Water Rescue

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Some summer pool fun.

Under the bright sun of the afternoon, in a small run-of-the-mill town, lay a small house. This house doesn’t stand out among the rest, really. It looks the same as almost every house you’d see on your local neighborhood street. The family that lived in it was just as normal - a hard working mom and dad, and their two sons. On this particular day, both sons were out in the backyard, enjoying the summer like most children do. The warm, crisp sunlight radiating down on them, providing the perfect temperature for normal backyard hijinks and the like.

The two sons were rather far apart in age. The oldest of the two was Dustin, a 16 year old teenager caught up in high school life. The youngest of the duo was Zayden, a 6 year old soon-to-be first grader, who wanted nothing more then for his big brother to play with him. Dustin loved his little brother with all of his heart (although he did find him very annoying, and often rudely told him to shut up whenever he asked him a question). But Dustin had more important things to tend to then his little brother. Like texting that girl Melinda down the street. Or going to the mall the next town over with his pals. His brother always came second, or third, or fourth in his line of worries. 

On this particular day, it was the same old thing. Zayden toddled up to the high schooler as fast as his little body could muster in the summer heat. He stopped once he had reached the side of the lawn chair Dustin was lounging on, and took a moment to catch his breath before practically shouting what he wanted to ask. “Bubba, can you play tag with me?” The little tyke asked, his eyes waiting patiently for an answer. Dustin scoffed at Zayden’s command, and kept his eyes locked on his phone. “Shut up, can’t you see I’m busy? Maybe later buddy.” Zayden frowned, but wasn’t intent on giving up so easily today. “Please Dustin! Pwetty please!” The boy pleaded, and pleaded, but Dustin just gave him an annoyed face, before simply saying “No.” Zayden turned around, defeated. “I wish you were my age so we could play together!” He shouted back - one last attempt at guilt tripping his sibling to join him in his game of tag. Dustin just giggled. “Tough luck buckaroo.”  

The afternoon continued without incident for another hour or so. Dustin had put down his phone, and was now using this time to get a nice tan as his brother continued to play out in the yard. Dustin’s moment of rest was interrupted however, once again, by the voice of his brother. “Dustin!” The boy whined. Dustin turned to him, “What do you want?” The annoyance in his voice was apparent as ever. “Can you get my pool out? It’s in the shed.” Dustin rolled his eyes, before begrudgingly getting up. “Sure bud. I’ll get the pool out.” The teenager didn’t have anything better to do, and it was best to fulfill atleast one of his brother’s wishes. So, he slowly walked over to the shed, and pulled out a small kiddie pool, perfect for a small group of young children, and giant for his younger brother. Dustin set it out in the yard, and pulled out the garden hose as his brother - who was already donning a pair of swimming trunks - jumped in, awaiting the water to be poured in. “Hurry up!” Zayden yelled. The little boy didn’t have the patience for this. “Okay, okay. Wait!” Dustin responded, as he pulled the hose over to the pool and turned on the water. Within a minute or two, the pool was full. The plastic contraption practically glistened in the water, as it’s painted shells and coral became bright and nearly luminous under the afternoon sun. 

Zayden began to splash around in the water, lying in it, and taking in it’s coolness. Within a few seconds however, he turned his attention back to his older brother. “Bubba, get in the pool with me!” He ordered, giving a big smile, showing off his missing front teeth. Dustin looked back at the boy. “Buddy, I don’t think I can fit in there with you. You enjoy it by yourself, k?” Dustin really just wanted to go back to his phone to see if Melinda or his buddies had responded to his texts. This time, however, Zayden was not going to give up. “Just for a few seconds? Pleaseeee!” Dustin sighed. He was getting kind of hot, and maybe a few seconds wouldn’t hurt? Besides, just standing in the water is all he’d be able to do, and he already had his swimming trunks on. So, the teen set foot into the pool. Immediately, he began to feel the cool sensation of the water as it made contact with his flesh. It felt great in contrast with the heat of the sun, and was of great relief to him. 

As he stood there, a though popped into his head. This felt great! Maybe crouching wouldn’t hurt? Just to get closer to the water. It’s coolness practically seeped into the teen’s body - although he had felt cool water many, many times before, this felt amazing. Maybe it was just the heat, and he needed some sort of relief from it. If that was the case, he’d take this relief. Slowly, he crouched down into the water, and moved his hands through it, letting the water flow back and forth between his hands. He took a moment to look at his surroundings (seeming to make sure nobody was watching other then his brother), before closing his eyes, and embracing the feeling. After all, he had just turned 14 - having someone see you in a kiddie pool with your little brother with be social suicide. He shook as he recalled the time he was 12 and Marty Frankenbuyer had seen him watching Frozen on his tablet. Wait, wasn’t that yesterday? Yeah, it was! He had been watching it with his friend Christie. But hadn’t Christie moved away years ago? No, he thought. He just saw her yesterday. She’s 12 like him! They’re going into 7th grade together! He couldn’t wait for the first day of school. He was sure it would be fun! 

Suddenly, Dustin lost his balance, and fell into the pool. Although it was a bit crowded, he was able to fit into the pool alongside his brother pretty well. He just decided to lay back and enjoy the water as it gently caressed his body, it’s cool touch providing much relief as the warm sun sat overhead. Dustin closed his eyes once again as he became comfortable. What was he thinking about going into 7th grade? He was going into 5th grade! He was only 10. He blushed as he thought of seeing that girl named Christie in class when school begins again. He thought she was really cool. He wanted to ask her to be friends, but didn’t muster up the confidence to do so before school started. On second thought, who was Christie? Dustin was excited to get to play with his friends Harry and David on the first day of school! They finally get to play on the big kid playground with all the other 3rd graders! He couldn’t wait to climb the jungle gym, and race his best friends to do the basketball hoop and back. He was sure he’d beat them every time this year! He ran a lot this summer, and he was sure he was faster. Dustin opened his eyes, and looked at his arms and legs. Weren’t they bigger before? He could have sworn they had more hair on them before, too. But they looked just right for his size. He giggled as he moved his toes. He was so silly! He began to hum the tune of “this little piggy goes to market” in his head. His kindergarten teacher Mrs. Patty taught them that last year! He loved the song. He wasn’t in kindergarten anymore, though. No, he was going into first grade with his twin brother Zayden! He was so excited! He couldn’t wait to be in first grade. Finally, they were big kids! (Although Dustin and Zayden already agreed that they were both very much big kids.) Dustin looked down at himself, giggling as he thought about that song. Hadn’t he been wearing swimming trunks just a few minutes before? Now he was all naked. That made him giggle more. He really was such a silly little boy! His mommy would have such a fit if she saw him like this. Her little pre-schooler, running around naked in the backyard with his big brother. Dustin giggled more at this thought, as the picture of the funny face his mommy made when she was angry came through his head. Maybe mommy was even sillier then he was! Suddenly, Dustin’s thoughts and giggles were interrupted by a splash. It came from Zayden! “Why’d you splash me?” Dustin would ask, although his boyish lisp would make it sound more like ‘why ew spash me?’ Zayden would just laugh, before getting up and running off. Dustin wouldn’t let his big brother go away without a fight. He quickly got up out of the pool, and ran after the slightly bigger boy. As he ran however, thoughts began to flood into his mind. This didn’t feel right. Wasn’t he supposed to be wearing something? Wasn’t he supposed to be bigger then this? He’d stop in his tracks as he came to the side of the porch. He’d look down at his naked body. He was so skinny and small. He was bigger then this, wasn’t he? Suddenly, it came back to him. He was 16! Wait no, 14? 10? Okay, he didn’t really know exactly. But he knew he was supposed to be bigger than this. This revelation would prove to be too much for Little Dustin, however. Although his teenage memories were slowly flowing in and out of his mind, his regressed emotions began to take over. How did he become a little kid? Who did this to him? Tears began to fall from his eyes, as he’d sit down on the grass, his crying turning into full on sobs quickly. Dustin would close his eyes and put his face down to the ground. “Mommy!” He’d shout. All he wanted now was the touch of his mommy, her comforting touch to reassure him that everything would be okay. As Dustin would fall deeper and deeper into thought, he’d feel the hand of Zayden caress his back. The now little boy would look up at Zayden. Dustin had the vaguest of memories suggesting that Dustin was at one point much smaller then him, his little cousin or something like that.. but now, it didn’t matter. Dustin would slowly get up as Zayden would wrap his arms around him. He’d lead his now little brother into the house, and take him to their mommy. Within seconds of seeing her sons, she would take Dustin and pick him up, rocking the little boy back and forth in her arms. She’d stroke his hair, and whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Quickly, Zayden’s crying would halt. What had made him so upset earlier, anyways? It didn’t matter. He was in mommy’s arms, and that’s all that mattered. He was safe now. He was warm. And he was happy. Just like all little boys should be.



End Chapter 1

Water Rescue

by: Anonymous | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 21, 2021


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