kates new family

by: Rezzka Toxxos | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 14, 2009

Chapter 2
Baby katey part 2

Chapter Description: The cont adventures of Baby Katey

Special Agent Kate blushed heavily as Ampharos starts to remove her soggy diaper. "Now calm down, its ok, this is what mommies are supposed to do." Ampharos comforted her though it didn’t really help. She shrugged and undid the tabs on the side of the diaper, letting it fall open, and starting to wipe her dry with baby wipes, Kate blushing the whole time. She tossed the used baby wipes inside the diaper, folded it into a neat ball and tossed it into the trash. She then took out a fresh diaper unfolded it and placed one end under Kate sprinkling her with baby powder, causing Kate to sneeze. Ampharos giggled "bless you." She brought the front part of the diaper up and taped it shut "there we go all nice and clean." She said with a smile giving kate’s padded butt a small pat, causing kate to blush deepily again. Ampharos giggles and says "Ok now i’m going to give you a choice in what you’re going to do, you can either stay here with a baby sitter" Kate turned pale and started to protest but Ampharos cut her off "or you can come with me to work." Kate mummbled "Neither of those sound very good." Ampharos rolled her eyes ’Well those are your only two options.Now pick."Kate sighed and started to think about it. On one hand she could find a way back to her normal body at the power plant, and maybe find some one less strict, on the other she could persuade the baby sitter to let her out of diapers and to treat her like an adult. She thought about it for a while then sighed "I guess I’m going to work with you." she said finally. Ampharos smiled "wonderful." she picked her up and set her in a play pen "you play with your toys while i pack you a diaper bag" Kate looked glumly around the play pen. It was filled with several large plushie dolls. A few Pichus a Jirachi and a Happiny in one corner, a pile of Magnemite and Ditto in another and huge Snorlax in the last one. For some reason Kate waddled over to the Snorlax and climbed on top of its huge belly. She couldn’t help but bounce just slightly. She giggled but covered her mouth quickly, looking at Ampharos. A small smile idicated that she had heard.

Meanwhile, Back at team galactic headquarters, Saturn was effectively making every one’s life hell. "WHERE IS SHE?!" "We don’t know sir" stammered one of the scientists. "THEN FIND HER!" Saturn shouted. Suddenily something occured to him, he snapped his fingers under the scientist’s nose. "What pokemon’s DNA did we use to stabilize Enezard’s gene sequence?" Enezard Was what the had named the pokemon they had created. It had the purest of venom and toxins in it’s arsenal and the venom alone was estimated to paralyze victims in five minutes and kill in ten, which was twice the speed of a Toxicroak.The scientist consulted a clip board "it was...ah here it is, the donor was Vinnie’s Slowking." Saturn held out his hand "let me see that clip board" The scientist handed it over. Saturn barely looked at it before he started smacking the man with it "You..idiots! Who...Told..You..To..Use...A...Pyschic..Type..Donor!" He shouted delivering a blow with each word. "ouch! We didn’t think it was a problem sir!" "I’ll tell you what the problem is!" he shouted throwing the clip board down "One you disobeyed orders! I told you to use normal type! Two it’s possibal that Enezard inherited some sort of psychic ability! She could be any where in the world now thanks to your blunder!" The scientist, blinked but said nothing. "Go run tests on the blood that she left on the ground! Make sure there’s no way she’ll be able to live through this!"

Kate blushed unhappily as she is pushed around in a stroller by the eletric pokemon.Ampharos was carrying a large light pink diaper bag covered in marills playing. She looked around quietly as Ampharos pushed the stroller into a large metal building kate could only asume was the power plant. Ampharos looked down at her and told her "You’re going to be watching me from a television in the staff room, i work for about 50 minutes at a time and get a ten minute break bewteen each one. My shift ends around midnight so it’s ok if you get tired." Kate nodded glumily but didn’t speak. Ampharos patted her head "Oh don’t worry! They’ll be plenty of young pokemon for you to play with!" Before she could even answer Ampharos opened a door and pushed the stroller inside.



End Chapter 2

kates new family

by: Rezzka Toxxos | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 14, 2009


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