 year old had never worked before so this was an all new experience for her. But she wanted to start making some extra money and was thinking about going into childcare when she graduated so she had to start practicing sometime. Thankfully she knew the Smith's as they were her neighbor's, so that helped make things a little more comfortable. Tying her wavy brown hair into a ponytail she gulped nervously before heading up to ring the doorbell.

"Oh hello Laura! You are a little early, but that is ok, come on in!"

"Thanks Mrs Smith!" Laura said with a smile.

"Oh honey, no need to be so formal! You can just call me Tracy. Thank you again for offering to babysit. You look nice and rather well dressed!" Tracy said while looking Laura up and down. The teen was dressed in a relatively fancy blouse and a pencil skirt with black leggings, looking more like she was dressed for a job interview than for babysitting an infant.

"Oh thanks!  I just really wanted to look professional." Laura said with a blush. 'Crap, I hope I didn't over dress! I really need to make a good impression.' she thought to herself while shuffling awkwardly. Thankfully Tracy seemed to notice the young girl's discomfort.

"No need to be nervous Laura! I know you are new to this but we trust you to do a good job. We wouldn't have asked you to watch Sally if we didn't think you could do it!" Tracy responded reassuredly. Usually she wouldn't have had someone so young watch her daughter, at least not while she was still a baby, but since she had known Laura since she was little she knew she was responsible.

After talking a bit Tracy went to finish getting ready, explaining to Laura everything she would need to do and showing her where the bottles and everything else were kept. By the time Linda was ready to leave, Sally was just waking up from her nap so she went to go get her. Handing her off to Laura, Sally was a bit unsure of how to react to being held by someone other than her parents at first, but eventually gave Laura an adorable toothless smile.

"I'm glad she is so comfortable with you already! Well, I am off. Don't hesitate to call me if anything goes wrong, I will have my phone on me the whole time."

"Of course Mrs. Smi-I mean Tracy! Have fun!"

"...And this is a picture of me and my grandma. She has raised me most my life, because my mommy and daddy aren't around anymore like yours are." Laura said while showing Sally all the pictures on her phone. She knew Sally didn't really understand, but frankly at this point wasn't really sure what to do. It had been about two hours since she had started babysitting, and she still had at least 3 more to go. She had already let Sally watch as much tv as her parents said she could, played with her toys enough for Sally to lose interest, changed her, everything. At only 6 months Sally was too young to walk or talk or even really crawl so there wasn't much she really could do. And since it was too early to put her to bed Laura found herself struggling to keep herself and the infant entertained. After Sally tried chewing (if you could call it that, considering her teeth hadn't really grown in yet) on her phone, Laura realized it was around the time Tracy said to feed her.

"Oh, I bet you are hungry! I think your mom said she left a bottle in the fridge, let me go grab that." Laura said while getting up. As she went to look in the fridge, she made the rookie mistake of leaving Sally by herself. The curious baby saw Laura's purse sitting not too far away, and managed to crawl over to it, a skill not even her mother knew she had developed. By the time Laura had found the bottle and was heading back to the living room, she had realized her mistake all too late. Sally had managed to get into her purse, and had pulled out a make up set she had in there, covering herself in it. Not only did it leave a big mess, but it also was very expensive makeup she had just gotten. It was sold to her from a friend of a friend that worked for some company called Biotec and was allegedly able to make people younger, which Laura assumed really meant make them "look" younger.

"Oh no! That was supposed to be a gift for my Grandma! I can't believe this, I was only gone for a minute! I didn't think you could even crawl, and-" Laura cut herself off when she saw Sally looking like she was about to cry, upset from Laura getting riled up. " Hey, don't cry! it's ok, I'm not mad. It was my fault really. Let's get you cleaned up." Laura said in a much calmer voice before going to pick the infant up. Bringing her to the bathroom, she quickly washed the girl up as well as she could, cleaning most of the makeup off of her. While doing so she was surprised by how long her arms and legs looked. In fact she thought Sally was quite a bit bigger than most 6 month babies and was surprised she hadn't noticed earlier. She was even more surprised by how much heavier she felt carrying her back into the living room compared to bringing her into the bathroom. Shrugging it off, Laura finally set Sally down and gave her  the bottle and began cleaning the carpet where some makeup had spilled.

However, her attention was quickly drawn back to the little girl she was babysitting. Or perhaps little was not the right word. Laura could barely believe it, but Sally was growing right in front of her eyes! And not just in size, but age too. She watched in shock and horror as the former infant grew in size, arms and legs becoming longer. Her hair and teeth suddenly were growing in at an alarming rate as the child appeared to be reaching her teens, clothes long since outgrown. She was developing womanly curves, her "baby fat" transitioning into a small potbelly. Before Laura could even process what was happening, Sally had grown from a 6 month old infant to a young, 20 something adult! Sally herself seemed largely oblivious to the changes, simply sipping away at her bottle even as it all happened.

"Goo Goo?" Sally said in her now deeper voice as she stared curiously at her babysitter. Despite her body being older her mind seemingly hadn't changed much.

"What the heck is going on?! Sally, is that really you? I don't get it-how? What am I supposed to do!" Laura said aloud in a panic. After trying and mostly failing to take a few minutes to process everything and calm down enough to figure out what she could do, Laura decided a good first step would be to at least get Sally dressed in some clothes. Figuring that Sally was about the same size now as her mother, she went into her room to get some of Tracy's clothes for now.

Grabbing some clothes, she tried to dress the now adult Sally. However, Sally was not so interested in wearing the strange clothes, and while her mind may have been that of a baby her body was that of an adult, so she was a lot stronger now which made the whole ordeal a lot more challenging. When She finally got her dressed, She shifted her focus to figuring out the cause and solution for this crazy scenario. The only thing that made even a semblance of sense to her to be the cause was the make-up:after all it was created in some high tech lab. She knew it was a longshot, but took the empty makeup to look for a number or something to call just in case. To her surprise, in the small print there was a "in case of emergency" number on the back, so she decided to give it a call.

"Hello? Please, is anyone there?!" Laura was still in a state of panic when someone answered the phone.

"Yes, this is Biotec. How can we help you?"

"I need help! I was babysitting and Sally she-she turned into an adult! I know that sounds crazy, but she was a baby and now she is grown. She got into the makeup I had, and I don't know what to do! Please, can you help me?!!"

"Slow down. You said she was aged up? That has never happened before... regardless, I will send someone over there to help right away. Just stay calm, we should be able to fix this. Just keep an eye on the child-er, adult-in the meantime." The woman said before suddenly hanging up. Laura was relieved to have someone else coming to help, but this relief was immediately washed away when she turned to see the door opened.

While she was distracted on the phone, Sally's curiosity led her to go explore the world, which felt so new with her different perspective. Crawling around the living room, she eventually went toward the door, having some idea it led to the outside. reaching for the handle, she found it hard to do much from so low and tried to stand up. Thanks to her now grown muscles and somewhat altered instincts, she was able to successfully do so, despite not having the ability yet as a baby. Playing with the handle, she was eventually able to get it open, and seeing all the bright lights and new sights outside she tried to head out. Instinctively she began to try to walk, and since she never had before she was a bit wobbly and almost fell a few times but was able to be stable enough to slowly walk around. After looking around for a while, she spotted the swingset of her neighbors from across the street and excitedly began to waddle toward it. However, since she was still so young she had yet to learn to look before crossing the street, and was about to walk straight into a car!

Thankfully, Laura got out there just in time to grab Sally and pull her back before a tragedy could occur. Sally of course didn't realize she had just saved her life and so rather than be appreciative she was just upset about being stopped, and so she tried to pull out of her grip. With her strength catching Laura off guard, Sally broke free from her grasp and began running down the sidewalk. But, while her legs may be fully developed her brain was not, and trying to run for the first time caused her to trip, landing on the cement with a thud. Scraping her knee and shocked by the fall, Sally began to do the one thing a person of her age would do:cry. However a grown woman sitting on the sidewalk balling was a much stranger sight than a baby doing so, and as such a couple of neighbors had come outside to see what was going on.

"It's ok, nothing to see here! She just had a little too much to drink." Laura said, hoping people would believe this excuse. While they still looked concerned, they appeared to accept this and moved on. Relieved she wouldn't have to try to explain this to anyone else, Laura helped the crying Sally to her feet, Singing to her and giving her a reassuring pat on the back to sooth her while leading her back inside.

"OK, I just have to keep her entertained until those people get here. Which better be soon!" Laura said to herself as she locked the door, hoping Sally couldn't figure out how to undo the locks. As they got into the house Sally immediately tried to wander off, but Laura quickly turned on the tv in hopes of distracting her. Thankfully it seemed to work, Sally glued to the tv. Laura couldn't help but chuckle at the fact an apparent adult was so engrossed in a show made for toddlers. Unfortunately this could only entertain her for so long, and after a while Sally began to lose interest. Desperate to keep her distracted, Laura sat on the ground and began playing with Sally's toys.

"Look Sally, look how fun this is! See how you can stack these blocks? Come on, please play! Please don't wander off again, I can't deal with this anymore!" Laura pleaded desperately as Sally began heading toward the kitchen. She stopped however when he saw Laura beginning to tear up, the stress finally getting to her. Wanting to help, Sally grabbed a pacifier and stuck it in Laura's mouth, as she knew that's what her parents did when she was about to cry. Laura's shock and disgust of having a used pacifier in her mouth caused her to make a face Sally found quite funny, causing her to giggle.

"This is Biotec agents! We are coming in!" The girl's heard a sudden voice call out as the door burst open. A large, muscular man came in, dressed in a hazmat suit. Laura was ecstatic, hoping that this nightmare would end, but was dismayed to see the man pull out a strange device and aim it at her. Before she could say anything, the man pressed a button as the machine began to light up, before a sudden flash blinded her.

While Laura couldn't see anything at the moment, she could still feel. and boy, did she feel some weird feelings. She could feel her arms and legs creaking and cracking as they pulled inward. She felt her long flowy hair regress to a short stub. She felt her breasts disappear, thin waist and limbs get a layer of baby fat. She felt her grip on the blocks she was holding loosen as her hands and fingers shrunk, eventually dropping it completely. She felt her glasses getting loose, eventually sliding off her too small head, and felt her clothes fitting her worse. They felt looser and looser, her arms and legs shrinking to the point she no longer could fit them in her clothes. ultimately her pants would end up falling to the floor, nothing left to keep them up, while her shirt now covered all but her head, which she was just barely able to keep poking out. Even her muscles and physical strength felt weaker, as she soon found herself unable to even hold herself up in a sitting position.

After what felt like forever, but in reality was only about a minute, Laura felt her vision returning. However, things didn't look the same to her. Everything looked significantly larger. She appeared to be laying on her back, staring up at the ceiling that looked way higher than it should. As she kicked her feet and waved her arms, Laura was disappointed to find she couldn't control them that well, and appeared to be incapable of standing or even sitting up. Focusing all her effort and brainpower, she was able to just barely muster the strength to at least turn around, now laying on her stomach. In her peripheral vision she could see the edges of her shirt she had been wearing, which now covered her almost like a blanket. Straining her eyes, she saw a giant man standing dressed in black, looking at her.

'who...who that man? Me can't-wait, that guy fix Sally. But SO big! Am I...What happening?' Laura thought to herself as she tried to process what was happening. Unfortunately for her there were more changes than just physical however, as whatever the scientists did to her regressed both her body and mind. Her memory was spotty and her mind felt fuzzy, and she found it difficult to even form full thoughts. She tried to speak to the man, but only garbled noises came out instead of words. Overwhelmed and confused she felt the urge to cry, but the pacifier that was still in her mouth helped her prevent herself from doing so.

"Hey, what did I say?! I told you not to rush in!" A second, older man in black said as he rushed into the house.

"Yeah yeah, you don't need to scold me. I already took care of the situation. I regressed the girl, see?" The first man said while motioning towards Laura, who was now a baby no older than 4 months. "You shouldn't have any more problems miss. Just discard any remaining products to be safe, but this should be a one off situation, don't expect it to happen again." He said to the remaining adult woman that he assumed was the babysitter.

"Goo Geh?" Sally said, staring blankly at the man. She wasn't sure what was going on, and was very confused who these strange men were and why her babysitter now looked like her. Now she was the one who was feeling stressed and about to cry.

"You idiot! You regressed the wrong girl! I told them we shouldn't have sent a rookie, and I told you to wait!"

"I-Im sorry! She was the one that was acting like a baby! I didn't think I needed to say anything, it looked obvious. Oh crap, this is bad... what do we do now?"

"WE don't do anything. Now I am going to have to regress this one, and I guess stay here until the parent arrives. If you really want to redeem yourself and try to avoid being fired, then you'd better get Dr. Sanders on the phone, see if we can reverse this." The older man ordered before using a similar device to the one used on Laura to turn Sally back into a baby. The crying woman was mesmerized by the flashing lights before she too would be shrunk back down back to a 6 month old baby. The man let out a heavy Sigh as he stared down at the two squirming infants, regretting his career decisions as he had to care for them until the homeowner's returned.

"I'm home! Thank you so much for watching my girls. I haven't had a night out in about half a year! I hope nothing crazy happened?"

"Nope! Everything is fine! Your daughter's are just so sweet!"

Tracy breathed a sigh of relief, happy to hear things went so much smoother than last time. It had been 6 months since that fateful evening she had let the neighbor girl Laura babysit for her. Tracy was quite shocked and concerned when she came home that night to see strange vans parked in front of her house, and even more so when she came in to see two strange men holding her daughter and another baby, Laura nowhere to be seen. As she knew now, it turned out that the second baby was Laura. She couldn't even begin to wrap her head around that fact at the time, and even now the multiple attempted explanations Biotec gave her made little sense. All she knew is that somehow, Laura had become an infant, and despite their efforts Biotec was unable to replicate what had happened to Sally and as such were unable to return Laura to her true age. Unfortunately however, Laura's grandmother was unable to take her back, as she was too old to reasonably raise an infant. Unwilling to let her become homeless, Tracy agreed to take in the baby (while allowing the grandmother to still be raised as her Grandma to remain a part of her life). Having two infants would be tough, but the large sum of money Biotec offered to keep her from telling anyone about what had happened certainly helped.

"How are my precious little girls! Mommy missed you!" Tracy said to her smiling daughters.

"Ma-ma!" Sally said with a smile. Now 1, Sally was just starting to learn how to talk.

"Mabababa!" Laura added. She was now the youngest of the two, only 8 months, so she wasn't quite as advanced in her vocabulary skills yet. Tracy thought her attempts to mimic her sister was cute though and gave both her daughter's a hug. It was a bit strange at first to consider Laura her daughter as she already knew her before the change, but it didn't take long for her to move past that and think of Laura as her own child. She wasn't sure how much Laura could or would remember about her former life, if any, but figured she would cross that bridge when the time came. For now, she planned to raise Laura as if her old self never existed. She was just happy to have her in her life, that freak accident that night being a blessing in disguise.



End Chapter 1

the babysitter

by: spamolotz | Complete Story | Last updated May 13, 2024


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