River City Brats

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021

Based on River City Girls, has some spoilers.

Chapter 1
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River City Girls Story (AR)

By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by: Anonymous


The Merv Burger was packed as Misako and Kyoko sat enjoying their lunch, Kyoko tapping on her phone as she sipped at the soda before her.  She was cute as always her orange hair tied up above her head in a red bow as she was reading the mountain of incoming texts on her cell phone.   Beside her face down on the table as she shoved a handful of French fries into her mouth was the bored form of Misako.  Her short black hair and long legs and mopey expression concealed the fury and passion she held in her heart.  They had received a text to meet their “boyfriends” Riki and Kunio here, and had been waiting a half hour.

“Lunch is almost over…”  Misako sighed.  “Where the hell are those idiots?”

“Riki is probably battling some gang for our honor, I’d bet!”  Kyko said, her eyes glistening as she trembled with love for her boyfriend.

“Guh… I hate Merv Burger.”  Misako said mouth full of cheeseburger.

“Yeah… I feel very icky coming here after watching Godai eat that burger…”  Kyko added.  “But the drinks are good.”

Around them, other students of River City High School were eating, mostly cute girls who came for the milkshakes and a few of their boyfriends.  A long dark haired teacher, sexy with attractive legs in nylons was sitting nearby reading a manual as she sipped at a cheap iced coffee.  Misako recognized a lot of them from class, but didn’t really know any of them and couldn’t remember the sexy teacher’s name even though she had her… she thought.

“Guuuuuuuuh.”  Misako groaned like a swelling volcano.  “Where are they?   How dare they make us wait here like this, after all we did for them!”  She roared.

“You mean beat up half of River City in a mad rush to rescue them when they weren’t even kidnapped?”  A strong feminine voice said.  “Something stupid like that?”

Kyoko and Misako looked up to see Sabuko, the tattooed Yakuza daughter of Sabu standing across the near the counter, a sword draped over her shoulder.  Beside her stood the dark skinned and green haired Noize, punk rocker with her own axe like guitar over her shoulder.  Both looked pissed and glared at them, clear intent to fight in their eyes.

Both Kyoko and Misako leapt up, causing all eyes to turn to them.  “Sabuko?  Noize?”  Kyoko gasped.  “What are you doing here?”  She said as she and Misako brought their fists up.

“Looking for a rematch?”  Misako added. 

“Of course.”  Sabuko said coldly as several students backed away from her.

“OH!  I get it!”  Kyoko said bouncing up and down.  “Lemme guess… you sent the text to meet you here?”

“As usual, I don’t know or care what you are talking about.”  Sabuko said, pointing her sword towards the pair.  She sneered.  “This is gonna be great.  I’m going to enjoy cutting you to pieces.”

“Nozomi?”  Kyoko said, looking to Noize, and causing her to blush with her real name.  “You’re here to fight us too?”

“You beat me up in front of my fans!  That ruined by rep!  So I wanna help pay you back for that!”  Noize said, pumping a fist at the pair.

“But you said we were METAL.”  Misako said, shrgging.

Noize suddenly seemed a bit taken back.  “Well yeah… but its kiiinda my fault you went and beat up Sabuko… and I owe her dad… so, its payback time!”  

“Fine!”  Misako yelled, punching her fists together.  “Then we’ll beat your asses again right here!” 

“Yeah!  Bring it on!”  Kyoko cheered.

However no one charged forth, as all eyes went to Misako.  Something odd was happening as she seemed to be sinking towards the floor, almost as if into quicksand.  Her tight white top and black shorts were wrinkling, slowly at first but then more noticeably.  She looked down in confusion and stared, an odd distant expression as she watched her body almost look to be getting smaller.  Her chest was sinking in as it almost felt like her breasts were shrinking, her bra rubbing against her awkwardly.

“The hell… what is this?”  She asked, turning to Kyoko.  “Am I deflating?”

However she looked towards Kyoko and saw she too was changing, her sports jacket looking larger on her as its sleeves drooped down over her wrists.   Her skit was slipping down her long legs, her uniform scrunching down across her chest and her shoes looking large.  Misako could see she was actually getting shorter, not shrinking, her long ponytail appearing to get smaller too, her eyes blinking in confusion.

“Kyoko… you look different.”  Misako grunted, her voice oddly higher.

“Yeah?  You do too!”  Kyoko said, pointing to her friend.  “And your voice seems higher too!”

“What!?”  Misako cried in a high almost childish voice.  “It does not!”  She yelled, as her voice cracked hard, causing her to cover her mouth.

“This is sooooo grooooss!” Kyoko wailed, her body thinning as the curves she had developed slowly waned from her. 

“Yeah… you look like some dumb prep school brat!”  Misako laughed as her own clothing looked large over her shrinking frame, her underwear itching her as she tried not to trip over her large superfluous shoes.

“Hey!  Don’t ignore us you bitches!”  Misako heard behind her, almost as if a teenager was yelling at her.

Turning back, Misako and Kyoko gasped, their opponents appearing to have changed as well.  Sabuko, normally quite mature and adult in appearance, now looked more like Misako, skinny and shorter, her pants wrinkled around her knees, slipping down to one side as a flash of black panties showed.  Her tight vest and red blouse, opened in the back to show her myriad of tattoos, was now slipping down and allowing her thinning shoulders and upper chest to show, her breasts thinning before her astonished eyes.  Her long wavy hair moved like a sea as it thinned and the gray streaks vanished, leaving her more like a preteen than an adult.

“What crap is this?”  Sabuko blurted, her sword trembling in her thinning arms.  “Is this like a hallucination?”  She gasped as she watched her pants slide down to reveal scrawny boyish legs, her black panties hanging on one hip.

“Whoah… ah… the hell!?”  Noize stammered as she changed too. 

Her body was already skinny, so as it shrank her round breasts simply sank away like a deflating rubber balls, her top hanging loose and her spiked rocker jacket falling over her hands.  She wobbled, stumbling forward as she tried to keep her guitar up, her skirt sagging down, her tight gloves sliding on her hands and her underwear suddenly peeking out between her legs.

“We-we’re turning into kids!”  She cried, her voice getting softer as her sharp features smoothed slightly.  “I-I can’t turn back into a kid!”  She blurted, memories of her lonely timid childhood flooding back to her.

Misako laughed and pointed a shrinking finger, draped with an almost empty fingerless glove at Sabuko.  “Ha!  You look like a wannabe Yakuza shrimp!”  She said, her own body now much shorter.

However as she stood there, barely six or seven years old, her gesture took her hands from her clothes, which unceremoniously slid to the ground.  She squealed loudly as only her bra and panties seemed to stick where they were, far too large for her girlish body.  She snatched them with her hands and held the up, her face twisted in humiliation and shock.

“AH!  I bawewy fit in my cwothes!”  She screamed, her voice that of a tiny child’s.

“Me too!”  Kyoko said as she stumbled forward.

Kyoko’s skirt and shoes were behind her, her blouse open and sliding down out of her jacket to her feet as she had fumbled to keep it up.  Her top at her feet, she was now clinging furiously to her panties, her loose bra flopping over a bare and flat chest.  She was now covered mostly by her huge sports jacket, its sleeves bunched around her hands as she tried to keep her panties up.  She couldn’t have been more than an elementary school student in age, and Misako was shocked to see her so skinny young.

“This is so gwoss!”  She whined.

“What the heww is happening?”  Sabuko cried out, holding her shirt up before her chest and whimpering slightly, her bare butt sticking out behind her.  “How did you do this to us?”  Sabuko growled, still trying to lift her sword, but sweating as it was far too heavy.

“US?”  Misako blurted, still trying to keep her underwear on though this made her look hilarious, like a child playing in their parents underwear drawer.  “You asshowes ambushed us!”

Noize was trying to keep her guitar up, but could no longer do so, dropping it and stumbling forward.  In one humiliating motion, she stumbled, her boots, then skirt, then panties slid down to her feet, followed by her top as she tumbled down.  Her jacket lifted back from her and fluttered a moment as she whined in pain on the ground, before flopping down over her head with a puff of air.  Slowly she peeked out, just as young as she had looked when Kyoko had first seen her, little more than six or seven.

“W-We didn’t ambush you… you wewe hewe and we wanted to pay you back!”  She whined, looking at herself and squealing.  “AAAH!  You weawwy tuwned me into a kid!  How couwd you!?”  She cried out.

“We didn’t you butt faces!”  Misako growled, clenching her fists around her panties.  “You wook wike a Yakuza shwimp!”  She blurted

“I do not!  I’m an actual Yakuza!”  Sabuko blurted.  “I’m da best Yakuza! Da best in Wiva City!”  She boasted, sounding like a child trying to prove themselves to an older sibling.

“Yeah wight!  A shwimp wike you couldn’t push awound Godai!”  Kyko laughed.

“Yeah, go bwame someone ewse!”  Misako growled.  We didn’t do it!”

“Wiars!”  Sabuko growled, releasing her panties to allow her shirt to cover her front, and bracing her sword as best she could.  “You did this to us!”

“How?  Wiv ouw magical wands?”  Kyoko snorted, reaching down to grab one of the many random bats lying across River City.  She lifted it up and then groaned, her sleeves wrapping around the handle as she tried to lift it up.  “I got a magic wand fow you buwwies wight hewe!”

“We didn’t do it!”  Noize blurted, standing up wearing only her large spiked jacket around her body, her expression obviously unhappy.  “How couwd we do something wike that?”

“I don think it was them…”  Misako said, suddenly.

“Why?”  Kyko grunted, still trying to heft the bat as she wobbled on scrawny little limbs.

“Wook!”  Sabuko said in surprise, pointing to the rest of the restaurant. 

They looked around in surprise and gasped, as they saw the entire room had been changed along with them, spilled drinks and empty clothing everywhere.  All of their fellow classmates were now either toddlers or babies, laying in empty baggy uniforms or sobbing on the ground.  At one table a clique of popular girls known for their hot looks were all reduced to sobbing newborns, each too chubby or bald to be recognizable.  Behind Kyoko a boyfriend and his girlfriend who had been smooching during their meal were now shrimpy toddlers, slapping at each other and making barfing sounds.  Even the dark haired teacher was now sitting in a pile of nylons, a skirt and panties, rolling naked onto her back as a helpless baby, tossing her bra around in her hands as she babbled and kicked her chubby legs unaware that she was naked at all.  Besides her, her favorite student, the class rep was asleep, holding her teacher’s glasses and sucking her thumb as a newborn.

“Howy shit!”  Misako cried out.  “Evewyone is widdle!” 

“You tuwned the whowe woom into kids and stinky babies!”  Kyoko added, yelling at Sabuko, while walking away from one high school girl turned baby who smelled as if she needed a diaper.

“WE DIDN’T!!!”  Sabuko roared, still dragging her sword, her rear out behind her as she tried to lift it.

“You pwowwy did it by accident and wook!”  Noize said pointing down to her body.  “My caweew is ova!  You wuined me even mowe!”

“NO WE DIDN’T!”  The pair yelled together.

“Weww we know it wasn’t us!!”  Sabuko retorted.

“Then who was it?”  Misako said, imitating a dumb face and accent.  “I suppose it was Hasebe and Mami?   You gonna bwame them next?” 

“Actually… it was us!”  A snide voice said behind Sabuko.

All eyes turned to see the aforementioned Hasebe, her long purple hair and straight bangs framing a sneering face. 

“And it was sooooo awesome to see you turn into little brats!”  Another voice said, causing them to look back behind Kyoko.

It was Mami, her short curly blonde hair and blue petite body in a blue uniform was offset by the creepy predatory presence in her face.

“You?  You two did this?”  Kyoko asked.

“Indeed we did.”  Hasebe said with a chuckle.  “You two dweebs fell for it just like you did last week.”

“H-how?”  Kyoko asked in surprise.

Hasebe laughed and produced a small bottle, almost like an alcohol bottle from a first aid kit and bounced it in the air.  “We borrowed some chemicals that your Yakuza friend here stole after you kicked her out of the window.  It’s an antidote to that zombie crap from the Yakuza lab in Sabuko’s building.”  She then laughed and crossed her arms.  “Turns out if you’re not a zombie… it makes you younger.  So we just slipped it in the ice machine for all the drinks here and you came in from our text and pigged out… like we knew you would.”

“YOU WHAT?!”  Sabuko roared.  “That bewongs to my fathew!”  She wailed.

“Not anymore.”  Hasebe said, bending down and flicking the trembling Yakuza in the chest, causing her to fall back onto her butt, covering her chest with tears in her eyes.

“That huwt!  You bitchs!!!”  Sabuko wailed.

“So you tuwned us and aww these peopew into kids?  Just to get back at them?”  Noize asked, looking stunned at this.

“Yeah!  We did that!  We made you all into helpless little brats!  We tricked you!”  Mami began to laugh, her hands on her hips as Hasebe joined her.

“Yeah wight!  You both awe wike… bimbos.”  Misako said.  “You couldn’t twick us!”

“Bimbo?”  Mami said, bending down to get in Misako’s face.  “You two meatheads couldn’t sit through one detention without beating the hell out of half of River City, and you want to call us bimbos?”

She then reached down, grabbed the back of Misako’s panties and pulled up sharply giving the small child a painful wedgie.

“OWIE!!!”  Misako cried, her little feet lifted from the floor, before she was released, plopping down on her bare butt with a wail.

“What a ugly little duckling!”  Mami said with a sneer.  “You aren’t have as cute as I was when I was your age.”

“That’s wong!”  Noize said, stepping back from what she was seeing.

“Weave her awone!”  Kyoko cried, slapping at Mami’s rear.  

Mami jumped slightly and then with a mean laugh sat back, her normally petite but to Kyoko now quite giant rear came down on Kyoko, pinning the child to the ground.  Kyoko groaned and tried to fight her way free as Mami let her light weight pin the squirming girl.

“Ghed yoooo butt offfa meeeegh!”  She groaned as she tried to pull herself free.

“Whoops… I fell on a brat… whatever will I do?”  Mami teased.

“Don’t fart Mami!”  Hasebe said with a cruel laugh.

“Ghed offa her!”  Misako said, rushing to help her friend while holding on her huge clothes.

“Stop this!”  Noize said.  “We didn’t do anything to you!”  Noize said with an angry slap at Hasebe’s knee.

Hasebe winced at this, her teeth flashing a bit, before she bent down and grabbed both sleeves of Noize’s large jacket, pulling the girl close.  “Neither did these students or the teacher over there.  But we always get our revenge!”  She said, before she jerked the small green haired girl over towards Mami.

Mami was sitting on Kyko still, laughing and wiggling her butt, while holding the furious Misako back with one finger on the girl’s shoulder.

“Mami!”  Hasebe said, swinging Noize over in her jacket.

“Gotcha!”  Mami replied, rising suddenly, grabbing Kyoko and shoving her into Misako as both girls stumbled back. 

Then like some kind of ballet, the two grabbed a sleeved each and began to wrap Noize’s large white jacket around all three as the trio collided in the center.  As they grunted and whined, the sleeves were tied into a tight knot, forcing the children together in a almost strait-jacket like binding, each of them squirming and growling as they tried to force their way out.

“G-get offa me!”  Misako cried, jumping up and down in place, furious and snarling..

“I-I can’t get away!”  Kyoko whined as she tried to pull down and out from being pressed between the others..

“It’s no use!”  Noize blurted as she tried to pull her arms up from the tight binding.  “This jacket is real weathew!  Thewe is no way we can wip it or teaw out!”

Hasbe and Mami exploded into laughter once more, their hands on their hips as they shoved the three children down onto their butts. 

“See… you lose you ugly skanks.”  Hasbe said.

“Riki and Kunio are ours and there is nothing you can do about it.”  She said as she poked Kyoko in the nose.

“NO!  WIKI IS MIIIIIINE!” Kyoko screamed, biting Mami on the finger tip.

Mami cried out and pulled her hand back.  “Little shit!”  She said, ripping the red bow out of Kyoko’s hair and stuffing it in the biting child’s mouth. 

Hasebe laughed and shook her head.  “Pathetic… well, shall we show them what we’re going to do to them Mami?”

“Ooooooh suuuuuuure!”  Mami said, pulling out her phone and turning the video recorder on, while Hasebe bounced the bottle in her hands, a wicked smile creeping over her face.

“Oh Sabuko… come here…”  She said, turning to the red face and furious little Yakuza.

Sabuko grimaced and took a few steps back, holding her top up over her chest.  “You bastawds think you can take me?” she growled defiantly.

Hasebe rushed forward suddenly, her hands striking like snakes, and seizing the little yakuza by the shoulders.  Sabuko gasped as she was lifted from the ground, barely able to hold onto her superfluous shirt.  Hasebe tossed her in the air, Minami and her laughing coldly, while Minami unscrewed the lid from the bottle of the chemical.

“We don’t really like yakuza, so we figured we’d let you be the demonstration!”  Hasebe chuckled, tucking the diminutive hoodlum into her arms and leaning her back as if she were a baby.

Sabuko began to curse, kicking her legs and slapping at Hasebe.  “I’ww gut you fo dis!” she bellowed, in a decisively unimpressive voice.

Minami sneered down at the squirming dark haired girl.  “Aww…  but baby needs her bottle!” she mocked.

“I’m not a baby!”  Sabuko said, tears forming in her eyes, as Hasebe held her tightly.

“Yes you are, you just don’t know it yet.”  Hasebe said through a crooked smile.

“Here, let mommy Minami make you alllllll better!”  Minami laughed as she forced the bottle against the Sabuko lips.

Sabuko squirmed, slapped and kicked at the bottle, which ultimately could not stop it from being pressed against her lips.  For a moment she held her breath, until Hasebe pinched her nose shut, forcing the tattooed child to finally gasp and open her mouth after a few seconds.  The liquid came in solid gulps, Sabuko’s eyes rolling back and forth, as she tried to think of a way to escape this fate.  However it was too late for the formerly mature criminal.

“Ah ah ah!  No more baby!”  Hasebe said, a single finger being used to pop the bottle from Sabuko’s lips.  “We don’t want you to disappear into a little stain do we?”

Sabuko coughed, the world spinning around her, as she was held up before the captives by Hasebe.  Kyoko and Misako stopped struggling, looking up to see Sabuko, eyes wide as she shrank before them.  To see such a powerful and dangerous woman change, was overwhelming, and all three of the captive children could only stare at her humiliation.  Sabuko’s body began to dwindle inward, her limbs getting thinner and shorter, her fingers and toes shrinking down.  The dark hair on her head began to rustle, before it crept back into her scalp, inches melting off of her height.  Her belly plumped up, her cheeks turning red at the realization that she was becoming helpless baby, as she could feel her teeth actually slipping back into her gums.  After a moment her shirt plopped to the floor, and Hasebe held up the bald and mildly chubby little infant, who burst out into loud ragged sobs.

“Howy shit!  That’s messed up!”  Misako cried out.

“Indeed, and it’s your turn next.”  Minami laughed.

“But first…  Why don’t we enjoy this moment of triumph over our helpless little friend here?”  Hasebe said, looking down with red cheeks at the sobbing baby now pouting in her arms.

“Why she looks so faaaaaat and cuuuute, I just want a pinch that tiny little bottom.”  Minami added, reaching down and tickling the helpless Yakuza baby.

The pair seemed quite distracted, eagerly enjoying Sabuko’s fate as she endured the humiliation of being pinched and poked as if she were a real infant.  They poked her and her soft belly, pinched her chubby cheeks, and patted her on her tiny round rear.   All the while Sabuko looked horrified, tears running down her cheeks, and lisping swears escaping from her when she could manage one.  Minami and Hasebe appeared to relish this, and it occurred to the trio that if they enjoyed doing this to a stranger as much as they seem to be, how terrible would it be for them when it was their turn?

As the trio squirmed to escape from Noize’s leather jacket, they realize that the pair weren’t paying attention to them, too cruel and stupid to notice they were still trying to escape.

“Those two are sickos!” Misako whispered.

“Yeah they need wike mental hewp!” Kyoko hissed back.

“We have to do something!”  Noize whispered.”Or we’ww wiww be the babies next, and I don wan my bottom pinched!”

“So what can we do?” Misako asked.

“Wisten, I’m almost free…” Kyoko said, as she squirmed and grunted downward.  “If I can just get down…  It shouwd woosen this enough for us aww to escape!”

“What good wiww that do?”  Noize hissed.  “The’ww just grab us and put us back in!”

“No, Kyoko is right!”  Misako said.  “Here’s what we do as soon as she is free!” Misako whispered as she began to explain the plan.

Sabuko was actually just crying now, her little legs kicking as she was laid on her back and unceremoniously powdered on her tiny bottom.  She whimpered as the pair held her down, and placed a small disposable diaper underneath her wrinkled bottom.  It crinkled as it was fastened around her, and she was set upright so the duo could mock her cuteness more.

“Oh, she’s just so scawy!”  Minami chuckled.

“Looks like you won’t be running anything for your father for another 18 years…  So sad” Hasebe said as she tussled the tiny mop of black hair and atop Sabuko’s head.

“This is just too good!” Minami laughed.  “I can’t wait to do it to Misako!”

Hasebe chuckled as she tipped baby Sabuko backwards, toppling the wailing infant.  “I’ve been waiting for this all month!”  She said with a snicker.  “And now it’s time to fix those two brats for good!”

Turning around in unison, Hasebe lifted the chemical in her left hand, while Minami crossed her arms and grinned.

“Oh giiiiiirls!”  Minami cheered.  “It’s time to take your medicine!” she said with a wicked laugh, her teeth bared menacingly.

To their surprise, they watched as Kiyoko’s red hair slipped down beneath her bindings, as the tiny child manage to actually drop down below the other two.  Popping out the bottom, she gently landed on her butt, still wearing only her oversized shirts and blinking in surprise at her success.  Looking up, and she could see that she had been spotted, her face going white as she turned and scrambled on all fours to escape.

“Holy shit!” Minami blurted.  “The little red haired turd is getting away!”

“You’re a pair of ugwy turds!” cried Kyoko as she ran, turning her head back over her shoulder and pulling her eyelid down with her pinkie.

“Get her you idiot!”  Hasebe snarled.

Both of them charged forward, arms pumping furiously as they rushed to catch their escaping rival.  Kyoko’s little feet carried her across the dining room, as the pair went after her with everything they had.  As they neared Misako and Noize, they were surprised when the two girls suddenly unraveled their bindings, each grabbing the end of the sleeve and gripping it tightly, sneering as they did.  Before they could react, the two children pulled the jacket taught across their path, straining with all their might to hang on for what was coming.  By the time the charging pair realized what was about to happen, it was too late.

“Whoa watch out!” Hasebe cried, but there was no changing course now.

Both of them snagged their slender exposed legs on the stretched jacket, their arms slung out in front of them as they kept falling forward, mouths agape in shock.  The small bottle with the chemical, tumbled into the air, somersaulting as the cap came off.  Little Misako and Noize held firm for as long as they could, before being pulled toward each other.  The charging duo, slammed down into the ground, deep painful groans rising from both at once.  Misako and Noize slapped into each other and then tumbled back away from the fallen rivals as the impact against the leather flung them aside.  Before either Minami or Hasebe could recover from the painful impact, a splash of the chemical came down on top of them, showering their hair and faces.  Both began to sputter, and their eyes went wide.

“Sh-shit!”  Minami hissed.

“Wipe it off!”  Hasebe groaned.  “Wipe it off before…” But before had already arrived.

Minami had always been smaller and she shrank first, her long legs pulling up towards her skirt, while her hands crept back into her loose sweater sleeves.  Her body narrowed, her modest breasts gone almost an instant, while her skirt began to sag no longer lifted by her pert butt.  Her head seemed to get rounder, her cheeks puffing up and her eyes looking larger in her face.  Beside her, Hasebe shrank slower, her long dark hair creeping up her back, her dwindling arms trembling as she tried to lift her body up.  Her narrow legs slid upward, her knees standing out more as soft flesh evaporated, her rising legs dragging her small feet out of her shoes and trailing flattened socks behind them.  Her school uniform swallowed her up, a shocked face above a bunched up collar, her body more like a tomboy than a high school sweetheart.  Now they were as young as their intended victims, both squirming and whimpering in their oversized uniforms.

“Shiiiiiiit OH NOOOOO!”  Minami blurted, fumbling at her flattened chest.  “They’we gone!  Gone!  I’m fwat!”

“You aweady kinda were…”  Misako said with a huff.

“Sh-shut up!”  Minami screeched.

“You dwopped the bottew on us!”  Hasebe wailed, her voice sounding squeaky and embarrassing.

“Ith not my fauwt!”  Minami blurted, rubbing tears from her eyes with her baggy sleeves. 

“Then whose fauwt is it, dummy?”  Hasebe cried back, slapping Minami’s shoulder and causing the tiny blonde to sob harder.

“I wouwdn’t waste your time hitting her…”  Misako said from above them.

Looking up, their faces pale from shock, Hasebe and Minami could see Misako and Noize standing over them.  Misako was punching her adorable fist into her palm, while Noize was grinding her teeth, her eyes staring coldly down on them.  It was clear they were about to get a beating, and both swallowed hard before looking to each other.

“I think I am going to enjoy beating the snot out of you both.” Misako laughed, her face lit by a cruel smile.

“You ruined my career…”  Noize said coldly.  “I’m not going to forgive you for that.”  She rumbled, reaching down and plucking one of Hasebe’s eyelashes from her eyelid with a sharp tug of her fingers.

Hasebe let out a shrill sound and covered her forehead, Minami turning just as Misako flicked her aggressively in the lip.  She sputtered and covered her mouth, as both shrunken bullies began to scramble backwards, looking to Misako like upside down cockroaches.  As they crawled to get away, they unintentionally left a trail of oversized clothing behind; a skirt, a few socks, a pair of skimpy panties, and even a bra which slid down from underneath Hasebe’s cavernous top.  Misako caught up to Hasebe and yanked hard on the back of her shirt, catching her panties as well, giving her a painful wedgie.  Hasebe squealed like a stuck pig, pulling away and leaving her panties behind in Misako as hands, while Minami sniffled loudly, a tiny drop of snot under her nose.

“Pwees!  Don’t beat us up wike wast time!”  Minami pleaded, hugging Hasebe closely.

“We sowwwy!  We pwomise we won’t do it again!”  Hasebe wailed as both girls pressed their cheeks together, trembling and sniffling.  “We pwomise!”

“Don’t worry girws, I know you won’t.”  Kyoko said from behind them.

Still embracing each other, the pair turned back to see Kyoko smiling at them, the chemical bottle in her hand.  She was holding it as if she were a pitcher in a baseball game, and her eyes were narrowed, her intent obvious.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” the pair screamed, but it was too late.

Kyoko thrust to bottle forward, a solid jet of liquid splashing them in the face, and drenching their bodies.  As they spit and whimpered, they both sank down towards the floor, their whimpers stretching into long loud cries.  Hasebe’s hair sucked up her back, her arms being pulled into her baggy top, while her feet slowly vanished under its loose hem.  Minami wore a twisted and surprised expression, her hair unraveling atop her scalp, while her skinny limbs could no longer hang onto her best friend.  For a moment Minami’s shrinking head squeeze down against her collar, her eyes closing from the force of being pulled in, her face vanishing when she only had a small tuft of curly hair left on her forehead.  Hasebe’s clothes seem to consume her, a puff of air escaping from the collar, before it slumped down around her.

“Hehehe that fewt good!”  Kyoko laughed. 

“Good work!”  Misako chuckled.

“If you caww being stuck as kids good…”  Noize said dryly.

All three stepped forward and looked dow with big smiles at their handiwork.  Hasebe was lying on her belly, which was quite round for even a baby, her cheeks puffed up and red, while her wrinkled butt stuck up behind her.  Her hair was now barely down to her ears, her pudgy legs like fat sausages, and her shocked mouth open to reveal that she had no teeth.  Beside her Minami was still buried under her top, but was even younger, most likely only a few months old, ragged gasps and tears rising from the bundled mess.  She was almost bald, save a little curl of blond hair on her forehead, and her face was much chubbier then her companion’s.  Both of them were babies now, neither older than the year, and Minami probably so small that she couldn’t move on her own.

“Ha!  Now that’s how you get revenge!”  Misako laughed.

“We sure showed them!”  Kyoko added, as the girls exchanged a punch at each other.

“We win again!” Misako cheered. “You wose!”  She then said, making faces at Hasebe, which caused her to whimper, lips trembling as she burst out in tears.  “You’re a stinky baby!  HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAH!” She laughed in a sing song tone.

“Now Riki and Kunio wiww wove onwy us!”  Kyoko sang, her eyes filled with hearts as she dreamed of being reunited with her lover.

“Yeah!  The boys wiww have to wuv us now!”  Misako giggled as the pair danced around the whimpering babies.

“WAIT!”  Noize growled.  “You didn’t win… you’re stiww wittew kids!”

“So?”  Misako laughed.  “These two wewe our onwy wivals for Kunio and Riki!”

“Yeah, they are too wittew to be wivals now!”  Kyoko cheered.  “We got our boys back.”

Noize slapped her forehead and sighed.  “Yes they aw too young… so what aw you two then?”  These words caused Kyoko and Misako to freeze, looking down at each other, and then back to Noize.  “They won’t wan to date widdle kids either…”  She said with a shrug

For a long moment, Kyoko and Misako stood silent, their arms hanging down before them.

“SHEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIT!”  They screamed at once.




End Chapter 1

River City Brats

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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