The Chrono Stone

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Chapter 7
What Now?

What Now?

The rain was coming down outside as Tiffy wiped down the counters, nervous but confident that she was about to make a lot of money.  All she had to do was play it cool until morning and with Roger about to head home for the night the place should be nice and quiet. Nearby at the hearth sat a gorgeous but rough looking red headed woman in gray armor with a fur cloak and an eye patch over her left eye.  She often came in and sipped ale by the fire to stay warm, and Tiffy thought she was a drifter with no home. Behind her near the counter was a graceful long haired elf woman in a green dress with a spear over her back named Seidana, who was a regular. Never spoke much but she had a nice rack which Tiffy wanted to rest her head on.

She watched as two men, finally sated on meat and wine, stood and walked from the tavern, their murmuring discussion swallowed up by the rain fall. 

“Well things ought to stay quiet now that Boris and Arga are gone.”  Roger said, emerging from the kitchen with an oil slicker. “You going to be ok till Nana comes in at midnight?”

Tiffy grinned, making an ok sign with her hand and allowing her large bust to bounce.  “Will be fine! Go home and rest Roger.”

He watched her chest heave, sighed and went to the door.  “Ugh… not fair.” He muttered.

“What’s not fair?”  Tiffy asked as he reached the door.

“Bad enough you have to flirt like that, but then you are actually alluring as hell.  Not fair.” He grumbled as he too stepped out and was swallowed by the falling rain and darkness.

“Gotta keep people distracted.”  Tiffy said, sticking out her tongue. 

She leaned over, peering up the stairs, listening to any sign that her “guests” were awake, but heard nothing.

“Just gotta stay out till mornin.”  She said to herself. “Just sleep it off in a nice comfy bed.”  She said as she turned to wipe the counter down once more.

“Who’s gotta stay put?”  Mia asked, now sitting directly in front of Tiffy.

Tiffy was so surprised that she jumped back, gasping and then attempting to recover her composure.

“Oh Mila!  You scared me.”  She blurted. “Now what’re you doing out of bed?  Aren’t you tired.”

Mila was gently probing her teeth with a finger, not looking at Mila.  “Well, we were, but Olga is keeping us up.”

“Oh!”  Tiffy laughed, patting her hands on the table.  “Well I can fix that! Let me go get some ox milk mixed with ale and once warmed up, she’ll nod right off.”  She winked and then turned to go to the larder. “On the house of course.”

“Naw, won’t help.”  Mila said as Olga came around from inside the kitchen, blocking the door.

Tiffy slid to a stop almost walking into the tall orc’s huge breasts.  She looked up from within Olga’s shadow as the orc glared down at her, her teeth seeming to glittering in the low light of the tavern.

“Uh… what are you doing in the kitchen?”  Tiffy asked, an electric sensation of fear growing up her spine.

“See Olga get’s insomnia…”  Mia continued as Olga put her hands on Tiffy’s shoulders and forcibly turned her back to face Mila.  “…If she thinks someone is setting us up, or planning to stab us in the back.”

“OH FU-“  Tiffy thought, her eyes darting from Mila to Olga’s hands and then to the door, where Jaks was leaning with his hand on the hilt of his short sword.  She began to laugh nervously, turning to Mila. “W-w-what are you talking about? Is-Is someone out to get you? Are you hiding from someone-“

Olga stood her in front of Mila, and Tiffy watched as all three of the children Blades climbed up onto bar stools, the small shrouded child following them and standing up next to Mila.

“L-ladies… what can I-“  Tiffy started, her heat beginning to pound so hard her head hurt.

“Start talking.  When will the Order get here?”  Mila asked.

“Th-the Order?”  Tiffy asked, shaking her head a bit.  “What does the Order have to do with anything?”

“Quit bullshitting me.”  Mila snapped, careful to sound calm so as not to alert the other two patrons.  “Tell us when the Order will be here or I’ll leave you to Olga.”

“Olga?”  Tiffy asked, looking up at the green orc, who grinned down at her, before pursing her lips in a mock kiss.  “I-I see…” Tiffy sighed. She looked around, seeing the conviction in everyone’s eyes and her shoulders slumped.  “Damn… who was it?”

“Jaks saw you.”  Mila said calmly.  “When your friend came to the door.”

Tiffy scowled.  “Jaks you creep… I knew you were always staring at my chest!”

“Actually, Jaks like your butt more.”  Olga grunted.

“Olga!”  Jaks hissed.

“Well… it is nice.”  Tiffy giggled.

Mila grabbed her by the chin, the barmaid’s eyes bulging for a moment, before she furrowed her brow in defiance.  “When are they coming for us?”

“Soon enough!”  Tiffy responded, shaking her chin.  “Then I won’t have to work as a barmaid anymore!  They’re paying me a thousand crowns a head!”

“So that’s your price eh?”  Krya said with a hiss. “You swut!”

“You three always had it easy.”  Tiffy said with a sneer. “Pretty and skilled.  Not to mention you had each other!” 

“You were our friend!”  Titania growled. “How could you do thith to uth?”

“You weren’t my friends you were my customers! All I had was a body that got people to pay attention, so I used it!”  Tiffy hissed back at them.

“Tell us what we want to know.”  Jewel snapped. “When will they get here?  Which way are they coming from? How many are coming?”

Tiffy ignored her, looking from person to person with anger in her eyes.  “I’m not telling you anything. I’d rather cut off a nipple than lose the money they are offering.

“That can be arranged.”  Olga grunted.

“You were always so proud of those damned wineskins of yours!  Like having a big bust makes you better!”  Jewel said sharply.

Tiffy snorted.  “Coming from a flat noblewoman, that’s rich.”  Jewel hissed through her teeth at that as Tiffy tilted her head back to smile at her.  She then let a sneer cross her face and leaned in “Not to mention, I was referring to how you were flat before you turned into a toddler!”  Tiffy then chuckled, her hand over her mouth.

“You bitch!  You’re gonna tell us-“  Jewel snapped, but Mila raised her hand to silence her.

“No, Jewel… you’re right.  She should be proud; she’s a grown mature woman.”  Mila said with a smirk. “And unless she wants to vanish, she’s going to tell us what we want to know.”

“Good luck.  You aren’t killers or you would have killed the demon you have hidden there.”  Tiffy snorted. “Great disguise tho… a blanket? That’s rich.” Tiffy laughed as the Blades looked to Naomi and then to each other.

A green glow came over the counter as Mila pulled her glove off and the Chrono Stone shimmered in the low light.   Tiffy winced at first and then leaned back to study the glowing stone, confusion on her face. The Blades all looked to Mila as she stared at the surprised Barkeep.

“Miwa… what are you-?”  Krya started to ask.

“Start talking, or I shrink those pumpkins back into squash!”  She said, grinning while everyone else cringed inwardly at her pun.

“HA!”  Tiffy laughed.  “If you could use that power, you’d have turned those kids back to adults by now!”  She said with a broad smile curling her lips. “Learn to bluff better!”

Mila said nothing.  She just stared at Tiffy, her hand glowing.  Then she closed her eyes, a low humming rising up from within the stone.  Tiffy grimaced as worry came over her face, the Blades all ducking down below the bar.  The stone made a bright flash and a burst of green magic shot out into the air. It spun like a firefly a moment and then instead of shooting for Tiffy, it flew over the bar like a swooping swallow.  It shot past the elf and then turned and headed for the one-eyed knight.

“Look out!”  Mila cried, but it was too late.

The knight was hit in the chest, her body began to glow as she groaned and stood on shaky legs.  Her long red hair began to slowly ascend her backside, her pants wrinkling at her ankles and knees.  Her hands slid up towards her sleeves, her heavy leather gloves coming loose and flopping off as they did.  Her strong cheekbones faded, her straight edged nose began to shrink, her thin but red lips fading as well. Her cape began to slump down on the floor and she gasped in surprise.

“What magic is this?”  She asked in a deep voice.  However when she spoke again it was much higher, cracking as her body thinned.  “Why am I getting smaller? What’s happening to me?!” She cried as thinning preteen.

Behind her slouching breastplate, her breasts had vanished, shrinking back into her flattened torso.  Her rear sucked up, each round cheek deflating in a race with the other, her muscular thighs becoming reedy and narrow.  Her legs shrank so much that only the fact that her pants were tied to her tunic for battle, kept them from sliding down and flashing her tiny little pink rear.  Finally her eye patch slid down, her face too small for it, revealing to the blinking and confused little lone wolf, that her eye had indeed been restored by this magic.  Now she blinked, around six years old and barely able to hold her armor up as an adorable red haired child.

“Oops…”  Mila whispered.

“You dummy… that’s not how you do it!”  Naomi snapped, slapping Mia in the side if her butt.

“Wha happen?”  The now adorable little knight asked, peering down at her shrunken form.

“Miwa!  You shrank the wrong wady!”  Krya barked as Tiffy began to laugh.

“Wow… you missed.  I was right in front and you missed.”  Tiffy laughed.

“Silence!”  Olga grunted. “Mila!  You must fix!”

“I-I’m trying!”  Mila said, seeming to be unable to summon up more magical energy.

The young red headed knight, blinked in confusion before turning towards the elf who had been sitting at the bar.  She tried to walk towards her but her baggy clothes made this difficult, so she waddled over like a jester in a comical garment.  She reached the elf who had been watching in surprise and looked up at her, big eyes glistening.

“Hey Ewf wady!”  The red head said, gently tugging on the Elf’s dress.  “Sumthin happen to me, pwease ya have ta hewp me!”

For a moment the elf stared down at the adorable shrunken knight, seemingly quiet as her cheeks began to flush a bright red.  She then bent down and put her hand on the small knight’s head, a big grin coming across her fine elvish features.

“Tiny knight…”  The elf spoke softly.  “You are the cutest little human I have ever seen!”

“Huh?”  Was all the knight was able to say before she was lifted up from the floor, her pant legs hanging below her feet and her boots falling off where she had been standing. 

The elf plucked her up and squeezed her against her chest, the small confused girl blinking as she was pressed between the elf’s impressive round breasts.  She blinked in surprise as the elf held her close, smiling broadly as she bounced her in her arms playfully.

“Such a sweet adorable little monkey!”  The elf laughed playfully.

“Hey!  Don wift me up!”  The red head blurted in a cute but embarrassed voice.  “Youw boobs aw too big! They are smuthewing me!”

“Mila!  Thith ith getting out of hand!”  Titania said, her own face red as she recognized the “peril” of a fellow knight.

“Right, let’s just turn you back to normal!”  Mila said, trying in spite of having no idea how she would accomplish this.

“Just… just wait a moment!”  Naomi said, but it was too late.

The stone gleamed once again and a new shot of green light flew out and burst over the elf and knight.  They both looked up in surprise as small sparks of green flecked over them, a warm glow rising from the elf.

“What is this?”  She asked as she started to sink down into her stool at the bar.

Her smooth and tight dress slid over her frame, slowly at first but with increasing speed as she appeared to get smaller.  The large plump breasts against the knight’s head slowly lost their taught appearance, slumping slightly as they reduced in size and moved away from the confused child.  The elf’s long blonde hair slid upwards, her legs rising as well as her thighs thinned and her slippers fell to the floor. She was looking down at her shrinking body in confusion, her grip on the small knight slipping.

“What did you do to me?!”  She asked in surprise, turning to glare at Mila.

The knight slid from her grip and landed on the floor on her rear, blinking in surprise at the elf before her.  “Wow… you aw shwinking too!” She said pointing a tiny finger at her.

The elf was now a preteen, her breasts having melted away and her wide rear now flat and boyish.  In moments the elf was as young as the knight, her dress hanging over her scrawny features, which being an elf were almost bone thin.  Soon she was a blinking toddler, her face looking around as her straight blonde hair curling, her cheeks plumping up. She squirmed as her dress slowly slid down until it was draped over the bar stool, with the head of a tiny confused baby elf peering out at them.

“Howy shit!  You made her a baby!”  Krya blurted out.

“Damn it!”  Mila snapped.

“Hey, she was gonna hewp me!”  The tiny knight said

“Th-thorry!”  Titania said, hopping down and hurrying over to try and mediate the situation.

“Ha!  This is soooooo rich!”  Tiffy laughed again, sneering up at Mila.  “What a screw up!”

“Bah?”  The Elf muttered as she blinked down at the red headed child knight. 

The knight turned a shade of red so deep it almost matched her hair.  She reached out and gently picked up the elf baby, before holding her close to her chest.  She then began to grin widely and giggle.

“How cuuuuute!  I aw-ways wanted a baby ewf!”  She laughed as she began to dance about and swing the small confused infant.

“This is such a mess…”  Jewel sighed, covering her forehead.

“H-how do I make this work?”  Mila said, looking at the darkened stone in her palm.

“Face it!  You can’t control it!  You’re as good at done!”  Tiffy boomed at them. “Dominique will rip it out of your hand and mount your head on spike!”

“Maybe, but I’ww cut your throat first!”  Krya snapped, putting a fork from the counter to Tiffy’s throat.

“Cool it!”  Jaks said, pulling Krya’s hand back.

“Damn this stone!”  Mila hissed. “Why won’t it listen to me?”

“HEY!”  Naomi barked, causing everyone to jump a bit and look at her.  “It requires some finesse! Let me show you…” She said with a grumble as she climbed up and took Mila’s hand.  “Hold your hand out.” She ordered, pulling her hood off, her eyes glowing in the dim light.

“What?  Is that a demon?”  Tiffy said with a raised eyebrow.  “You’re working with a demon? You sick little bitches!”

Naomi gave her a look and then turned to Mila.  “Hold up your hand and focus on the stone. See it in your mind and imagine the power flowing out from it like a mist.”

Mila went silent and extended the stone out, her fingers lit by the green glow.  As she concentrated, imagining what Naomi had told her, she felt her fingers tingle with sharp sensations of pins.  A green mist began to flow out from the tone, surrounding her fingertips and rising like a soft steam from a boiling pot.  Jewel grimace and jumped down, hiding behind her two friends as everyone else watched, a worried expression coming over Tiffy’s features.

“No, imagine the mist moving like snakes, surrounding this… over endowed sow, and turning time back around her.  Spirals moving counterclockwise, her body shifting and shrinking.” Naomi said, closing her eyes and focusing as well.

“H-hey now…”  Tiffy said nervously as Mila did what she was told.  “We don’t need to do this. Maybe we can make a deal?  I mean, what if you accidentally shrink one of your friends further?”  She began to bargain. 

“Nervous?”  Jaks asked Tiffy as she began to squirm in Olga’s hands.

“N-not at all!  She clearly can’t…”  Tiffy trailed off as she watched the mist begin to slowly slide down towards her, flowing like green snakes of smoke through the air.  “C-come on! This… this won’t work! You can’t do this!” Tiffy started to raise her voice, sweat coming over her face.

“Actually she can.”  Naomi said, her sharpened teeth glistening in a crooked smile.

“Stop!  Stop! I’ll tell you!  Just don’t shrink my chest!”  Tiffy suddenly blurted.

Mila opened an eye and looked to Naomi.  Naomi shook her head and gestured with a cold expression towards Tiffy.

“Sorry Tiffy.”  Mila said. “As you have seen… I need the practice.”  Mila said as the coils sank down and wrapped around Tiffy who began to yell.”

Tiffy’s eyes went wide as her body began to shift without her moving a muscle on her own.  On her knees, she could acutely feel her butt shirking over her feet, their plush roundness emptying out as her hips slid inward as well.  She could feel her slip tickling her legs, her undergarments moving and chaffing her as her body shifted and lost its size. She could feel her thighs following suit and then had the distinctly unnerving feeling of her feet sliding beneath her now smaller rear.  Soon the sensations in her legs were not as powerful as the sensation in her white top, which felt like it was getting lighter. Her face, now skinny and teenage, looked down and watched in an unreal instant as her large round breasts began to pull away from the top and sink back into her chest.  She wailed in a cracking teenage voice and shot a horrible look up to the others.

“You bitches!”  She wailed. “You horrible bitches!  You shrank my bust! My beautiful bust!”

“Shit… they’ll grow back…”  Jewel said with a snarky laugh.

“Yeah, thuch uncouth language from a lady thutch as thee!”  Titania added with a grin from Krya.

“From a bar whore.”  Krya added on as well.

“Screw all of you!”  Tiffy cried as her dress began to sag around her.  “I hope Dominique guts you aww!” She squealed as her voice became extremely high and childish.

Tiffy was a child now, still sinking down into her loose dress, which added to her horror as she had once filled its dimensions perfectly.  She covered her now flattened chest with her bare hands, sniffling as her face grew freckles, her strawberry blonde hair now a small sprig on the back of her head and her shoulders bony bare and cold outside of her dress.  She sank lower and lower, her cheeks getting rounder, her nose smaller, her body within her voluminous dress skinny and featureless. Soon Mila relaxed the magic and when the green clouds cleared, Tiffy was a scrawny bean pole of a kid, barely six and blinking with large confused eyes up at her captors.  She was so tiny compared to even the Blades that they could look down on her, and all three grinned in triumph. For a woman who used her body to attract men and earn tips, this was an intense humiliation and she began to tremble in anger and embarrassment.

“I swew I will ged you fo dis!  I will teww Dommaneek on you!” She whimpered out in a girlish trembling cadence.

“Aw… so cute.”  Olga laughed, plucking Tiffy up as she squirmed and swished her legs about in her loose skirt.  This had little effect other than causing her slip and undergarments to slide off much to her embarrassment

“No!  You can’d pick me up!”  Tiffy protested. “Dis is humiliating!”  She began to cry out. 

“Teww me about it sister.”  Krya muttered.

“Yeah, don’t bother resisting her.”  Jewel laughed. “She’s stubborn and made of iron.”

“Be careful.”  Titania added. “If you made her angry, she may give you a bath.”

Tiffy froze at this and looked up at the green orc, who grinned back down at her.  “She wouwdn’t?”

“Oh she would and she likes to scrub everywhere!”  Jewel said, making an aggressive scrubbing motion with her hands.

“Dat is gwoss…”  Tiffy said, slowly calming down and allowing herself to be carried.  “I won hewp you!”

“They we’ll just make you a baby.”  Mila said, raising her hand.

“NO!”  Tiffy cried out as she was dangling in her loose baggy clothes.  “No… you can’t…”

“Then tell us where the Order is coming from and we will turn you back.”  Jaks said, Mila giving him a look as she knew she couldn’t really do that yet.

Tiffy swallowed, allowing herself to be set down on the bar top as the Blades and Mila’s gang surrounded her.  “Ok… what do you wan ta know?” Tiffy asked, nervously looking around.

“Just tell us, who is coming and from where.”  Mila repeated.

Tiffy scowled, upset at this situation, at being caught and now being turned into the scrawny freckled girl she had been as a kid.  Finally she huffed and crossed her arms, beginning to explain.

“Dominique hewsewf is coming.”  She said, the group all breathing in sharply at that.  “She’s commanded the Owdew to assemble on Fawa… she shouwd be hewe around sun up…”  Tiffy said, hanging her head.

“D-Dominique…”  Jewel said with a low trembling voice.

“So?  We can beat her too can’t we?”  Jaks asked.

Jewel burst out in a nervous laugh.  “No! She’s the experienced soldier in the entire country!  She’s even got some powerful magic she can call on in a fight.”  Jewel said, eyes wide.

“Yeah… if she is heading here… we’re dead.”  Krya said, a serious expression on her small face.

Mila pushed on, trying not to consider the threat Dominique posed just yet.  “Which direction are they coming from?” 

“Aww of dem!  She’ww come fwom her fowt!  Dey know you’we hewe.” Tiffy said with a shrug.

“How is that possible?”  Jaks asked.

“Dey use seews, psychic peopew who can speak over hundweds of miwes.”  Tiffy said, pointing to her temple, one hand still nervously clutching at her flattened chest.  “It doesn’t mattew whewe you go, they wiww just send peopew dat way instead. You’we finished.” Tiffy said with a childish grin.

“No, there hath to be a way to outrun them.”  Titania said as she was helping the knight diaper the baby elf.

“HA!”  Tiffy laughed.  “You can’t ged away!  You’we done fow!” She said as she pointed around to all of them. “Dominique wiww find you and then wip the stone outta yo hand and put yo heads on spikes fo disobeying hew!”

Everyone fell quiet as Tiffy chuckled in a girlish voice.  If the Order really could coordinate over such distances then they could never slip past them.  They would run them down and take them to Dominique, whose reputation for cruelty was well known.  Everyone sat in silence, save the baby elf who was beginning to coo and chuckle.

“We can beat her.”  Naomi said, almost in a whisper. Everyone turned to look at her in surprise.  She looked back, meeting all their gazes. “We can do it. I know we can.”

“How… how can we fight the whole Order?”  Jewel asked.

“We’re close to her fortress here in Fara.”  Naomi explained. “If she marches here she’ll arrive before most of her army does.  If we surprise her, we can take her out.”

“What good will that do?”  Mila asked.

“Dominique doesn’t trust anyone!  Believe me I know!” Naomi said, looking to them all.  “She won’t have told them why she wants the stone, just that she does.  If she is gone, then they will have no reason to come after us and be far too busy picking a new leader for the Order.”

“And we can make a getaway then?”  Krya asked.

Naomi nodded.  “Yeah, Dominique has bred competition and distrust among her lieutenants and with her gone they will be at each other’s throats for a few months at least.”

“So we just take out that bitch… and we run.”  Krya said with a grin. “I can see it.”

“You can’t!”  Tiffy said with a hiss.  All eyes turned to her as she sneered at them all.  “Unwess you tuwn me back, I wiww teww them wewe you went!  You’ww nevew ged away!” She laughed as the others growled at her.

Mila’s hand suddenly flashed and Tiffy was struck by a second burst of light, causing her to wail loudly.  Down she went, her body shrinking once more as her limbs sucked up towards her frame, her face getting softer and her hair shorter.  Her face grew round and awkward, her belly plumping up as her oversized dress slid down over her dwindling shape. Her dress began to bunch as she wobbled forward, landing down on shrinking hands, her arms shrinking into tiny pink sausage like shapes.  Her little rear grew smaller and pudgy, her belly rounding out and with a pathetic little wail, Tiffy vanished down into her tiny dress. 

For a moment everyone stared in surprise and then looked to Mila, who looked about and shrugged.  “What… she deserved it.”

“How did you do that on your own?”  Jewel asked, looking at Mila’s hands.

Beside them the little dress shuffled, bumped and then fell open, a small baby girl slowly crawling out, and looking around in surprise and wonder.  Tiffy was a baby now, small and naked, chubby and adorable as she crawled forward, whimpering like she may cry. Olga turned bright red and plucked the tiny baby up in an instant, little Tiffy’s eyes going wide as she saw the giant orc looking down at her.

“I dunno…”  Mila said answering Jewel.  “It just seemed to come to me in that moment.”

“It’s because you did it already.”  Naomi said, nodding at Mila. “It will get easier.”

Mila looked down at her hand and then to Tiffy, now squealing in Olga’s arms.  She seemed to consider for a moment before looking back to Naomi. “Think we can beat her?”

Naomi nodded.  “If we can get her soldiers away from her, we can get her with the magic in the stone.  She’ll be a baby before she can scream “get them!” Naomi said. “But we have to work together and use all we have to get her right where we want her.”

Mila nodded, looking to Jaks and Olga.  “You in? Could be dangerous.”

Jaks nodded vigorously.  “You bet.” He said as Olga nodded.  “Might as well help out, especially if it means getting the order off our back.”

Mila turned to the Blades.  “And you?”

Jewel considered this a moment and frowned.  “This is still your fault you know…”

Mila nodded.  “I know and I promise, if you help I will get you back to normal!  I swear on my grave!

Jewel considered a moment more, Titania walking up beside her and drawing her tiny blade.  “I will help you. Dominique ith evil! She hath to be shtopped.”

Krya nodded and swiped her dagger out in a dramatic flourish.  “Wets cut em up!”

Jewel looked to her companions, her face studying them and then she sighed loudly.  “Fine… better to die young and free I guess.”

“That’s the spiwit!”  Krya said, hugging her two friends as Jewel still frowned.

Mila looked back to Naomi and nodded.  “We’re in… so what’s the plan.”

Naomi furrowed her brow and threw her arms out to the side.  “Beats me, you’re the adventurers, you dummy! I plan to be hiding.  If she sees me I’m screwed.”

“Oh great…”  Jaks said, putting his hand on his hip.  “So much for teamwork huh?”

“No wait…”  Mila said, looking out into the empty courtyard as the rain slowly began to let up, a fine mist rising across the muddy streets.  “I may have an idea… but we’ll need a little more help….” 

She then turned and looked at the small red headed knight as she was playfully putting her useless eye patch over the adorable baby elf’s face.

“Hey… do you like the Order?”  She asked.

The redhead looked up in surprise.  “N-not weawwy.”

“Want to get back to normal and make some cash?”  Mila asked, holding up a bag of gold.

The little red head, looked at her and then down at her new baby friend as the elf squirmed and giggled.  She put a finger to her lips and then after a moment of considering looked back to Mila.

“I’m wistening…”  She said with a mercenary smile.

“What are you thinking?”  Jewel asked.

“We need to lure off the soldiers and get Dominique alone… I think I know just how to do it.”

She then looked at the group taking each of them in before standing up.  “Ok, I need some small child sized clothing, a shovel, some fairy dust and Olga?”  She said as Olga was still bouncing the now seasick and naked baby Tiffy up and down, pausing to look down at Mila.  “Put her down… we’re gonna need your muscle too if we want this to work.”

End Chapter 7



End Chapter 7

The Chrono Stone

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