Telekinetic Youth

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Red Alert 3 AR story

Chapter 1
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By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by: EduartBoudewijn

Kelly sighed, her short brunette hair falling over her eyes as she sat in the FutureTech workshop area on the Allied base.  She had been struggling to resolve an error in the cryogun system they were testing on the base, the guns tending to cool to the point of fragmenting and exploding.  She rolled her head to the side, before closing the housing on the gun and setting it down. 

“Well that’s one down…”  She said, looking at the stack of others sitting on a nearby crate.  She heard the sound of the soldiers outside, yelling and running about and grit her teeth at the annoying sound.  “Trying to work in here!  Shit, you think these guys would take a break even this late at night…”  She muttered, wondering how she would drown out the racket.

As if answering her comment, the voices seemed to suddenly go quiet, as she tilted her head, listening.  There was nothing, it had all gone quiet.  She laughed and shook her head.

“Well… thanks guys.” She said as she stood to grab another cryogun.  “Maybe I should complain more often.” She laughed as she relished the peace which had descended.

Just then the quiet was shattered when the wall of the workshop exploded outward, as if being grabbed and pulled aside by an invisible hand.  Kelly screamed and dropped to the floor, covering her head as dust filled the room, glass shattering down from the high windows.  As if blown away, the dust shot out through the whole and something came into the room, floating above the ground.  Kelly looked up and spit dust from her lips as she saw who the figure was.

“Yuriko…” She hissed, reaching down and picking up her side arm, only to have it rip from her hand and fly across the room.  “Damn psychic!”  She hissed.

Yuriko, psychic agent of the Empire of the Rising Sun, floated in, her gray jacket and red skirt making her stand out as her pigtails floated out to her side.

“Why such a foul expression Miss Weaver?” Yuriko said, gesturing with her fingers as Kelly was suddenly lifted from the floor, her arms flailing.  “Don’t worry, I’m not here to kill you… but once you see what I have learned to do with my power… you’ll wish I had.”

“What…”  Kelly groaned as she struggled.  “Talk me to death?”

“No… let’s just say…”  Yuriko said as she tilted her head to the side.  “…you won’t be designing weapons for at least 16 years…”  She chuckled as her eyes began to glow a faint white light.

Kelly felt a scratchy sensation on her back and arms, her hips and chest, almost as if her clothes were vibrating or sliding over her frame.  She could feel wrinkles suddenly forming on her overcoat and uncomfortably on her blouse beneath it.  Her skin was tight and she could feel her chest squeezing, almost as if it were being pulled taught, the skin on her face growing sore.  She felt lighter, even as she was floating and noticed that her shoes began to slide off, her wrinkled panties beginning to shift as well.  She looked down and saw she was shrinking somehow… no… not shrinking, but something else.

“Confused?”  Yuriko laughed, floating her own personal make up compact towards Kelly, and opening it to reveal that Kelly was in fact getting younger, looking like she was fifteen.

“H-how are you doing this?”  Kelly asked, but Yuriko said nothing, choosing to simply smile and watch her handy work.

Kelly watched, unable to speak from the overwhelming sensation she was seeing.  She could feel her body becoming thinner, her hair shorter, her breasts hips and rear losing their bounce as she floated in the air, slipping back through puberty.  After a moment she was on the other side of it, a skinny wide eyed girl, no more than twelve, her bony chicken legs dangling out of her loose wrinkled shirt as her panties slid down to her feet and hung there unceremoniously.

“Damn you!”  Kelly cried in a cracking girlish voice.

“Don’t worry!” Yuriko laughed.  “Once you’re a baby you won’t give the allies anymore help.”

“A baby!”  Kelly wailed, squirming as her sleeves slid down over her arms.  “Y-you can’t!”

“Yes… little baby… so cute!”  Yurioko said, cocking her head to the side.

Just then, the door to the workshop flew open and in came Special Agent Tanya, blonde hair flowing behind her as she rushed Yuriko.  Behind her, Lieutenant Eva was in tow, both with guns drawn and ready to help their friend.

“Freeze freak!”  Tanya yelled, aiming her weapon at the floating psychic.

“Miss Weaver!  Oh my god!”  Eva cried out as she saw the dangling twelve year old, squirming in her loose and flopping business suit.

“Ah ah ah!”  Yuriko scolded, wagging a finger the repaired cryogun leapt from the table and fired at the newcomers

Both of them were struck at once, the sound of snapping and freezing ice crystals forming as the blue light flashed across the workshop.  When the light faded Tanya and Eva were frozen, covered with a clear blue layer of ice, their arms raised before them in shock as they were unable to escape the freezing ray.  They were like frozen ice sculptures, their faces twisted in shock and fear.

“Hah!”  Yuriko clapped her hands.  “You repaired the weapon well Miss Weaver… too well for your friend’s own good.  Now… where were we?”

“Still here freak.”  Kelly said as a skinny twelve year old, still dangling mid air, with her clothes hanging off her like Spanish Moss on a tree.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry!”  Yuriko said, bowing respectfully.  “Baby time for you!”  She said as her eyes glowed brightly again.

“N-Nooooooooooooooooo!”  Kelly wailed as her voice shrank and distorted.

Kelly sucked back into her clothes, her legs rising up into her skirt as her sleeves suddenly flattened, her arms sliding up them.  Her clothes jerked back and forth in the air as the little girl within shrank smaller, her voice wailing as she did.  Her limbs became short, then plump, her flat belly rounding out, her frame puffing with chubby flesh, her teeth vanishing.  She began to sob loudly as Yuriko let her clothes plop down to the ground, her tiny face sticking out the top of them as she cried.  She looked to be six months, her little head covered with a thin pathetic patch of hair as she whimpered and sniffled.

“Ah… isn’t that better little one?”  Yuriko said as she patted the baby on her tiny head, ignoring her sobbing.  “No trouble making for anyone, especially not the Emperor.”  She said with a grin as she turned her back on the helpless infant.

As Yuriko turned, floating in the air wraithlike, she looked to Tanya and Eva, grinning as she imagined doing the same to them.  They were frozen but clearly thawing out fast, and she knew she had to act fast.  However, something began to draw her attention, a beeping sound, distant and muffled.  She looked about but saw nothing at first.

“What is that?”  Yuriko asked in suspicion, looking around the workshop, before she noticed a blinking light on Tanya’s belt.  “Hmm?  What is this?”  She said, extending her hand.

The belt around Tanya’s waist, twisted and cracked against ice, before it broke free and flew through the air.  Yuriko held at her palm, and caught the belt with a snap, twisting it around to examine it.  It was beeping, a red light flashing on the buckle, causing her to furrow her brow in surprise.

“What is this sound?”  Yuriko asked, as she found the belt’s readout screen.  The words “DANGER OVERLOAD” were displayed, causing Yuriko to gasp.  “Damn, I must-“She screamed as the belt overloaded and sent out a pulse of pure temporal energy.

Her scream lasted only a second, before it warped and twisted into the ragged sobbing of a helpless infant.  Her legs and arms vanished into her clothing, her pigtails sucked back into her scalp, while her face became a pudgy newborn’s.  Her clothing floated in the air moment, her sleeves out to the side, skirt fluttering and her panties holding their position for a split second longer.  Then her clothing came apart like a sack in a tornado, each piece whipping off in a different direction, her panties shooting up above her head, her jacket opening as her blouse puffed out, and her skirt landing on the floor.  For an instant, Yuriko was a tumbling squealing mass of pink flesh, in shock as she fell towards the ground.  The newborn Yuriko plopped down atop her skirt, her panties, socks, jacket and bra landing around her in scattered little puffs.  She exploded into tears, her little bald head covered by her empty underwear which draped down over her as she wailed and sobbed.

There was a heavy crack, and Tanya managed to burst free from her frozen prison, whirling back and hitting Eva just hard enough to free her as well.  Both of them shuddered for a second, trembling as their bodies recovered from the cold.  It was only then that they looked down and noticed that Yuriko had become a newborn, Kelly behind her as both babies squealed and cried.

“What happened to them?”  Eva said, bending over to look down on them both.

Tanya scratched her chin, before noticing the belt lying beside Yuriko.  “She must have overloaded the charge in the belt.  Maybe whatever she was doing to shrink Kelly, must've caused a buildup in the accelerator.”

Eva laughed at this and shrugged.  “Well it looks as if she gave herself a taste of her own medicine!”  She laughed, not noticing that she was shrinking towards the floor.

Tanya looked over, gasping loudly as she watched a bus slipping back through her youth, her frame shrinking, her hair sliding up her back, and her chest slowly flattening behind her blouse.  Feeling a sensation of motion, Tanya looked down and could see that she too was shrinking, her pants wrinkling, her tank tops slipping down as her breasts failed to fill the material fully, and she could feel her hair getting shorter behind her head.

“Oh no!  We’re shrinking too!”  Tanya yelled, now a skinny teenager. 

Eva wailed at her own body, thin and awkward as she was stuck between teenage development and adult maturity.  “N-no!  How?”  She wailed as her hands were shrinking up into her sleeves, her nylons wrinkling around her waist.

“We must’ve been too close to where the belt went off!” Tanya cried out.  “Hurry!  We gotta get outta here before it’s too late!”  She said, now a skinny girl, her clothing loose over her frame as she gestured towards the door.

Both girls ran, shocked that they were in fact becoming girls, as hair grew shorter, arms and legs shrank, and clothing wrinkled.  Eva stumbled on her high heels, her nylons dangling her feet, which became worse when her skirt and underwear slid down to her ankles.  Tanya grabbed her baggy pants and tried to hold them up, hopping towards the door as each bounce seemed to make her smaller.  Soon Eva was crawling as a toddler, her oversized sleeves tangling and tripping her movement as she whimpered and cried out, her hair now barely to her neck and her body becoming chubby.  Tanya looked like a toddler with crazy curly blonde hair, rosy cheeks and a bit of baby fat forming across her back and belly as she tried to keep moving.  Eventually both were too small to move, crashing down in little whimpering heaps before the door, still shrinking into their loose clothes as they became too young to escape.

“No… no wan be baby!”  Eva wailed as she sucked back into her clothes, allowing them to slough off, revealing another adorable baby girl where she had just been.

“Stewpid… yu-wee-ko!”  Was all Tanya managed before her clothes lid down, leaving her only in a loose tank top as a six month old baby.

The workshop fell silent as the sound of whimpering babies and sobbing cries gave way to the gentle noise of sucking thumbs and gibbering voices.  No one was left to finish repairing the mess the cryoguns had become… but when someone found the four baby girls left behind, there would certainly be some messes to clean up.







End Chapter 1

Telekinetic Youth

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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