Showing Sensei who is Boss

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Street Fighter story where Sakura trains under an unfair teacher.

Chapter 1
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Street Fighter (AR)

By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by:  SecretAgentMittens

The dojo echoed with the sounds of an intense sparring session, as Sakura felt her body tiring already.  Sakura was wearing her usual mix of school uniform, with her athletic clothes beneath them, as her sneakers squealed loudly on the hardwood floor.  By contrast Chun Li was wearing a traditional black and blue Chinese dress with the sides cut out so she could move as she trained. Sakura was surprised she could fight in such a regal garment for a sparring match, but Chun Li insisted it was for comfort.

“Are you ok?  You seem to be breathing harder?”  Chun Li asked with a raised eyebrow, her stance ready to intercept any attack.

“I’m fine!”  Sakura snapped, starting to feel a bit frustrated.

She had been hoping to improve her skill as a fighter, but with Ryu always on the move she had lost track of him after his last fight.  However fortune had smiled on her when Chun Li, who had aided Ryu against his foe, had seen her, understood her problem and offered to help.  Even though Chun Li was skilled in kung fu, and Sakura shotakan, she was desperate to meet a sparring partner who could help her learn.  However this had turned out to be far more brutal than she had expected.

“Concentrate… you’re trying too hard to hit me and not focusing on blocking.”  Chun Li said calmly, her face stern.  “You can’t be offensive properly if you can’t manage a good defense.”

“Yeah… got it.”  Sakura huffed as she kept her guard up.

Chun Li was fast and strong in spite of her thin appearance, and Sakura almost cried every time she delivered a kick.  Sakura couldn’t believe how strong this woman’s legs were, not surprising though given the size of her hips.  Sakura couldn’t help but be intimidated and blushing every time she saw her attractive features. She was such a mature woman and an accomplished fighter, the aspiring fighter and school girl couldn’t help but feel she was outclassed.  This made it worse because she felt she had to try even harder than she would have, had she been training with Ryu.

“Keep your feet moving!”  Chun Li said curtly.

“I-I am!”  Sakura insisted, sweat pouring down her head, while remarkably Chun Li seemed unfazed.

Sakura thought she saw an opening, lunging forward with a strike aimed at Chun Li’s hip.  However it was blocked by a swipe from Chun Li’s hand, before her own hand came around and slapped Sakura in the arm.  Sakura squealed and stumbled aside, catching herself and spinning into a roundhouse kick to try and make up for her mistake.  Chun Li ducked this easily, as Sakura’s aggressive swing caused her to spiral out of control and crash down on the mat.  She took a deep hissing breath and slammed her fist down on the ground.

“Calm down.”  Chun Li said, extending her hand and helping to lift Sakura up.  “You’re being too aggressive.”

“That’s Ryu’s style!”  Sakura growled back, bending forward with her hands on her knees to catch her breath.  “He’s aggressive.  I need to be aggressive too.”

Chun Li shook her head and raised a finger.  “I’ve seen him fight.  He’s aggressive but only because he guards himself.”  She said, almost wagging her finger at Sakura, which made the teen frown. 

“She’s lecturing me like my mom…”  Sakura thought, surprised that Chun Li had become so stern and unyielding, now that they were training together.  “So you know more about his style than me now?”  She asked, sounding petulant as she caught her breath.

“Do you want me to teach you or not, young lady?”  Chun Li said, leaning back and crossing her arms.

“Yeeeees…”  Sakura groaned.

“Then fix the attitude young lady.”  Chun Li said, bringing her finger back up.

“Call me young lady again… I dare you.”  Sakura thought as she clenched her fists.  “Ok, defensive fighting… defensive fighting, I get it.”  She muttered, hoping to bring them back to sparring.  “So I can’t be offensive and defensive?  That seems wrong.”  She asked, as she retook her stance.

“You can’t do both until you can do one, so learn to fight defensively before you try to be aggressive.”  She then added.

“OK!  Ok… can we just go again?”  Sakura said, thrusting her fists down in front of her, hoping to stop the lecture.

“Very well.”  Chun Li leaned back into her stance, her fists clenched.  “Show me what you have learned.”

“I’ll show you…”  Sakura said, considering several moves she had learned.

She rushed forward, a flurry of punches flying towards Chun Li, while the older fighter sighed in disappointment.  She kicked, Chun Li ducked, she punched, her fist was twisted aside, and she tried to grapple the long legged fighter, only to find one of those legs smacking her in the side.  She was growing frustrated and starting to growl between attacks.

“Concentrate!”  Chun Li insisted as she swept Sakura’s legs out from under her, knocking the fighter down on her bare butt.

“OOOH!”  Sakura snarled, climbing back to her fists and placing her palms together at her side.

“Don’t get angry!”  Chun Li warned. 

“I’ll show you angry!”  Sakrua snapped as she thrust her hands forward and a burst of light exploded from her palms, shooting like a fireball across the dojo.

The Hadoken, shot towards Chun Li, who dodged aside effortlessly.  Before Sakura could react, she was grabbed by her teacher, twisted over her shoulder and tossed down onto the mat like she was a sack of meat.  She bounced on her butt and skid across the rubber mats, the bare skin on her legs rubbing across them painfully.  When she came to a stop she slapped the mat angrily with both palms, twisting to try and get up, only to find herself face to face with Chun Li, who looked ready to fight.  She backed up and took a defensive stance, frustration on her face.

“The Hadoken is a trick.  It can’t win a fight unless your enemy falls for it.”  Chun Li said.  “Tricks are for fools and masters.  Do you want to be a fool?”  She said, raising her finger as if lecturing once more.

“Ok…”  Sakura said, realizing she still had one technique she could try. 

She had read up on a special attack meant to drain one’s opponent and decided now was the time to try.  She concentrated, focusing all of her energy into her hand, then down to her finger tips and finally just to her index finger, a spark forming there as Chun Li seemed to notice but held her ground, her expression clearly stating she doubted her ability. 

This made Sakura seethe as she pointed her finger forward, the energy at the very tip sparked and flared into a red light.  “Try this trick!” As the bolt sparked out, striking Chun Li in the chest… and dissipating with a flatulent sputter of red sparks and… nothing more.

Sakura froze as Chun Li paused, her eyes widening, and then she began to snicker, a sound which grew into a full laugh.  “W-what was that?”  She said, tilting her head to the side. 

Sakura was unsure what had just happened, but was frustrated by the technique’s apparent failure.  “I-I tried something new… apparently it didn’t work.”

Chun Li laughed a bit more, before wiping one eye.  “Sakura, remember to master what you need to learn before investing in more tricks like the Hadoken or… whatever that was.”

“OH shut…shush!  Can we please just spar?  I’d rather learn with my fists.”  Sakura said, tired of being lectured.  “I don’t want to talk anymore.”

“Very well… I appreciate your unwillingness to quit. Determination is a virtue.”  Chun Li retook her stance.  “Begin then.”

Once more she charged Chun Li, but again and again the experienced fighter swatted her attacks aside.  Punches were deflected, kicks intercepted, throws reversed and Sakura didn’t even try to throw another Hadoken at her.  However as the fight went on she noticed that Chun Li seemed to slow a bit, her muscles trembling slightly as she battled.  Her hair looked a little disheveled, while her clothing looked slightly wrinkled, almost as if the action had undone one of the many laces keeping it tied taught on her mature frame.  She was grinning and her chest moving faster as she backed away from Sakura’s onslaught, an almost fatigued air coming over her.

“Huh… you have a lot of energy, “I’ll give you that.” Chun Li said, her breathing a bit harder.

“She’s out of breath?”  Sakura considered.  “I haven’t gone at her any harder, maybe she is getting tired?”  She considered as she rushed back in.

However this round, Chun Li slowed further, her powerful muscles almost seeming to deliver less force as she attacked.  Sakura wondered if she was tiring, or that perhaps her own muscles were getting used to the blows.  Soon she realized there was more to this as her teacher appeared strangely gaunt, or perhaps gaunt was the wrong word, but thinner to Sakura’s eyes.  Her face looked a little less defined, a bit rounder, her chest slightly less active and perhaps even smaller.  Her legs, normally pistons on a thin woman’s frame, felt lighter and looked less defining, as her teacher’s hips almost appeared to be sinking inward.  It was like she was changing, and Sakura found that she avoided her attacks easier, while Chun Li was now actually looking sweaty as if growing tired.

“You are getting better!”  Chun Li said, a half frustrated and half pleased expression on her face.

“No… you look, weaker?  Is that it?”  Sakura considered.  “Thanks Sensei…” she said as she watched her teacher gradually change,

Now Chun Li was actually sinking down towards the floor, her height evaporating before Sakura’s eyes, almost as if her teacher were sinking into quicksand.  Her long dress began to drag slightly on the floor, her legs looking less powerful by the minute, her arms almost loose in the gorgeous silky dress.  Then she saw it, plain as day when she noticed the wrinkles forming in solid folds just over and under her teacher’s ample bosom.  It was like her chest was shrinking, losing weight and its firm round shape.  In a dress like this, which held up nothing, the slow decrease of Chun Li’s normally firm upper body allowed her change to fall into obvious clarity.  She was shrinking, looking smaller and perhaps… even younger.  Yes that was it, she looked like she was Sakura’s age, barely eighteen, her face puffed with annoyance as she seemed to not realize what was happening.

“Why is she getting smaller?”  Sakura said, blinking at her now clearly teenaged teacher.  Then it hit her.  “MY MOVE!  It must have drained her age… her AGE of all things?”  She considered, as the teenager across from her stayed in stance, while her dress was hanging over her looser with each second.

Chun Li rushed forward, suddenly and apparently impetuous with youth, throwing a series of punches at Sakura which all failed to come anywhere near her.  Sakura felt a rush of pride in evading them, followed by embarrassment at realizing she had been attacking just like that a moment earlier.  Sakura found that Chun Li’s arms had become so thin that they could be stopped easily, each block resulting in a gasp from her shrinking opponent.  Chun Li next threw kick after kick, once again returning to her trademark hurricane kick, but all it did was slap against Sakura’s raised defenses, little more hurt than small birds flying into her.  All the while as she attacked, Chun Li shrank down, her woman attributes thinning to the point where Sakura concluded she had to be somewhere close to twelve or eleven years, only just entering puberty.  She backed  away and began huff, leaning down on her

“I’m stunned… you’re stopping everything I throw at you…”  Chun Li huffed, before grinning with a bold childish smile.  “You have gotten better!”  She said, her voice cracking as she unconsciously tried to pull her loose dress tighter.  “But… let’s see if you can dodge this!” She said as she pressed her hands together over her belly.

“Uh oh…”  Sakura considered that her teacher may be about to use her Kikoken, a powerful close range fireball.  “At this range can I dodge this?”  She wondered.

“KIKOKEN!” The young child yelled, thrusting her hands forward at such a horizontal angle that her rear and feet lifted from the ground.

Sakura braced for a blast, but instead of a powerful surge of blue light and a concussive force, there was a small bang, almost like a gunshot.  A puff of blue light popped before Chun Li’s outstretched hands, dissipating almost as fast as it happened.  Unexpectedly, whatever kinetic force the burst should have had, appeared to be directed back at the shrunken Chun Li, her eyes going wide before she was thrown back.  Her legs were lifted from the ground as she somersaulted in air, her little arms flapping as she tried to regain control over her descent.  She landed on her butt and rolled backwards, before coming to a rest, still slowly shrinking down, more a little girl than a preteen now.  She was stubby, her limbs small and her legs like little fence posts, as she rubbed her head, her big eyes adorable.

“Wow!”  Sakura thought, her hands over her mouth.  “It worked!  I turned her back into a kid!”  She almost jumped into the air, but decided against it.  “A super cute kid, just look at how adorable she is!  She can’t be more than… five?  I hope it wears off like the scroll said.”  She said, grimacing as this was a detail she hoped she had read correctly.

Chun Li was whimpering, but she slowly sat up and rubbed the back of her head.  “Owie… what happened.”  The cute child said, as her body began to slow its reversal.  “Hey?  Did you Hadoken me?” she asked, a furrow appearing on her brow.

“No… you uh… you messed up your Kikoken.”  Sakura said, walking over and looking down at her shrunken teacher.  “Did you hurt your head?”

“No… no you had to have done something…”  She said as she sat forward, clenching a bunch of her dress in her tiny fists.  “How did you kick me from over there?  Tell me now!”

“I guess I’m just good.”  Sakura said, shrugging as she was enjoying seeing her teacher flustered.

“I’m gonna get you for that!”  Chun Li grumbled, her eyes narrowed.

“Come now sensei, don’t get angry!”  Sakura said, mimicking Chun Li’s own lessons.

Chun Li’s face twisted, a sour expression coming over her juvenile features, and she stood up quickly.  Bringing up her tiny fists, she rushed towards Sakura, a childish cry belting from her as she did.  She began to swing, her arms coming in wide arcs, easily predicted and blocked accordingly.  She launched a flurry of kicks at her taller opponent, all of which landed as if she were hitting a thick tree trunk, and having almost no impact.  Sakura couldn’t help but smile broadly, giggling slightly as she continued to block the furious assault of the child Chun Li.  Seeing the smile appeared to upset the shrunken sensei, and she began to pout, stopping on the floor with her feet.

“Stop laughing at me!  I’m your teacher!” she insisted.

Sakura was trying to hide her smirk, but doing a very poor job of it.  “Oh you taught me alright… taught me how cute you were as a kid.”

“What does that mean?” the girl squeaked, throwing another punch.  “I’ll show you cute!”

Now there were more punches, more kicking, furious blows fell like rain, but had almost the same affect.  Sakura began to dance around her smaller opponent, dodging attacks by sliding left and right, twisting the little girl around so she faced the wrong way when she punched, and on one occasion even leaping straight over her head with a laugh.  Chun Li was confused, by her childish impulses took over, and she began to growl like an angry tiger…  or a tiger cub at least.  She began to chase her laughing student around the dodo, tripping on her oversized dress several times, landing on her chin or banging her shoulder.  Soon tears were in the corners of her eyes, her face was bright red, cheeks puffed to extreme and Sakura could sense the childish tantrum about to erupt.

“Teacher!  You need to focus on defense before you can get good at offense, remember?”  Sakura laughed, putting her hands on her teacher’s head, before the little hands flew up and slapped at her.

“NO FAIR!”  She cried.  “You’re bigger than me!  How are you bigger than me!?”  Chun Li yelled, leaping up and down.

“Well… maybe I knew a trick, you couldn’t predict?” Sakura said, bending down and grinning in the puffed up face of her teacher. 

“Tell me now!”  She said as she slowly began to shrink once more.

Sakura smiled so hard she thought her face would tear, suddenly delighted by watching Chun Li, a woman she respected grow increasingly smaller.

“Nope.”  She said, before she flicked Chun Li on her tiny nose.

“OW!”  Chun Li cried, grabbing her nose and falling back down onto her butt.

Once more, her body began to withdraw in on itself, as she lost more of her age before Sakura’s eyes.  She went from a skinny, tomboyish look, to a shorter and scrawnier appearance, as her hair shrank causing her silk hair ties to loosen hang on the back of her head.  Her body was enveloped in her huge dress, which looked ridiculous over her now, like she was playing dress up.  She appeared to have trouble lifting her heavy weights on her wrists, slowly squeezing her skinny arms out of them, even as they thinned further.  Her face and that her belly became a little chubby, and some soft baby flesh was restored to her frame, her little feet buried beneath the front of her dress.  She looked like she was three years old, perhaps two and Sakura watched as she looked around and confusion, big eyes blinking.

“Oooh, look at you!”  Sakura said with a broad grin on her face.  “You are such an adorable little toddler!”

“I’m not a toddwa!”  Chun Li cried, her little fists rubbing the tears from her eyes.  “I yo teacha!”  I the teacha!”  She insisted, her childish mind clearly dominant over her memories.

“Not anymore!”  Sakura laughed.  “I turned you all cute and cuddly!”  She said, pinching her teacher’s now cut and pudgy little cheek.

“How did ya do it!”  Chun Li insisted, sticking up her bottom lip truculently.

“I’m not telling!”  Sakura laughed.  “It’s my secret “teach my sensei not to underestimate me” technique and it works!”

“Teww me!” Chun Li insisted, waving her arms up and down.  “Teww me!  Teww me!  Teww me!” She began to cry out as she threw her fists up and down.

Sakura covered her ears and laughed.  “Wow… you were a noisy kid!”

Chun Li began to hold her breath, Sakura bending down to examine her in surprise.  She was holding her breath until Sakura told her the secret technique.  She marveled at this.  How could such a strong, beautiful and focused woman, a woman she looked up to have been such a brat when she was a girl.  She laughed and looked around to see if anyone was watching as Chun Li gasped loudly and then after a few minutes of huffing and puffing, managed to catch her breath before holding it once more.

“Really?”  She said as she looked down at the girl, now closing her eyes as she trembled.  “Hmm… has to be something I can do with you…”  Sakura laughed, looking back to the entrance of the dojo to see many sets of Karate gi, all hanging by the door.

She noticed suddenly that one pair appeared to be for the classes that came in and was very small… as if for a toddler or child.

After eyeing the Gi, and then the pouting child at her feet, Sakura smirked, plucking up the tiny girl in her baggy dress, her feet dangling below her.

“Hey pumme down!”  Chun Li grumbled, her little fists pounding on Sakura’s hip.  “Whewe we going?” She asked.

“Oh, we need to get our little student ready for her class!”  Sakura said, a huge smile on her face.


When the three o’clock class came in for their training session, they noticed there was already a pair training in the back.  A tall girl in a Japanese school uniform, her long legs and red headband making her look odd in the open dojo.  Before he was a tiny girl, maybe a toddler, her hair tied back in a sprig of a ponytail and her Gi small but still big for her body size.  She was huffing and growling as she was drilled by the older girl, who most of the class assumed was her older sister, ignoring the adorable duo.

“This is stewpid…”  Chun Li grumbled.  “I wanna be big again…”  She said as she looked up at her new “sensei” and frowned.

Sakura crossed her arms disapprovingly, and wagged a finger down at her.  “Ah ah ah!  We have to get our training in.”

“B-but I alweady big!  I know how ta twain!”  Chun Li insisted, pulling hard on her little white belt and fuming.

Sakura bent down and winked.  “Don’t worry, this should wear off soon… but until then… keep moving your feet!” Sakura said, instructing her pupil, who dutifully threw herself back into the training.  “Good work young lady!”  Sakura laughed.







End Chapter 1

Showing Sensei who is Boss

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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