Royal Regression

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021

A Skyhigh Academy story for everyone who ever wanted the villainess to get regressed.

Chapter 1
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A Skyhigh Story (AR)

By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by: Jarine

The hall was filled with the sound of wailing infants as Will Stronghold dove behind a series of fallen tables.  Bursts of white light shot after him, as the villain known as Royal Pain aimed her Pacifier device at him, trying to remove the final threat to her takeover of the SkyHigh Academy for superheroes.  He could hear the laughter of her henchman Stitches as he continued to move to avoid the blasts of infantilizing energy that had reduced the rest of the staff, the students, faculty and even his parents to infants. 

“Gwen!  Don’t do this!”  Will yelled over the sounds of sobbing babies.  “You can start over!  You don’t have to be evil!”

His friend and fellow student Gwen Grayson had been revealed to be the villain Royal Pain, once a rival of his father Commander and his mother Jetstream.  In their final battle years ago, Royal Pain’s Pacifier had overloaded, turning her back into a baby to be raised by the giggling Stitches.  Now she had infiltrated the Academy as a young woman, one who he had felt attracted to for some time, before revealing her true identity.

“I already started over!”  She boomed from behind her golden helmet, her cape billowing behind her as her tight black garments gleamed in the darkness of the hall.  “How about you try it now?  Being a baby will suit you well!”  She laughed as she fired again.

“That’s not going to happen!”  He yelled.

Will dove under a table and kicked it upwards with his increased strength as it smashed into Stitches, knocking him over mid laugh.

“Stay out of the way you idiot!”  Royal Pain yelled, turning back and shooting at will as he dove behind a support pillar.  “Come out and fight! You’re not even as brave as your father!”

Will was ducking, considering his options as the incensed Royal Pain continued to fire at him, moving to the side to get a better shot.  “Insult my father huh…”  He yelled.  “He beat you before, and I can do it now!”

“Dream on!”  She yelled, when he suddenly emerged from behind the pillar… holding the pillar like a battering ram as he surged towards her.  “Oh…”  She said, turning and diving out of the way as he slammed the pillar into the wall where she was standing, driving up a cloud of debris.

She fell, sliding across the floor, her Pacifier sliding away from her as she scrambled to get it.  Her helmet fell from her head, revealing her long brunette hair tied up in a bun and cute young face.  Will rushed forward to grab it, but was suddenly tripped, landing hard on his face with a groan.  He rolled to his side and looked up to see the sneering face of Penny Lent, her leg outstretched where she had tripped him.  She had smooth dark skin and hair, her orange cheerleader garments allowing her long arms and legs to show.  She was a superhero who could multiply herself, and had aligned herself with Royal Pain.

“Oops… clumsy you...”  She said with a wink as she glared down at him, hands on her hips.

“Penny!  You traitor!”  Will snapped.

“Good work!  Now keep him there!”  Royal Pain cried as she reached and snatched up the Pacifier.

Will leapt up, but suddenly found himself surrounded by ten Penny’s, all leaning in to hold him down, with the real one in front of him.  “Ah ah!  Where are you going?”  She asked.

“I don’t want to hurt you Penny.”  Will said, noticing the form of Royal Pain whirling back to fire at him.

“You’re a good guy.”  Penny said, kissing his cheek.  “You won’t hurt me.”

“You’re right.”  Will said, grabbing the real Penny around the stomach, as she gasped in surprise.  “You’re boss however…”  He said, turning back and putting Penny between him and the firing Pacifier, her eyes going wide as he shoved her back.

“N-Noooo!”  She cried as her duplicates vanished and she was struck in the back by the Pacifier.

“What!  NO!”  Royal Pain snapped, watching as Penny was struck, the attractive teen turning to face her with a look of shock on her face.

“H-how could you!”  Penny cried, before she began to sink down towards the floor.

Penny stumbled back and forth as she began to slide down towards the ground, her socks wrinkling as her skirt began to slide down her long legs.  She gasped and brought her hands up, staring in awe as her fingers began to shrink before her eyes, her teenage face beginning to soften as she gawked.  Her sleeveless top began to slide down over her thinning shoulders, her legs losing their smooth curves and becoming straighter like fence posts.  She looked up into the frowning face of Royal Pain, before beginning to wail slightly as she stumbled towards her master.

“N-Nuoooo!  This is sooo humiliating!”

Royal Pain watched in disappointment as her minion continued to shrink, now nothing more than a little girl.  Penny tried to walk towards her, but found her legs unsteady as they continued to compact in on themselves.  Her underwear slid down, catching between her knees for a moment like a loose hammock, for her skirt slid down and took them with it.  She tottered forward, her arms outstretched for balance as she began to sniffle and cry, her hair sliding up past her ears.  In moments she collapsed down onto her butt, no longer able to stand as the final vestiges of her maturity vanished.  Her belly began to grow chubby, baby fat rising on her frame, teeth finishing, and her hair swirling down onto her scalp that issue was almost killed.  Finally her little mind vanished just like the rest of the babies, leaving the smooth cheerleader as helpless and brainless as the rest of them.

“Hmph…”  Royal Pain huffed, as she looked around to see that Will had escaped while she was watching.  “Serves you right for getting in the way.  Luckily I don’t need you anymore.” She said as she stepped over the little infant, who exploded into tears.

Royal Pain began to walk around the ballroom, the lights still flashing, babies crawling about, and no sign of Will.  She kept her weapon level, her eyes moving back and forth, looking for any sign of motion.

“Where are you hiding at Will?”  She called out.  “Nowhere to run…  Soon you’ll be a little naked baby like your father, and I’ll diaper your little bottom right next to his.  Doesn’t that sound fun?” She said with a playful tone, hoping to agitate him.

As she walked forward she could see that there was someone behind the DJ station, a shadow visible in the flashing lights.  She smiled to herself and began to creep towards the station, her weapon ready to infantilize her foe.

“I imagine I’ll just keep you a baby forever.” She said with a smile at the thought.  “Just keep you a helpless newborn, my adorable little pathetic pet.  Never to grow up, get a girlfriend, not even to go through puberty.”  She then thought of something truly evil.  “What about that brat I made cry at the party?  Maybe I’ll find her, turn her into a squealing baby alongside her parents, and then just leave them there.  I’m sure someone will adopt them.”  She began to chuckle, which grew into a deep laugh as she prepared to kick the table over.

Finally with a kick, she slammed over the station, scattering equipment as the music died in several screeches and raised her weapon.  She was shocked to see Stitches hiding under the table, flailing his arms and crying out as she zapped him with her Pacifier by accident.

“P-please!  Don’t make me a baby!”  He cried, nervously laughing as he began to shrink down into his costume.

Stitches drop down into his garments, just like all the others have done, wailing and whimpering as he vanished.  Royal Pain watched in disbelief as her henchmen and adopted father shriveled and wrinkled up, his nervous giggling laughter turning to the pathetic wails of an infant.  In moments his uniform lay empty on the floor, as a small pale baby boy crawled out, mooning her as he tried to escape.

“Stitches!?“  She howled. “If you’re there, then where is-“

“Right here Royal Pain!” She heard Will cry out.

She whirled around frantically, but she couldn’t see him, until she heard a whistle from above.  To her shock Will was flying above her, diving down the last second and punching her Pacifier right into her chest.  She was thrown backwards, hirsute absorbing most of the blast, but not the energy as the cracked Pacifier began to douse her with its power.  She stood up, dropping the device as the energy coursed over her.

“NOOOO!  THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!”  She cried out, the energy still exploding over her body.

“I don’t know about that.”  Will said as he backed away.  “It happened once before.  Apparently turning you into a baby is a family tradition.”  He laughed.

“NUOOOOOOOOOO!”  Royal Pain wailed as she knew what was happening was unavoidable.

With that, she began to shrink down, looking to Will as if she was being slowly lowered on an elevator.  Her tight black garment began to wrinkle over her knees and around her elbows, as her shocked face looked down at her shrinking form.  Her hair came undone from the tight bun as it began to unravel and shrink into her scalp, her lips thinned, interface became round and soft.  In moments she looked less like a teen, and more like a short 13 year old girl, her garments wrinkling over her, as our gloves began to slide off, and her boots flopped to the side.

“Not again!  I don’t want to be a baby again!”  She wailed, her voice cracking as she began to slide back through puberty.

Japan’s big and a bunch up around her ankles, her tiny fingers obscured by her sliding sleeves, her collar bunching up around her face.  The moment she was a child she tumbled forward, landing on her hands and knees as her wrinkled uniform resembled a deflating inflatable animal.  One little shoulder began to slide out of her collar as she became a toddler, her hair becoming the extra curly, and her cheeks puffy and red.  Tears began to flow down her cheeks, as she pointed a flopping glove towards Will, her voice shrill and petulant as a toddler.

“Yo-yoo haben’t seen da wast of me…”  She whimpered as her heavy black garments slid down around her.

Her eyes began to look left and right, her uniform swallowing her up as she puffed up her cheeks, and vanished within.  Her deflating clothing simply sank, the air being let out as she shrunk within.  Soon it was flat, and a small mound began to squirm closer to the front, before a tiny ball baby’s face emerged.  She looked around in confusion, pulling one little arm out and then the other, before falling down onto her belly and exploding in tears.

“Wuaaaaaah!  WUAAAAAAAH!”  She wailed, now nothing more than a helpless newborn buried in a baggy suit.

“Looks like you aren’t a Royal Pain anymore, just baby Gwen.”  He grinned as he bent down and pinched her chubby cheek, causing her to whimper. “Looks like you’re not old enough to attend here anymore.  It’s back to the nursery for you.”

With this Gwen began to erupt into loud explosive tears, not even sure what he was talking about, but unhappy in defeat nonetheless.





End Chapter 1

Royal Regression

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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