The Chrono Stone

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Chapter 5
Making Friends

Making Friends

“Alright!”  Olga boomed over the Blades who were gathering their huge gear in small awkward hands.  “Mila says we must move, so we must go!”

“We’re going as fast as we CAN!”  Jewel snapped, as she fumbled to move and gather her goods in her skinny limbs.

Olga shook her head.  “Not good! Too small!  Olga will help!” She said as she hoisted Jewel up, now wearing only her large shirt, its sleeves trailing below her.

“Hey!”  She cried.

“Put her down butthowe!”  Krya snarled.

Olga set Jewel down, and using her huge arms she began to sweep up her possessions into a large sack. 

“St-stop!  Put my stuff down!”  Jewel cried, but it was too late. 

After swooping up Jewel’s clothing, Olga gently poked Krya, knocking the little girl back onto her butt, and then snatching her loose and ill fitting clothes and throwing them in with Jewel’s like so much dirty laundry.

“Hey!  Don’t piwe my cwothes up in there!”  Krya snapped.

“Indeed!  Don’t put her dirty peasant clothes with mine!”  Jewel added with a hiss. Krya glared at her before flicking her head with her finger.  “OW!” Jewel cried out.

“Dirty peasant cwothes huh?” Krya said with a sneer.

“W-well… I just meant…”  Jewel tried to explain as Olga moved on to Titania.

“Sthay back!”  Titania snarled, trying to draw her sword at Olga.

“Give armor now!  Have to hurry.” Olga insisted.

“No!  I won’t let thome damn Orc will touch my gear!  Ith my armor!” Titania said with a defiant growl.

“Ugh… bad girl!  Olga swat!” Olga said as she snatched Titania’s breastplate in one hand and simply lifted it, the tiny girl hanging on for all she was worth.

“ITH MINE”  Titania insisted as she was lifted from the ground, her legs dangling below her as Olga frowned at her stubbornness.

“Bad girl!  You do as told!”  Olga said as she began to easily bob the little knight up and down wildly.

“I’m not a little girl!”  Titania yelled, but it was clear from her voice she was losing the fight.

For a moment Olga shook the little child up and down, and finally Titania came loose.  She plopped down onto the floor, landing on her butt and squealing in surprise. Olga seemed surprised, her eyes going wide as she considered she might have hurt the little girl.  For a moment Titania’s eyes glistened and her bottom lip trembled as if she may cry. However she simply stood up and began to sniffle loudly, Krya running to her side to hold her and whisper in her ears.

“Wow Olga.”  Jaks muttered.  “Be gentle! These are human kids, not Orc babies you can throw at a wall.”  He said as he knelt down. “Hey, let me gather your things and I will make sure they are safe, ok ladies?”  Jaks said, smiling his most winning smile.

Apparently it worked because Titania stared into his eyes a moment, nodded, and stood up to help him collect her gear.  He stayed close to her, realizing that she must have had a brother or friend at some point who had made her feel better.  In truth, Jaks felt very bad for the Blade’s as he knew they were decent people, just hardened by life and labor.

Olga shrugged.  “Throwing Orc baby at wall, make baby stop cry.”  She said to herself before she resumed collecting the Blade’s gear.

The green stone in Mila’s hand was cold and she stared into the fading darkness at the center of the stone, her eyes fixed on some infinitely distant location.  The stone’s power was inside of her body now and she could feel it, almost like warmth in her palm. She could not take her eyes off of it, even as the others scurried around her and collected what they needed.

“It feels warm, doesn’t it?”  A tiny voice whispered beside her, almost in a sulking tone.

The spell broken, Mila looked down and saw that Nass’assir was glaring up at her, the demon child’s blue face pouting.

“What did you say?”  Mila asked, surprised by the demon’s attention.

“My power feels warm.”  She replied, crossing her arms and looking away.  “What will you do with it?” The demon asked.

“I… I was going to sell it originally.”  Mila admitted. “But now I guess, I’ll try to find a way to get it out of my hand.”

“Why?  Why get rid of it?”  Nass’assir asked, almost surprised.  “My power could keep you alive for centuries and defeat any foe.  Why give it up?”

Mila considered answering, but realized that they needed to hurry.  She bent down and began to gather several pieces of gold jewelry from the shrunken cultists.  The demon just stared at her, a look of jealousy and anger on her face. Mila wanted to shoo her away, but she couldn’t bring herself to be cruel to a child, even a demon.  She had a large bag full when the demon began to snag some too, filling her little palms up.

“Why are you grabbing gold?”  Mila finally asked.

“I’ll need to pay for shelter soon… I can’t stay here anymore.”  Nass’assir grumbled.

“Why not?  Won’t the cultists worship you still?”  Mila asked, watching the once dangerous demon squat and grab gold necklaces.

“Pff… no.  You stole my power, I can’t offer them eternal youth anymore.  My hold is broken.” She snorted. “I’ll have to find some place to hide and hope… hope… HA!”  She finally scoffed, tears in her eyes.

Mila felt a pang of regret and somehow, sympathy for the wretched but adorable child.  “You come with us.” She heard herself say suddenly.

“What?” The blue child blurted, one eyebrow raised.

“Y-you saved us all back there.  You come with us, and we’ll protect you until you can get on your feet.”

“HA!”  Nass’assir laughed.  “I’m your enemy! You stole my power!  You won and you don’t even want to celebrate it?”

“The offer stands Nass’assir.”  Mila said.

The demon winced.  “D-don’t use my name!  You know that’s power over me!”

“Ok fine… then how about a new name?”  Mila asked.

“Naomi!”  Krya suddenly said beside her.

“What!?”  Hissed the demon.

“I knew a girw back on the farm named Naomi… she peed her pants when a big dog rushed her.  You wook wike her.” Krya said with a broad grin. “And I bet you’d pee your pants too! So Naomi it is!”  Krya announced putting her hands on her hips.

“S-Sod off!”  The demon squealed.  “I’m not a bed wetter!”

“No… but Naomi fits.”  Mila said, tussling the demon’s hair.

“Don’t touch my air!”  Naomi barked. “And I didn’t agree to be Naomi!”

“Let’s go Naomi!”  Mila announced. “Maybe we can get you back into a mature body and maybe you can help me learn how to use this… power.”

“Me?  Help you?”  Naomi sputtered.  “And why would you help me?”

Mila shrugged.  “Seeing as Dominique is going to want the stone AND you, better to work together, and you saved us.  I figure we owe you.” Mila turned and walked to join the others.

Krya and Naomi gave each other a look for a long moment, before Krya sneered at her.  “I would take her up on the offer.”

“Oh?  And WHY is that?”  Naomi growled.

“Because I don’t want Dominique finding you, so if you refuse, we swice your neck here.”  Krya said with a broad grin.

Naomi considered this, and her options, and then with a sudden urgency hurried to join up with Naomi.

“Jaks!  We ready to go?”  Mila announced as she approached the group, Naomi and Krya in tow.

“Sure, but one prob.”  Jaks said as he gestured to the kids.  “No way kids can keep up with the speed we need on the way back.”

“We’re adventurers!”  Jewel protested. “We’ll be fine!”

“No… Jaks is right.”  Mila said, shaking her head.  “Olga take the knify and knighty one, Jaks you carry the princess and I’ll carry little blue girl here.”  Mila announced.

There was an eruption of complaints from the Blades, as Naomi just blushed and covered her waist with her hands.

“Just a minute here!”  Jewel announced. “I don’t want to be carried, nor will I allow you to carry me you peasant filth!”

“Same!  I won’t be carried by sthome ork!”

Olga growled a bit.  “Babies argue too much!  We go NOW!” She announced, scooping up Jewel and Krya, rolling them under her arms and standing up straight. 

Krya and Jewel began to scream and argue, slapping at Olga she held them like small pigs beneath her armpits.

“P-put me down you orc swine!”  Jewel squealed, before yelping as Olga slapped her on er bare bottom with her palm.  “HOW DARE YOU!” She roared, her feet and legs flying as she struggled to escape.

Krya, whose face was on the other side of Olga found herself laughing slightly at the sight of her aristocratic friend’s tiny butt squirming as she fought to escape.  “Hur hur… wittle rich giwl butt is awfuwwy pawe from over here!” She teased as she realized fighting Olga was not possible.


Before Olga could turn and add Titania to her collection, the knight fled behind Jaks legs and glared out at Olga, gently holding his legs as a shield.  Realizing he had been correct about her, Jaks knelt down, raising a hand for Olga to stop. He turned and looked Titania in the eye.

“Hey… how about you climb on my back ok?” Jaks said softly.  “Beats Olga’s armpits… believe me.” He said with a wink.

Titania stared for what seemed a long moment and then with an almost imperceptible nod, she climbed up his back, her long sleeves slapping him as she did.  Her arms around his neck, Jaks rose and turned to Mila. Mila looked down to Naomi, who still looked like she wanted to stay behind.

“Last call.  Come with us and I promise to help you.”  Mila said, causing Jaks to look concerned.  “She has no power… but she can show me how to use her.  She needs us and we need her.” Mila then turned back and exposed her back for Naomi to climb up.  “So are you with us?”

Mila could see Naomi look to Krya, then back to her, before the child huffed and climbed gingerly up her back.

“You better not drop me….”  Naomi whispered in her ear.

“No promises.”  Mila laughed. “Alright!  We have to hurry back! Maybe we can beat Tethys back to town and maybe not.  Either way we have to hurry! Let’s go!” She said as she hurried forward.

“What about the babies?”  Jaks asked, gesturing to the cultists squealing and sobbing around the room.

“The others will care for them.”  Naomi grunted. “If there is one weakness my cult has… its for babies…”

With that they hurried out the door and ran as fast as they could, Jewel whining and screaming the whole time as Krya laughed at her tiny butt.


Almost a week had passed since the Blade’s had left the Brown Toad Tavern, and Tiffy had been so busy she hadn’t really notice they hadn’t come back.  Now as the evening hours set, a light rainfall was coming down and keeping patrons regular at home. Tiffy leaned on the bar counter, letting her attractive bust press down over it and huffed a bit of air, lifting her bangs.

“Hate when it’s slow.”  She muttered.

“Can’t be helped.”  Roger, the cook said as he came past her with more firewood for the stove.  “How bout I make up some soup?”

“Sure…”  Tiffy muttered.  “Can’t beat free soup at least.”

He laughed and disappeared into the warm glow of the kitchen.  Tiffy realized the air was getting cooler and was about to reach over and grab a wrap, when she heard boots on the tavern steps outside.  She perked up instantly, her chest bouncing up and she put a smile on to greet her guests.

“Welcome to the Brown Toad!”  She cheerfully announce, being sure the other employees could hear.  “How can I help you… oh?” She said as she stopped.

In came a trio of patrons, all of whom she had seen but didn’t know.  There was a skinny young man, a blonde woman and a large orc woman. All three were wet, and she thought she recalled the blonde girl was named Mila.  However what got her attention was that all three were carrying children. Mila in the front had a small child, hidden behind a cloak, while the young man had a small brunette in a very dirty and oversized tunic.  The orc held one girl with light blonde hair over her shoulder and another… with familiar black and red hair under her armpit. The whole party was dirty and wet, but something nagged at Tiffy… a growing sense of familiarity towards the children.

“Oh!  Do you all need a room?”  Tiffy asked as the huge orc approached and set the two little girls down on the counter. 

“Hey!  Put me on the ground stupid!”  The little blonde girl growled.

“Yeah!  Sthupid orc!”  The black haired girl added.

The others were slapping water from their clothes and stomping to knock as much water off as possible.  The children were dripping wet and Tiffy wanted to shout at the orc for setting them on the clean countertop, when she found herself staring at the black haired girl.  It was the red stripes in her hair that made Tiffy stare. 

The little girl noticed and smirked.  “Hey Tiffy…” She said, before the child blushed, almost as if she had made a mistake.

“Uh… hello cutie.”  Tiffy said, bending down and gently wiping the little girl’s face with her apron.  “Goodness… you got soaked out there didn’t ya little lady?” Tiffy asked as she cleaned the girls face.

The girl grumbled and tried to swat her hand away.  “Tiffy damn it! I don’t need to be cleaned!” The girl said, the tone of her voice causing Tiffy to stop.

“Uh… have we met?”  She asked, when the child turned even redder and backed away.  It was only then when her face turned red that Tiffy realized who it was that the girl looked like.  “Wow… you are the spittin image of Krya…”

“O-oh really…”  Krya muttered, looking away.

Tiffy’s eyes went from each of them, Krya, Titania and then Jewel, before she went a little pale.  The coincidence was too much to ignore and she bent down to look at Titania who was standing in front of her, drying off.  She eyed the girl, switching to Jewel and putting two and two together. The baggy clothes, the familiar look, it was all too much.

“Titania?”  She asked.

The girl looked her way, grumbling a bit.  “What ith it you want Tiffy?” She asked, when the little blonde girl snarled.

“Shut up Titania!”  Jewel shrieked.

“Jeweww!  You just did it too!”  Krya barked back.

Tiffy now knew what she was seeing and her cheeks turned red at the implications.  “I’ll be… you three are the Blades!” Tiffy gasped. 

“Shit…”  Jewel groaned.

Tiffy seemed amazed but that amazement gave way to delight at the appearance of her sexy patrons turned to adorable kids.  “H-how did… how did this happen?” She stammered. “You’re all so damned cute!”

“Tiffy!  Be quiet!”  Titania muttered.

Tiffy bent down and grinned at her, reaching up and pinching her cheek.  “OH MY GOODNESS!” She squealed again. “Titania! I never knew you were such a pretty little girl!”

“Sthop!  Sthop pinching my cheeeeeek!”  Titania whined, trying to pull Tiffy’s hand off.

“R-Roger, you need to see this!”  Tiffy cried out, but was silenced as Jewel covered her mouth with both of her hands.

“SHHH!”  Jewel snapped.  “It was an accident!  We need to lay low until we can figure out how to undo this!  So please be quiet!” Tiffy nodded a bit, grinning still when Jewel took her hands from her mouth.  “What are you grinning at?” Jewel asked.

“You have cute tiny hands!”  Tiffy said, taking them and playing with each finger a bit, while Jewel squirmed.

Jewel finally pulled her hands free and Tiffy smiled, turning to look down at Krya.  Krya winced and stepped back. “W-what?”

Tiffy bent down and smiled, gently leaning in and kissing Krya on the cheek, causing the Diminutive Rogue to turn so red, Jewel thought she may pass out.

“W-wha?”  Was all Krya could manage.

“I always secretly liked you.”  Tiffy said with a huge blushing grin.  “But as sexy as you are as an adult, this is soooooo much cuter!”

Krya’s mouth fell open as Jewel laughed, and Titania seemed to become a little jealous.

“Such a cutie!”  Tiffy said, hugging Krya and forcing her little head between her huge breasts.  Krya squirmed and tried to break free, before finally being released and allowed to plop onto her tiny bottom.  “I could just take you with me!” Tiffy said clapping her hands together.

Titania rushed up and wrapped her arms down around Krya, glaring at Tiffy.  “Leave her alone Tiffy! Sthe’s not that kind of girl.”

Tiffy winked.  “Not what I heard!”

“Miss Tiffy?”  Mila asked, causing Tiffy to look up in surprise,

“Oh!  I’m sorry ma’am!  How can I help you?”

Mila was still wet and very tired.  “Please, we need a room. Preferably one with three beds.”

“Sure!”  Tiffy said with a smile.  “We’ll set you up overlooking the square!  Meals and bath included!”

“Thank you!”  Mila sighed, the thought of a bath making everyone smile save Krya, who just wrinkled her nose.

“That will be thirty guilder’s or two crowns.”  Tiffy said, reaching out to accept payment. 

Mila nodded, reaching into her pouch and placing the money into Tiffy’s delicate open palm.  As she did Tiffy caught a glimmer of green, her breath coming in sharp at the sight of it, before she quickly played it off as if she hadn’t seen it.

“Thanks luv!”  Tiffy laughed. “Head on up!  Third floor, second door on the right!”

“Thank you so much.”  Mila said, “Come on, let’s get some rest.”

With that everyone shuffled off, Tiffy smiling at Krya and Titania as they passed.

“Hey wait!’  Jewel said, wiggling her tiny feet from the top of the counter.  “It’s too high!”

Jaks smiled and scooped her up, causing her to squeal in surprise.  He set her down on the ground and bent down to smile at her.

“There we go!  All better.” He said cheerfully.

She slapped his face, which didn’t hurt but was surprising enough he did a double take.

“Fresh!”  She spat. “Don’t touch a lady like that without her permission!”  She said, before she stomped off upstairs after the others.

“Ugh… kids.”  Jaks said to Tiffy.

Tiffy seemed distracted but when she saw him looking she started slightly.  “Oh… oh sorry hon! Lemme get to that food for you all! I’ll have the tavern boy bring up the water!”

Jaks nodded and went upstairs, surprised by her odd behavior but writing it off.

As soon as he was out of sight, Tiffy ducked down, grabbing her overcoat.  “Roger! Stay here! I need to go out real quick!” She said, before she hurried out into the rain.


As Olga set the Blades down, all three little girls stretched and groaned, tired and sore from being carried by the large green woman.  Though in truth, Titania was starting to like the gentle giant, her brusque nature reminding her of her mother. Krya had been under Olga’s arm the whole trip back and now her belly was sore.  Before them was a large round washbasin, big enough for an adult to sit in, filled with warm steaming water and bubbles from a bar of soap nearby. Jewel almost drooled at the sight of it, as Krya frowned, unhappy at this turn of events.

“My little piggie’s stinky from forest!  Time for bath! Olga had Tiffy bring warm water up!  Isn’t that nice!?” They all were stretching when Olga stood and announced.  “Ok, take off clothes. Olga will give to Mila to fix.” 

“Ooooh heaven is real.”  Jewel sighed, the tiny noble very fond of being clean.  “I really needed this.” She said before sniffing Krya, and wrinkling her nose.

“What?”  Krya asked, sniffing her own armpit. 

Jewel shook her head and slipped down out of the loincloth made from her oversized panties.  “Nothing… you just need it too.”

“I smeww fine!”  Krya snapped.

“Sure… for a dirty peasant.”  Jewel said as she slipped her petite little form into the bath with a deep sigh.  “Oh Olga… you might be an angel after all…” She said splashing water over her face and hair.

Olga seemed confused by this metaphor and shook her head.  “No… am orc.” She said as she gathered up Jewel’s clothes.  “Silly human not know orc from angel…” She muttered.

“I don’t want a bath.”  Krya said, crossing her arms.

“You bath.”  Olga repeated patting the tiny rogue on the butt.

“NO!”  Krya said, sticking her tongue out at Olga.

“Bad girl, no make face.”  Olga insisted as she tried to grab at Krya. 

Krya was fast and dodged the big green hand.  “Or ewse what? It wiww stick that way?” She said, pulling her eyelid down at Olga.

“No… Olga smash face if you make ugly.”  Olga warned, causing Krya to wince visibly.  “Then it broken. No can make faces anymore.”  She reached down to snag the cornered rogue.

Krya saw a handle in Olga’s belt and realized it looked like a knife.  She lunged, snagging it and aiming it as if she meant to stab the large green woman.

“Stay back or I’ww cut you!”  Krya said, only to realize she was holding a bristle brush for Olga’s long black hair.  She blinked at it, and frowned. “Damn…”

Olga erupted with laughter and clapped her huge orc hands.  “You have spirit of great chieftain Mogwart in you!”

“Why?  Was he brave?”  Jewel asked as she washed her hair.

“No.  He smell bad.  No want bath either.”  Olga said, snatching the brush back and putting it into her belt once more.  “He killed when bad smell gave him away to Wyvern. Torn to pieces… stinky pieces.”  She said, before she lunged and tackled the disobedient rogue.

Krya and Olga struggled a moment, before Olga hoisted the tiny rogue up, gripping her shirt like a sack.

“Hey!  HEY! Pumme down now!”  Krya demanded as she was held up over the bath, her legs above her head.

“If insist.”  Olga said, before shaking the little child almost violently, until like a large potato falling from a loose sack, Krya fell free.

Krya landed with a loud splash, face first in the tub, splashing Jewel and then kicking and thrashing as she tried to pull her face out of the water. 

“PFAH!”  Damn orc!”  She screamed, splashing about.

“Stop thrashing you mongrel dog!”  Jewel said, as she used one skinny and naked leg to push Krya back from her.   Soon they were bickering in the tub until Krya got soap in her eye and began to blink rapidly to get it out.

“GAH IT BURNS!”  She cried, her face turning red.

“Well you are basically a giant dirtball.”  Jewel teased, before holding Krya still. “Hang on, just blink and it will pass… sheesh, just stay calm and I will wash you ok?”

Krya seemed to calm down as Jewel began to rub her fingers through her hair.  After a moment she closed her eyes and began to purse her lips.

“What’s that face for?”  Jewel asked.

“F-feews good…”  Krya admitted.

“HA!  You really are a peasant dork… but I don’t mind if it helps.

Titania blushed a bit and looked about.  “Hey? Do I have to bathe with everyone?”

“Only one bath.”  Olga said as she reached down and helped Jewel lift her large tunic off her head.  “Just share. All girls. Same body!” Olga said with a large toothy grin.

Titania looked very nervous, but slowly climbed out of her clothes, before covering her naked form and hurrying to the tub like she was streaking.

“T-turn around!”  She demanded as the others complied, and she then slipped in quickly.  She scooted back away from the others turning bright red before hiding her face low in the water.

“Titania?  Are you embarrassed to be naked?”  Jewel asked as Olga scooped up the last of their clothes.

“No… It’s justht…”  She whispered before she began to blow bubbles in the water.

“I’m the onwy one who ever saw her naked since she grew up.”  Krya said, spitting out some water.

“Why is that?”  Jewel asked, forgetting that occasionally these two had been lovers.  When they both turned as red as an apple, she blushed and covered her mouth.  “OH… I uh… yes… never mind.” She said, returning to her own wash, all three embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Naomi giggled at the girls, and then hid behind Olga.  “Losers…”

“Hey!”  Krya shouted, trying to get the soap out of her eyes.  “How come she doesn’t have to take a bath?” She said, sputtering.

“Demon not mix with water.  Turn to acid…” Olga said as she gently ushered the pouting blue skinned demon out the door.  “Get clean. Olga be back soon to wash you.” 

“Hey that’s not necessary!”  Jewel said, turning red. “We can wash ourselves!”

“No silly piggy, need good wash!”  Olga laughed.

“NO WE DON’T!”  Krya yelled. We are aduwts!  We can wash oursewfs!”

“Shush… no argue.  Olga wash!” She said as she shut the door.

For a long moment all three sat in silence before Jewel finally asked.  “Was it… good?”

“Wath what good?”  Titania asked.

Jewel grinned a bit and then winked at them both.  “Krya… was it good with her?”

Titania and Krya both frowned and dunked their aristocratic friend under the water.

“Mind your own business!”  They said in unison.


Fort Breghita was still in the warm sunset, the sound of evening vespers echoing out over the courtyards.  However it was dark in Dominique’s study as the master of the Order glared down at the mess before her. She was rapping her fingers on the desk, frowning at the strange messenger who had come to see her.  Tethys was covered in mud, sniffling with a runny nose, and trying not to cry she was so upset. She had run for several days straight, resting only when she had to, desperate to report back.

“So… some thief stole my stone… captured my demon, drained the power that belonged to me and turned my elite Blue Capes into babies, leaving you a child?”

“It is a lot to swallow my lady.”  Alonza said, standing with her hands on Tethys’ shoulders.

“Tis the truth lady!  I swear it!” Tethys cried out.

Dominique shrugged.  “Your loyalty nor credibility is in doubt.”  She said as she rose. “Your competence however is… you’ve made a shocking mess of things!”  She hissed coldly.

Tethys hung her head, nodding slowly.  “Yes my lady… forgive me…”

Dominique was silent a moment, and then with a thunderous roar she threw her arms sideways, smashing her desk over, causing the candles to clatter to the floor.  Alonza flew into action and began stamping the flames out as Tethys tried to extinguish several wit her tiny hands.

“Tell me you know who stole my stone!”  Dominique commanded. 

“I don’t know this Mila, but she was with the Blades!”  Tethys cried out, desperate to save her skin.

“The Blades!?”  Dominique hissed.  “They were in on this?”  She trembled as she stalked towards Tethys, her rage spelling doom for the tiny knight.

“I-I think so!  I promise I can fix this!  I can-“ Tethys pleaded.

“HOW!  You’re a child!”  Dominique screamed, raising her fist to strike her.

“Forgive me mistress!”  Tethys cried, ducking down to shield herself.

“My lady!” A voice cried as a member of the order hurried in.  “We have a report! The seer in Fara has sen at psychic message for you!”

“I’m busy!”  Dominique yelled, still intent on savaging Tethys.

“But my lady!  It's about the Blades.”  The young aide said.

Dominique turned on her, eyes on fire in the dark.  “What about the Blades?”

“They are in Fara… apparently as children with some… thieves!”  The aid reported.

Dominique suddenly relaxed a bit, her hands going to her sides.  For a moment she was silent as everyone stared in anticipation. Then she turned to Alonza and her face was covered with a wicked and toothy smile.

“Ready the troops… and gets something for little Tethys to wear.”  She ordered.

“Where are you going?”  Alonza asked, lifting the trembling form of Tethys from the floor. 

“Fara… if we leave now, we can arrive at sun up.”  She said, before she turned to grab her mace. “We’re going to get my stone…”




End Chapter 5

The Chrono Stone

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