The Chrono Stone

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021

A larger AR fantasy story conceived by me and my friend ARmatic

Chapter 1
The Mission

The Mission

Jewel Aimon, eldest daughter of the Aimon family say prim and straight in the hallway outside the office of Dominique.  The Order’s monastery at Brehgita was bare stonework, metal torches spaced every few yards and narrow slits of light coming in from the arrow slits built into every surface.  The order never wasted money on ornate construction, and always favored defensive buildings over any comforts. Even the bench beneath Jewel was hard as stone, and very uncomfortable, making her wish to shift her rear on the hard surface.

However Jewel was a noblewoman, and she stayed still, waiting to be called in to see the Order’s enigmatic and dangerous leader Dominique.  Jewel was quite gorgeous with porcelain skin, a large attractive bust, long pale blonde hair and a curved body that amazed anyone who saw her.  Her clothes fit her tightly, long leather boots, trousers and a blouse that showed off her hefty bust. She sat upright, her clothes fine and her posture perfect, a spell book on her lap the only indication that she was a mage.

“Least these militant nuns could do would be to build a few windows in this place.  I can’t see anything in this gloom…” She thought. “Like being in a dungeon.”

She was lost in her thoughts, wondering what Dominique would have for her to do when the door opened.  Out came a knight, around her age with a short brown ponytail that came down from the back of her head.  She was Alonza, the advisor to Dominique, and she was known for being impatient and cold.

“Lady Dominique will see you now.”  Alonza said, her husky voice said over the tomb like silence of the hallway.

Jewel stood, straight and alert, her movements measured as she walked past Alonza, never one to speak to or address a servant.  When she entered the office, it was lit by a lone lantern on a large wooden table, flicks of light cast spastically around the ceiling.  Bookshelves lined the wall and the furs of several different beasts were hung as trophies on the wall. The room was warm and dark, the table covered with thick and organized stacks of parchment and sheepskin scrolls.  The room smelled of polish, the kind used on freshly sharpened blades.

There at the table sat a figure, though a woman around Jewel’s size, she seemed far more intimidating.   She was wearing silver armor, a mantle of wolves’ fur on her shoulders, a purple cape draping down her back.  Her face was pale, a scar over her right eye, a lock of white hair over her other and ruby lips that appeared black in the gloom.  She was just as stunningly beautiful as she had been the first time Jewel had seen her. However her looks hid a frightening woman, who could be as cruel and violent as the worst brigand.

Dominique never minced words.  “I have another mission for you and your friends.”  She said, her voice cool and deep.

“And we of course are ready to accept it.” Jewel replied, approaching the table, as Alonza came around and stood behind Dominique.

Dominique’s eyes seemed to lock onto her, and almost had a glow in the dark.  “Have you heard of the cult of Nass’assir?” She asked, waiting. When Jewel shook her head she continued.  “The Order has been driving them back for centuries and for the last few decades they’ve been trapped within their temple at the base of Mt. Ios.  I want you and your… friends to go there and defeat the demon that they worship.”

Jewel blinked.  A demon was no laughing matter, and she knew the order was better equipped to handle a demon than the three of them.  “We can handle this, but why us?” The question seemed to hang in the air as Jewel stared at Dominique.

Dominique leaned back and her eyes narrowed.  “Because… we are paying you to do it.”

“That’s enigmatic… but acceptable.”  Jewel said. “So just go and beat the demon?”  She asked. “That’s all there is too it?”

Dominique shook her head.  “The cult you can handle, the demon is too dangerous to be destroyed, even with the implants your group possesses.”  She held her hand out and it was filled suddenly with a green gemstone produced by Alonza. Dominique palmed it and worked it with her fingers as if caressing a small pet.  “This stone will allow you to absorb the demon’s time magic and she will be trapped within. Bring it to us afterwards and the order will banish her to the abyss between the stars.”

Dominique proffered the stone and waited as Jewel looked at it.  It seemed dull, and when she took it from Dominique it felt strangely heavy, like it was made of steel not stone.  She hefted it and then set it into her pocket. Jewel felt like something was wrong here, but was unwilling to anger the Order’s temperamental leader by asking questions.

“Very well.  We will bring you the demon, defeat the cult and you will pay our fee.”  Jewel spoke calmly, knowing this was the moment that would make or break this job.

“Your… fee.”  Dominique repeated.  “As if the favor of the order was not fee enough….”

“Once must work to eat.”  Alonza reminded her master.  “The maker wills it such.”

Dominique sighed and nodded, letting her hair cover one eye.  “Yes… yes of course. What is your fee?”

Jewel swallowed hard, ready to be berated and maybe even threatened.  “Twenty thousand Crowns each.”

Alonza gasped a bit, but steadied herself as Dominique seemed to go quiet, saying nothing.  Her eyes bored into Jewel like a dragon’s in the gloom. She waited and when Dominique said nothing, Jewel spoke.

“This work is normally reserved for the Mercenaries Guild.”  She began, choosing to appeal with comparison rather than boasting.  “Mercenaries from the guild charge ten thousand for a single fighter.  That goes up to twenty if you bring more than two. I think you’ll find that my group not only has a reputation for success. But with Implant’s included in the group, we are actually far more affordable for this mission.”  She said as Alonza still looked angered, but Dominique said nothing.

Dominique seemed to remain quiet for almost a minute.  This was a tense horrible time, and Jewel had to remind herself that a noble woman would not allow herself to sweat out of concern or fear.

Finally, like a tree moving in a slow breeze, Dominique nodded almost imperceptibly, and then her dark lips rose into a smile.  “Alonza, make out a contract for sixty thousand crowns. Sign the names of our adventurer friends on it.”

Jewel sighed, almost too obviously, as Dominique leaned back and smirked.  “Thank you my lady. We will not fail you.”

“Quite.”  Dominique said.  “It takes courage to ask for what you are worth… and respect.”  She added.

“You are wise my lady.”  Jewel said, trying not to smile.

“The contract is ready.”  Alonza said, setting it behind Dominique.

“This contract will be redeemable at any bank here in the kingdom, once you have finished your task.”  Dominique said as she rose and turned to sign the document. “Who shall I make this out to?”

Jewel smiled.  “Jewel Aimon, Krya the Blade, and Titania of Rimuna.”

Dominique wrote their names down and then signed it, handing it back to Alonza who took it and examined it.  “What do you call your organization?”

Jewel smirked.  “We’re the Blades.”

Alonza raised an eyebrow and then signed the name, before pouring warm purple wax down onto it, and pressing the seal of the Order on the contract.

“Very well, the Blades have been contracted.  Dominique said, a predatory smile on her face.  “Don’t fail me…”

“We never fail.”  Jewel said, snatching the contract, pivoting on her high boots and then walking confidently out the door.


Mistress Lani, head of the cult of Nass’assir, strode like a golden goddess through the temple of Lehnna, smiling to herself.  She had long black hair, hanging down her back and both sides of her head, a narrow waist and wide hips which swung as she moved.  She had a bronze tone to her skin and wore almost translucent wraps around her chest and groin, soft sandals at her feet. She was a confident woman, one who enjoyed her power and the fear she commanded in others.

The floor was cool marble, but lined with soft velvet carpeting, the walls draped with hanging silk of fine pinks and maroons.  The halls of the temple were dark, sealed up against attack from the Order which roamed the hills and valleys around the temple.  However she was not worried. The Titan demon which guarded the front gate was powerful and invincible. She and her followers were safe.  Although they weren’t really… her followers, but rather the demon Nass’Assir’s.  Still it meant she had some sway and authority. Today she would have some fun.

“What should I do today?”  She asked with her full lips pursed playfully.  She eyed a set of young cultist, women in almost see through garment waiting to provide her with service.  “Or rather… who should I do?” She laughed, tickling one of the women under the chin with an outstretched finger.

“Mistress Lani!”  A young woman said, entering the room loudly.

“How dare you intrude!”  Lani bellowed, her dark eyes glistening as she rounded on the intruder.  “Why have you interrupted my privacy!?”

“Forgive me lady Lani!”  The young woman said, her face lined with tears.

It was only then that Lani recognized her, the midwife Yenna.   She was supposed to be almost sixty years old, but the girl before her could not be more than sixteen…  Lani began to realize why she had come in such a rush.

She wants me?”  Lani asked.

The woman nodded, and then wiped the tears from her face.  Lani stood straight and thought a moment, cursing that today would not be another of leisure after all.  However, all was not lost. Yenna was no longer a withered old woman, but a sensual young lady, ripe and ready for Lani’s attention.

“You there!”  She said to a chambermaid.  “Yenna is too young to be a wet nurse.  Strip her and have her waiting by my bed tonight, dressed as a slave.”  Lani said coldly, watching the wet nurse suddenly blush in the realization that Lani had found her attractive enough to bed.  “I will go to the master at once!”


Lani slowed as she neared her master’s chambers, adjusting her clothing and body, so she presented a shapely and attractive visage.

“I hear you out there preening.”  A voice boomed, lovely yet loud and terrible.  “Come in already.”

Lani wrung her hands together for a moment and then stepped inside, walking as seductively as she could.  The room was lined with stone walls, a large fire pit at the end of the hall crackling and casting light on the ceiling.  She walked towards a throne made of silver and jewels, where her master sat, looking bored and leaning on her fist.

“Oh mistress of youth and beauty!  Master of pleasure!” Lani began. “How can I serve thee?”  She said, leaning down onto her hands and knees.

“Ah Lani… you look so gorgeous today.”  The voice said, glowing pale eyes looking down at her.  “You are what… thirty five?”

Lani paused, surprised by the question.  “Yes my lady.”

“Hmm…”  The tall shadowy figure said, rising up, allowing her horns to be silhouetted in the fire light.  “That’s interesting.”

“Why do you ask my lady?”  Lani said raising her head.

“Because we have been trapped her for so many decades that you weren't even born when this siege began.”  The demon boomed. “We are trapped and as a result I am bored!”

Lani laughed.  “Well, perhaps I should summon several of our most lovely slaves…”  Lani began.

“No… they are all so timid and not one of them is as beautiful as you.”  The demon huffed, reclining back onto her fist.

“Ah.”  Lani said, realizing she was going to need to perform for her mistress.  She was suddenly glad she had shaved and covered her body with warm oils for this moment.  “I understand, I will disrobe and wait for you on the bed.”

“Don’t flatter yourself…”  The shadow said coldly, causing Lani to freeze.  “Your body is nice, but you are like sleeping with a log with a cat stuck inside for all the laying back and moaning you do.”

Lani almost protested as she thought herself a great lover.  “Then… why am I here?” She asked, trying not to sound indignant.

A smile appeared over the demon’s face as she sat forward.  “Because I’m bored… and I want to see you squirm…”

“What?”  Lani said, fear growing in the back of her mind.

The demon flashed in an explosion of light that came from her fingers, her twisted otherworldly features causing her to look terrifying.  Lani wailed and thrashed in the strobing light, her body beginning to sink down as she did. Her breasts bounced with the thrashing but soon came back smaller and smaller, her tight top wrinkling.  Her clothes slid down as her hips and butt contracted in jiggling motions that soon dried up. Her wide eyes blinked as her beautiful and seductive face lost its graceful edges and smooth features. Her hair slapped up and back towards her scalp as the minute amount of hair she had elsewhere seemed to turn itchy and vanish.

“MISTRESS PLEASE!”  She squealed in a cracking voice, which soon turned girlish and puny.

The demon raised her hand back and snickered as Lani fell to the floor, her body smaller in the dim light.  To Lani’s horror she could see that she was now a pathetic and small child, barely ten. Her body was flat and smooth, all signs of her mature appeal gone and her body left thin and unappealing.  She gasped as she examined her shorter legs, stubby fingers and flat chest. Her face was shaped less like a lady and more like a tomboy’s and she wanted to vomit.

“Wh-why?”  Lani asked her lips trembling.  “What have I done? Aw you wemoving me fwom my position?”

“You are still my high priestess… but you have grown too full of yourself!”  The shadow said, staling towards her, taller than any man she had ever seen. “I felt I needed to remind you of the order of things!”

“N-no mow wemindew is necessawy mistwess…”  Lani cowered, bowing onto her hands and knees.

“Good… then you shall remain this way until I deem you mature enough to age again!”  The demon growled. “But you must remember…”

“Y-yes my lady?”  Lani said, not daring to look up.

“Do not EVER forget that I’M in command here you puny mortal!”  The demon bellowed, her sharpened teeth flashing at the cowering little girl.  “Cross me or fail to please me, and I will make you so little your grandmother will turn into a baby!”

“Y-y-yes mistwess!  I pwomise!” Lani cried, holding her garments up.

“Now GET OUT!”  The monstrosity roared.

Lani turned, crying and sobbing.


The Brown Toad Tavern & Inn sat by the busiest intersection in the town of Fara, and as such was always packed.  The many barmaids hurried about, taking orders and setting down warm bread and meat from the large kitchen behind the bar.  Many came and went, hurrying upstairs to retire to one of the Inn’s sixty rooms on one of three higher floors from the ground.  Outside there were vendors who offered foodstuffs, pouches and bags for travel, maps and compasses, as Fara was near the frontier and travelers would need such goods.

Tiffy, the tall strawberry blonde barmaid dodged around the people, carrying several pitchers of ale and food on a platter.  “Scuse me fellows!” She said as she weaved around a group of patrons.

She was bubbly and friendly most days, but today was different as she was quite busy.  She had an attractive face, and while she worried being twenty eight was pushing her youth, she was quite attractive.  Her white top almost overflowed with her bouncing bust, causing many patrons to stare. “Hey! The food is on the platter!”  She snapped.

One of those patrons was the tall and stern Mercenary Knight, Titania, who was trying not to stare as she was far less endowed.

Titania was striking and stood out from the other patrons at the tavern.  She wore steel armor, decorated with white enamel spirals and leafing. She was tall and strong, broad shoulders, a defined jaw and cheekbones that made her look like a soldier.  She wore a scar on her left cheek and with her long dark brown hair hanging loosely behind her; she seemed a bit of a brute. However she was a measured and careful woman, sensitive and loyal to her friends, choosing to help them for glory rather than money or fame.  At her side she wore a long sword, her leather trousers scratched and covered with marks from combat. She watched Tiffy bounce as she came to deliver their food.

“How does she not fall over…?”  She grumbled. Titania had been trying to look over a small book when Tiffy set down her ale, sloshing some onto the open pages.

“Tiffy!  Be cautious!”  Titania said, a proud and booming tone.  “This is an heirloom!”

“Sorry sweetheart!”  Tiffy said, dabbing the stains with her skirt, showing smooth leg in the process.  “It’s so busy today, I’m running nonstop!”

“It’s fine.”  Titania said, eager to have Tiffy get her large bust out of her eyes.  “Just be cautious in the future please.”

“It’s fine.”  Titania’s companion said with a laugh.  “Go bounce those babies and get some tips!”  The figure said tossing a coin towards Tiffy, who never failed to catch money.

“Thanks sweetie!”  She said walking off.

Titania looked back to her companion and furrowed her brow.  “Don’t encourage her. She has one breast out the door to become a prostitute…”

At the back of the booth sat her companion Krya, her hands behind her head, her short cut black hair and tanned skin made her look like a foreigner in Fara.  However she had been born in Fara, trained here to be a tanner, and had lived her life amongst the small houses and rolling fields of the countryside. However one look at her loose clothing, exposed skin and dark gear revealed she was anything but a tanner.  She was in fact a thief, and a damned good one, wearing a red scarf and a red stripe in her hair to indicate her services were for hire. She was made even more lethal by the inclusion of her implants that allowed her to create energy blades in the form of red knives.   Topping this off was her body, covered in scars from her many knife fights and even from falling through a window or two in her adventures.

“Relax… let Tiffy live how she wants to.”  Krya said with a sardonic note.

“Just like someone else I know?”  Titania said raising an eyebrow.

Krya nodded, leaned forward, resting her bust on the table to remind Titania she was larger, and then snatched up one of the flasks of ale.  She leaned back as Titania frowned and drank the entire thing in one long slurp. She then belched and slid it across the table as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve and then snatched another ale with abandon.

“Hey!  That is for Jewel!”  Titania said.

“She can buy another.  She’s rich.” Krya snorted as she began to chug the next ale too.

“You’ll be drunk by mid-day at this rate.”  Titania said, returning to her book. “Just like your father…”

Krya frowned at that, setting the ale down with a huff and grinning  “Well that may be so, but I’ll still have a bigger chest than you.” She then hefted her chest, knowing that Titania would not be able to ignore this insult

Titania winced, realizing Krya had been watching her eye Tiffy’s bust.  She sat back and closed her book. “I may be smaller in that respect, but you are a crass lout and I will never understand why I have remained your friend…”  Titania seemed to sour a bit, and Krya did as well.

“Yeah… never have understood that.”  Krya said, sipping once more before patting her friend on the shoulder.  “I can’t say it enough-“ She started.

“Don’t.”  Titania said, eyeing the missing enamel section of her armor where her family crest once sat.  “It’s not important anymore.”

Calm settled over the pair as they stared ahead.  Tiffy came by and snatched up the empty flasks, smirking.  “Wow you startin early Krya.” She asked, before noting that both ladies seemed quiet.  “Hey? Something wrong?” She asked, being nosey as always.

“Naw.”  Krya said unconvincingly.  “Nothing’s wrong.”

“Don’t mind them Tiffy!”  A peppy but slightly snobbish voice cut in.  “These two are just bored, and like all poor people, they need to be put to work.”

Krya and Titania looked up to see that Jewel had entered the tavern and was standing over them, a mixed expression of annoyance and satisfaction on her face.  Her long hair trailing behind her and as she sat back, her tight white shirt bounced heavily, once again causing Titania to frown.

“What can I get ya lady Jewel?”  Tiffy asked, careful not to make eye contact with the noble.

“A wine… something sweet, but none of the local vineyards.”  She said, as Tiffy hurried off.

“Well then I’m drinking your ale.”  Krya said, snatching the last ale on the table and beginning to power it down.

“Hey that’s mine!”  Titania blurted.

Krya finished the ale swiftly and slammed it down on the table.  “Was.” She said.

“Thief!”  Titania growled.

“Oaf.”  Krya added.

“Would you peasants please cease your bellyaching?  Don’t you care that I have returned?” Jewel snapped.  “I was gone for three days? Aren’t you even curious as to whether I was successful or not?”

“Sure Jewel.”  Krya said, her head rocking slightly as she was beginning to get buzzed.  “Tell us about our new wonderful job!”

“Indeed.”  Titania asked.  “Were you successful?”

Jewel leaned down with a conspiratorial expression, gesturing them in.  “I got the deal, and for twenty thousand a piece!”

That got their attention, Krya and Titania leaning in.  “What?! She agreed?” Krya asked, spitting slightly.

Jewel waved her hand in her face.  “You stink of ale!” She growled. “Seriously do all peasants act so rudely?”

“Shut up you spoiled brat!   Take that silver spoon out of your ass and tell us how you scored twenty thousand each!”  Krya blurted.

“SHUT UP!”  Jewel hissed.  “You want the whole tavern to hear?”  Jewel said, stopping as Tiffy approached and dropped off her wine.  Once she was gone again, she leaned down once more. “She agreed, but the mission could be tough.”

“I fear nothing.”  Titania said. “What are we dealing with?”

“Dominique wants us to capture the demon of the Nass’assir cult.”  Jewel said, hoping the name wouldn’t be heard.

“The shit!”  Krya snapped.  “What the hell are we supposed to do with those crazies!?”

“They are formidable alone, much less with the aid of a demon.”  Titania said, her face suddenly dark. “Lesser demons can be beaten, but rumor has it that their leader has the power of time magic.  We would be old women before we took our second step.”

“Or mewling baby brats!”  Krya growled. “How are we supposed to defeat a demon, with our bare fists?”

Jewel frowned.  “No you dummies!  Not with our fists, with this!”  She said, showing them the stone.  “Dominique said it would trap her, and they would dispose of her.”

“You trust Dominique?”  Krya asked.

“Please Krya…”  Titania added. “Dominique may be a tad violent and overzealous, but she is a woman of the cloth.  She is trustworthy if anyone is.”

 “No I don’t trust her.”  Jewel scoffed, the statement causing Titania to gasp slightly.  “She’s a person in power, and people with power are corrupt. However…”  She lowered her voice. “She wants this badly. I think she will honor her agreement, besides, she gave me the contract.”

Setting the contract down, all three leaned in and looked at their names on the sheet, grinning as they realized the money this could make them.  Titania seemed disinterested in the money, but seeing their names on posters and handbills announcing the defeat of the Nass’assir cult made her mouth water.

“So… any more objections?”  Jewel asked, her eyes glittering, the other two grinning widely.  When no one objected, she grinned, downed her wine in one long sip and stood up.  “Good. Tiffy! Could you bring us our bill?”

Tiffy was right there ready for them.  “Sure thing honey!” She said as she stepped away quickly.

As the trio stood and headed away from the booth, they failed to notice the short hooded figure who was sipping at a beer in the adjacent booth.  She smiled and set her beer down with two crowns to cover the cost of her meal. Then as silently as a mouse she rose and swam through the patrons of the inn, careful not to lose the trio as they left the tavern.

“Payday.”  Mila said as she followed them out.


The trio were leaving town, Jewel in front talking about their mission, Titania behind her listening and Krya walking behind them, hands together behind her as she kicked rocks.  All three were carrying their bags and gear, making steady pace out of town towards the east. Behind them at a distance followed Mila, her brown hood shielding her from the sun as she kept them just within line of sight.  As they passed under the gate the trio began to cut across country and this was the time for Mila to get her friends so they could track the trio together.

She slowed, allowing the trio to get out of sight, before diving into the bushes nearby a local bridge, running down and under into the shadow beneath.  There sat two figures, both waiting for her, and looking up as she removed her hood.

“Hey!  Miss me?”  Mila said, her blue hair shining even in the shade.

She was a young woman, little more than eighteen, but was fit and fast, a natural thief.  Her body was short, but curvy and she often found her companion Jaks staring at her when he thought she wasn’t looking.  She was a naturally fast person, her powerful legs exposed under a short skirt, her bust small bust bouncing as she walked towards them.

“Always.”  Jaks, her childhood friend said with a smirk.  Short spiky red hair, a toned body and strong arms defined Jaks, a kind young man who was only a few months older than Mila.  He and she wore matching bandages on their face from a recent scrape they'd been in last week. They had known each other as orphans, left alone when they were both six years old and forced to fend for themselves.

“I always miss my kiddies.”  Olga said, a giant shadow in the gloom.

They would have surely died were it not for the third member of their party, Olga the orc.  Olga was tall, almost eight feet, making her three feet taller than them. Her skin was a green tone with yellowish sections on the raised areas of her skin.  She was very intimidating with thick muscles, sharp fangs and scars, all topped off by a warrior’s top knot for her long black hair. However Olga was a kind woman, who was loved children and babies.  They had found her when they had been on the streets for a few months, and she had been captured as a slave. They had freed her, and in gratitude she had cared for them ever since.

“Did things go well?”  Jaks asked. “Got a lead on what Dominique is planning?”

Mila grinned.  “Yeah, she’s sending mercs after Nass’Assir!  It’s finally happening!”

“Hmm…  Then we follow, yes?”  Olga asked.

“You bet we do!  When they take the Titan out, we snag Nass’Assir!”  Mila cheered, shuffling through her bags.

Jaks almost sputtered.  “A demon isn’t so easy to take out!  Who is she sending after them?”

“The Blades!”  Mila chuckled. “Those merc ladies.”

“Those three…”  Olga said cautiously.  “…they are better than you think.”

“I know that, and the Blade’s know that.”  Mila grinned. “That’s our advantage.”

“So… we are just going to… lose?  That’s our plan?” Jaks asked, shrugging and worrying Mina was getting them into trouble again.

“Yes… as a matter of fact, that is my plan.”  Mila said rising and opening her sack to allow them to see inside.  “Just keep them busy while I cast my spell, and we’ll take what we want right from under their noses.”

“And how will we do that?”  Olga asked rising and looking.

“Let’s just say, with my magical skills…”  She said showing them a stone which resembled Dominique’s exactly, laying atop sixteen magical tomes which Mila studied regularly.  “… It will be like taking candy from babies!”


Dominique was writing in her office when Alonza and her lieutenant Tethys entered the room.  She didn’t bother to look up, simply scribbling notes in immaculate handwriting.

“So, have they left?”  She asked coldly.

“Indeed.  Just this morning according to my scouts in Fara.”  The cold and ruthless Tethys said.

Tethys was tall with wild hair of crimson red like fresh blood, her face twisted into a sneer.  Her body was strong, her shape alluring and she was as cold as ice.

“So what now?”  Alonza asked.

Dominique craned her head up and looked right into Tethys’ eyes. “Take a detachment of soldiers.  Follow them. When they have Nass’Assir trapped, bring me the stone.” She said, returning to her writing.

“And the Blade’s” Tethys asked.

Dominique looked up, her face expressionless, but her intentions clear.  “What about them?”

Tethys nodded.   “Understood.” She said, before she spun on her heel and stomped from the room.

Alonza looked to Dominique and tilted her head.  “Get rid of them?”

“Once more Dominique didn’t stop writing or bother to look up.  “Once I have Nass’Assir, everything I want will be mine. I won’t let anyone get in my way, least of all some mercenary shit stains.”  She then looked up to Alonza. “I trust you understand how important this mission is?”

Alonza swallowed, realizing Dominique was actually threatening her.  “Yes mistress. I will go make sure Tethys understands as well.”

“You do that.”  Dominique said as Alonza exited the room.  She finished writing in her manuscript and stood, walking to place it back on the shelf.

The title of the book read On the intricacies of Implant Stones, Immortality and Magic of the Abyss.




End Chapter 1

The Chrono Stone

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