Nightmare over the International Date Line

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021

A nightmare becomes real...

Chapter 1
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By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by: DKTF

Katt felt she must have sold her soul to the airlines for seats this good.  The joke was getting old by now, however she still found it funny and chuckled herself.  She declined in her first class seat, her legs up, a cushy pillow behind her head and a smile on her face.  An attractive young woman, she had a modest but curvy body, her short black hair dyed red at the tips, washy were comfortable pair of slacks and a thin tee shirt.  She wore an expensive headset, watching a recent science fiction film that she found entertaining as she enjoyed the comforts of first class, on an eight hour flight.

“This is the good life!”  She told herself, realizing that she could be crammed in the back with a coach passengers.

A stewardess came by pushing a cart, offering her several choices for dinner that evening.  Saying that they were serving pot roast she couldn’t help but choose that.  She could smell it even as a stewardess placed it on her tray, and the warm aroma caused her to smile.  Working for the airlines might be rough, but the perks of free travel and first class accommodations made it all worthwhile.  She enjoyed her meal, watching her movie as she continued to find herself relaxing.  Finally she finished, handing the plate back to the stewardess and leaning back as she could feel the warmth of her meal and her belly.

“Ooh not bad for airline food.” She thought.

A message came over the intercom, the captain informing them that they were passing the international dateline, tossing in a joke about traveling back in time.  She smiled at this all too familiar pun, curling up under her blanket and fighting the urge to go to sleep as she watched the movie.  However soon she could not keep her eyelids up, and dozed into a deep relaxing sleep.


Katt awoke a little while later, the sound of murmuring in her ears, as though other passengers were talking around her.  She blinked in surprise, opening her eyes as she realized that something was uncomfortable.  It felt like her underwear was chafing her, like she was wearing a second blanket, and most disconcerting that her bra was suddenly hanging over her belly.  She sat forward, looking around and realizing people were talking about her, whispering and pointing to her as if something was wrong.  She wondered if maybe she rolled over and abreast of popped out, or perhaps she had said something funny in her sleep.

“It’s something wrong?”  She asked out loud, but the voice that met her ears was not her own, but the voice of a child.  “What the fuck?”  She squeaked.

She looked down to find that her body looked odd and warped, her clothing dangling off of her as though she were much smaller.  Her eyes blinked as she looked at her baggy pants, the leggings touching the floor even though her feet didn’t.  Her shirt was flat over her, and she realized that the reason her bra felt like it was on her belly was because it really had slid down.  Her entire frame was so small, lacking any feminine development, her breasts gone, while the only hair on her body was atop her head.  She squealed slightly, covering her body with her hands and looking around rapidly.  Everyone was staring, and she began to grow incredibly insecure, panic rising inside her.

“Howy shit!”  She blurted.  “This can’t be real, this has to be a dream!”  She thought frantically.

Before anyone could say anything, she dropped down to the floor, running out into the aisle and sprinting towards the bathroom door.  She sniffled and cried slightly, as she felt her pants slip off of her, followed by her panties, and then her bra which she managed to wiggle free from.  Now she was wearing only an oversized shirt that almost touched the floor she ran, darting into the bathroom and slamming the door.  She reached for the sink, but found she couldn’t, her little wrists barely reaching above the edge of the counter.  Climbing up on the rim to the toilet, her little feat wobbled to keep her balance as she reached the faucet and splashed water on her face, hoping it would wake her.  Sadly, it did not and she felt despair as the nightmare continued.

Stepping down she sat in the corner, wrapping her arms around her knees.  “No… what am I gonna do noooow!”  She bawled slightly, covering her eyes as tears came.

Just then she heard a click, and the bathroom door opened to reveal a tall blond stewardess, a worry expression on her face.  “Are you OK little girl?  Where’re your parents?  I can take you back to them.” She said in a kind way, as one would speak to a frightened child.

This caused Katt to feel even worse suddenly, her lips trembling as it occurred to her she was being spoken down to like a child.  Then exploding into ragged sobs, she pressed past the stewardess and charged down the aisle of the plane.  As she ran she stumbled and tripped, the stewardess calling after her, and then for other stewardesses to come and help.  Even as she did the world seemed to get larger around her, almost as if her body was shrinking once again.

“This is a dweam!  It has to be a dweam!”  She wailed as she charged down the aisle, worried passengers looking up at her as the stewardesses rushed to tackle her before she panicked the other passengers.

Her shrinking legs caused her to trip, she landed hard on her face, a childish squeal escaping her lips as more tears followed.  She could feel the stewardesses closing around her, even as she felt the world get larger, her clothing sliding across her frame.  Just as they had her and were about to snag her, she noticed the space between the seats, frantically crawling away from them as she slipped beneath them.  Overhead she could hear a racket of voices raised in alarm, but her fear drove her onward as she frantically crawled beneath the chairs, dodging around bags and people’s feet. 

“This is a dweam!  This has to be a dweeeeeam!”  She wailed in a soft lisping voice.

By the time she reached the back of the plane, she felt her body was small now, her shirt barely staying on her.  She could hear the stewardesses looking for her, but clearly they had lost track of her, allowing her moment to stand up and examine herself.  To her horror, she was a small chubby toddler, her limbs short, her hair nothing but curls a topper scalp, and her fingers pathetically small.  Tears flowed down her cheeks, now chubby and round, as she looked for a way to escape.  Noticing that the stewardesses have not located her yet, she rushed back into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and leaning against the wall.  As she did she felt the wall moving behind her, and knew instantly that it was not the wall but rather her body that was moving, as it grew younger steadily.

“This can’d be twue!   Dis can’d be twuuuuuu!” She wailed as she collapsed onto her small chubby bottom.

But it was true, and as she watched her body become smaller, her limbs gaining fresh rolls of soft baby fat while her teeth began to painfully slide back into her lips.  She sobbed and wailed, kicking slightly inside of her huge oversized shirt, as she felt her tiny bladder give way.  A warmth flooded under her butt and over her legs as she realized that she was now little more than a baby girl, her mind giving way to fog and darkness.

“No… no mo…”  She thought, before darkness took her and she faded away


Katt snorted awake in a panic, startling the woman next to her as she began to breathe heavily.  Her hands went to her body, desperately checking to make sure she was still an adult, that the nightmare was not real.  Sure enough, her arms were their normal length, her legs long and soft firm breasts right as she remembered them soft and round, and a quick peek down into her pants revealed that all the hair was where it was supposed to be.  She sighed loudly and leaned back in the seat, a cooling sensation of relief coming over her.

“Oh thank God it was just a dream!” She whispered to herself, as she wiped her brow.

Just then the pilot’s voice came over the intercom, in a strange Déjà vu moment, announcing that they were once again passing the international dateline.  Just as before he made the same stupid pun about going back in time, and she shuddered, a dark feeling coming over her.  She felt a sensation of alertness rising in her, but she realized she was about to wake up!


She started awake and found herself laying on her back… not on a plane, but staring at the popcorn textured ceiling… of her room.  But she was not in a bed… she could see the high rising bars of a crib and could feel a soft cotton garment that covered her rear… crinkling as she tried to stand up.  Barely able to move she looked down and could see that her body was now a small portly toddler’s, her belly round before her eyes, her little sausage fingers and toes wiggling about as she felt her voice building in her throat.  She was a baby, wrapped in a diaper, unable to rise or move, as she exploded into tears and began to wail loudly as she gripped one of the nearby bars and shook it loudly.

The door flew open as Katt’s mother came rushing in, her face worried as she scooped Katt up, cradling her to her chest and patting her back.  “Oh baby… hush its ok!  Everything is fine, it’s just a bad dream.”

Katt looked at her fat arms dangling over her mother’s shoulder and began to wail louder, unable to express the fear and frustration any other way.  “You must need a changing.”  Her mother said, carrying her body towards a nearby table, vertigo washing over her as she was lifted about.

Laid down on the table, Katt squirmed against what was coming as her mother unfastened her diaper and threw it into a nearby trash can. She then lifted Katts legs and began to diaper her, the abject humiliation of being cleaned like this causing her to cry out and fight.  She was hoisted high and placed down on a fresh diaper, still squirming and trying to speak, with only wails escaping her lips.

“There, all better…”  Her mother said with a laugh.  “Let’s get you something to drink shall we?” 

Carried once more into the living room, her face red with tears flowing down it, Katt watched as her mother sat back on the couch and began to unbutton her shirt.  Katt began to shake her head as she watched her mother’s large breasts appear before her, almost as large as her head was now.  She was then pressed against a nipple, her mouth instinctually opening and the impulse to suckle overcame her. She drank as much as she could, her mind railing against this indignity as she tried to squirm free, whimpering and sobbing loudly.

“Hmm… not hungry?”  Her mother asked in surprise.  “Maybe you just need a bit more sleep?”  She said as she placed her hand on the diaper diaper under Katt’s wrinkled butt once more.

Sobbing the entire way to her room, she was placed on her back in the crib as her mother smiled down at her.  “Ok baby… get some sleep!  I’ll get your favorite toy for you!”

As Katt whimpered, she watched her mother pull out a mobile that hung over her crib, small planes dangling from it as they spun around.  Her mother kissed her on the forehead and then left the room, the small planes spinning around over her head, her eyes unable to look away.  As she stared she watched in horror as she could see in each plane… herself…her body, she was on each of the planes, in various states of aging and regressing, her body trapped in some sick kind of limbo.  This wasn’t just a nightmare… it was hell…

“I really did sell my soul to the airlines…”  She thought, and began to wail in abject impotency as the planes flew overhead, and the drama of her new existence hit home…








End Chapter 1

Nightmare over the International Date Line

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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