The Chrono Stone

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Chapter 4
The Trap

The Trap

Mila was about to run into the demon’s chamber when she heard an ululating roar, followed by a set of screams.  They sounded like children and she wondered if it was Nass’assir punishing more of her servants. Had the Blades been beaten?  Or were they slaying the demon? She wasn’t sure, but she knew she had to be careful.

“R-run!”  A squealing voice cried out, clearly a little girl’s.

Mila ducked aside, hiding behind a nearby set of pillars, careful not to step on one of the babies that were crawling around before her.  Peering out she saw a queer site of three children, each huddled closely to the others, running as fast as they could in their loose armor and empty gear.  They clattered and banged as their gear flapped against them or dragged against the ground, and she almost laughed at the sight of them. They were frightened, looking over their shoulders with adorable huge eyes and she wanted to rush out and tell them how cute they were.  It was only when the brunette in the back fell that she realized they were the blades.

“Blastht it!  My feet are too thamll!”  The girl, who Mila suddenly recognized as Titania grumbled.

“Holy…”  She almost blurted.  “She’s made them into kids… and I bet she’s chasing them too.”  Mila considered as they slid to a stop and turned to rescue Titania from her baggy tunic, that this was an opportunity.

Like a rabbit bounding through a field, Mila darted out and slid to a stop before the girls, who barely had time to look up at her in disbelief.

“Y-you!”  Jewel cried out.  “You! You’re the one who stole my-“  Mila shushed her with a finger over her lips.

“Shush!  Or do you want to be demon food?”  She said softly. “Play along and I can get us out of this!”

All three looked at her in confusion, when she winked.  “Sorry in advance.” She said before she shoved them all backwards onto the ground.

All three rolled backwards, landing in a heap as she walked towards them and scooped them up in her arms.  She groaned realizing how heavy they were together but managed to get all three in her skinny arms. They were limp at first as they were scooped up, their eyes rolling in a daze a bit before they came to their senses.  They began to growl and kick and bite, while Krya just hung upside down, her bare bottom poking out the top of her dress. 

“HEY!  Put us down!  My butt is hanging out!”  Krya yelled.

“Indeed…”  Jewel grumbled as Krya’s bare bottom was inches from her face.

“Shh… trust me.”  Mila whispered.

“Trutht you?”  Titania barked.  “You tried to attack uth in the foretht!”

“Sorry but we don’t have time to argue!  Unless you want to die we nee-“ Mila had started to whisper.

All fell silent as Nass’assir flew out the door, a grin on her face which vanished as soon as she saw Mila holding the three girls up.  She landed with a loud thump and stood to full height, pointing her staff at the newcomer.

“Who are you… and why do you capture these enemies of mine?”  The monster asked.

“Oh mighty one!”  Mila said, projecting her voice as best she could.  “I have some to serve you!” She said, causing all three girls to gasp in horror, squirming suddenly.

“Bitch!  I’ll see you hang for thiIIIS!!!”  Jewel cried as all three were dropped unceremoniously at Nass’assir’s feet.

“I could not let these enemies escape you, so I waited to capture them.”  Mila announced, her body jerking slightly as Titania began to punch her legs.  “Ow! Stop it!” She muttered.

“Truly…?”  Nass’assir said with a chuckle.  “Well, your timing couldn’t be better as my former followers were, how shall we say… weak.”

“I shall not prove to be so weak my mistress.”  Mila said as she knelt, only to receive several pathetic blows from Titania and soft kicks from Krya.

Nass’assir grinned but did not say anything for a moment.  “Hear that girls? You won’t be escaping after all…”

“You little shit!”  Jewel snapped at Mila.  “You were planning to trap us the whole time!  That ambush in the forest… you wretch!”

“You ambushed them in the forest?”  Nass’assir said with a grin. “Seems these little brats…”  She bent down and pinched Krya’s little cheek, pulling hard again as Krya snarled.  “…just proved your story to me… well done.”

“I’m honored to serve.”  Mila said, as she clutched a small green stone to her chest.

“You bitch!  You guttersnipe!”  Jewel barked.

“Ooh, temper, temper little noble girl.”  Nass’assir said, pushing Jewel down with her staff, as her friends huddled around her to protect her.  “You’ll get your mouth washed out with soap.

“Scumbag!”  Krya added, glaring at Mila.

“Y-you must have stolen our stone!”  Jewel announced finally. “You took it and left us like this!  This was all a set up! You planned to steal the stone from the beginning!”

“What?!”  Nass’assir said, looking down to Jewel.  “What did you say about the stone?”

“Sh-she must have taken it from us when she and her friends ambushed us!”  Jewel yelled pointing towards Mila s the other Blade’s nodded in agreement.  “She’s the reason the stone didn’t work on you!”

“She stole the stone?  You mean… you weren’t given a fake one?”  Nass’assir said, turning to look at Mila.

Mila was grinning, holding the stone up before the demon causing the monster to swallow hard at the sight of it.  “Yup!” She said as she activated the spell, saying the words quickly, the stone shimmering to light.

“N-NOOOOOOOO!”  Nass’assir cried as she stumbled back, true fear in her eyes.

Brilliant light, a rush of air and a throbbing in the atmosphere filled the room.  The demon seemed unable to move as the chrono stone began to strobe and pulse brightly.  As Mila said the words to the spell she then laughed and prepared to watch as the demon was pulled down into the stone.  However as she said the final words, Jewel suddenly stood up and yelled over the flash of the magical energy.

“No you dummy!  That’s not the right words!”  She belted.

“What?”  Mila said, suddenly worried. 

“You said the wrong word!  The wrong word!” Jewel repeated as her friends pulled her back to take cover.

“I did?”  Mila snapped.  “Oh crap…” She managed to blurt, just as the stone in her hand began to burn. 

She screamed as smoke rose from the stone, the glowing object pressing into her flesh.  The stone seemed to be merging with her skin as she could feel her bones pressing into it.  It was an implant stone, but it should not have fused to her had the right spell been used. However even as it fused to her flesh she could feel power rising in her palm.  It was being drawn from the demon, who even now wailed and cried out.

“MY POWER!!!”  She boomed but soon even her voice seemed less impressive.  “My power! You’re draining my power awaaaaaAAAAA-“ She wailed as she began to change.

The giant of a woman began to slowly lower towards the floor as mist and sparkling energy flew from her body.  She looked down at her hands, gawking as they her fingers grew shorter, her talons getting smaller too. She could feel her hair slipping around on her back as it grew backwards into her skull.  She could feel her thighs squeezing in, her butt bouncing slightly as it lost its round softness, her legs sinking towards the floor. Her body was getting shorter now and as she watched in muted terror as her breasts deflated, like wineskins with punctures that drained out slowly.  Soon they were flattening out as she lost her curves in shock. Being a sexual demon… this was a crushing transformation.

“Wook!  She’s shrinking!”  Krya cried as all three looked to see a teenage devil, her eyes wide as saucers.

“N-no!  By the abyss this can’t happen!”  The skinny teen cried, even as her body and infernal garments were shrinking down, the latter changing to match her body.  Only her large cape seemed to be remaining large as it slid down.

“Maker… look at her go!”  Mila gasped in surprise. Even now the pain in her palm was fading, and she realized the more power she absorbed, the younger the demon became.

Nass’assir was stumbling about, her legs shrinking as her body thinned.  Her face began to round out, losing its patrician edges and growing softer.  Her little butt rolled inwards while her belly rounded out slightly. Her legs began to get so skinny that she almost looked like she was walking on saplings, her wings becoming smaller and her arms sucking up towards her shoulders.  She tripped and landed on her hands and knees as the stone finally began to slow its drain of her power. With a soft puff the stone stopped draining the abyssal being, who vanished down underneath her large cape, a small bulge beneath it.  For a moment the cape stayed still before the demon slowly crawled free, whimpering and sniffling until she had pulled herself out from under it. 

Now she was no longer shrinking, leaving her a shocked but surprisingly cute little five year old child.  For a moment there was only silence as the blue skinned child rose to her feet, stumbling up and then looking at her body.

“This… this can be real… I-I’m a demon… I’m too powerful for this!”  Naomi sobbed as she examined her childish body, feeling one shrunken horn.

She began to sob and whimper as Mila looked at her palm.  The stone was fused to her flesh now, glowing a bright green tone and humming every few moments.  This was not the plan, and now… she had a sinking feeling as all of her original goals seemed to have evaporated.

She was about to say something when she heard a growl and watched as little Krya rushed over and punched the sniffling demon.

“OWIE!”  The demon child barked, her sharp teeth now small like a puppies.  “S-Stoppit you butthole!”

But Krya did not stop, and soon Titania joined the assault as both little girls were now engaged in a slapping battle with the shocked and overwhelmed demon.

“O-Ow!  I told you to stop!  I command you!” The squirming demon growled, slapping back at the others.

“You can’t teww us what to do you scumbag!”  Krya snarled as she grabbed Nass’Assir’s ear and pulled sharply.

Behind her Titania grabbed the back of the demon’s shrunken garments up and wrenched them, giving the abyssal girl a painful wedgie as she shrieked.  “You like that, you th-ick freak?!”

“I’m going to poke your miserable eyes out!”  Jewel wailed through her own tears as she bit Nass’assir on the arm.

Hair was pulled.  Fingers were bitten.  Shins were kicked and soon the four of them were rolling around in a small tumbling ball of action.  Fists were flying, wails and sobs peppering the melee as Mila realized they might actually hurt each other.

“Uh, girls hang on!”  Mila suddenly said, worried about what had happened and hoping to ask the shrunken demon.  “Let’s get some answers first.” Mila said, trying to reach down and break up the fight.

Jewel slapped her hand away with an angry sob.  “This is your fault you peasant shit stain! You did this to us!”

 “Hey, calm down!”  Mila insisted as all three girls glared daggers, momentarily focused on her instead of the struggling child they were pinning down.

In that instant, the demon pushed Titania down onto her butt, the little knight squealing.  She then ran, her arms straight in front of her around Mila, hiding behind her legs. There she glared, her tiny eyes glowing like hot coals as she began to sniffle and sob.  The child Blades rushed after her, sniffling and tripping with anger, but Mila shoved them back as one, all three plopping down onto their rears at once.

“Hey!  Don’t take her side!”  Jewel howled.

“Yeah shee thrank us!”  Titania barked, her clenched fists visible through her loose tunic sleeves.

“Actuawy, she did this to us!”  Krya said, pointing to Mina.

“You stole the stone!”  Jewel snapped.

“Yes I did…”  Mila said, never having intended for the Blades to be hurt.

“Then we should reawwy kiww her!”  Krya said, trying to form her spectral blades, but with no success.  She became frustrated as she repeated this and finally she sputtered angrily.  “I swear I wiww gut you fo dis!” She said stomping her feet.

All three had rushed to retrieve their clothing, hoisting as much as they could over their frames, as if this would somehow shield them.  Each of them were tying their underwear up around them before pulling their clothes up and trying to tie them or drape them on their frames.  They looked pathetic and Mila couldn’t help but snicker.

Jewel rose and pointed her finger, trembling with anger.  “You swapped the stone with a fake!”

“Yep!  It was easy too.”  Mila snorted, grateful that the Blades were venting at her and ignoring the cowering Nass’assir behind her.  “You were so cocky you walked right into my trap.” She added with a wink.

All three Blades grit their teeth at this taunt.  “How did you do it!?” Krya demanded, pulling her loose garments up uncomfortably.

“I used a swap spell.”  Mila said, shrugging.

Behind her Nass’assir hissed.  “To be fooled by such a low level magical spell… how pathetic.”

“Hey… shut it.  Don’t make this worse for yourself you bad blue girl.”  Mila whispered.

Nass’assir visibly cringed at being called a bad girl, but Jewel interrupted her before she could add any comments.

“Show me!  I want to see how you did it!”  Jewel sneered.

“Oh a good magician never reveals-“  Mila started to say when Jewel exploded into a tear filled and slightly snotty tantrum.

“JUST SHOW ME YOU DUMB SCUM PEASANT… RRRRRRAGH!”  She roared as Titania tried to hold her back.

“Hmm… ok.”  Mila said, a wicked idea to rub it in coming to mind.  She picked up three small leather satchels in her pouch, used to hold stolen goods but empty at the moment.  She pinched them between her fingertips and grinned. “Let’s trade!” She laughed.

There was a puff of air, no sound and all three Blades jumped slightly, before blushing and reaching down to their lower bodies.  Each one now had an empty leather satchel where their oversized panties had once been. Looking up they could see Mila dangling all three pairs in her fingertips, winking at them all.

“Are these your panties?”  She asked, sticking her tongue out.

Krya began to seethe with rage, Titania stoically standing her ground while Jewel fell to the ground and began to wail in abject humiliation.

“I want to diiiiiiiiiie!”  Jewel sobbed as Titania patted her gently on the head.

Mila felt a pang of guilt.  She never meant to hurt them, just steal their payday.  Now they were stuck as kids, Nass’assir as well, and the stone fused into her palm.  Mila was not a cruel person, just a thief, and she never tried to hurt anyone. So now her victory felt quite hollow.

“I swear I’m gonna get you for this!”  Krya said, her fists trembling.

“I-I’m sorry.”  Mila said, suddenly, as everyone looked up, even the demon.

“What?”  Jewel snorted through tears.  “Why? You got what you wanted!”

“I didn’t want this… I thought I could get to you first and used the stone on the demon but I was delayed.”  Mila said, looking down at Jewel. “I just wanted the stone, so I could sell it myself. Then I wouldn’t be on the streets anymore.”  She said as the others listened in surprise. “I’m sorry… I promise I can fix this.”

“Fix thith?  How?” Titania asked, clearly the most level of the three.

“Yeah!  How the hew wiww you fix us, ya miserable thief?”  Krya added, spitting on the floor.

“I don’t know!”  Mila said, before looking down to the demon behind her leg.  “Maybe Nass’assir can help.

The three girls stared at her as Nass’assir growled.  “Stupid… you won… be happy. I wouldn’t help you anyway…” 

“Yeah she won, but she screwed up!”  Jewel added, standing up. “She messed up the spell and now she has the stone trapped in her body and you stuck as a kid!  You can’t use your power now!”

“I KNOW!”  Mila yelled, surprising them all.  “I know I messed up… I said I will fix it, and I will!”  Mila snapped, suddenly pissed at the Blades whining. “Just… trust me.  I’ll find a way to make you all back to your normal self. You have my word.”

All three of the Blades exchanged a surprised and confused glance, not sure if they could trust their new thief companion.  However Nass’assir laughed and stepped back away from Mila’s protection.

“The word of a thief?”  Nass’assir growled. “You are pathetic… you have my power and your rivals are children and now you want to help them?”

“Don’t make me toss you back to those three.  They look like they mean to kill you.” Mila said, gesturing to the three angry girls.  The demon backed down, returning behind her legs. “I didn’t mean to hurt you either; I just wanted your power…”

“Don’t make me laugh…”  The abyssal hissed. “I don’t care what you wanted and I don’t want your help!”

“Fine… but you’re coming with us until I figure out how to undo this.”  Mila said, pointing down into her face.

“What if I say no?”  She hissed, baring her teeth at Mila.

“I wonder… can a demon become a baby?  Would they ever age, or just stay that way forever?”  Mila pondered aloud.

“T-they…”  the demon stammered.  “Demon’s don’t age! If you did that… I’d…”

“Ah!  Nice to see you’ll be coming with us then!”  Mila said, patting the adorably evil child on the head as she hissed loudly.

“Wait a moment!”  Titania interrupted.  “Why were you kept from interrupting uth?  You thaid you were delayed?”

Mila nodded, annoyed as she remembered why she had been late.  “Yeah, some knights from the Order came… the blue capes I think Olga said.”

“The blue capeths?”  Titania gasped, her face going white.

“Holy shit!”  Jewel said, as all three girls perked up in fear. 

Even Nass’assir was trembling as Mila realized what she had forgotten.

“Oh shit!  The blue capes!  Olga and Jaxs were holding them off to buy me time!”  She gasped, before Mila turned to the hall entrance. “I-I gotta help my friends!”

However in that exact moment, Olga and Jaxs came running down the hall, stumbling into the room.  They were gasping, wild eyed, and covered with wounds and cuts. They were panting and everyone stopped as they stumbled into the hall, collapsing before Mila in gasping ragged breaths. 

“We… did all we could.”  Jaks spat between breaths.

“Too many for us… to stop.”  Olga managed to growl, her arms and legs bleeding slowly from a few gashes.

“Yes… they did.”  A cold voice called out.   “But they failed… as your ilk are destined to do.”

Footsteps, clanking armor plates, jingling chainmail, and swishing cloth filled the room as twelve knights, full armored and wearing the Order’s elite blue capes stormed in.  They fanned out around the shrunken Blades, Mila’s crew and the sniveling little demon who almost started to cry at the sight of them. They formed a curved line around them, shields before their bodies, glistening blue steel swords pointing down over them and froze like a castle wall. 

Soon they parted as their leader walked from behind them in the hallway, her face a twisted sneer of delight, her red hair flashing behind her as she came to a stop in the center of the others.   She was tall and gorgeous, every bit the protégé of Dominique. A skilled fighter, a cruel master and a vicious hound, trained to kill the Order’s enemies. The only major difference between her and her master, was that she liked to kill and murder.

“Teththees…”  Titania lisped, her voice filled with anger and fear.

“Teththees?”  Mila asked in confusion.

“She means Tethys.”  Jewel growled. “Right hand of Dominique… Damn you!”  Jewel snorted. “You meant to follow us and steal the stone all along.  That was the plan from the start!”

Tethys looked down a moment, not deigning to respond until her eyes flashed at the sight of Jewel.  She threw her head back and laughed, slapping her hip and pointing towards the child sized noble.

“Jewel!?  Is that you?”  She snorted in a brusque tone.  “You look positively pathetic! Not so noble as a snotty little shit!”  She roared as the other knights added some laughter as well. Tethys let a toothy grin come across her face when she recognized Krya.  “Ah… you look like that no good horse manure tanner that Titania always had sniffing after her like a dog!”

“Fuk yooooooo!”  Krya growled, flipping Tethys off.

Tethys then seemed to glow with excitement.  “And that means… Titania… I’d recognize that ugly tomboy any day!”  She said eyeing Titania who seemed to go white. “I’m positively stunned you’re still alive and not dead in a brothel compost heap by now.” 

She Mila turned and saw Titania was shaking, a look of anger and hatred, mingling with fear over her body as she began to tremble.

“This is soooooo perfect; you turned into an obnoxious little kid…”  Tethys said, her voice becoming low. “I always wanted a page boy to serve me… one I could beat when it disobeyed me… or anytime I felt like it.”  She sneered, her threat obvious.

“Damn you!”  Titania managed to spit.  “Why are you alwath so cruel!  What did I ever do to make you hate me?”  She asked, tears in her eyes.

“You simply were… that’s enough.”  Tethys said, her face suddenly lacking any humor or hint of enjoyment.  She looked cold and bitter.

Everyone stared as the two glared at each other, and then Mila coughed slightly, breaking the spell.

“Uh… excuse me!  Can I help you?” Mila said, trying to distract the knights, hoping some idea would pop into her head.  “I’m Mila! We uh… haven’t met yet but I-“

“Be silent, quim, or lose your tongue.”  Tethys snapped.

“I-I meant no disrespect!  We’re just humble travelers, hoping to be on our way if possible.”  Mila said, trying to think of a plan. 

Tethys hissed through her teeth.  “Travelers? A traveler who has a little demons hiding behind her… and a bright green implant stone in their palm?  More specifically, you have a stone which belongs to my master, Dominique?” She said the malice obvious on her face.

“Ah…”  Mila said, realizing she had failed to cover her hand.  “I was hoping you weren’t going to ask about that.”

“Kill the orc, the boy, the blonde and the brat with the red streak in her hair.”  Tethys commanded coldly, all three of the Blades backing up at once. “Cut the skinny one’s hand off and bring me Titania and the Demon.  Dominique will want them.”

As one of the knights began to press forward, grunting in unison as they took each step together in perfect coordination with each other.  Jewel began to try and build power for a spell as Titania and Krya tried to form a barrier in front of her. Olga and Jaks managed to get to their feet, but their exhaustion spelled certain doom.  Closer and closer the knights or the Order pressed, each one a beautiful woman, but with expressions as cold as a frozen lake. They meant to do as they were told, and this meant murder. Hopelessness and fear mingled among the trapped adventurers as Mila began to feel a horrible sense of guilt and responsibility.

“I-I’m sorry…”  Mila muttered to her friends.  “I got us here… this is my fault.”

Olga and Jaks gave her a soft smile, and were about to make a comment when Nass’Assir rushed in front of Mila and grabbed her hand.

“We’re only dead if you give up you shit!”  She snapped. “Use my power! Smite these fucks!”

“What?”  Mila asked.  “H-how do I, I mean-“

“Hold up your hand and get them!  Focus and let my power blast them away!”  Nass’assir screamed.

Mila felt a burning in her palm, bringing it up, almost as if in a stupor and pressing it forward.  The Knights slowed to a stop at the sight of it, and Tethys who had been wearing a smirk, suddenly frowned deeply.  The stone was glowing and flashing as Mila felt the urge growing inside her to reach out and punish these bastards for their cruelty

“What are you waiting for!?”  The demon yelled. “Do it or we’re dead!”

“What are you waiting for you fools!  Kill them! Take the stone before she-“  Tethys screamed, her eyes becoming predatory before she was cut off.

The blast of light that came from the stone was overwhelmingly bright, causing the Blades, Olga and Jaks to fall backwards.  The knights were struck by the wave gasping and seizing as their bodies clenched up, awash with the same power that had reduced the Blades to pint sized shrimps. 

“W-what’s happening?”  Tethys cried as two of her knights tried to shield her from the energy unsuccessfully. 

The changes came quickly as the Blades and Mila’s crew watched in amazement.  A tall blonde knight sank down into her armor, which locked down on itself from its own weight as she became a child in an instant.  She squirmed as her skinny body dangled in her own armor, her sensual face becoming a scrawny child’s with an embarrassing wash of freckles.  Soon her face popped back into a tiny round baby’s before she slipped down into the rigid metal, the sound of a wailing infant suddenly echoing from within.

“She becomes a baby!”  Olga snapped in surprise, having not seen what had come before.

A dark skinned knight fell down onto her hands and knees as her hair, tied up above her head in heavy dreadlocks moaned which began to spin as they unraveled.  She soon deflated her wide rear and large bust sucking in and leaving her as a wide eyed little girl in her armor, which hung down so far once could see just how skinny her bare body was within.  Her mouth was hanging open as she looked left and right in surprise, her body still shrinking.

“Tethys!  I’m getting smaaaaaaaallllllleeeeee-“  She wailed as her face sucked into her armor until it fell apart, a small naked baby pinned inside it, sobbing in tears

“Oh… that’s embarrassing.”  Jaks said with a grunt.

Beside’s Tethys one elf knight began to tremble before she simply sucked down into her armor, which clattered apart on the floor beside her.  When the armor collapsed it revealed a pale baby girl, bald with small pointed ears, squealing as she lay naked on her back. Another bust knight with exposed muscular limbs and short red hair in a mohawk was trying to bring her sword up to rush Mila.  With a sudden squeal she thinned, her body losing its thick biceps and strong definition. She grunted trying to bring her sword up on the arms of a scrawny fifteen year old, which caused her to tilt backwards slowly as if she would fall. Then with a pathetic cry she shrank further, the sword pulling her up and out of her armor, first as a naked skinny girl thrown into the air, and then as the chubbiest baby Mila had ever seen.  She landed in Tethys’ open arms and began to sob loudly.

“Ha!  That’s funny!”  Jewel snorted at the tough girl turned chubby baby.

Tethys watched as one by one, her knights were turned into sobbing little girls, squealing toddler and then wailing babies, their armor cast aside in strong contrast to their new softer states.  She dropped the infant in her hands down atop a pile of loose clothes and turned to run. Then she too sank down, a squeal escaping her lips as she dropped down on her changing body.

“Fuck!  This can’t beeeeeeeee!”  She screamed as her fiery red hair trailed down behind her.

Her face thinned, her legs shortened and her arms lost their length.  Her hair shrank on her head, losing two thirds its length as hair on other parts of her body vanished with an embarrassing speed.  She could feel her breasts suck back into her chest so hard it took her breath away. Her butt, her favorite attribute on her body bounced up and then flattened backwards, a late bloomer in both her butt and her chest.  She could hear her screaming voice shoot up in pitch, and felt a horrible sense of mortification at the sound of a girl wailing in shock. She could feel her soft undergarments, her tunic and trousers slip over her body as they fell back and were pulled down with her.  Her armor fell atop her and pulled her shrinking body down with an undignified grunt.

Mila watched as the fleeing Tethys collapsed down onto the floor, her armor burying her, and then swooned as the stone stopped emitting its energy,  She managed to catch herself from falling with help from Jaks, but Nass’assir collapsed at her feet as if unconscious. Olga swooped up the tiny demon and began to check her pulse, nodding when she saw she was ok.  Now the room was filled with more sobbing and babbling infants, the knights adding to the cultists as they crawled, whined and flailed.

“Y-you alright?”  Jaks asked Mila.

“Yeah… just… suddenly tired.”  She said softly.

“Hey look!”  Titania said, pointing to Tethys’ suit of armor.

Slowly the armor rose up, sliding back and revealing a skinny child, her body draped in a sleeveless tunic, her fiery red hair spilling down her back.  It was Tethys, now just a child, her body skinny and pale, her face round and cute, but still twisted in a hate filled rage. She turned her head back and pointed a trembling finger at Mila, her teeth bared and a growl rising in her throat.

“Y-You!  I’ll killll you for this!”   She said, her voice cracking and so juvenile that the Blades began to snicker and laugh.  “STOP LAUGHING! You think you can do this to me? ME? Tethys the right hand of Dominique!  I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you all you fucking dogs!” She began to unload, her voice shrill and annoying rather than intimidating.

“Damn… does she ever shut up?”  Jaks asked.

“No…”  Titania said, a smirk on her face at the sight of Tethys as a scrawny brat in an oversized shirt.  “Thee ith a thit, whether thee ith an adult or an ugly brat!”

“GHOOOOO Go to hell Titania!  You’re all going to pay! I’ll kill you all!  I’ll torture you all!” Tethys said backing up slowly, tears slipping down her red cheeks.  “I’ll go tell Dominique and you’re all going to pay! She’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth you… you… you buttheads!”  She screamed, before she turned and ran down the temple hallway, wailing like the little angry brat she was.

“She wiww too…” Krya said.  “We need to get back to the city… and fix this mess before Dominique comes to get us…”

“Yeah…”  Jewel said, still sniffling.   “Because as bad as Tethys is… if Dominique gets us, we’ll wish we were never born…”




End Chapter 4

The Chrono Stone

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