trick or treat

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three young woman find themselves having the most boring halloween of there nights, but little do they know there lives would soon change forever

Chapter 1
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Chapter Description: a reupload from a deleted devianart

"UGh, this party is SOOOO lame! let's get out of here!" A young woman named Alexis said to her friends Maya and Bethany.

"Agreed, it sucks. But what will we do instead? The night's way too young to end now!" Maya complained as the trio of college students exited.

"We could go to like, a haunted house or something." Bethany suggested. The other two seemed a bit apathetic to the idea at first, but ultimately went along with it regardless. The three discovered an event relatively nearby, deciding to just go ahead and walk there. On the way they passed many tricks or treaters of many ages (on top of various other teens and young adults wandering about), Getting quite a few looks from many of the teen and young men (and even a few parents!). It wasn't hard to see why though, considering the way they looked and the fact all three were dressed in varying degrees of revealing costumes.

Alexis was the oldest of the three at 23, and tended to act the most like a stereotypical college girl. She loved to party and hook up with guys, and certainly didn't mind showing off some skin. This could be clearly seen in her costume of choice, a very basic revealing nurse costume that showed off her thin waist, curvy backside, and d cup breasts quite well. She flipped her dark blonde hair in satisfaction at all the stares she was getting, even giving some flirty looks back at some of the cuter guys.

Bethany meanwhile was almost the exact opposite. She was a bit shy and nerdy, with glasses and cute freckles that complimented her curly auburn hair. While still very attractive, her "bookish" look combined with her larger size (sporting a chubby potbelly and plump thighs with only modest c cup breasts) did tend to lead to her getting less glances than her friends. She didn't really mind though, as she frankly found the attention to be a little too much. The awkward girl was the youngest of the trio at only 19, and generally would prefer to read or play games than party. Because of this she didn't always fit in with her friends, but despite their different interests Maya and Alexis still cared deeply about her, treating her like their little sister. Compared to her friends she was dressed the most modest in her wonder woman costume, although her larger size (not helped by the dreaded freshman 15 she recently gained) still made the outfit hug her body fairly tightly.

Maya meanwhile was pretty much right between the two, enjoying partying and flirting but also having more interests in movies and other activities. At 21 she fell right between the two in age as well, and even in her body type was more slender than Bethany but a tad chubby, at least compared to Alexis. She was a tanned skinned, hispanic girl with dark brown hair, and dressed in a moderately revealing cowgirl outfit. She often found herself the sort of mediator to her two friends, balancing out their quirks as best she could.

"Hey guys, I think we took a wrong turn back there....." Bethany said after the three had been walking for a while.

"Yeah, I think you're right, I don't recognize this part of town." Maya added as she looked around, noticing far less people around than just a couple blocks back.

"Ah relax you two, we're fine! no need to be so worried." Alexis said teasingly as she noticed her two friends looking frightened. "Look, there's that creepy house over there." She continued, pointing at a rustic old mansion. This was a fairly well known location in the town, rumored to be haunted and with few people ever being spotted there.  "I know exactly where we are....but not where the haunted house is." She finally admitted.

"Maybe that's it? I mean I guess it makes sense with all the rumors. although there's nobody there." Maya suggested.

"No, I know for a fact the one I suggested is a "real" attraction, not some stupid urban legend! We're probably close, lets just go-" Bethany started to say, only to be cut off byAlexis.

"Wait, hold on! Maya made a good point, there's nobody around. Not even trick or treaters! I bet all those dumb kids are too scared to go there, but a house that big....they must have a ton of candy! we should go, do a quick pit stop of trick or treating, whaddya say?" Alexis said.

"Oh brother...." Maya said, rolling her eyes. As much as she cared about her, her friend really did seem like the definition of the dumb blonde stereotype sometimes to her. "That logic doesn't hold up at all, but I have always wanted to get a closer look at the place....I guess I'm in."

"Yeah, that sounds fun! -I mean, sure i guess." Bethany said sheepishly. She actually had thought about suggesting trick or treating in the first place, but thought her friends would find it too childish.

Without even waiting for an answer, Alexis had already started making her way, the other two jogging to catch up. The three approached the house, taken aback by just how huge it really was. Maya and especially Bethany gradually got more and more nervous the closer they got, noticing how dark and menacing everything felt. The house looked old, covered in cobwebs and with boards missing, even a broken window. Despite this, the yard still looked decently taken care of, hedges decorated in various spooky shapes. Alexis was too oblivious to notice any of these things, only seeing the light on inside and assuming someone was home. 

"trick or treat, or whatever!" She said with a laugh as she strutted up to knock on the door. After a few moments of silence, she reached to knock again, only for the door to suddenly swing open revealing a shadowy figure.

"Ah!" Bethany screamed as she cowered behind her friends. Maya looked frightened as well, but Alexis was just as bold as ever as she repeated the classic line. After a pause the figure stepped forward into the light, revealing herself to be a woman. She was much younger than the girls expected, around mid 30s, with an average build and dressed in a classical tchwitch costume.

"My my, I haven't had trick or treaters in quite some time." The woman said as she looked over the girls. "But you three...a bit old to be trick or treating aren't you? Seems rather immature. And your outfits.....I can't say I support that either, especially you. Are you trying to attract bad attention?" She continued as she motioned at alexis. 

"What, are you my mom or something? Geez! I think most would agree I look fine, very fine in fact." Alexis replied with a devilish smile, before realizing there was nobody around to appreciate her. 'Dang, if only this creepy old place had been owned by a dude, that would be so hot....' she thought to herself before suddenly remembering what they were here for. "Anyways, it doesn't matter! We came all the way here, so can we have some candy or whatever? Not like you have anyone else to give it to."

"persistent I see.....I don't know that I have any candy, but i'm sure I can find something sweet. Wait right here." the woman said before departing into her home.

"Can we go now, please? this is too creepy." Bethany pleaded.

"yeah, this feels a little weird, maybe we should go." Maya added, feeling a bit freaked herself.

"Come on guys, don't be cowards! I'm sure she-" Alexis started to say, only for the woman to return.

"I hope these will do! They're my special recipe! Why don't you try them right now? I'd love to see the look on your face's." The woman said as she handed each of the girls a brownie. Alexis shrugged and began eating it right away, moaning in enjoyment at the taste. Maya was more hesitant, but after seeing her friend eat it and seemingly be fine she decided to as well. Even Bethany eventually did, reluctantly giving in to pressure from the woman and her friends. The brownies were so  delicious, that the trio were too busy savoring the taste to notice as a strange tingle went across their bodies.

"Did you like them?" The woman asked, smiling as the three nodded. "Good, I'm so glad. Thank you so much for stopping, I really do appreciate the company. It gets quite lonely around here…..I hope to see you girls again one day! Sooner than you think…" the woman said, quietly mumbling the last part as the girls waved and went on their way.

"See guys, I told you! nothing to worry about, and we got a nice snack out of it." Alexis said confidently.

"Yeah yeah, rub it in. I will admit that was not a bad idea. Honestly it was kinda fun." Maya admitted.

"I agree. In fact, I wouldn't mind if we stopped and did a couple more houses on the way, if you guys want…."Bethany replied while blushing, fearing again her friends would think this childish. However instead they both agreed. The three young women ran briskly through the road, completely oblivious as their bodies started to change.

"Trick or treat!" The friends said in unison as they rang the doorbell of their third house of the evening. 

"Wow, you guys really still go trick or treating at your age?" They heard a voice say as the door began to open. "Don't you thi-wow! *Hmph* sorry, I didn't -i mean i-i like your costumes! Er, it's totally cool to still trick or treat. Oh yeah, totally!" The person, a young teen about 16, said flustered. He wasn't expecting the girls to be so attractive, and was completely thrown off guard, especially by Alexis's costume. 

"Sorry kid, you're too young for us ladies." Maya said confidently. She was seemingly unaware that her face was looking softer, hair having grown slightly longer as she more closely resembled an 18 year old than a 21 year old.

"Well I don't know about that, especially her." The teen grumbled to himself as he looked at Alexis. Already the youngest of the group, she was starting to look even younger, her cheeks more rounded and some light acne suddenly showing up on her face. "I think we could make it work, especially -"

"Nope! We just want some candy! That's it, you ain't getting lucky with us." Alexis said bluntly. The young man sighed defeated and gave them the candy, Alexis teasing him further by jokingly blowing him a kiss as they walked away.

"Oh my gosh Alexis, that was so funny! He was so totally into you guys, and you just totally trolled him! I can't believe you're brave enough to act that way." Bethany gushed between laughs.

"What can I say, I'm a natural!" Alexis responded as she flipped her blond hair, which was looking more wavy than normal.

"No surprise the kid was so attracted to you when you dress like that!" Maya said teasingly. Normally hearing her say something like that would surprise Alexis, but she acted as if it was normal and simply laughed. While none of them noticed, at that very moment Alexis' chest shrank just slightly, as her skirt seemingly grew a couple inches longer and cleavage became just a bit more covered.

        The three girls were finding themselves having a surprising amount of fun, forgetting all about the haunted house and simply continuing to trick or treat instead. The longer the night went on, the more they enjoyed it. Bethany was still very quiet when at someone's door, but was talking and joking a lot more with her friends, genuinely excited at the candy she was collecting. Maya meanwhile was loosening up and starting to get pretty wild and loud. Alexis was also having a good time, but found herself starting to irrationally worry about her friends, instinctively keeping an eye on them at all times.

      It wasn't just their personalities that were starting to change however; their bodies were too. It started off slow, but over time the changes began to happen more rapidly. Strangely, all three of them were starting to appear younger. Alexis was starting to look more like an older teenager than a young adult. Her breasts, while still comparatively large, had started to contract into her chest, slowly losing their shape as they shrunk to a c cup. Her hair was wavy, like she often kept it as a teen, instead of the straightness she usually went with nowadays. While not too noticeable, she had appeared to shrink about half an inch as well, and her flat stomach was slowly starting to press outwards as the tiniest layer of fat began to form. Overall she looked closer to an 18 year old than a 23 year old.

     Maya similarly was going through Changes. Her brown hair, which she usually kept in a neat ponytail, had somehow lost its shape, being loose and wavier than normal. Her face had softened, and her breasts were now much more modest b cup and her thighs and backside were losing their shape. Meanwhile, the bit of a belly she once had sucked it's way back in, looking more toned than before. Her entire eframe has gotten thinner and smaller, and she looked comparable to a 16 or 17 year old.

    While the two of them had noticeable changes, neither were anything compared to Bethany. While seemingly going from 20s to teens was a big shift, there was a much larger difference between a 19 year old and a 14 year old, which Bethany now resembled. The girl had definitely gotten shorter, from an average 5'4 to about 5'2. As a ginger she had always had freckles, but they had faded a bit as she got older. Now they were back in full force, face and body covered in the dark spots. That wasn't the only thing covering her face, as some acne and a couple zits were right on display. Alongside her glasses (which had shifted to a less stylish look than before) and the newfound silver braces that appeared in her mouth, the girl definitely looked like a pretty nerdy, awkward teen. While she had "lost" the freshman 15, her comparatively smaller size meant she was about the same, meaty thighs rubbing slightly as her porky belly hugged her costume.

      Speaking of, even the trio's costumes had magically changed.Bethany was now dressed as princess Leia, Maya in a more thematic vampire costume, and Alexis was wearing a cheerleader outfit that, while still showing off her curves was a lot less revealing than her old costume. Somehow none of the girls appeared to notice any of this, as they gleefully went to ring the doorbell of their next house.

"Hmph, more teenagers." They heard an older, grumpy voice saying as an old man opened the door. 

"Hey, isn't it better we're out trick or treating than partying like most teens would be?" Alexis said cheerfully.

"Yeah, we're responsible!" Bethany added, somewhat offended and self conscious about the accusations. The man simply rolled his eyes, begrudgingly admitting to himself they were right as he gave them their candy.

"Hey, good job sticking up for yourself!" Alexis sincerely said to Bethany, sounding almost proud of her.

"Thanks! I know he's probably right, and I'm probably too old now….but It's fun! And I really appreciate you guys taking me-i mean going with me." Bethany said blushing.

"No way girl, you're never too old! He's just some dumb old guy." Maya said. As the three were about to leave the premises, Maya suddenly stopped, staring at the jack o lantern at the end of the walkway. "You know, we've been doing a lot of 'treats' but not much 'tricks', maybe we should show that guy what's up." She said as a mischievous smile began to spread and she prepared to smash it.

"No don't, that's mean!" Bethany protested, but Maya ignored her. Just before she could do anything to it however, Alexis grabbed her.

"No, we aren't doing that! Do you want us to get in trouble? You don't know what that guy would do if he saw you, and it's vandalism!" Alexis scolded in an uncharacteristically responsible tone.

"Ugh, fine. You guys are no fun." Maya responded begrudgingly as the three left the premises.

    The changes only started to occur faster at this point, the girls seeming to regress in age as they walked down the street. Bethany's face began to clear up, acne disappearing but braces remained. Her breasts had effectively disappeared, although her belly still looked round and plump. Her costume had shifted once again, now dressed as one of her favorite characters from her favorite anime. The plump redhead excitedly grinned as she saw a boy, around 12 (Bethany's current age) wearing a costume from the same anime.

"Look, he's a fan too! That's so cool! He's kinda cute to…"Bethany said dreamily.

"Go talk to him!" Alexis urged, lightly shoving her towards the guy. Bethany cautiously walked forward, glancing back at her friend who gave a reassuring smile before approaching.

"Hey, I um…I like your costume." Bethany said shyly.

"Thanks, you too! Very cool. It's my favorite show. Have you watched the new season?" The boy responded with a smile.

"Oh yeah, it was great! Except for the part when-" Bethany said, her shyness fought off by y the happiness to find someone to nerd out with. The two continued to talk, with Alexis grinning like a proud big sister as she watched her friend socialize. Alexis was now 16, and while still good looking for her age was dressed significantly less revealing in her new clown costume. Alexis had been fairly responsible when she was in high school, only getting into partying as an adult, and it appeared that this was even more true now that she was returning to her youth.

"Ugh, why did we need to bring her along? That nerd is just slowing us down." Maya snorted, much less pleased with the younger girl. Her brown hair had gained streaks of blue, and her face was covered in black makeup and jewelry. She was wearing a goth, "edgy" style grim reaper costume, much darker than she normally would.The now 14 year old had a definite edgy phase back in the day, and it seemed that was again the case.

"Hey, be nice! She's just having fun. It's good she is breaking out of her shell more!" Alexis said defensively.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." MMaya responded, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently. As this conversation was happening, the girls started to suddenly change again. Maya's costume was the only one that changed, fabric shifting morphing into one that more resembled a witch. Her black makeup and blue streak washed away,her "goth" phase apparently over (or really, not yet started). her body contorted and twisted, small breasts pulling back in to a flat chest and shoulders and legs compressing as her body changed to that of a 12 year old. "But there's more candy to get, let's go!" She said, voice cracking awkwardly as she sprinted off energetically.

"Maya, wait up!" Alexis yelled. Her body was changing to some light acne sprouting on her face as her teeth became slightly crooked. Her curves were shrinking, particularly her breasts (now not even b cup) and butt. However her belly slowly started pushing out, the flesh bunching up into a potbelly that while small would still be very noticeable compared to her once flat stomach. She started following after her friend, face softening and blonde hair growing a couple inches longer, now reaching halfway down her back. "Come on Beth, time to go now!"

"Coming! It was nice meeting you!" Bethany said, smiling at the boy. Now only 10, she no longer had any interest in him romantically and simply saw him as a cool kid, making her less awkward. She sprinted towards Alexis, belly jiggling a bit as she did. Her hair had started getting lighter, brightening from the auburn color it once was to a full onl red. As she ran, her legs creaked and started pulling in, going through a reverse growth spurt as her entire body shrunk 2 inches, now a slightly below average 4'6. She gave Alexis a childlike grin as she approached, revealing her braces had seemingly vanished as the two hurried to catch up with their energetic friend.

"You guys are too slow!" Maya said in a teasingly taunting manner. The young Hispanic girl had become full of energy, only increasing as her age slowly reduced to 11.

"Sorry, I've got shorter legs than you two!" Bethany replied, slightly out of breath. Her voice was higher pitched than before, another inch had been taken off her chubby frame as she became 9.

"Yeah, and you guys are fatter." Maya said bluntly. Alexis looked at her in anger, sucking her slightly chubby gut in, while Bethany looked hurt and upset by it. "Sorry, I didn't mean it in a bad way! It's just since you two are a little pudgy you're a little slower, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" 

"Well it's not nice! And not even true, at least for me I'm pretty skinny too!" Alexis said, offended. Now 13 and quickly approaching 12, the young girl was quite a bit more self conscious than usual, and while still not big her belly was becoming more noticable now that her hips and chest were basically gone. Maya tried her best to bite her tongue, covering her mouth with a small hand. Her body shrank to around 4'6 as she went down to 10 years old.

"Guys, it's starting to get kinda dark. Don't you think we should go home soon?" Bethany asked. Her body shrank as she did so, regressing to an 8 year old. 

"Yeah, pretty soon I guess." Alexis responded.

"But it's too early! A few more houses, pleaaaase?" Maya begged, not ready to quit. The other two girls agreed, moving on to the next house. The changes started happening much more rapidly now, the three looking very different in the few minutes it took to walk to the next house. They grew shorter and smaller, looking even more childlike. Bethany’s body started to compress into itself, inches ticking off one by one until she reached only 3’8. her weight finally started to decrease a bit, belly sucking into itself slightly. She was still a bit pudgy for her age, but not by much, the change likely due to the increased energy she now had. Maya continued to sprint, only getting more over-active as she de-aged, and her hair growing longer and waiver. A couple of her teeth started to pull back into her gums, leaving small gaps. Even Alexis was starting to change noticeably, completely  losing any little signs of womanhood she still had remaining.  Her hair continued to lighten a bit and height lost about two inches by the time they arrived at the doorstep. 

“Trick or treat!” the three said in unison, voices high pitched and squeaky.

“Ooooh, how adorable! Look at you three!” the middle age woman who answered the door cooed. The young girls were  now each dressed in different Disney princess costumes. “Where are your girl’s parents?” She asked in a concerned, motherly tone after noticing no adult in sight.

“Oh, they're  not too far. But I'm old enough!” Alexis said, slightly defensive

“I guess that's true, they must have trusted you to look after your sisters huh? You must be quite the responsible young lady!” the woman responded. None of the three girls corrected her calling them “sisters”, and in fact didn't even seem to notice. Guessing by their looks, she assumed Alexis was around 10, just barely old enough for her not to be concerned for their safety (even though she personally thought that was too young to be responsible for the other two girls, who were now 8 and 6). Regardless, she gave the girls there candy, the three thanking her and departing. By the time they had left the house, each had lost yet another year of their age.

“Ok guys, it's really getting kinda dark now, and i think we should go, or at least find mo-” 

“No! I'm not ready yet! Come on BBeth, it's not even that late!” Maya complained, bouncing about full of energy.

“Yeah, We’re fine. You just gotta be brave! Don't worry, we’ll keep you safe.” Alexis said. With her maturity fading, she was less aware of Bethany's feelings and was simply having too much fun to leave. Bethany reluctantly agreed, following the two older girls to more houses. By now her hair had gone from auburn to near orange, getting frizzier as her age dropped. Her body was covered in more freckles than she had as an adult, and after reaching 4 her glasses finally disappeared. The young girl was having an increasingly difficult time keeping up, her legs growing shorter and shorter. The younger she got, the more the dark skies, spooky sounds, and various passerbys scared her. She clung desperately to AAlexis, who she now thought of as her big sister, refusing to let go of her hand.

“I wanna go home now!” Bethany cried after their next house.

“Ok fine, in a little. maybe the next house we can go.” Alexis responded. She herself was rapidly undergoing changes. She had shrunk considerably, now only 4 feet and dropping. Even though she was obviously smaller now, her weight was going up by comparison, her small potbelly pushing her costume tightly. The girl had multiple teeth missing, and even as she was talking one fell out, hitting the grown and dissipating into nothingness. She didn't seem to notice however, nor did she notice when the contacts she had been wearing popped out and glasses suddenly appeared on her face, only pushing them up instinctively with her finger.

 “Come on, its ok-wait, where’d Maya go?!” Alexis said in a panic, noticing her “sister” was missing. She grabbed Bethany’s little hand, running in search for the missing Maya. She grew more and more panicked the longer it took (and younger she got), fearing she had lost Maya for good. Bethany wasnt helping matters, crying as the two ran. Her legs increasingly got shorter, making it hard to keep up, and her mental and verbal capacity was quickly diminishing as she approached toddler age. 

Maya meanwhile had impulsively ran off, not noticing the other two girls had stopped. Compared to the others, Maya had seen the least dramatic changes. Of course course she was looking younger and smaller by the minute, but was now the tallest of the three relative to her age. By the time she reached 5 she was about 3’10, a bit taller than average (compared to Alexis, who was now shorter than average for her age, and bethany who was right at the middle). In no small part due to her seemingly unlimited energy, maya had remained thin and fit, only getting the tiniest bit of pudge in her cheeks which was natural for her age. Her hair had lightened slightly, but was still brown, however it was getting longer and messier, wind blowing it in her face as she ran. At first, the young girl didn't seem too concerned about being alone, but as she got younger the childlike fear was starting to creep in. “Um, Alexis? Bethany. Where are you guys?” She said in a squeaky voice, finally stopping and realizing she didn't see her sisters.

“Come on come on, where are you Maya?” Alexis said panicked, tears slowly forming. Desperately searching for her sister, she didn't notice that Bethany was slowing down, practically being dragged along by this point. Bethany’s hands were getting too small causing her to lose her grip, with Alexis’s own shrinking hands being the only reason she hadnt let go. FInally however, her legs started to give out, to short and small and new to keep up at this pace, and she fell to the ground scraping her knee. 

“Wahh! Wahh! Owie, Owie!” Bethany cried. She was barely even two anymore, her grasp on reality quickly fading away as her mind became increasingly infantile. All she knew was that she was tired, hurt, and in a weird place she didn't know, and wanted nothing but to go home.

“Sorry BBethany, I didn't mean to!” Alexis said worriedly. She gently kneeled down and kissed her sister’s knee, believing (or at least hoping) it would help. “There, that will make it feel better. But come on, we gotta find-Maya!” Alexis screamed, finally seeing her sister. She started to run to her, almost leaving Bethany but quickly remembering and picked her up.

“Huh, was that you Allie?” Maya said, looking around anxiously. The young hispanic girl had stopped still for the first time all night, paralyzed with fear, but let out a sigh of relief as she saw her sister coming to her. “Allie! I'm scared. I wanna go home now.” Maya said as she gave her elder sister a hug.

“Me to, lets go. I think we, um….” Alexis said, looking around. Her mind was getting foggy, having lost too much of her memories or awareness. She vaguely recognized where they were, but couldn't figure out how to get home. Or even where home was, for that matter….

“Come on Allie, which way?! Are we lost?” Maya panicked, noticing the look of fear in the older girl’s eye.

“No, I just…. we need…. I think-” Alexis rambled. She felt herself overcome with stress and anxiety, her own fear amplified by the younger girl hounding her freaking out. Not to mention Bethany. Alexis was struggling to hold the  crying baby, her own strength dwindling with her age.

“Excuse me girls, are you ok? You look lost, do you know where your mommy or daddy are?” A loud voice asked. The girl’s saw a man, about 30, who towered over them at 6’1. He had a thick beard and muscular frame, and his large size felt a bit intimidating to the young girls.

“I think so, we-” AAlexis started to nervously say, after noticing the man had a 10 year old boy with him.

“Hey, we not ‘spossd to talkta strangers!” Maya protested.

“I know, but we’re lost, and he looks like a Dad so maybe he can help us.” Alexis responded. Before any of them could do anything else however, another mysterious yet familiar voice called out.

“Girls! Thank goodness I found you!” A woman said as she approached the group. The girls saw the woman was in her 30s, dressed in a classical witch costume…..just then, the two girls still old enough to process their thoughts suddenly realized who this woman was. Maya only vaguely recognized her,but AAlexis had enough sense left to know she was the woman from  earlier. In that moment, her memories had returned like a dream, and she remembered the three’s lives as adults before meeting this woman. Both her and to a lesser extent Maya looked concerned.

“Do you know this woman?” the man asked, sensing their uneasiness. Alexis paused, but before she could answer Maya suddenly snapped out of it, running to the woman and giving her a big hug. 

‘What is she doing?! Doesn't she realize that woman is-that she is….’Aslexis thought to herself, struggling to retain her memories.

“Yeah, that's our mom!” Alexis finally responded chipperly. She ran over to the woman, passing off BBethany to her before giving her a hug as well.

“I’m so glad you are ok! I took my eyes away for just one second….thank you kind sir, but I think all is good now.” The woman said. The man shrugged, not suspecting anything was wrong by this point, and went on his way. “Come on girls, lets go home.” she said to her “daughters' '. Looking over the three girls, she had to admit not even she expected the spell to work as well as it did.. The chubby, nerdy redhead was now a mere baby, only around one year old with only a thin layer of orange hair grown in. She was barely able to talk and not able to walk now, mind having regressed to a state of infancy.  the tiny girl yawned cutely, falling asleep in the woman's arms. The hispanic beauty Maya was now only a mere toddler, the rambunxious three year old skipping happily as she held the woman's hand. Despite her tiny legs she had enough energy to keep up her pace, unkempt brown hair blowing wildly in the wind. Then there was Alexis…. Perhaps the most changed, she had gone form a kind but ditzy party animal to a quiet and happy little girl. Her 5 year old self looked nothing like the bombshell of a woman she had been as an adult, sporting chubby cheeks with a round belly outlined cutely by her tight costume. She now had glasses and her hair, which had lightened to a near platinum blonde was cut in a cute but slightly nerdy hairstyle. 

Deciding her plan was finally complete, the woman smiled mischievously to herself as she waved her hand, using her magic to stop the girls from deaging any further. The young woman was in fact actually a real witch, one who had grown very lonely due to her secluded lifestyle. Finally deciding to change that, she had intended to somehow get herself a child this halloween. While she had lost hope after failing to work out the details of this plan, everything changed when the three women showed up at her door. Knowing this was the perfect opportunity, the woman tricked the young woman into becoming her victims by lacing her spell into the brownies. While three children was a lot more than she intended, she already knew she was happy with the decision and looked forward to spending the rest of her time raising her beautiful new daughters.



End Chapter 1

trick or treat

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