The Chrono Stone

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Chapter 6
Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You

Mila sat back on the bed, lifting her feet from the floor and sighing loudly as she relished being off of them.  “Wow… my feet have never been this sore.”

She had just returned from paying for the room and buying some food and supplies.  Nearby Jaks was laying out the Blade’s clothing, each still large and empty. He was blushing as he handled them, trying desperately not to place his hand anywhere that would have contained a… private area.  It was almost as if they would burst in and scream at him for being naughty with their clothes. Mila began to grin.

“You are such a pervert.”  Mila laughed.

“W-what?”  Jaks said, suddenly nervous.  “I was just laying out their gear so you can fix them… t-that’s all.”

Mila waved her hand.  “Jaks, I’m kidding. Besides I know how well behaved you are.  You won’t even peek when I try to let you.”

“Y-you don’t…”  He started to say and then he paused and cleared his throat.  “Yes well I can tell when you are being silly and when you are serious.”  He acted, clearly trying to play it cool.

This disappointed Mila as she almost wished he would try to peek.  She was more and more aware of her attraction to him. However if he was interested he continued to hide it with a “smooth guy” act.  She hated it.

“Yeah you’re mister smooth.”  She grumbled.

Just then the door opened and Olga entered, her huge green arms wrapped around all three girls, squirming and slapping at each other.  They were all sharing one large towel, Olga’s personal one made from yak fur, which was almost six feet long. They were grunting and muttering, Jewel’s face bright red as the tiny little noble had never been seen naked by anyone but her mother and maid before.  Krya and Titania were barking at each other, arguing and trying to move away from each other, squishing against Olga’s huge breasts as they did.

“Titania!  Get your butt off of mine!”  Krya growled. “It’s aww swimy and wet!”

“My butt ith not slimy!”  Titania answered. “It’sh perfect and… shtop poking my butt!”

“I’m not poking it!  I’m trying to push it away from my butt!”  Krya snapped.

“Would you both stop touching each other’s butts?”  Jewel said, mortified beyond belief. “I’m being squeezed between miss Olga’s… bosom… and its getting tight… and creepy.

“All of my little piggies need to stop fighting!”  Olga barked as she carried them in and set them down on the bed.  All three were buried under the huge towel, little skinny legs kicking out as all three squirmed to stay covered by the blanket.  “If you keep fighting, Olga will spank!” Olga threatened. 

Titania covered her butt, having just received a swat from the thick hands of the massive orc.  “N-no that’s orc… no spanking ish needed.”

Mila laughed at the three girls cowering under the towel, before walking over and bending down before them.  “Sorry… Olga is a mom at heart. She can be a bit overbearing.” Mila was blushing as the Blades were extremely adorable as little kids.

“Hmph!  What are you wooking at!”    Krya growled, sticking out from the waist up and covering her flat chest.  “This is your fauwt we are wike this!”

“Yeah!  You turned uth into kidth and now you need to fixth uth!”  Titania barked, hoping down from the towel naked. 

Just then she looked up and saw that Jaks was in the room, his back to them , trying to be polite and allow them their dignity.  She looked down, realizing that not only was she small, she was naked, causing her to squeal and cover up, diving under the blanket on the bed.

“YOU!  PEASANT!”  Jewel screamed, pointing to Jaks.  “GET OUT NOW YOU SICK PERVERT!” She cried.

“I’ll… go see what Tiffy is up to.”  Jaks said, before hurrying from the room.

He slammed the door behind him accidentally, and Olga began to laugh.  “You are mean to Jaks, but he is a good boy, you’ll see.”

“He saw me naked!”  Jewel retorted.

“So?”  Olga shrugged.  “You have nothing to see as skinny pig girl!”

“I’m not a pig girl!”  Jewel hissed.

“Olga, why not help me get them into their clothes.”  Mila asked. 

“What good will that do?”  Jewel said, her hair still tied above her head from the bath.  “We can’t wear them anymore.“

“Yeah… cuz you made us into wittle babies…”  Krya grumbled, her arms crossed.

“We are not babith!”  Titania hissed as Olga grabbed her and lifted her up.  “Hey put me down!”

 “Let Olga help you.  I’ll use my magic to adjust your clothes.  However they need to be on you to work.”

Jewel seemed surprised at this, and squirmed down to the floor.  “You can do that?”

“Yeah, should be fairly easy.”  Mila said. 

Titania was still fighting as she was shoved by Olga down into her big trousers, still kicking.  Olga was having to hold her down as she tried to pull her shirt over her head. Krya, shrugged and stepped down onto the floor, walking over to pull her own clothing on.  She wore a dubious expression as she did.

“Why do I feew we’re going to regret this?”  Krya asked.

“You must have studied under a great wizard to be able to transform our clothes like this.”  Jewel said, sliding into her smooth pants and then grimacing at the size of them over her legs.

“Hah… no… poor kids with no parents don’t get to train under great wizards.”  Mila said as she offered to pull Krya’s shirt down over her.

Krya frowned and snapped it from her hands before putting it on over her chest, and then huffing.  “This is pointwess…”

“So how did you learn?”  Jewel asked.

“I… I stole books and taught myself.”  Mila admitted as she stepped back and began to flip through a tome of spells.

“How crude… are you sure you can do this?”  Jewel said as she rose to her feet, decked out in her baggy flopping clothes, as loose as when she had been regressed only a few days earlier.

“Yes, I did it once before.”  Mila said. “Olga is hard to buy clothes for.”

“I can imagine.”  Krya said, squirming into her long gloves.

“Olga just go naked.”  Olga said with a huff. “But humans not like… weird people.”

Olga set Titania down and began to work her armor over her like a mannequin, her arms stiff as she tried to resist.  “I can dress mythelf!” She growled.

Soon all three were decked out in their old superfluous garments, still moist from the rain as Mila and Olga looked down at them.  Krya looked the most awkward, having to hold up her clothing, which originally revealed a lot of skin. She looked like a child holding up a pile of dirty laundry over her body, her face pink as she tried not to let tiny butt show from behind.  Jewel was positively buried, her arms crossed in two sleeves that hung down almost to her feet. Her collar was bunched up around her neck and her pants were held up by her belt tied into a knot as the loops would no longer fit. Titania looked like an upright silver turtle, her tiny hands covered by sleeves that looked like fins.  However she could barely keep her pants up, so her pink little rear popped out behind her as she blushed.

“Can we hurry thith up?!”  She asked with a frown, Krya blushing at her occasional lover’s rear.

Mila held the tome out.  “Alright! Close your eyes focus on fitting into your garments.  Imagine them shrinking to fit you and wrapping around your bodies.”  She said as she began to collect a surge of glittering magic in her fingers.

All three huffed and closed their eyes, Krya puffing her cheeks out in annoyance and Jewel peeking, curious about the magic.  Their clothes fluttered and expanded slightly, almost as if a breath of warm air had flown down into them, causing all three to gasp and stand up straighter.   Their clothes slowly lifted up and then began to float around their bodies, pulsing and flexing as if reality itself was reworking them, the moisture drying up from the warm air.  The garments shrank, reshaping themselves and wrapping around the smaller frames of the women turned girls. Loose tops with rooms for breasts flattened out, wide hipped pants became straight while gloves and boots became child sized.  Soon even armor plate became smaller and less curved, all the pieces fitting snuggly down onto the tiny frames of the three girls.

“Ah!  Allll done!”  Mila said as she let the spell die away.  She stepped back and looked down with satisfaction as the trio began to examine their new clothes.  “Well? What do you think?”

Jewel was scowling, as her clothes had emerged almost identical in color and type, but now had become smaller and lacking the curves she had been so proud of.  Her little skirt now hung down over her groin, with a pair of short tiny trousers that protected her legs, her boots and gloves puny.

“Hmm… this will do… but really sucks…”  She muttered, turning red and frowning.

Krya’s clothes were now child sized as well but having originally been meant to allow her to move and show off her sexy body, they seemed ridiculous on her.  Her tiny shorts clinging to her boyish butt, her scarf long enough to trip her up, and even her knives shrunken down to allow her to use them.

“I wook wike a trained monkey… kiww me…”  She muttered.

Titania however was trembling with anger, her cheeks red and her lips pursed.  Her clothes were just like her adult form, smaller as the others had become as well.  However, her armor, heirlooms of her family had been shrunken down to almost useless but adorable little plates of steel, clearly more useful for looking cute than for protection.  She growled, and drew her sword, looking at the once long blade, now short enough to be a dagger.

“My enchanted sword!  You shrank it down!” She barked.

“It looks cuter, and besides you couldn’t use it that way, it was too big.”  Mila laughed.

“It was enchanted!  You dishonor it by making it little!”  She said swinging the dagger about, and causing the other two to duck aside.  “I’ww skin you for thiiiiiis!” She yelled as the other two tackled her to stop her from attacking Mila.

Mila giggled and reached down, plucking the tiny sword from Titania’s little fist.  “Now now! Be careful! You could cut someone with that.”

“That’s the idea you shlut!”  Titania barked.

“Hey!”  Olga said, suddenly bopping the squirming knight on the head.  “No calling of names.”

“Owie!  Watch it with the big pawth of yourth!”  Titania growled at Olga as both Krya and Jewel laughed at her.

“Cawm down.”  Krya said, rubbing Titania on the head. 

“Indeed.  You are acting like an uncouth lout.”  Jewel added, sitting back on the bed to examine her clothing.  “I must say Mila, for a common thief, you have some talent as a mage.”

“Thanks… I think.”  Mila said as she examined Titania’s blade.  “This is house Gregor… you’re one of Gregor’s soldiers?”  Mila asked, surprised to see such a fine sword in the hands of a mercenary.

“No… I wath, but I’m not anymore.”  Titania huffed.

“What happened?”  Mila asked. “Were you kicked out?”

“None of your bithineth!”  Titania growled.

“I got her kicked out.”  Krya said, suddenly sullen.  “It was my fauwt.”

“What?  Why?” Mila asked.

“Krya, you don’t have to-“  Titania started, when Krya cut her off.

“We were friends, since we were kids.”  Krya explained. “When she got accepted as a knight I felt wonewy and started steawing.  One day I was… breaking into a Fara silversmith’s shop when one of the knights assigned to patrol the town caught me.”

“Wait…”  Mla asked.  “The local knights would be Gregor’s right?  I mean, doesn’t he use squires as the guards in local towns as training?”  Mila asked, turning to Olga.

“Yeah… he did, and the knight who caught me…”  Krya muttered.

“Ah… was your friend.”  Olga finished for her.

“Yeah… and when she saw me, she got aww white and froze.”  Krya added as Titania looked away, pouting slightly. “I surrendered, but she told me to run, so I did and she didn’t report me.”

“But Gregor found out?”  Mila asked, sitting down on the bed next to Jewel. 

Jewel nodded.  “Indeed, another knight named Tethys was following Titania to try and show her up.  She saw the whole thing and turned her in the next morning.” Jewel said frowning. “Treacherous little toad that one…”

“Tethys?  That’s what you called the knight I shrank back there at the temple!”  Mila gasped.

“Yep… she joined the Order two yearth later after I wath kicked out.”  Titania grumbled. “I hate her so much… I with you had made her into a baby…”

Mila chuckled.  “I will next time, you can count on it.” 

That made Titania smile slightly, but Krya still looked down. 

“Don’t be thad.”  Titania said, hugging her friend.  “I would make the thame decithon again in an inthtant.”

Krya nodded, but was still clearly frustrated.  “This is aww fun to chat and make friends, but did you two just forget that this miwk maid here just made us into wittew brats?”

“Yeah!  How are we going to get back to normal?”  Jewel asked Mila.

Mila sighed.  “I’m not sure… I’m going to see if maybe I can reverse the magic somehow.” 

“And how will you do that?”  Jewel asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“Maybe I can get Naomi to work with me.”  Mila said, looking to the sulking demon child sitting in the corner.  She was sitting with her arms around her legs and her glowing eyes occasionally darted around the room, glaring at them.  “Surely the magic can be undone, right?” Mila added, looking down at her.

“It’s not like that…”  Naomi huffed. “I don’t have any magic!  My ability is innate! It’s my power! I dunno how to use it.  I just do…”

“Weww… that’s great news.”  Krya huffed, trying to keep a tiny strand of her hair down.  It kept popping up, causing her to growl and try to hold it down.  “Damn it… being a kid is tewwibew! Stupid demon…”

“It’s not my fault!”  Naomi hissed. “You idiots broke into my temple!”

“You’re a demon!  Someone was bound to try and get rid of you.”  Jewel said defensively.

“Yeah?  Well thanks to you idiots, Dominique is about to become immortal!”  Naomi said with a groan. “If you think I’m bad, just wait until the Order is eternal!”

“Only if she gets you in the chrono stone, and that hasn’t happened yet!”  Jewel said, Olga nodding in agreement.

“Did you and Dominique meet before?”  Mila asked Naomi. 

The demon seemed surprised by this and looked away.  “Yeah… yeah we’ve met.”

When no further answer came, Mila sat back.  “Well if you can show me how to use your power, perhaps I can defeat Dominique and get the order off our backs?”

Naomi spit, and laughed as she stood.  “Dominique can’t be beaten by my power… at least I don’t think so.  She’ll follow you to the ends of the world to get her hands on it. She did for me anyway…”  Naomi trailed off.

Silence descended on the room as the group considered their options, their moods turning sour.

“This is all so stupid… I want my shword back!”  Titania said, rushing to Mila and grabbing for it.

The agile little thief raised her hand and chuckled.  “Not yet, I’m looking at it.”

“Give it to me!  Now!” Titania said, leaping up to try and grab it.  Her little arms flailed and waved, but Mila was holding it out of reach.

Mila just laughed and held it aloft, far above the cute brunette’s head.  “Say please and I’ll give it back.”

Titania snarled.  “Fuk yoo!” Before she was swatted on the butt by Olga.  “OW!!!”

“No bad words!  Or Olga spank!” The green orc grumbled.

“Say please…”  Mila added.

“No!  NEVAH!”  Titania yelled.

“Oh you stubborn plebe…”  Jewel hissed. “Just say please so we can just focus on the task at hand!”

Titania looked surprised, turning to Krya, who shrugged and nodded.  Titania finally swallowed her pride and stood straight up, looking far too cute than she would have preferred.

“Please… may I have shword?”  She asked.

“Yes you may.”  Mila said handing it back, as Titania snatched it from her hand, holding it to her chest as if it were made of gold. 

“Ith my shword…”  Titania said with a grumble.


Jaks descended the darkened tavern stairs, grateful to be away from the mess in their room.  He had waited outside for ten minutes before deciding he should go get food, and was on his way to order something from Tiffy.  He was slapping himself mentally for not teasing Mila back when she had been playful with him. 

“No wonder she thinks you’re still a dumb kid.”  He muttered. “Every time she hits on you, you play it off like you don’t care.”

As he descended the stairs he realized he could visit with Tiffy for a bit, smiling as he considered she always shoved her bust in his chest to get him to buy drinks.

He shrugged.  “I suppose there are worse things than being stuck with a busty barkeep like Tiffy.”  He thought as he was about to enter the Tavern.

It was later and the rain was still keeping people away, so the noise in the Tavern was exceptionally low.  Only a few patrons sat in the tavern eating and drinking or just warming up by the fire. The only patrons in the Tavern were several local lumberjacks, a one eyed lady mercenary by the fire, and a pair of maids down from the castle to relax.  It was because of that Jaks could hear Tiffy’s voice, but lowered as if she were whispering. Surprised by this Jaks stepped down and listened, his instincts telling him something was wrong.

“She got my message yes?”  Tiffy was saying.

“Indeed, and she is on the way.”  A husky woman’s voice replied. “Just keep them here until morning if possible.”

Jaks peered around the corner and could see Tiffy standing in the door frame, speaking to a shadow outside.  She looked nervous, glancing around as the figure stood in the gloom outside.

“They’re upstairs.  I’ll do what I can to keep them here, but make sure they know to hurry.  I’ll expect my payment as soon as possible.”

“No need to wait.”  The woman said outside as a small pouch of coins was placed in Tiffy’s outstretched hand.  “The order thanks you for your information and will be sure to remember your continued valuable service.”

“The order?”  Jaks thought as the realization of Tiffy’s betrayal it home, before he grit is teeth in anger.  “Tiffy sold us out! That treacherous bitch!” he turned and hurried up the stairs. “We gotta get out of here!”


The Blade’s were all tucked into a single bed, squished together and fumbling about as they struggled for place.  Jewel lay in the center and fumed, squished between her two friends, both of whom were already dozing off. She pouted and stared at the ceiling, before letting out a long sigh and closing her eyes.  Nearby Olga was propped against the wall, as she didn’t like human beds. Oh Olga liked their warm beds and soft mattresses, but she disliked having to pay for crushing wooden frames beneath her body.  So she slept up against the wall, her big frame and fearsome visage serene and surprisingly cute as she slept.

Across the room, sitting on one of the beds was Naomi, her glowing eyes narrow, her arms around her knees.  Next to her was Mila, who once again was staring at the glowing stone in her hand. She blinked at it and tilted it to get a better look at the odd stone.

“You must really like that stone…”  Naomi almost whispered.

“It wasn’t the plan…”  Mila said, looking up to see Naomi was looking at her. 

Naomi and her exchanged a long stare and then Naomi wrinkled her nose.  “So you aren’t going to kill me? I’m a demon after all.”

“Demons may hurt people, but you never hurt me.”  Mila shrugged.

“You would have sealed me away inside the stone… that would have been… uncomfortable.”  Naomi said, leaning back on her arms.

“Yes, but that’s like putting a person in prison, not killing them.”  Mila explained.

“Ah… and I suppose you think I deserve prison?”  Naomi said, tilting her head back and raising an eyebrow.

Mila smirked.  “You kidnapped women, turned people into babies, tortured some people and imprisoned a lot of others… Yeah, I think you deserved prison.”  Mila said with a laugh.

For a moment, Naomi stared, her lips pursed and brow furrowed in anger.  Then she wilted and began to smile. “Yeah… Yeah I suppose I did deserve prison.”

She and Mila laughed together for a moment before Naomi seemed to consider this.  “Well… then what about you thief?  Don’t you deserve some prison too?”

Mila had to nod.  “Oh probably… I try not to hurt anyone, but when it comes to survival… you make mistakes sometimes.”

Naomi nodded.  “I can understand.  In the Abyss I was a minor demon of lust.  Do you know what that means?” Mila shook her head.  “It means that all major, might and greater demons could do whatever they wanted to me… and with such a nice body… that could get rough.”  Naomi said, trailing off into silence.

“They… they would beat you?”  Mila asked.

Naomi nodded.  “Yeah the rage and fire demons liked to…”

“And they… you know… did they…?”  Mila wanted to ask, but found she couldn’t.

“All the time.”  Naomi said, wiping her nose dismissively.  “But hey… that’s what my body was created by… lust, so it just figures they would want to ra-“

“No!”  Mila snapped, causing Naomi to look up.  “No one… no soul, or spirit deserves that.”  She said, anger on her face.

“You?”  Naomi asked.

“No… Jaks sister…”  Mila whispered. “He still gets all upset when he thinks about it.”

“Is she alive?” Naomi asked. 

“No, but she lived on for another six years.  Died of the plague, but she was never the same.”  Mila admitted. Wanting to change the subject, she looked back to Naomi.  “So you came here to escape?”

“Not by choice.”  Naomi snorted. “I was summoned by an amateur who wanted me to seduce her husband.  Turned her into a baby and escaped out the window. After that, I learned that some people will do anything to be safe, and I used what I was taught to keep the fools of the cult happy and obedient.  That’s when I bumped into Dominique and… well the less said about that bitch the better.”

Silence descended on the pair as they looked at the sleeping Blades. They stared as Mila considered the guilty feeling that had come over her.  She had screwed them over, just like she had been screwed over by allies and enemies alike. She felt responsible for them and knew she wanted to get them back to normal.  What she couldn’t possibly know was that for the first time in her existence… Naomi felt guilty too. Humans were mortal and they lived and died like a flickering candle. However she was immortal and would live on in spite of the suffering inflicted upon her, possibly even getting revenge later.  However… the idea that a life so short could be filled with pain and suffering, well the concept had never occurred to her. Now as she looked on the sleeping Blades, she actually felt remorse, and her mind even went to that stuck up brat Lani for what it was worth.


“I… I can’t promise that you’ll be able to use my power completely…”  Naomi said, causing Mila to look up. “…but I will teach you what I can.”

“Yeah?  Why so willing now, if I can ask?”  Mila said, leaning in so the demon could whisper.

“Hmph…”  Naomi snorted.  “You said it yourself… it’s our best bet out of this mess.”

“True.”  Mila nodded, with a smile.

Naomi suddenly huffed angrily and pointed a clawed finger at Mila.  “But you better get me back to my normal age at least when you can! Promise?”

Mila was a bit surprised, tilting her head to the side.  “Hmmm… isn’t a pact with a demon a sin?” She said with a wink.

“Promise me!”  Naomi growled, causing Olga to sit up.

Mila laughed and waved her hands.  “Ok ok! I promise… cutie.” Mila said with a grin.

Naomi pursed her lips and then nodded.  “And stop calling me cutie…”

“Baby then?  Sweetie pie?”  Mila teased.

“Shut up!”  Naomi hissed through her fangs.

“Pwincess?”  Mila said, leaning down and kissing Naomi’s cheek.

Naomi hissed and swatted at her, claws barely missing Mila’s cheek.  Suddenly the door burst open, causing everyone to jump, sitting up from their sleep as Olga rose to her feet.  It was Jaks, breathing heavy and sweating as he looked to have run up the stairs. His hair was disheveled and he looked behind him, before closing the door and swiftly locking it.

“What the hell Jaks!”  Mila gasped. “Where do you get off rushing in like that?  You scared me half to death!”

“Yeah!  You woke me up!”  Jewel added, sounding like an angry princess,

“Tiffy turned us in.”  He spit from between breaths.

“What?”  Mila said, jumping up.

“Yeah…”  he paused to catch his breath.  “She told the order where we are!”

“How!  That can’t be!”  Mila gasped in surprise.

“Yeah… Tiffy loves us!”  Krya barked out in disbelief.

“I saw it!  She was talking to some order goon!  Said they would be here to get us soon!”  Jaks said, trying to keep his voice down, while conveying the urgency of what he had seen.

“Grrr, never trust that brat!”  Olga snarled. “Never trust woman who’s boobs are as big as her head!”

“Yeah, the second I saw her I knew she was bad news.”  Naomi said, grinning. “A demon can always tell when a human is corrupt.  Plus, she would make a great sex slave.” Everyone stopped to glare at the demon as she blinked in confusion.  “What? She would…”

“Creep!”  Titania snapped at Naomi.

“Butthead!  Naomi chirped back.

“Demon swut!”  Krya answered.

“STOP FIGHTING!”  Olga barked, causing everyone to stop.  “She traitor… traitor no make good sex slave… they bite.”

“Focus you dumb asses!”  Jewel yelled.

Look, it doesn’t matter!  The order will be here soon, we need to run!”  Jaks growled.

“We need to be careful!”  Mila said. “For all we know they could be setting a trap for us outside of town.  Did you hear anything about the plan?” 

Jaks shook his head.  “Just that Tiffy said she’d try to keep us here.”

“Then we don’t know where they are waiting for us… could be anywhere and we need to know.”  Mila said, looking to Olga.

“That’s not so bad.”  Krya said, hoping down with the other three Blades.

“We can figure that out, here tonight.”  Titania added.

“How?”  Jaks asked, before he saw the look on Jewel’s face.

“Well… let’s go ask Tiffy what she knows then.” Jewel said with a toothy grin.

“What if she doesn’t want to tell us?”  Jaks asked. “What if she plays dumb?” 

“Oh… I have a feeling she’ll talk.”  Jewel said, as Krya drew a small dagger of light from her palm. 

To Mila, the serious look on the face of all three Blades seemed to spell doom for poor Tiffy if she decided she didn’t want to talk…

“Oh I’m glad I’m not Tiffy.”  She thought.




End Chapter 6

The Chrono Stone

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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