A Date Night in Diapers

by: Matt Masher | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 10, 2021

A man's date night surprise goes wrong when her wife ends up regressed into a baby. (My first story so I'd really appreciate any criticism)

Chapter 1
A Sweet Tooth and Regressing Chocolate Don't Mix

Chapter Description: Andrew's date night plans go much differently than he expected

    In a quiet suburb, a man in his thirties named Andrew arrived home with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a seemingly normal heart-shaped box of chocolate with a note attached to the front. However, Andrew knew better as he entered his living room and gently placed the box and bouquet on an end table before grabbing the note and reviewing it one last time. “Regresso Corp’s Chocolates of Youth” the note read “Each of these chocolates has been infused with a special ingredient that will temporarily regress the consumer by two years.”

    Andrew looked into the chocolate box “Sixteen pieces” he thought “That’s enough to regress Alexis and me down to eighteen years old.” Andrew had been planning this special date night for weeks a chance to relive their teenage sweethearts years, and all in a tasty package to satisfy his wife’s gluttonous sweet tooth.

    “What you got there handsome?” Andrew heard Alexis’s voice ask, Andrew quickly shoved the note into his pocket and looked towards his wife. Leaning against the doorway was a blonde-haired woman wearing dark red lipstick and a slimming black dress, with matching high heels, that left little to the imagination “I guess you like what you see?” Alexis sarcastically asked noticing her husband’s starring.

    Andrew shook himself out of his stupor “You look lovely honey” he quickly responded awkwardly rubbing the back of his head “Just give me a minute to clean myself up and I’ll show you my little surprise.”

    “Well hurry up then I can’t wait to see” Alexis replied giving Andrew a quick peck on the cheek before playfully shooing him upstairs. Alexis watched her husband jog upstairs before setting her purse down on the end table where she noticed the chocolate box. “Oh is this the surprise?” she pondered slowly opening the box and peering inside. Alexis licked her lips at the tasty morsels within “Andrew is too good to me” she stated snatching a piece from the box. Alexis prepared to throw the chocolate into her mouth before pausing “Maybe I should wait for Andrew to get back?” she questioned before shaking her head and concluding “He should know by now not to leave candy unattended while I’m around.” Quickly consuming her treat, Alexis was too distracted to notice the changes beginning to take place as her body regressed by two years. “This is so good” Alexis moaned out in delight quickly shoveling more chocolate pieces into her mouth unknowingly speeding up her regression as her height began to quickly diminish. Soon Alexis finished her half of the chocolates regressing to towards eighteen years old, however by this point she was fully indulging her sweet tooth and began to eat the second half of the chocolates without any care. By the time the chocolates were finished off, Alexis was a six-year-old licking the remaining chocolate off her fingers “Andrew is going to be pissed but it was so worth it” she thought still unaware of her continuing regression.

    Andrew walked downstairs, now wearing his finest suit and his hair now slicked back with a fair helping of hair gel. “Alright dear let’s get this date night-“ Andrew began as he reached the living room only to stammer in shock at the sight in front of him “Star- -ted?” Standing next to the table holding the now empty chocolate box, was a chubby blonde-haired little baby girl, roughly two years old by Andrew’s guess, with Alexis’s dress barely hanging on her shoulders with most of it trailing behind her and chocolate stains on her hands and around her mouth.

    “Wat ‘rong honey?” Alexis asked innocently looking at her husband seemingly oblivious to her transformation.

    “You ate all the chocolate” Andrew stated unable to emote in any way out of pure shock.

    Alexis’s cheeks grew red as she realized she was caught red-handed “I sowwy honey I no help myself” she apologized toddling over to Andrew before stopping at his feet and looking up in confusion “Wait somethin’ no wight ‘ear?”

    As Alexis looked around wondering how everything got so big, Andrew let out a sigh of defeat and slumped into a nearby chair “Alexis those were age regressing chocolates” he explained rubbing his temples in annoyance.

    “Oh so I a bit wittwer” Alexis responded with an innocent smile on her face as she watched Andrew fish her compact out of her purse.

    “Yeah a little more than a bit honey” Andrew stated as he held the compact open so Alexis could see her reflection.

    Alexis's eyes grew wide as she looked into her reflection “Dat me?” she asked pointing at the compact in confusion “I wittwe babie?”

    Andrew responded with a simple nod before explaining “We were each supposed to eat eight and regress back to eighteen years old.”

    “Oh” Alexis squeaked out a heavy blush of embarrassment covering her face “I wuined da surpwise” she realized looking down in shame as tears began to form in her eyes.

    “Oh no it’s okay honey” Andrew responded, quickly moving out of his chair to kneel next to Alexis, “I shouldn’t have left the chocolates unattended I know how you get around sweets” he reassured gently pat her on the back.

    Alexis awkwardly wiped the tears with her balled-up fists perking up slightly before asking “Honey how wong I gonna be babie?”

    “That’s a good question” Andrew mentally noted, he had asked the salesman how long it would take for him and Alexis to get back to normal and was told it would take about twenty-four hours however, he had a feeling that this would take longer than that for his wife to get back to normal. Quickly pulling the note out of his pocket he looked over it again and finding no new information to help him he balled it threw it away. “I don’t know,” He confessed shocking Alexis in the process “but I do know it will wear off eventually” seeing his wife still looked uncertain Andrew continued “and until then I’ll take care of you.”

    Alexis brighten up at those words “Tank u sweetie” she excitedly replied pulling Andrew into a tight hug, well as tight a hug a toddler could provide.

    Andrew lifted Alexis into his arms, hearing two soft thuds as her shoes slipped off, holding her close to his chest. “First we need to get this mess off your face” he stated indicating the chocolate stains and now ruined makeup on Alexis’s face as he stood up and made his way towards the bathroom.



End Chapter 1

A Date Night in Diapers

by: Matt Masher | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 10, 2021


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