The Chrono Stone

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021

Chapter 9
Finale: The Stone is MINE!!!

Chapter Description: Thats it folks, the end of Chrono Stone. One day there will be a sequel~

The Stone is Mine!

Dominique screamed as the stone flared to life around her, the others taking cover from the burst of light, hoping not to be caught in the wave like last time.  Dominique held fast to the stone, somehow unable to drop it, not daring to lose her prize even as she doubted its authenticity.  The light flared and wind whipped past them, before the stone fell silent, the green light fading to nothing except the deep gleam it normally possessed.  Dominique looked to it, her eyes blinking at the spots before them, before she looked at her body.  Everyone crept up from their hiding places to see what  had happened to her as she checked her body furiously.  Then when she found nothing, she looked up, her eye twitching at the Blades.

“What the hell was that!?”  She hissed at Jewel. “What was that light!?”

“That was the trap Mila set for us.”  Jewel grinned as she was using her magic to heal her leg.  “See… she swapped that stone with the one you gave her… its worthless, except as a trap.

“A trap… what does that m-eeaaooOOOOH” Dominique gasped as she sank down towards the floor, as if having stepped off into a pool.

Instantly her features thinned, her face narrowed inward, her body losing almost six inches and her gloves becoming wrinkled as her trousers bunched up around her ankles.  She blinked in surprise as her sword dropped down from her hand, dragging the glove off to reveal a thin and delicate hand.  Her breast plate which had ridden high on her chest suddenly sank down as the round bosom beneath it sank away, leaving behind a relatively flat and sensitive surface.  She tried to bend down to grab her sword, but stumbled as her armor pulled her off balance.  Her pants slid down in the back to reveal her butt was now a flat teenage affair, rosy patches of red on the raised parts of her cheeks as she reached back and tried to haul her trousers back up.

“Wow!”  Jewel gasped.  “Who would imagine… she looks so skinny and thin!  Like a guttersnipe if I ever saw one!”

“Ha… she actually lookth like she was a bookith child!”  Titania laughed.

“NO!”  She growled, though her husky voice wasn’t nearly as intimidating as a skinny teenager.  “No!  You can’t do this to me!  I’ll kill you all!”  She shrieked, trying to lift her heavy sword, but finding it beyond her skinny size.

“Having troubew with that sword there Dominique?”  Krya laughed.

“Shut UP!”  Dominique roared, but the roar was wobbly and soft as she began to shrink down once more.

She sank low, her trousers careening down to her pants as she grunted, her skinny sleeve draped arms rising to catch her heavy breastplate.  She wobbled left and right as she lost more height, almost a foot, and found herself standing on her skinny exposed legs, her tunic covering her groin and tiny boyish butt.  Tomboy was the word that came to mind as she shrank, her face becoming androgynous, her hair shorter and her puffed up straining cheeks making her look like she was a tomboy playing in her father’s armor.  She toppled backwards finally, buried under her baggy armor, as she kicked and fought to right herself, like a turtle on its back.

“Now… that is funny.”  Tethys grinned from behind a crate.

“Gah!  GRRRRR!”  She growled as her tiny childish face peeked out from within her shirt.  “This injustice will not go unpunished!”  She blurted in a girlish tone.

“Careful Dominique, I think I saw you girly butt!”  Jewel laughed.

“Verily, there ith nothing girlith about thith urchin!”  Titania giggled as she helped Jewel up.

“I AM NOT some little giwl to be mocked!”  Dominique blurted as her bare bottom peeked out from under her tunic as she tried to right herself.  Finally she managed to peek her head free, getting up to her knees and glaring down at her shrunken body, tears in her eyes.  “This… this is injustice…”  She was adorable now, short hair and big eyes watering as she fumed, puffing out her cheeks.

“Are you going to cry witew girw?”  Kryan teased.

“Yeah, I think she’s just mad that we shrank her down to size!”  Jewel snorted.  “Well get used to it you old hag!”

“Old hag!”  Titania snickered.  “I think thath ironic?”

They exploded into laughter as even Tethys grinned at the pile of tangled clothing and armor that lay before them, as the former head of the Order struggled and fought to escape.

“You wetches!”  Dominique lisped, one shoulder peeking out the top of her tunic as she fought to escape her baggy garments and climb free from here oversized armor.  “I pwomise you, once I get fwee fwom this… I will kill you all!”  She wailed, her hair bobbing about as she kicked and squirmed to escape.

“Ha!”  Titania laughed, walking over and pointing her sword in Dominique’s tiny face.  “You loth!  We beat you, now submit!”

Dominique stared at the sword, her mouth falling out in a childish expression of defeat, her bottom lip trembling as she held her shirt up to cover her flat chest.  Tears rolled down her cheeks as she puffed them out in anger and shook her head.

 “N-no...”  She weakly moaned.

Without warning, Dominique suddenly launched herself up from her clothing, only her tunic still draped over her.  This surprised Titania as the growling child grabbed her by the hair, and threw her aside with a sharp yank.  She then rushed toward Jewel, her eyes filled with hatred, and her fingers clenching at the air.

“The stone is mine!” she screamed, not unlike a childish brat would, grabbing onto Jewel’s hands, I’m trying to pull her down.

“Get her off me!” Jewel screamed, as she tried to pull her way free from Dominique’s grip.

Krya rushed over, and tried to grab Dominique by the shoulders.  “Wet her go!” she yelled.

Dominique twisted towards her, leaping up and kicking her square in the chest, incidentally flashing her tiny bottom at the same time.

“I can still kill you all!”  Dominique roared, though the boast was weak and childish.  “I’ll get my stone and buwy you all!” she said, before she reached down and bit Jewel on the arm.

“OW!” Jewel cried out, then squealing as Dominique grabbed a clump of her hair.  “N-no biting!  You can’t bite people in a fight!”

“Watch me you wetched tuwd!” Dominique snapped, as she began to slap Jewel in the side of the head.

Titania manage to get back to her feet, are angry expression on her face as she raced towards the squabbling pair.  Before she could get there, she was slammed in the side, stumbling into a crate and hitting her shoulder.  When she recovered she turned to see Tethys had body slammed her when she wasn’t looking, at was no glaring at her with a twisted smile.

“Did you forget about me old friend?”  She laughed, her cruel expression growing more intense.

Titania answered her, by running up and Nimes her in the stomach as hard as she could.  The twisted little girl gasped, then groaned loudly and stumbled back holding her stomach.  Titania then rushed over and began to flapper in the face aggressively, clearly quite angry.

“I wanted to kick your butt for yearth!”  Titania said as she and Tethys began to slap at each other, in a childish impotent fight.  “You’ve detherved thith ever thinth we met and now… I am going to give you your juth rewardth!

“Stop talking…”  Tethys snapped, before slapping Titania in the forehead with a wide open palm. “… and start fighting you twerp!”

Tethys and Titania grappled with one another, each seizing the other’s hands, and then trying to twist them off balance.  Titanium was taller, which gave her better leverage as she tried to throw Tethys aside, growling in a loud childish voice.  Tethys was smaller, but fit and wiry, twisting and manipulating her body to counter each of her opponent’s maneuvers.  They screamed and hissed, Titania trying to knee her smaller opponent in the chest several times, while Tethys continue to try and bite Titania’s fingers whenever they came close enough to her mouth.  They made a terrible mess, falling over crates, tipping over barrels, even landing on a chicken at one point, all the while screaming and yelling like two sisters in the most terrible tantrum ever.

“You ugly bith!”  Titania snarled as she kicked around the side, hitting Tethys in her tiny butt.  “You were alwath tho cruel to me!”

Tethys cried out and jumped from the kick, before returning one to Titania’s shin. “You were weak and deserved it!”

“OWIE!” Titania blurted, before growling through tears.  “I thought you were my friend!  I would have died to thave you!”

“Hahahah!  You were a big baby then too!”  Tethys laughed, leaning in and biting Titania’s hands causing the red head to cry out and release her hand.  Tethys rushed forward and slapped at her. “You want me to change your diaper baby?!”  She laughed like the bullying brat she was.

Titania had more tears in her eyes as she clutched her hand and backed away from the slapping onslaught.  “You butthead!  I only wanted to be your comrade, but you were a rude little thit!”  She said as she rushed forward and head butted the smaller girl.

There was a loud crack as both girls cried out and backed away from the other.  “AH… big meanie!”  Tethys wined as she rubbed her forehead.

“You tharted it!”  Titania yelled back.

“Nuh uh!”  Tethys snarled, picking up a blob of mud from the ground and throwing it at Titania.

The mud splatted against Titania’s chest, causing her to squeal and wipe at it furiously.  “What the hell!  Thith ith a fight!  You can’t throw mud in a fight!”  She said as she bent down and scooped up a handful of her own.

“I’ll do what I want you big baby!”  Tethys had her muddy hands on her hips and was laughing when a blob of mud from Titania slapped her in the face, causing her to squeal as Titania burst out laughing.

“Now you look like what you are!  A thinky turd!”  Titania roared as Tethys turned red, tears in her eyes.

“RRRRRRRAGH!”  She roared as she tackled Titania and the pair began to roll around in the mud, kicking and squealing.

Behind them, Jewel and Krya were struggling to subdue the smaller but stronger Dominique, who fought like an incensed animal, biting, pulling hair and scratching them furiously.

“What are you an orc?”  Jewel cried as she was scratched on her exposed arm, causing her to wail.

“You’we no match fow me!”  Dominique yelled as she grabbed Jewel by the back of her shirt and threw her against a nearby post on the side of a building. 

Jewel’s head slapped into it and the small girl went down with a deep groan.  Jewel went down as Dominique glared down at her, malice in her youthful face as she reached down to grab Jewel by the hair.

“I don’t cawe if you are childwen…”  She said as she put her foot down on Jewel’s neck, preparing to wrench her head upwards.

“Jewew!  You monster!”  Krya barked, kicking Dominique in the side, and throwing her off of Jewel. She continued her assault, kicking at Dominique’s chest and legs, trying to knock her over.  “I’ww kiww you fo what you just did!”

“You sounds so stupid…”  She huffed, bringing her body into a trained stance.

Dominique may have been a child, but she still thought like an adult, and when Krya kicked next her hands caught the small rogue’s foot grabbing Krya’s leg and pushing her back.  Krya gasped and stumbled down, her leg outstretched as Dominique leapt up after her, bounding up off a small box and then brining both of her feet down on Krya’s exposed ankle.  There was a soft sickening crack as Dominique’s feet came down on Krya’s leg as the small thief hissed, her lip trembling before she fell back in pack. 

“A-AHAAAAAGH!”  Krya screamed, before she began to sob and wail, as Dominique stepped back, unsure as to whether or not she had broken or just dislocated Krya’s ankle. 

“Oh, did that huwt?”  She hissed with menace.  She didn’t really care, turn to find her armor and reaching down into its folds and retrieving her dagger.  “This should do…”  She said as she unsheathed the blue silver dagger, raising it like a sword.

Just then Tethys took a swing at Titania, and slipped in the mud, spinning wildly out of control.  When Tethys landed down on her hands and knees, Titania dove and grabbed her sword, jumping back to her feet.  By the time Tethys was able to get her hands and feet under her, she found Titania’s blade pointing right at her face causing the small brat to squeal softly.

“You looth”  Titania lisped.

Tethys looked to the sword, then to the serious expression on Titania’s face and began to laugh in a staccato nervous rhythm “C-can we talk this out?”  Tethys said, suddenly smiling awkwardly, raising her hands.

“I don’t know…”  Titania said, spitting mud from her tiny lips.  “Why shouldn’t I just kill you now?”

“Because…”  Dominique said suddenly, causing both to look up.  Dominique was holding a dagger over Jewel, her face dark and serious for a child’s.  “I’ll kill hew if you do… let hew up…”

“Ha!”  Titania laughed.  “You kill Jewel and Tethyth ith dead too.” 

Tethys looked back and forth as a cold smile came over Dominique.  “I can use hew… but I don’t need hew… and I don’t love hew like a sistew… like you do Jewel or the wogue hewe…”

Something in Dominique’s eyes made Titania feel like she would kill Jewel either way, and that she should just kill Tethys anyway.  However… a part of her wanted to forgive Tethys, not kill her, and she couldn’t risk any harm coming to Jewel, even if it meant losing.  Maybe she could buy time.

“We thep back together!”  She said.

Dominique nodded and both girls back away from their hostages slow, careful not to make any sudden movements.  “Get ovewe hewe you dolt.”  Dominique hissed to Tethys.

Tethys grinned evilly and slowly stood, wiping the mud from her child sized costume.  She began to walk towards Dominique, both girls grinning at each other.

“Sorry Titania… there won’t be a next time.”  Tethys laughed.  She then looked to Dominique before gesturing towards Krya. “I’ll get her?”

Dominique nodded.  “Kill hew.”

“You thnaketh.”  Titania hissed, preparing to race in, hoping she could save at least one.

As the duo split up to do their deeds, a voice cried out from the end of the alley.  “DOMINIQUE!” 

Everyone froze as all eyes went to see Mila, the stone still embedded in her outstretched hand as she raised it towards them.  Behind her stood Naomi, her eyes locked onto Dominique who returned the icy glare.  Tethys seemed stunned as Krya and Titania sighed in relief at the sight of their allies.

“H-how!”  Tethys cried.  “The other knights should have…”  She trailed off and looked to Dominique.

Dominique huffed a grunting laugh.  “Isn’t it obvious?  She’s tuwned all ouw knights into babies…”

“And you’re next!”  Mila snapped.

“Dominique… we finally meet.”  Naomi sneered.

“Nass’asir…”  Dominique grinned, seeming pleased by this turn of events.  “I thought you’d be tallew.”  She said as she spit.

“You’ve harassed me long enough.  Today I’ll take revenge on you and your order!”  Naomi snapped through bared sharp teeth.

“Hmm… I assume by now youw cultists have been appwehended.”  Dominique said calmly as Naomi started.  “Most likely back at my fowtwess… I’ll probably have them all killed soon.

“H-how can you be so cruel?!”  Naomi asked.

This made Dominique laugh as she shook her head.  “Don’t tell me you cawe fow them?  Those sex slaves you call a cult?”  Her laughter made Naomi tremble with rage.  “Ha!  I’m being lectuwed by a demon about cawing!  They wewe nothing to you!  You twansfowmed them whenevew you got angwy!  You think you can actually cawe fow a living being?”  She then began to roar with laughter as she stood her ground.

Naomi began to tear up, the sudden realization that many of her cultists actually cared for her… some even liking her possibly and the thought was too much for a demon to bear.  Someone cared for her… and she used them.  The Blades cared for each other and risked their life to save her and Mila.  She shook her head, unable to bear the feeling of guilt which weighed on her like a mountain.

“I… I used them… I have no right to care for them!”  She said as she clenched her fists.  “But I will stop you!  You’re more evil than any abyssal I ever met!”

Dominique stopped laughing, and spit to the side.  “You are twash, and those pwisonews will cuwse youw name befowe they die.  “I’ll make suwe to tell them you said to let them wot!”

“I’ll kill you!”  Naomi cried out, her sharpened nails flashing, when Mila held her back.

“You started this mess… end it now.  Walk away!”  Mila barked.

“No chance… you don’t fwighten me you guttew wetch.”  Dominique sneered.

Tethys laughed and stood up straight, encouraged by her boss’ confidence.  “You can’t beat Dominique!”

“I can try!”  Mila wailed, pulling her hand back and firing a burst of the magical energy at Dominique. 

As if from nowhere, Dominique pulled her red crystal out of her tunic, bringing it up just in time to block the spell of time magic.  With a bang that staggered Dominique slightly, the bolt ricocheted off the red crystal and shot sideways, blasting the cocky Tethys in the chest.  She wailed in disbelief and shock before she suddenly imploded down into her small clothes with a loud wail.  Her hands pulled down into her sleeves, her legs up into the tunic she had been using as a dress, and her face sucked into her collar, her hair trailing behind her, while her clothes flipped over in the air as gloves and boots tumbled away.  When her tunic landed it made a loud splat in the mud before falling open to reveal Tethys was now a small baby girl, her hair spilling down as she began to wail and pound at the ground in an incredible tantrum.

“Ha…”  Titania thought.  “A fitting reward.”

Dominique glared down at her infant partner in disgust before shaking her head.  “Always such a loud bwat…”  Dominique hissed, looking back to Mila.  Mila was down on her hands and knees, breathing hard as Naomi stood besides her trying to hold her up.  “Oh?  Feeling a bit dwained?”  Dominique sneered, gripping her dagger and walking forward.

Mila felt sick, her body tense and clenched as if she had run for seven miles in an instant.  She felt like she would vomit, shaking her head and trying to focus as her skin was suddenly pale.

“What’s… happening to me…”  She gasped through choking breaths.

“It’s my power… it drains your life to use it.”  Naomi said, her eyes filling with tears as Dominique slowly advanced.  “I-I-I’m sorry Mila… unless you can rest, you can’t use it anymore.”

“Using youw powew… takes a lot out of you, doesn’t it Mila?”  Dominique laughed, flashing the dagger back and forth as she approached the gasping Mila.  “No, don’t get up!  I’ll just cut it out of youw wowthless skin!”  She actually laughed.

Naomi suddenly jumped between them, throwing her arms wide as Dominique stopped.  “NO!  NO MORE!”

“Sure…”  Dominique said.  “I’ll kill you fiwst then!”  She hissed as she raised her dagger and lunged for the blue skinned child.

Everyone watched in stunned silence as the dagger shot down towards Naomi’s chest, plunging in deep as a spray of blue fluid came down from the wound.  Titania screamed as tried to rush forward, slipping in the mud, while Mila and Krya gasped in disbelief.

Naomi’s eyes went pale as she gasped in pain as the dagger sank down into her chest.  Dominique grinned and licked her lips at this moment of satisfaction.

“Finally… you awe no mowe!”  She laughed, when Naomi grabbed her hand and held her wrist tightly.  Dominique his and tried to pull the dagger back, but the grip was like iron.  “Welease me now!”

“You never understood Dom-inique…”  Naomi said, the words pushed forward, strained and full of pain.  “The power she has comes from me!”  Naomi cried.  “And I have just enough to stop you now!”  She gasped as her eyes began to glow a bright blue, and light slowly grew from her body.

“No! NOOOOO!”  Dominique screamed, trying to pull back.

“You can’t get away from me now!”  Naomi sneered through her fangs.  “You’re coming with me!”

“Naomi you can’t!”  Mila cried out.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  Dominique screamed.

Then there was an explosion of light that filled the alley, blinding everyone there and blasting everyone back.  The sound and light was desensitizing, and Mila tried to blink her senses back into focus.  She realized suddenly that she wasn’t exhausted anymore and almost that she felt amazing.  When her eyes readjusted and she could see once more, she blinked to clear the spots from her vision. 

“Titania?  Mila?”  She heard Jewel cry out.

“Jewel?”  Titania called back.

“Titania?”  Mila gasped, as she rose to her feet.  “Are you all ok?”

“Seems so…”  Krya said with a grunt.  “My weg… its fine.  I think I was heawed.”

“Where’s Naomi!”  Jewel cried out.

“I-I think she…”  Mila said as she tried to feel her way down the wall, reaching for where Naomi had been.  “I think she sacrificed…”

“She couldn’t have!”  Jewel gasped.

Soon their vision adjusted and all four girls could see the others, each standing, their cuts and scars gone, their bleeding staunched and their broken bones knitted.  They all could see their bodies glowing with light, and then turned at once to a new sensation, a sound.

There in the center of the alley was a small tunic, laying flat in the mud where Dominique and Naomi had been standing.  There, half buried inside the shirt was a newborn baby girl, her short hair in the exact pattern as Dominique had been wearing, a matching scar on her face leaving no doubt.  Dominique, the terrifying and cruel leader of the order was a baby now, her mind buried deep within the fog of infancy, and her body now a helpless and wrinkled little bundle.  Her feet kicked inside the tunic as she began to whimper and then whine in a high helpless tone, joined by her angry subordinate Tethys as both babies sobbed and cried out against their new lot in life.

“Seems more than she deserved.”  Jewel said.

“Indeed, the deservth worth for what the did to uth… and Naomi.”

Everyone fell silent, seeing no sign of their friend as they scanned the alley.  No one had the strength to say anything, each of them both stunned that they missed her, and saddened that she had destroyed herself just as she was starting to act like a person.

“She… she was a better soul that I thought.”  Mila said softly.

“Indeed, she could have ran, and left us.” Jewel added.

“Maybe she just couwdn’t wet Dominique win…”  Krya said with a shrug.

“Either way… the wathn’t tho bad.”  Titania said as she hung her head.

“Yeah.  Thank you Naomi.”  Mila said.

“Oh shut up, you sentimental idiots.”  A tiny voice, like that of a bug rose up from Dominique.

Everyone drew their weapons and backed up from the sobbing baby, fear on their faces when the tunic suddenly floated up.  Out from the tunic came a small glowing ball of light, which tinkled and sputtered as it wobbled through the air and then landed down on Dominique’s little forehead, causing the baby to coo and look up at her.  It was a fairy, small and glowing like a firefly, but blue, with sharp teeth and a grimace on her face.  She looked like a grumpy little girl, and… she looked like Naomi.  Everyone suddenly was overcome, a smile crossing each of their faces as they looked to each other and then to her.

“Well…”  The blue fairy squeaked in an angry voice.  “This… this wasn’t supposed to happen…”

All four girls began to laugh and shed tears of joy at the sight of their savior, now an adorable girl and a fairy, sitting on the baby’s forehead, arms crossed with an undignified sour look on her face.

“This isn’t funny…” Naomi hissed.


A fortnight later, all The Blade’s along with Mila’s gang and the newly transformed fairy Naomi were safely hidden away almost fifty miles away in the small trading post of Lena.  They had all been able to rework their child sized costumes, and replace equipment lost during the fire back in Fara’s tavern. They had avoided the Order’s second set of troops who arrived only minutes after they had escaped the town into the hills.  There they had rested in the peace and quiet of a small cabin Jaks’ family owned, recovering their strength and planning for the future.  Much of this time was spent helping Naomi learn to fly in her new body, while Mila learned to live in her smaller form.

Later Krya had learned that the infant members of the Order, including Dominique, Tethys and Alonza had all been found and sent back to the temple.  The Order would want revenge, but would most likely be bogged down in choosing another leader and also struggling to figure out what had happened as Dominique had kept the affair mostly secret.  In fact only just the last evening Jaks had returned with news that the infant members of the order had been sent to the Order Monastery of St Ashe to be cared for as they grew, and without any evidence of wrong doing from Dominique, most of Naomi’s followers had been released, save the babies who would be raised in the order.

So as the sun was rising at the end of their respite, they all sat together in the cabin eating what Olga called breakfast, which was little more than bacon and a gravy she called “Bird sauce” which tasted fine but no one dared ask what was in it.

“Well, it’s been good to rest and take some time to get used to our bodies… but what now?”  Mila asked.  “I mean, we have the stone?  What should we do with it?”

“We could use to get more money and power?”  Olga asked a she shoveled a blob of gravy and bacon onto Krya’s plate, the small girl grimacing at the sight of it.

Jaks nodded.  “I mean, she has a point.” He gestured to Olga.  “I mean, Dominique wanted to use it for evil, but we could use it sparingly.”

“And just what are we going to do with it?”  Jewel asked.

Jaks shrugged.  “I dunno, find some rich person and offer to restore their youth for a price.”  Olga nodded with him at this.

“Oh sure!”  Naomi said as she sat on the table with her legs crossed beneath her, now wearing a small dress made from a stitched together set of fabric.  “And when they tell others about the stone, we’ll have fifty “Dominiques” trying to hunt us down.”

“Then we punch them or make them little”  Olga grunted.

“No come on…”  Jewel hissed.  “We can’t stay this way!  We need to get back to normal!”

“Thee is right.”  Titania nodded as Krya sat hip to hip with her, the two women-turned-girls having been mildly closer since everything had happened.  “I don’t want to thpend the reth of my life with this hideouth lithp.”

“I want my breasts back, and I want to be taww again!”  Krya added.

“Agreed!” All of the shrunken women said, nodding in unison.

“Ok, so then how?”  Mila asked looking down to the blue fairy who was gnawing loudly on a huge piece of bacon.  “How do we restore ourselves?”

Naomi finished chewing and swallowed a huge chunk of bacon, before she grumbled.  “Hmm… well we could find a demon that can make people older?”  She stood up and put her hand on her chin.

“That’s stupid!”  Krya snapped. 

“You’re stupid!”  Naomi hissed back.  “Shut up I’m trying to think.”

She paced back and forth on the table, her tiny bare feet padding past crumbs and several small puddles of juice and ale

“There’s got to be a way.”  Jewel said as she looked to Mila.

“What if we get you back to your normal body?”  Mila asked the fairy.  “I mean back to full… demony-ness?”

Naomi shook her head.  “Naw, I shrink things, I can’t make em bigger.”  She fell silent and then slowly looked up.  “We… could go to Satya.”  She said looking up?”

“Ith that a perthon?”  Titania asked.

“No, it’s a place, but in that place there’s an oracle.”  Naomi said, buzzing up from the table of her tiny wings.  “They could know a way to get back to normal… It’s at least possible… problem is…”

“What?”  Jewel asked, holding out her hand for Naomi to land on. 

“It’s across the blasted wastes in the south east.  Nothing but ruins, deserts and snake people.”  She said with a shrug.

Jewel turned pale.  “S-snake people?  I-I don’t like snakes…”

“Yeah, lamias mostly.”  Naomi shrugged.  “They are friendly enough as long as you don’t piss them off.”

“So how wong would this take?”  Krya asked.

Naomi considered this and then looked back to everyone.  “It would take at least three or four months… and would be rough.  Little food and water along the way.”  She then fluttered up and floated between them all.  “But… if anyone would know how to get you back to normal, it would be the oracle.”

Everyone looked to each other and then back to Naomi.

“Count me in.” Mila said, as Olga and Jaks nodded beside her.

“I can’t face what’s left of my family as a kid.”  Jewel said, standing up.  “I’ll go.”

“I suppose ith or thay a kid forever, tho count me in!”  Titania said with a smile.

Krya sighed and puffed up her cheeks as she glared at her allies.  “Damn it… I don’t want to go down to the wastes… but… seeing as my stupid awwies are going…”  She stretched her arms over her head and stood up.  “I guess that means I have to, so wet’s get started.  The sooner we go, the sooner we can come back.”

“Naomi?  Would you guide us?”  Mila asked.

Naomi shrugged.  “It’s go with you or hide as an adorably sickening fairy.  Seems I have no choice.”

“Then it’s settled.” Jewel said, looking the others “The Blades and company are going to find the Oracle of Satya.”







Deep within the darker realms of reality, in a fortress of stone and bone, sat the great Abyssal before his court and his supper.  The Abyssal was the size of a barn, sitting on a throne of living tissue, the skin moving as he shifted his huge bulk back and forth to watch.  Nearby hundreds of demonic beings and trapped souls hurried to bring him a feast of flesh and marrow, wine made from blood and the very sorrow of the world made manifest into matter.  He rolled his big glowing yellow orbs of eyes back and forth as he took in what he was watching.  Before him spun a swirling vortex of energy hung over a horseshoe shaped table, twelve of his most powerful warriors and champions sitting around and watching with interest.  In the window he could see the glittering blue form of Nass’assir, or Naomi as she was being called now and he leaned forward, his sweaty yellowish brown skin folding into huge fat rolls as he began to laugh.


He boomed, the other twelve champions hissed in agreement.


With that he began to belt out hideous laughter as the other joined in, all eyes shifting to the single empty chair at the end of the table… the seat once reserved for the thirteenth member of his unholy champions.


He lurched forward on to hideous fat legs, his claws and talons digging into the floor as he rose to his full height and towered down over the others, who bowed and scrapped to avoid being in his attention.


With that he and the others erupted into laughter that shook the room and terrified all present.

To be continued in the next story…



End Chapter 9

The Chrono Stone

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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