kates new family

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its a pokemon ar story of myn not someone elses but myn

Chapter 1
baby katey

Chapter Description: its the first chapter of the cutest little detective ever

Special Agent Kate trudged through the heavy snows of Mt. Coronet completely unaware of anything watching her. But somewhere behind her a robotic Snover fallowed her recording all that it saw and sending the results to Team Galactic. A shadowy figure stood in front of the screen watching Kate. “Is our creation ready?” a scientist standing next to him flinched and stuttered “Y_y_yes S_sir” he nodded “Good, bring our guest “ the scientist gulped “yes sir” he said a little more confidently as he pressed a button on a small remote. Back on the mountain top the Snover’s eyes glowed bright red as it received its orders. Its mechanical arms shot out and wrapped themselves around Kate. Keeping her arms tied to her body it lifted her off her feet “What the_!” she gasped as she was lifted up. She started to struggle and squirm glaring down at the little mechanical plant pokemon that had her bound so forcefully it felt like she was in a straight jacket. “Let me go!” she shouted as it carried her away, towards a large pillar of icy rock. She knew that Team Galactic had something to do with this for two reasons. One she had been working on their case for the last 5 years and almost single handedly put one of their top leaders Neptune in jail, and two she could half make out their insignia in one of her captor’s folds. Part of the cliff opened as they approached and the robot with its prize waddled inside. She continued to thrash and struggle as the door closed and she knew it was pointless. She was set down in a glass container and the robot only let go when the container was nearly all the way closed so that she had no hope of escape. She pounded on the container wall “let me out of here!” Commander Saturn stepped out of the shadows “Oh I don’t think so” he said with a small smirk on his face. “If we let you go every one would know where our base is and we would have something to test our creation out on” at the word creation her eyes began bugging out “Impossible” she gasped “I knew Team Galactic was working on new genetic technology but I never knew.....” she was cut off as her cage was lowered into the floor “Wait no!” she cried pounding on the glass “You’ll never get away with this” she shouted. Saturn chuckled as the cage disappeared “My dear girl I already have” he turned and looked at a screen on the far wall. Kate’s cage had been pushed into a small teleportation area where she was transported to a small circular room. She whined and looked around timidly. A door opened on the far side and something nearly twice her size scuttled out. It was a deep, rich, purple and scuttled on four legs with two, which sprouted from its upper torso making it look like a Drapion, half raised in the air, instead of pincers on its hands however it had three long vine like fingers on each hand, waving menacing. There were two round red budges on its and on top of it’s lower torso there were holes which pumped smog like gas into the air every few minutes. Its mouth was like a pincer but she could see a long forked tongue flicking in and out. Just above those cruel pincers were two large bulging, red, eyes looking at her so horribly that she couldn’t move.

. That split second delay in movement was all the pokemon needed. It scuttled forward wrapped its fingers around her holding her still. It opened its pincers wide and bit down right on her neck. She could feel the poison going into her blood stream and feel the pokemon licking up the blood that came from the wound. She could see the bulges on its back more clearly now and she realized these were the housings for the venom now coursing through her. It let out a long stream of horrible smelling smog from its lower body before unraveling its fingers from her and letting her fall to the ground. She was forced to breathe in the smog as it scuttled away. She gasped for fresh air and felt a brief sensation of falling before she passed out. “What happened!” shouted Saturn “WHERE DID SHE GO!” the scientist stammered “We don’t know sir. A pokemon just teleported her out of here. We have no idea where she’s gone.” Saturn slammed his fist into a wall “FIND HER!”

Kate groaned as she opened her eyes “What happened?” all the events of hours previously rushed back to her as she blinked in the sunlight “and I’m still alive?” she marveled feeling the wound on her neck. To her surprise she felt a Band-Aid there. Finally her eyes adjusted to the bright light and she could see that she was in a lush green meadow she could see it from the window of what seemed to be a tree house. She sat up rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. “oh good you’re awake” said a voice from the other side of the bed” she jumped and turned around quickly. Sitting there on the floor on the other side of her bed was a huge Ampharos nearly three times her size. She yelped “You can talk?” she looked at her quizzically “Of course I can talk. You can can’t you?” she nods a little beside herself “but usually pokemon can’t communicate with humans.” The Ampharos shrugged and said “That’s probably just a side effect to what ever bit you.” Kate whined and asked “Well why are you so big” the Ampharos blinked and giggled “I’m not big you shrunk on the way here because of your poison. “She whined and whimpered “but I don’t want to be this size. “ Ampharos shrugged “Well you’re going to my baby from now on” she let out a yelp “But I’m an adult I don’t want to be a baby!” Ampharos shrugged again “you can’t take care of yourself very well until you’re back to normal size so I’m going to take care of you. Now come over here and give me a hug” she said brightly as she spread her arms appart. Kate shook her head stubbornly staying in one spot “No I won’t do it.” Ampharos looked a little disappointed “aw come on I promise it won’t be that bad” she sighs unhappily but seeing as she had no choice returned the hug. Ampharos smiled “good now come on let me show you the town” she grabbed her arm and as she was pulled out of bed Kate heard a sort of crinkling sound. She looked down and between her legs was a bleach white diaper with little Jolteon drawn on the waist band. She swore “no way! I am not going to wear a diaper! Let me out of this thing!” Ampharos didn’t even look at her “it was the only human clothes we had in your size now please be quiet.” She blushed and whined “but this is embarrassing.” Ampharos rolled her eyes as they walked hand in hand down a path way.

“See we make all sorts of things just like humans. We have electricity that certain pokemon like myself draw in during thunderstorms. And we have Aggron and things of that sort to make the roads and buildings and we got a very nice Blissey who is the resident doctor, and_” she goes on like this for a few hours as they walk and Kate feels her bladder filling up and eventually she just gets tired of hearing her babble on like this and asks “um you don’t happen to have bathrooms do you?” Ampharos nodded “Yeah. Why?” Kate glared at her “Because I have to get to one” She growled angrily. Ampharos grinned. “You’re wearing a diaper aren’t you” She tried to hit Ampharos as she shouted “ I’m not going to use this diaper now where’s the bathroom!” “Well now I’m defiantly not going to tell you” she whines and pushes against her stomach “come on you have to let me out of this thing! I don’t want to use the diaper.” Ampharos rolled her eyes again and picked her up carrying her down the path going back to the explanation of the town. Kate continued squirming and whimpering until she finally thought. “Screw it” and relieved herself into her diaper. She blushed as the disgusting warm feeling crept over the crotch of her diaper and spread between her knees. She shuddered lightly as she finished and Ampharos looked down at her “You feeling better?” she whimpered and shook her head “No I just wet myself how would you feel?” Ampharos giggled “Well you had to learn that I’m in charge until you grow back to normal. Now lets get you back home and in a clean diaper.” As they walked she hugged Ampharos. Kate buried her face in Ampharos’ yellow fur as she was taken back to the tree house. To be continued...



End Chapter 1

kates new family

by: Rezzka Toxxos | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 14, 2009


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