The Chrono Stone

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Chapter 3
The Demon

The Demon

Jaks was grinning as he watched the Trio enter the temple.  “Damn! They’re all so cool!”

“Very skilled.”  Olga laughed.

Mila frowned as she prepared to stand up.  “Yeah, well soon they are gonna help us walk out of there with a power that will make us rich!  No more sleeping on the streets for us!”

“So how will this work?”  Jaks asked.

“First we get inside, then you two keep the cultists busy and I’ll take care of everything else.”  Mila said with a grin.

“Fine but you need to hurry!  We can’t take on all of the cultist by ourself-“  Jaks started, but then stopped as he heard a sound from over the hill. 

All three glanced back and saw a troop of Order soldiers cresting the hill, their weapons drawn and their eyes fixed on the temple.

“What the hell are they doing here?”  Jaks asked in surprise.

“They are Blue Capes.”  Olga grunted. “Order elites… must work for Dominique.”

“Damn…”  Mila snapped.  “They must be here to make sure the Blades succeed.  They’re going to screw this whole plan up!” Mila hissed, turning back to the temple gate.  “We have to hurry in before those knights see us!”

“Wait!  If we go in, how will we get out?”  Jaks barked, trying to scramble to his feet to follow Mila.

“Olga is strong but not strong enough to beat Blue Capes.”  Olga added.

“No worries!”  Mila said, as she hurried ahead.  “Once I have this power, the Order won’t be able to touch me!”

“I hope you know what you are talking about!”  Jaks added as he and Olga kept pace with Mila.

“So do I...”  Mila said, as the trio hurried into the darkness of the temple.  “We just need the Blades to do their part and I can finish the job for them.”


“Stand youw gwound you fools!”  Lani cried, stomping her little bare feet on the floor.  “You fools! All of you will be punished fow failing the gweat mistwess!”

The cultists fled in shock at the sight of the blades entering the temple main hall.  Hooked sacrificial daggers fell to the floor, as the ladies of the cult fled to hide behind the altar and pillars.  The Blades swatted what few cultists were brave enough to fight aside and then advanced on the altar itself, Titania on the right, Jewel in the center and Krya approaching casually with a grin.

“How dawe you entew the sanctuawy of the gweat one!”  Lani challenged, her voice cracking and her cheeks puffing up.

“What’s this?”  Titania laughed.  “An upstart brat, pretending to be a great leader?”

“Bitch!  You are but a dog to me!”  Lani said, her voice still conveying her authority in spite of its childish timbre.

“That is their leader.”  Jewel said with a smirk.

“What?”  Krya snorted.  “How can this little shit be the leader?  She’s barely out of diapers!”

“I don weaw DIAPEWS!”  Lani cursed.

“Look at her insignia.”  Jewel said ”That’s the House of Hannor.  That’s Lani, matriarch of the house.”

Lani stood straight and thrust her chest up in a haughty laugh.  “My weputation pwedcedes me! You must be of noble biwth.” 

“Yeah real scary kid.”  Krya said. “Get lost before I make you go to bed without supper.”

“I’m NOT A KID!”  Lani cried. “I was… given a gift, by my master!  This is… a gift!

Lani explained, clearly lying.

“We didn’t come to deal with you.”  Titania said. “We have business with your master.”

“HA!”  Lani said, raising her hands as twin balls of blue fire bloomed in her palms.  “She is far above your pay! You shall not live to see her.”

“Enough urchin.”  Jewel said, waving her hand and allowing ten glowing fireballs to appear over her head.  Lani swallowed realizing that Jewel was beyond her skill. “Be a good child and run to your mistress.  Tell her we have come to punish her for her wicked ways.” Jewel commanded.


The voice boomed overhead, shaking the trio and causing Lani to at first jump and then grin.  “Welcome mastew! You come to smite these ants?” She said as she stepped aside.

A shadow, a freezing force, a roiling cloud of inky darkness was flowing into the hall from the chamber behind the altar.  It crept over the altar and around the pillars like a spider, its bulk and presence threatening like staring into the eyes of a predator.  Within that cloud of darkness was a shape that resolved itself as the swollen gloom faded, revealing a being of height and dark regality. She was built like a woman but tall, her body wrapped in a purple and red bodice, a black cape with high boots, her hips and arms exposed.  She had light blue skin with gray hair, her eyes a glimmering pale tone that hinted of yellow. She was sensual but tall at nearly eight feet, her body sturdy like armor plating but smooth, her lips curled to reveal sharpened teeth.

Jewel felt a bit nervous, but steadied herself.  “Alright ladies, this is it.” She said to her companions.

Lani and the other cultists seemed bolstered by her arrival, a silver staff appearing in her hand as her twin horns wrapped around her head.  “So… intruders…” She then glared down at Lani. “And… they are in my temple… which you were sworn to protect.”

“We twied to stop them!”  Lani explained. “But now that you aw hewe, pewhaps you would like to do the honow?”  She asked, cowering slightly.

“Yes…”  The demonic being said, eyeing her cowering slaves and worshipers.  “Yes I would like to do something…” She raised her staff above her head and bared her sharp fangs at Lani.  “I will do something to MY WORTHLESS COWARDLY FOLLOWERS!!!!” She roared as lighting blasted out from her staff.

Lani had only a moment to scream as the lighting struck her, blasting her as she was lifted from the dais.  The Blades jumped back, covering their faces as Lani screamed out in shock as the cultists froze in terror. 

“No mastew I soweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-“  Lani managed to wail as her very teeth sucked up into her gums.

Lani imploded, her childish lanky legs sucking up into her smaller garments, her arms pulling in as well.  Her girlish body shrank, pressing up and gaining a slightly round and pudgy shape. Her face grew softer, her cheeks puffier, her eyes seeming bigger in her shrinking head while her hair leapt back into her head.  She squealed and began to bawl as her body grew new layers of soft baby fat puffed up around her joints and belly, her bottom flattening out in what was the most mortifying moment of Lani’s life. Then she was a baby, plopping down onto the dais atop her empty garments, exploding into a ragged gasping burst of sobs.

“ALL WHO FAIL SHALL FALL DOWN TO THEIR HANDS AND KNEES!”  The monster roared as the lightning dance about, weaving behind pillars and striking the hiding cultists

One by one the other cultists wailed and collapsed down into their robes, or those who were already naked plopped down onto the cold floor.  Women turned to squealing teens, frightened teens turned to sobbing girls, and soon all of the girls were either whimpering toddlers or squealing newborns.  The room was filled with empty clothes, and the sound of infantile squealing. The lightning finally dying back as the demon stepped back, grinning.

“I think we’re in trouble…”  Krya said, mildly shaking 


As Mila and her group entered the temple they could see sprawled cultists, all unconscious or slashed when they got too close to the Blades.  Jaks scoffed seeing how many had been just batted aside.

“Damn, these three mean business.”  He said.

Just then Olga turned back and growled.  “The Blue Capes… They come now!”

“Shit!”  Mila hissed, seeing the knights galloping down the field towards them.  At the head of them rode a knight with a cruel smile, blood red hair and eyes that seemed to speak of malice.  “Ok, you two! Push the door shut and keep them busy as long as possible!” She said as she ran deeper in.

“Hurry!  We can’t keep them long!”  Jaks yelled as he and Olga began to press the huge doors closed.

“We can hold as long as you need!”  Olga insisted.

“Just stall them!”  Mila said as she vanished down into the temple.

“Think we stand a chance?”  Jaks asked Olga as the knights' horses thundering closer.

“No.  We dead.”  Olga said.

“I wish you weren’t so honest sometimes.”  Jaks sighed as they pushed the door closed.


 The grinning demon bent down and plucked the almost bald baby Lani from the floor and grinned at her, before setting her back on the dais, her little arms and legs flailing as she sobbed.

“There… that’s better.”  The beast said, eyeing the now quite startled Blades. ”Now… I believe you three are intruders?”

Jewel hesitated a moment, slightly overwhelmed by the Demon’s power.  “You two still with me?” She asked, wanting to give them a chance to back out now.

“Still here.”  Titania said.

“Don’t feel so bad about peeing yourself earlier.”  Krya said. Both turned to see she was a bit pale. “I might have just peed a bit too…”  She said with a nervous grin. “But I’m still standing here. Let’s do this.”

“Very well then.”  Jewel said, turning to the demon.  “Nass’Assir!” She boomed as only a rich spoiled woman could. 

The demon winced, her power weakened by the commanding usage of her true name.  “Wretch…” She hissed, a bubbling drip of sulfur falling from her lips and spattering at her feet.  “How did you know my name?”

“Nass’Assir, you are to surrender at once!”  Jewel repeated, noticing how it upset the demon.  “Or else we will be forced to take action against you?”

“Don’t make us hurt you…”  Krya laughed, drawing the demon’s attention as she walked to the right as if intending to close on the enemy.

“You dare to attack me!”  The demon grunted. “I fear no-“  She stopped as Titania roared and swung her sword at her. 

The demon leapt up, wings sprouting from her back as she soared down, slashing at Titania with her claws.  Titania ducked, the claws ripping some of her hair as the monster flew past her and dove at Jewel. Jewel released a blast of air that fluttered the demon’s wings, and slowed her down.  Krya dove in from the side, the glowing demon’s eyes spotting her at the last second. She brought her staff up and deflected the first of Krya’s glowing daggers, the second one coming in and slashing her light blue hide.  Nass’Assir roared and kicked her foot out, sending Krya tumbling back, and then swiping her staff at Jewel. Jewel ducked as Titania rushed in, lunging with her blade, but the demon was faster. Nass’Assir fluttered up and dodged aside, her clawed feet sticking into the wall high above the dais. 

“Damn!  She’s fast!”  Titania snapped.

Krya was rubbing the back of her head, and grunted.  “Yeah… and strong.

From up above, the beast held her side as a froth and tar bubbled from her wound, her rage growing as she glared down at them, her eyes burning like hot coals.

“Get ready!  She looks pissed!”  Jewel said as they fanned out.

The demon growled as she clung to the wall like a huge bat, her lips trembling with rage.  “It’s that bastard Dominique isn’t it!” She seemed to seethe, hissing like an overflowing tea pot as she looked away into some distant vista in rage.  “She gave you my name! Only she would know! That wretched, vain, worthless daughter of a whore! She sent you here to catch me didn’t she!” Her voice was a rich multi-toned rumble of pure anger and rage.

“Enough!”  Jewel said, reaching into her pocket and retrieving the chrono stone.  “Time for your evil to end!” She announced holding the stone aloft.

The stone shimmered in the torch light and Jewel thought she saw the demon recoil upon looking at it.  However even she noticed that now the stone seemed a bit darker, not quite as green. However she pushed that doubt aside and held it towards the demonic icon. 

“With this stone… I seal you away!”  Jewel said sternly. “I revoke your power and trap you within Nass’assir!  You are a prisoner now and shall be taken to justice!”

She then activated the spell which would seal the demon within, a flash of light and a rush of air bursting out from her hand.  The demon winced and cringed back against the wall, preparing to be sealed away.

But nothing happened. 

“Jewel blinked in surprise and repeated the spell, once again filling the room with light.  The dull green stone just sat in her palm. The demon looked down in confusion, as Titania and Krya rushed in closer. 

“What happened?”  Titania asked.

“I don’t know!  Its... it’s not working!”  Jewel said, shaking the stone in her hand.  “Work damn it!”

“Shit!  Did you screw up the spell?”  Krya asked.

“I don’t screw up spells!”  Jewel snapped back.

“Well obviously you did this time!”  Krya retorted.

“She didn’t screw it up.”  Nass’Assir said, a guttural laugh coming from her.  “It’s just a fake stone… Dominique… has set you up!”  She began to laugh, still angry but relieved that the stone was not real.

“Th-that’s impossible!  I saw the stone with my own eyes it was real!”  Jewel cried. However the stone was now so dull, she knew instantly that it was fake.  “Damn… h-how!?”


Mila was hurrying down the hallway towards the demon’s chamber when she began to hear the sounds of babies.  Soon she came upon man baby girls, crawling and sobbing as they were naked and abandoned in the hall. Many were buried in clothing, dresses and slaves transparent garments.  She realized that the demon must have delivered some punishment upon her servants, leaving them helpless.

“Damn… that’s not how I would want to go out.”  She muttered.

Suddenly she could feel the chrono stone in her pocket shake and glow.  She gasped, realizing that someone was using the activation spell on the fake one she had swapped when they had battled the Blades.

“Shit!  I need to hurry before the end up like these baby cultists too… and miss my chance!”  She hissed, running as fast as she could. Behind her she could hear the knights pounding on the temple doors and her friends groaning as they tried to keep them sealed.  “Jaks… Olga, just hang on, I’m almost there!”


Nass’Assir dove to the dais once more as the trio prepared to charge her.  “No more playing! Show me what you can do you mercenary dogs! Then I’m coming for you Dominique!”

Titania and Jewel made a show of preparing to attack, causing the demon to lower her head and growl.  However it was Kra who charged, rushing in from the side, her blade’s hissing as she swung them behind her.  Her face was cold and she intended to slash the demons arm off, causing her to drop her staff.

“You dare attack me!?  How cute! You are nothing but a child!  SO CUTE!” The demon roared as s blast of light flew out and washed over Krya.

“NO!”  Titania yelled.

Krya bit her lip and tried to force her way through, she was so close she could almost slash the monster.  However she could feel a strange tickling sensation, not like pain but a heat that overcame her as she tried to push forward.  She felt her clothes begin to slide on her skin, her chest bouncing a bit more suddenly as if her top was no longer taught. She could feel her boots sliding a bit and then kicking back as she tried to lift her feet.  Her arms felt sore, her legs seemed to tremble and her muscles felt tired all over her body. With each step the demon seemed to grow larger, her body lighter and her gear heavier.

“Just a little more!”  She growled as the demon smirked at her.  She tried to roar and push on but her voice grew increasingly higher and higher.  “This can’t be happening!” She tried to yell as her voice became high and shrill.

Jewel gawked and watched as Krya grew smaller and younger, her soft and curvy body straightened out.  Soon she was like a skinny teen, her face red and breathing coming in short gasps. Then she was a preteen, her clothes flopping over her body as she tried to run on loud awkward feet.  Eventually she was a child, wobbling and tripping over her own shoes as her pants slid down to her feet and caused her to squeal.

 “Damn it noooooo!”  Krya squeaked in a high voice.  She growled and tried to push forward her blades slowly faded and vanished, leaving her tiny hands grasping at air

Krya rolled forward, somersaulting as she lost one of her boots and a glove behind her.  She cried out, a soft yelp of pain as she landed on her butt her clothes shuffling down over her frame as she did.  She blinked in surprise, her eyes huge and shockingly cute. She could feel her stones whir slightly and then go dark, her body too weak to activate them suddenly.  There she sat on her bare butt on the cold stone floor, blinking in surprise before she heard a chuckle above her.

“Why are my clothes so big?”  Krya asked as she looked down at her body cheeks blushing.

“Not so scary now, are you SNEAK!”  Nass’assir exploded in laughter as she threw back her head and pointed at the tiny rogue.

“Krya!”  Titania gasped  “A-are you alright my friend?”

“Y-you turned me into a kid!”  Krya suddenly whimpered as she flexed a tiny hand before her face.

“I know!”  Naomi laughed.  “And what a cuuuuuuute little girl you are!”  The Demon said, pinching a large chunk of Kra’s cheek and wiggling it back and forth.

“GAH  STAHP EET!”  Krya growled, pulling free and throwing a punch at Nass’assir, who simply laughed.  “I’ww wiww beat you up for this!” Krya roared.

Tiny fists flew and thumped against the demon’s large sexy legs, but they padded off harmlessly  Soft smacking sounds and giggles from the demon were the only effect of this adorable assault, as Krya threw punch after punch.  Her little nose trickled a bit and tears formed in her eyes as she realized her assault was doing little. 

“Krya stop!  Get back!” Jewel cried, but Krya continued.

“Turn me back!  Turn me back now!”Krya repeated as Titania began to read herself for an attack.

Jewel grimaced.  “Damn… we need to distract her and use the stone now!”  She hissed to Titania.

“Fine by me!”  Titania said, leveling her sword, preparing to rush.  “Hang on Krya… I’ll get you out.” She thought, worry for her friend at the top of her concerns.

“I don’t want to be a kid!  Make me a grown up again!” Krya demanded, still punching.

 “Why?  You are so much cuter this way!  I just want to keep you forever and ever!”  The monster teased. “It’s better than being a dumpy whore, isn’t it?”  She asked with a wink.

That made Krya wince and she kicked the demon in the shin, grunting loudly.  “Fix me now you cow demon!” Krya yelled, her petulant tone causing the demon to frown.

Suddenly Krya felt the demon grab a clump of her clothes and lift her up, causing her to squeal as she was suddenly tucked up under the demon’s impressive round breasts.  She blushed as her face was forced up against one of them, pressing the soft skin in with her cheek. She gagged and tried to push back, but the demon’s arms were like steel.

“Ghet these udders out of my face now!”  Krya demanded, pushing them aside, but blushing harder as she realized how big and soft they were.

“Hey not so rough baby!”  Nass’assir said with a grunt.  “They may be big, but you have to be gentle with em.”  She said, tussling Kra’s short spiky hair.

“I’m NOT A BABY!”  Krya roared, punching one of the breasts very hard, and causing Nass’assir to wince.

“OW!  Brat!”  The demon cursed.  She popped Krya on the thigh and caused her to squeal.  “Hey! Don’t punch your new mommy’s breasts, or she really WILL make you a baby!”

Just then there came a pounding sound from Titania’s boots as she rushed in, charging the demon from behind with her sword ready to cleave the beast’s head from its shoulders.  She was not yelling, nor was she making a sound other than her rushing footsteps, but the demon’s ears flicked slightly. Nass’assir didn’t look back but instead she flexed her wings and a burst of black magical energy flew out, engulfing Titania even as she swung her blade. 

“Titania, retreat!”  Jewel insisted but it was too late.

The dark magic slowly pressed Titania back, as she swung her blade, the tip missing the unmoving monstrosity.  Again and again she swung her sword but the pressure of the magic forced her backwards. As she was pushed back she began to droop, her tight garments over her arms and legs starting to wrinkle.  Her head sank lower, her armored collar rising up underneath it, her hair starting to inch up her back. She could feel her body weakening inside her clothes as her armor felt twice as heavy suddenly.  The straps starting to come unbuckled as the weight shifted awkwardly.

“Damn you!”  Titania hissed, her voice losing its deeper edge.  “I won’t let you hurt my friend!” She cried as her mature voice began to fade and crack like an awkward teens.

“Ho ho ho!”  Nass’assir crowed.  “You surprised me earlier, but now your strength is nothing but fading muscles and a tomboy’s awkward voice!”

“Sh-shut up foul beast!”  Titania blurted, her eyes filling with tears.  As she had cried out her voice cracked and even Krya winced at the awkward sound, the demon erupting into laughter.

“WHAHAHAHAHA What a little shit!”  She boomed.

“Stop making fun of my friend!”  Krya wailed as she tried to struggle free.”

Titania could feel her modest but firm breasts getting lighter, her hips now swishing about in her loose underwear as her rear and legs thinned.  Titania’s armor plates slid down on her shrinking frame, her arm guards popping off as she swung with a loud clatter. Her breast plate slid down and then came loose, her muscular body no longer able to hold the clasps tight.  It fell before her and slide away as she tried to force her way on ever longer and looser pants. Her tunic slid down just as her pants gave way and plopped down into the ground revealing a shiny peach colored bum, which was swiftly covered by the tunic.  Soon Titania was as young as Krya, just a skinny girl draped in a huge tunic, her sleeves bunched up down around her arms, her heavy sword before her as her lips trembled.

“D-damn it… I’ll kill you unleth you let my friend go!”  Titania lisped. 

“Ooooh listen to that little lisp!”  The demon said, almost excited. “Do it again!  Do it again! Threaten me again!” She teased, pointing down to the trembling child Titania had become.

“I don care how thmall I am!”  Titania growled, huffing as she tried to lift her sword.  “I’ll sthlay you for your crimth againth the Order, and for hurting my friend!”  She then began to huff, her face turning even redder as she tried to lift her sword again.

Nass’assir almost peed herself as she began to laugh, bouncing little Krya under her arm as she pointed down at the struggling knight.  “Oh that’s just hilarious! You can’t even lift our weapon!”

“Thut up you bitch!”  Titania said, heaving and groaning as she pulled and yanked on the sword.

“Well at least you can swing it without those boobs getting in the way!”  The demon snorted, turning away and walking back towards Jewel.

“Hey ged back here!”  Titania screamed in a bratty tone.  “I’m not done wid you yet! GRRRR STOP IGNOWING ME!!!!”  She roared, but the demon continued to do just that.

“So… you got tricked by that silver haired viper Dominique.”  The demon said, a softer almost sympathetic tone in her voice.  Krya struggled to get away, but could not break free from the monster’s grip.  “I almost feel sorry for you... but you still came to take me away so you need to be punished too…”

“I’ll turn you to stone monster!”  Jewel said, flinging a bolt of gray shimmering light at the demon.

Nass’Assir batted it away and burst out laughing as the spell struck one of the cultist babes, turning them into a baby statue.

“N-no!”  Jewel cried.

“Hey that couwd have hit me Jewew!”  Krya snapped.

“How sad.”  The beast said, raising her hand.  “You may carry yourself like a rich girl, but I can see through you… you’re no noble… you hate having to play this game.”  The demon said as Jewel gasped in surprise.

“What do you mean?”  Jewel retorted. “I-I’m a noble woman!  Born pure and from the stock of a great-“

Nass’assir cut her off with a wave of her hand.  “No… you’re just an angry teenager, younger and less experienced than your two friends.  Maybe you look as old as them, but you resent their freedom and experience.” The demon pointed a finger at the sweating mage, a toothy smile forming on her face.  “You call them peasants, but you HATE that they are free… you hate that you wish you were like them.”

Both Titania and Krya looked to their friend and then each other.  “Jewew? Is that true?” Krya asked.

“I-I… I don’t…”  Jewel stammered, too surprised by the sudden look of her friends to from a cogent answer.  “Th-they are…”

Before she could react, Nass’assir blasted Jewel with a surge of the glowing magic, causing Jewel to cry out and then drop like a stone.  Her soft blonde hair trailed behind her head, her clothes wrinkled and droopy, her hands flexed and then vanished into her sleeves. For a moment she looked like a skinny teen and then she was gone, slipping down into her clothing which wobbled and then fell down.  Her file silk and cotton garments collapsed and formed a small mound, like a tiny haystack, a lump pushing the center of them up.

“Ha, so sad.”  The Demon laughed as Titania and Krya stared in disbelief that their mage could have been defeated so quickly.

Slowly as the Blades watched, the small lump rose up, trembling and wobbling from the floor.  The cape and pants sloughed off like snow from a slanted roof, and a small head popped up from within the loose silk tunic.  The face was small, smaller than the others at a little over four years old, blonde hair trailing down into the collar. There was Jewel, now small and angry, but sniffling in humiliation.  Her noble’s pride could only allow her to stand, holding her huge tunic up to cover her body, tears trickling down her cheeks. 

“Jewel!  Are you ok!?”  Titania barked, thumping loudly as she ran past the demon to protect her friend.

“Jewew!”  Krya yelled, struggling to escape the demon once more.  “Wemme go you bitch!”

With a grunt of satisfaction, Nass’Assir dropped Krya, the girl landing on her stomach with a grunt before looking back and flipping the demon off.  Then she ran to the quivering child, shocked to see she was two years younger than she and Titania had ended up. They huddled around her and put their hands on her shoulders.

“Jewew!  Did she hurt you?”  Krya asked. Jewel said nothing as both of her friends examined her.  “You ok?”

“Jewel… thpeak to me.”  Titania said, shocked by her proud friends silence.  “Thay thomething!”

“D-don’t look.”  Jewel sobbed.

“What?”  Titania asked.

“Don’t look at me…”  She sobbed, covering her tiny face with her oversized sleeves. 

Jewel felt such shame being seen this way, that she could not form words.  Her friends exchanged and glance, both bothered seeing the leader of their team reduced to this cute but frightened and humiliated girl.  They leaned in and hugged her, trying to comfort her as she trembled with anger and fear.

“Awwwww how cuuute!”  The demon mocked, stomping towards them.  “You really do like your friend! I’m almost touched…”  She said, poking her nose with her pinky finger and making a sad face.

The Blades huddled together, Titania and Krya getting in front of their frightened friend.

Nass’assir pretended look away pensively, before grinning with a new cruel fire in her eyes.  “Fortunately such moments pass quickly.” She then bent down and bared her sharp teeth at the frightened blades.

She roared and the three girls went rigid with fright, hugging close to each other and trembling.

“So you better run now…”  The demon teased. “Before I decide which one of you to eat first!”




End Chapter 3

The Chrono Stone

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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