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Some people will do anything to win~

Chapter 1
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By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by:  Anonymous

The afternoon sun was balanced by the cool breeze coming in off the ocean, as almost three hundred people sat in the bleachers waiting for the final match to begin.  The beach was covered with soft clean sand, the wooden bleachers freshly painted, the smell of corn dogs and cotton candy adding a perfume to the event along the voices of the crowds making it feel like a carnival.  Every year when the summer hit, the locals would hold a volleyball tournament, allowing anyone in the town to enter and compete for free.  The winners would have their pictures put in the newspaper, and get bragging rights until next year. 

Samantha Pyle wanted those bragging rights.  In high school, she had been on the volleyball team and performed well, even having been the team captain once.  However, in her senior year Samantha had been bumped from the team after fighting with another teammate, Tina Smith.  They had been rivals in every way ever since they were little girls, fighting over boys, grades, and who was the better athlete.  Getting bumped off the team before the finals had enraged her, made worse by Tina’s mocking after their team had won in the high school league without her.  She’d never forgiven Tina for that, and today was the day she redeemed herself. 

Two days earlier when the tournament started, Samantha and her friend Alison had managed to win several bouts, continuing their winning streak through the second day.  Now on the final day they were ready to win… except for the fact that the team they would be up against was Tina and her sycophantic friend Jada.  For Samantha, winning here would not only be vindication, but revenge and she wanted it.  Losing would be the ultimate failure however, one Tina would never let her live down, and was not an option.  So as the crowds gathered for the final match, Samantha herself was standing in the shade behind the bleachers, her voice low as she whispered to her little sister Marla, who stood with her arms crossed.

“You understand what you’re supposed to do right?” Samantha asked.

“Why am I even doing this… this is stupid.”  Marla hissed, her banks falling over her eyes.

“HEY this is important!  You owe me for not telling mom about you sneaking out!”  Samantha barked. “So just do this and we’re even OK?” 

Marla sighed, nodding her head.  “But it’s so bright out here!  I hate the sun…” she whined.

“You’re thirteen… you hate everything!”  Samantha chuckled, handing her sister a small pouch, filled with clear liquid.

“Well… I… I… I hate…”  Marla struggled to come up with the words.

“Hate me?” Samantha grinned.

Marla snatched the pouch angrily, before crossing her arms and huffing loudly.  “Sh-shut up…”

“You know what to do right?”  Samantha asked, turning to head out to the court.

“Yeah!  I put it in the water cooler when the mayor is giving his speech!”  Marla grunted.

Their water cooler, not ours!  Be sure you get it right!”  Samantha snapped.

“I got it GAWD!”  Marla yelled.

“And keep your damn voice down!”  Samantha hissed, putting a finger over her mouth.  “You are supposed to be doing this in secret, not broadcasting my revenge for everyone to hear!”

Marla crossed her arms, and puffed out her cheeks.  “Fine…” she then turned to her big sister and threw her arms out, her black and white scrunchies blending into the shade beneath the bleacher.  “Why is this so important to you?  Is this Tina bitch really that bad?”

“You have no idea!  Just go ok?  We don’t have a lot of time!”  She said.

Marla sighed, and skulked off, her shoulders slouched and her head hanging forward.  At thirteen she was a very pretty young girl, but she had entered a goth phase, hating everything she had liked before and turning her into a serious grump.  Samantha would never have relied on her for something this important, but seeing as she wouldn’t have an opportunity like this again, she needed her sister to be reliable, just this once.  She grinned to herself as she realized how humiliating this was going to be for her rival.  Once they drank the water, tainted with the chemical she had purchased, not only would they lose the match but become a laughingstock of the entire town. 

“This was gonna be great!” She mused.

Just then she heard the mayor announcing that the match would begin soon, and started.  “I better get to the court…  Wouldn’t want to miss this!” she laughed as she hurried back around the bleachers to meet up with her teammate and friend Alison.

Samantha was a beautiful young woman, taller than most of her friends, with a fit swimmer’s body that she loved to show off in a swimsuit.  She had attractive breasts, narrow waist, and a perfectly balanced rear to accompany her hourglass frame.  Her hair was cut short into a bob cut, red streaks added to the sides for effect, and her big brown eyes were almost impossible to look away from.  She was wearing a black swimsuit to match her hair, a two piece bikini which neither covered too much skin nor revealed too much.  As she ran up to meet her friend Alison, their differences were stark, Alison being shorter with a slightly more curvaceous body and bigger breasts.  Alison also had long blond hair that flowed down to her butt, and was wearing a tight red bikini, which contrasted against her beautiful blue eyes.

When Alison saw her approach, she smiled.  “Ready to win this?” she asked with a high chipper voice, bouncing once for effect.

“Oh…  You have no idea!”  Samantha laughed.


Fifteen minutes later, the mayor had given his speech, congratulating both teams on their efforts, cheering the town towards the exciting conclusion of the tournament.  As she stood on stage, Samantha could see Tina and Jada across from her.  Tina was her usual self, short and petite, but had strong arms and legs and breasts that no woman of her size had any business having.  She had a short pixie cut, her blond hair glittering in the sun, and her broad shit eating smile so wide it made Samantha want to barf.  Beside her, Jada was beautiful, and in truth Samantha had no problem with the tall tanned beach beauty.  She was the most impressive of them all, with a body like a porn star, a sweet calming voice, and brunette hair tied into a ponytail high above her head.  She was too accommodating for Samantha’s taste, making excuses for Tina being a jerk, and always acting as if her apologies made up for things that have been done.

“Stupid… bitch.”  Samantha thought, glancing towards her rival.

Tina turned towards Samantha, and sneered, waiting a few fingers at her, before looking back to the crowd.  She was wearing a tight pair of sweat shorts, with a purple bikini top held up only by strings.  Jada was wearing a surprisingly revealing yellow sling bikini, which showed off a lot of skin, but Samantha figured she knew what she was doing.  Searching for the crowd as the mayor finished his speech, Samantha looked for Marla, seeing her appear at the edge of the bleachers.  She looked nervous, and for a moment Samantha wondered if she had been caught.  However after a second, her sheepish sister gave her thumb up, causing her to smile and wave back.  This was gonna be too easy.

“Well if everyone is ready then, let’s finish this tournament and crown our champions!” the mayor cheered, as the crowd began to clap again.

Both teams dismounted the stage and hurried out towards the small stand where the water coolers had been set up.  Samantha watched as Tina walked over, pouring herself a cup and drinking and down, before turning to look at her.  Samantha tried not to jump with joy, as her trap had already been sprung.  Tina drank the water, then sneered at her as Jada and came up behind her and drank her own quick cup.  Not wanting to look suspicious, Samantha drank one as well from their cooler, before handing a cool cup to Alison.

Alison nodded and drank it down, before crumpling the paper cup and grinning.  “Let's do this!”

“Oh yeah!”  Samantha laughed.

Before they walked out onto the court, Samantha looked over and saw that Marla was grimacing, sweating and looking a little nervous.  She wondered what was wrong, casting glances to Tina and Jada, wondering if perhaps her sister had messed up.  She mouth the words did you do it, and received a quick, almost frantic nod in return.  She was worried anyway, but before she could approach her sister to ask, Tina reached her first.

“Ready to lose again?”  she said in a surprisingly husky voice, one hand on her hip.

“Fuck you Tina.” Alison quipped.

Samantha raised a hand. “No, no.  It’s all good Alison.  The more confident she is, the better will be when we beat her.”

“In your dreams!”  Tina laughed.  “You were a fucking loser in high school, and are still one now!  I’m just gonna make sure everyone sees it this time.”

Samantha’s face began to turn red with anger, Jada stepping between them and trying to calm everyone down.

“Now now!  Let’s all just have fun!  It’s not about winning, right ladies?”  she asked, her tanned body so amazing it was almost like just having her there was making them all look bad.

“Right…” Samantha growled, “May the best team win!”

“Indeed.”  Tina hissed, before she and Jada headed off to their side of the court.

“You ok?”  Alison asked. 

“Yeah… which is more than you’ll be able to say for them by the time we’re finished today.” Samantha laughed.

“Both teams into position!”  The attractive referee, the swim team coach Miss Miller, called out.

‘Time to humiliate that bitch!”  Samantha thought as she and Alison took up their places on the sandy court.

Again she looked over to see Marla was steering her, her already pale face somehow even more so, and sweat causing her black eye shadow to run slightly.  She gave her sister a curious look, and mouth the word what, hoping her sister was in developing a conscience.  You wouldn’t do good to win, and humiliate her opponents with the chemical, only to have her sister spill the beans because of a guilty conscience.  Suddenly Marla wouldn’t meet her eyes, and she glared at her.  Even if Marla had chickened out, she could still win.   It would just be harder to do, lacking the humiliation she wanted to inflict upon her old rival. 

However she didn’t have any more time to wait, as Miss Miller was holding up the volleyball, preparing to start the game.  Miller was a gorgeous woman in her mid forties, with wide hips, wavy thick black hair, and a modest bust that made her look like a movie star from the thirties.  She was wearing a tight blue once piece, and walked with enough motion to draw a lot of eyes.  She strutted out, holding the ball up as Samantha and Tina took their places on both sides, glaring at each other.

“Here we go!”  Miller called out, tossing the ball up, and the game was on.

Samantha leapt up, slapping the ball before Tina could strike it, sending it back behind her into Jada’s waiting hands.  Back and forth they went, both teams racing to counter and attack, desperate for the opening, unable to defeat the other team’s defense.  Tina scored a point, laughing as Samantha ate dirt trying to catch it, and then spinning around to a cheering crowd.  Then Samantha managed to score her own point, Tina almost hooking her head on the net, before landing in the dirt.  The crowds cheered, but Samantha wasn’t listening.  She was too busy watching her opponents, waiting to see when the chemical would take effect.

“What is taking so long?” she thought, casting a glare toward Marla.

That was when she noticed that Marla was waving her down.  She called for a timeout, which Mr. Miller allowed her, and rushed to the side of the court and her sister.  The nervous look on Marla’s face made it increasingly apparent that she had made a mistake.

“What did you do!?” some at the growled.

“Don’t be angry but…  I messed up.” Marla whimpered, crossing her arms indignantly.

“I can see that.”  Samantha barked, gesturing towards the other team.  “Did you spill it?”

“N-no I-“Marla fumbled.

Knowing that she was being watched by the crowd, Samantha stayed calm, leaning in to growl at her sister.  “What should they do!?  Did you put it in the water cooler?”

“Yes I did, alright?”  Marla huffed, and away.  “I put your stupid laxative in the cooler ok…”

Samantha grimaced.  “Laxative?”  She hissed through her teeth.  “It wasn’t a laxative, it was a-“ she stopped herself from finishing that sentence, Marla raising an eyebrow at her in suspicion.  “N-Never mind what it was…”

“Mt wasn’t poison, was it?”  Marla squeaked, her sister covering her mouth as the crowd seemed to be getting restless, waiting for her to return.

“NO it wasn’t poison!” Samantha snapped. 

“Then what was it?”  Marla insisted.  “I thought it was a laxative! I never would’ve put in the water coolers if I thought it was something else!”  she whined.

“I said, it wasn’t poison.”  Samantha then stopped, her eyes narrowing, she stared at her sister.  “What do you mean… coolers?” she asked, realizing Marla’s had used a plural.

“I-“  Marla began, sweating before she began to answer.  “I couldn’t tell which one was theirs, so I put it in one… and then I put it… in the other too.”

Samantha could feel a chill run up her spine, her eyes going wide.  She didn’t know what to say, she found herself actually dumbfounded at her sister’s ineptitude.  She put her hands on Marla’s shoulders, and squeezed them a little stronger and she probably should have.

“That chemical… was a youth formula.” She spoke coldly.  “I wanted to turn Tina back into a little girl, so I could ridicule her in front of everyone.”  Marla’s eyes narrowed, as though she was struggling to believe this.  “Please tell me, you didn’t just put that in my water cooler too?”

Marla shrugged, “I did…” she said nervously.  “But that’s bullshit!  There is no such thing as a-“

“Oh my goodness!  Look at her!”  Shouted a voice from the crowd.

Marla and Samantha, turned their heads over to look, and saw that the crowd was pointing towards Jada.  The beautiful tanned woman appeared to be slowly shrinking down, her sling bikini starting to wrinkle as she sank downward.  Her long ponytail began to bounce and twist, like an actual horse’s tail, slowly climbing back up towards her head.  Her round bosom seemed to be rising, losing much of its weight, and causing her thin suit hanging away from her in an almost revealing manner.  She didn’t seem to notice, grinning as she prepared for the next round of play, all the while seeming to change into a steady regression.  After only a few seconds, Jada looked more like a high school student, somewhere around seventeen after swimsuits moved in the breeze.

“H-Holy shit it works!” Marla blurted.

“Damn!  It really does!”  Samantha chuckled, turning to Tina, hoping that the same thing would be happening to her.

Samantha almost leapt for joy, when she saw that Tina was also shrinking before their eyes, a murmur rising through the crowd.  She was getting shorter now, faster than Jada as she had grown later in life.  Her purple bikini top began to sag away from her, revealing large portions of her attractive round bust.  Her toned stomach began to smooth away, her perky butt almost appearing to deflate along with her hips.  Her tight sweat shorts appear to be loosening around her shrinking waste, the leggings hanging loose as her soft flesh no longer filled them.  In seconds she looked like she was sixteen years old, petite cute, but significantly thinner and less appealing.  Even though she herself was shrinking, she turned and saw that Jada now looked like a skinny fifteen year old, her attractive bust half its normal size, and her swimsuit beginning to reveal more than it should.

“W-what the fuck happened to you!”  Tina cried as she looked at her friend.

“Me!?”  Jada squeaked.  “Look at yourself!”

Tina looked down at her body just as her loose top was listed by the breeze, causing her teenage breasts to suddenly flash the audience, which was now becoming somewhat alarmed.  She squealed and covered her chest, while Jada did the same, squeaking as she pulled the string bikini up to tighten it.  They both began to whimper, covering their shrinking bodies as the audience pointed in confusion, wondering if this was part of the show.  Samantha was ecstatic, almost aroused at the side of her shrinking rival, squealing and covering her body.  This was amazing!  For her eyes, Tina shrinking down, now barely fifteen, her body scrawny and pathetic.  She was getting her revenge and it was amazing!

“Crap!  You really turned them into kids!”  Marla gasped.

“Oh it’s not over yet!”  Samantha laughed, her smile so wide it was actually hurting her face.

“Uh… Samantha?”  Alison said, standing behind her.  “Something’s wrong.”  Something in her voice sounded off, almost too high.

“Oh… shit!”  Samantha thought as she turned to look.

Sure enough, as the full implication of what Marla had done hit her, she knew that she and Alison were in trouble.  Alison was getting smaller, her big breasts slowly sinking back into her chest, her bikini bottom slipping down to one side as her hips deflated, and her long blond hair quickly being reeled into her scalp.  She was blushing and trying to cover up, slowly getting smaller, becoming the adorable sixteen year old but Samantha had once dreamed of kissing, though she never would have admitted this to her friend.  Before her eyes, her attractive friend was melting, losing her sex appeal and becoming a skinny lanky teen once more.  As Alison fumbled to keep her swimsuit up, she continued to thin, cheeks becoming red as the audience pointed, and some even snickered.

“Samantha…” she asked in a suddenly high voice.  “What’s happening!?  Why am I shrinking?”  she gasped.

Samantha was unsure what to say, and was hypnotized by the accidental transformation of her best friend.  She looked so skinny, so nervous, so suddenly helpless which could help a watch in sheer amazement as her grown friend was turning back into an awkward teenager.

“She’s not the only one…”  Marla snorted suddenly.

Samantha was about to reprimand her sister, turning back to face her, when she noticed Marla appear to be growing taller.  It was weird, it was almost as if her little sister was swapping places with her, but that wasn’t quite right.  Her sister was growing, her body staying youthful, her chest still flat, her feature still girlish.  But nonetheless she was growing, and that was when I hit her.  Looking down, she watched as her bikini top began to slide away from her bust, becoming lighter as they appeared to sink back towards her chest.  She realized her entire body was shrinking, her muscles becoming sore as they unwound themselves, her toned physique softening, her wide hips feeling as though they were being smoothed by invisible hands.  She could feel her bikini bottoms slipped down, the grind of it dangling inch lower between her legs, as one sensitive nipple popped out from behind her tight black bikini.  It dawned on her, that if Marla was as tall as she was, she had to be closer to 14 years old and still shrinking.  She too was shrinking, and the surprised but pleased expression on Marla’s face, told her it was real.

“KYAAAAAAA!” she screamed, covering her chest as the crowd began to murmur, all eyes going to the four shrinking fourteen year olds, now dangled in increasingly oversized swimsuits.

With her scream, the audience began to murmur and chatter loudly, everyone leaning in to try and see what was happening, while some parents covered their children’s eyes.  All four of the girls were still shrinking, and at this stage none of them had any real evidence of feminine development, or it was in the process of fading away.  Samantha was holding her top up over her chest, which at this stage was barely a pair of soft mounds, while her normally voluptuous friend Alison was still slightly curvy, but the curves were fading quickly.  Tina by contrast had been a late bloomer, which meant that now she was practically a stick figure, her face red as she covered her flat chest and rear.  Jada, who had put them all to shame, was now shrinking quicker than the rest as she was a little younger than them, her narrow body on the verge of crossing back over puberty.

“It-It appears our contestants are having some problems, let’s everyone try to stay calm!”  The announcer said, trying to keep everyone from jumping up.

“How is this happening?”  Tina wailed as she continued to dwindle in size.  Then her eyes went to Samantha and she pointed a trembling finger.  “Why did you call a timeout Samantha!”  She growled.

“M-Me… I didn’t…”  Samantha stammered.  “Wh-why are you blaming me?”  She stammered, backing away.  “For all we know, you did this to us!”

“Yeah!  Why did you call a timeout!”  Jada suddenly added, tying the back of her swimsuit into a knot to try and keep it up.  “Did you do this to me?  My body is shrinking!”

“Ladies… calm down!”  Alison said, taking on Jada’s role as mediator, her bouncy body now thin and scrawny.  “I’m sure she had nothing to do with this… right Samantha?”

All Samantha could do was laugh nervously in a staccato rhythm, which she hoped wasn’t too obvious as her rivals, and now even her friend leaned in close to scrutinize her face.  She could feel what little maturity that remained beginning to vanish, her thighs squeezing in, leaving her with the same call thicken legs she hated as a kid, and about so flat it would’ve made two by four jealous.  Behind her, Alison’s fleshier body almost looked like a punctured water balloon, or womanly attributes draining away like water.  Tina was now very short, still shrinking toward the ground and clearly her late bloom leaving her as the smallest of the group, a pixie cut giving her a tomboyish look.  Stumbling about on legs that appeared to be the different lengths, Jada’s hand had vanished with her bust, her body now on the early side of puberty, as she fussed and whimpered with tears in her eyes.

“This is terrible!”  Jada moaned, her skinny body barely covered as she began to look more like a child than a teen.  “I can’t be seen like this!”

“Stop whining!”  Tina barked as her voice cracked, hiking her shorts up as high as she could.  “This has to be sabotage!  We were going to win this!  She must have cheated to win!”

“That’s bullshit!”  Samantha’s voice was now getting higher, almost as if she were in a room filled with helium.  “You can’t blame this on us!”

“Yeah!  You two are the bitches!”  Alison growled, stamping her foot in the sand, her scrawny legs pale and weak.

“NU-uh!”  Jada grunted in her surprisingly husky voice, which began to weaken and crack.  “We are just trying to play volleyball you… you jerk face!”  She squealed.

“Ladies!  Please!”  Miss Miller cried, trying to break them up.

Samantha watched as Jada, who until a moment ago had been tall enough that her head reached Miss Miller’s heaving bust, saying down below their lowest level on her way to becoming a child.  Beside her Tina looked like an eight year old, one hand lifting up her shorts from one side as the other slid low, while her other hand covered her chest, her top abandoned behind her.  Alison was now crying slightly, having plopped down to her knees in the sand, her hands covering her body as the swimsuit slid away.  Her hair was creeping up just below her neck, while Jada’s becoming frizzy and unkempt, only Samantha and Tina with their short hairstyles maintaining their status quo.  None of them could have been older than perhaps seven or eight years old, all of them skinny, girlish and lacking any sign of maturity.

“Crap…”  Samantha thought as she watched poor Alison squirming around in her bikini, her glorious body now a shadow of its former self.  “I hope this stops where it’s supposed to… I don’t want to wear diapers today…”

Even though she thought this, her body was beginning to slow its changes, as though she were reaching the age she was intended to.  She sighed in relief, causing both Tina and Jada glare at her in suspicion, her face becoming reader, he turned away from their gaze.  It was then that she saw her sister Marla, and was stunned to see that she was laughing, her hand over her mouth as though this were the funniest thing she had ever seen.  Rushing over to the edge of the court, she got close to her sister and pointed a finger at her face, her lips trembling with anger and humiliation.

“This is your fault!”  She hissed.  “If I didn’t think you were completely lacking ambition, I would almost think you did this on purpose!”  She snarled, but her adorable childish voice like any semblance of power.

This caused Marla two left even harder, slapping her thigh as tears came down her cheeks, running her black eye shadow.

“This isn’t funny you twit!”  She hissed, still standing inside the court.  “Look what you did to me!”  Samantha whispered, gesturing down to her embarrassingly puny form.

“I-I’m sorry, but I just can’t take you seriously like this!”  Marla giggled.  “No wonder you don’t respect me!  If I sounded half as adorable, and helpless as you do now, I wouldn’t respect me either!”  She snickered.

Back on the court, she heard the sound of footsteps moving towards her, turning back to see both of her rivals approaching her, their arms wrapped around themselves as they puffed up their cheeks angrily.

“What, did you get your sister to help you do this?”  Tina snarled in a bratty tone.  “Was she your partner in crime?”

“Yeah!?” Jada added.

“I-I didn’t do this!?”  Samantha tried to say with a straight face, glaring at Tina.

“You’re lying!”  Tina said, reaching out to slap at Samantha.

Samantha stepped back, causing Tina to slip in the sand, landing on her hands and knees, as a little bottom popped out.  The crowd began to laugh, her face becoming so red; Samantha wondered if she was bleeding.  Jada bent down, carefully lifting her friend’s shorts backup, blushing herself that she had never seen any part of Tina naked before.  Even though she had wanted to humiliate Tina, Samantha found this moment less than enjoyable.  She backed away and raised her hands, backing into Marla, who leaned forward and let her budding chest rest down upon her head.

Samantha swatted at her sister angrily, and then looked down to Tina, desperate to get out of the situation.  “I swear!  I swear!”  she pleaded in a girlish voice, which actually helped her sound more convincing.  “I swear I didn’t do anything!  I would never cheat!”

“Yeah, Samantha would neeeeeeeever cheat!”  Marla added with a broad smile.

“SHUT UP Marla!”  Samantha growled, exactly as Marla would have done being the younger sibling.

“Make me… little sister.”  Marla snapped, flicking the back of her sister’s head.

“All right!” Miss Miller cried out suddenly, before Samantha could reply.  “Looks like this game is over until we figure this out!  Let’s clear out!”

“N-no!”  Both Tina and Samantha cried at once.

Miss Miller seemed surprised and looked down at them, as Tina coughed to clear her throat.  “What I mean is… who wins?”

“Yeah, who wins?”  Samantha chimed in.

“Girls… ladies… uh… whatever…”  Miller stammered.  “No one wins, it’s a draw.”

“There can’t be a draw!”  Samantha pleaded, sounding like a little girl begging to stay up later. 

“She’s right!”  Tina added, pointing her finger into Samantha’s face, and pressing it into her cheek painfully.  “Someone has to give up, or win!  That’s the only way these matches can end!”  She then winced as Samantha bit her finger, pulling it back as both girls started slapping at each other.

Miss Miller pulled them apart easily, their little legs and arms flailing as they were set down away from each other.  “You’re all little girls!  You can’t play!”  Miller huffed.

“Yes we can!  Stay here!”  Samantha said, hurrying over to Alison as Tina hurried to huddle with Jada.

Needless to say, it took both Tina and Samantha quite a bit of convincing to persuade them to continue the game, with Jada almost stopping off and tears.  When they returned to Miss Miller, the swim teacher was conversing with the mayor and his assistant, who looked surprised to see them come back.

“We want to keep playing!”  Samantha insisted, “We’re willing to play on until someone wins!”

Tina nodded vigorously, her pixie cut bobbing up and down on her head.  “Yeah, we wanna win this, so let us keep going!”

Miller was frowning, but the mayor began to laugh, slapping his side.  “Oh, it’s been years since I saw young girls with such spirit!  It truly warms my heart to see your competitive determination!”

“They are not kids.”  Miller grumbled, brushing her hair from her face.

“We’re not kids!”  Samantha and Tina barked at once.

The mayor put his hand on his chin and nodded.  “Very well, I’ll allow it.” He said, as both girls cheered, and exchanged cold glances.  “But!” he said, raising his hands.  “You can’t play and those oversized swimsuits!  It’s indecent, as there are children and elderly and the crowd.  You’ll have to find something else to wear.”

Both of the girls look down at their oversized swimsuits, before blushing and talking them around themselves a little tighter.  “But… we can’t leave the arena or we forfeit.” Tina said.

The mayor was considering this, one a voice called up from the crowd.  “I got some kids swimsuits right here!”  the voice said, causing Samantha to cringe as she realized whose voice it was.

Sure enough, it was Marla, standing at the edge of the court upholding up four incredibly lacy and girlie swimsuits.  All one pieces, all meant for little kids.  There must have been a look on her face, because Marla was instantly laughing, clearly amused at this further humiliation.  She must have realized that they were going to give up, and run off to snag them from the beach somewhere. 

The mayor clapped his hands together, while Miller put her hand on her hip.  “Those should do.  We’ll go get a towel that you can change behind.  Mayor Peters, go ahead and tell the crowd that we are going to continue the game in just a moment.”

“Very well.”  The mayor said as he went to the stand.

“Good work kid.”  Miller said to Marla.

“OH… my pleasure!”  Marla said, before and grinning widely at her “little” sister.

Samantha mouthed the words “I’m going to kill you for this…” which only seemed to make Marla’s smile grow wider.


When the four competitors emerge from behind the small screen of towels draped over beach furniture, Samantha knew she would never live this moment down.  All four of them had been forced to dress like little children, each one wearing a one piece that was far too cute for them.  Tina was wearing a purple one piece, with the big pink bow tied above her butt, her arms crossed her cheeks puffed up.  Behind her, Jada was wearing a white and red striped one piece, which added insult to injury as it hugged her now unimpressive form closely.  Behind her came Alison wearing a bright pink swimsuit, a large red heart emblazoned on the chest, and her hair tied up into pigtails with pink ribbons.  Finally in the rear came Samantha, wearing a black and white frilly swimsuit that was surprisingly goth for a child, save a cute chubby panda on the backside.

  The audience clapped, and then murmured loudly, Samanth catching quite a few comments about how “adorable” they all were.  For four beautiful young women and their twenties, this was beyond humiliating, and she realized this was all her fault too.  Even though she lamented her decision to try and cheat, she had to acknowledge least she had humiliated her rival as well and that had to be worth something.

 “And here they are ladies and gentlemen, give them a hand!”  the Mayor cheered, as the crowd erupted into applause… and a great deal of “awws” as well.

“Kill me noooooow.”  She heard Jada mutter behind her, while Alison turned bashful, looking the part as an adorable child.

“Don’t you dare “aww” at me!”  Tina snarled, “I’m a sexy woman, not a kid!”

“Right now you look pretty flat to me!”  Samantha sneered at her.

Tina wanted to snap back at her, but Miller was waiting for them to step in front so they could announce the game would continue.  This allowed the crowd to get a good look at them, and their embarrassing new garments.  They all cheered, pointed and clapped at the adorable sight as each girl turned bright red and fidgeted, save Tina who had her arms crossed in anger.

“Alright!” Miller said as she climbed back up into her lifeguard’s chair.  “Back to your respective sides of the court, and we’ll begin.  The score is still 1 to 1, with twenty minutes left to play.  Are you ready?”

“You bet!”  Samantha cheered, before glaring at Tina “Ready to whup your ass!”

“AH!” Tina hissed.  “She said ass!  She said ass!”

Miller frowned at this.  “Tina… you’re in your twenties.  You can curse.” She said dryly.

“Good, because you’re a shit for brains!”  Tina whispered back, causing Samantha to growl.  “Yeah, we’re ready!”

“Ok then…”  The sultry teacher said, hefting the ball up into the air.  “Then play ball!”

Then the most intense game of volleyball Samanth or Tina had ever played began…  And it was humiliating.  For you see dear reader, children have a great deal of energy, but their bodies are not developed and this makes playing sports very hard.  Samantha found it instantly difficult to get the ball over the net with her skinny arms, causing quite a few fouls as she dropped it repeatedly.

“Ha ha!  You have baby arms!”  Tina mocked, coming Samantha to turn bright red, and clench her teeth.

For Tina’s part she was a little stronger, but couldn’t jump nearly as high with her short legs.  This resulted in a terrible crash in the sand, when she leapt to hit the ball, accidentally smacked it with her face out of bounds, and then face planted into the ground.

“Hahah nice face!”  Samantha had said as Tina’s face was down and her rear up behind her.  “Oh wait that’s your butt, I couldn’t tell!”  she had added, while Tina seemed to hiss like a tea kettle.

At one moment the ball flew towards Alison, who it turned out was somewhat of a coward as a child, causing her to scream and run from the ball.  If Samantha hadn’t leapt over and smacked it out of bounds, it would’ve been a decisive score for at that point the audience was growing fatigued.  Then when the ball went towards Jada, she had reached out to slap it back, only to have its bounce off her head so hard that she tumbled backward in the sand.  When she stood up the back of her swimsuit was bulging with a huge chunk of sand that had accidentally been forced down her backside.  Back and forth this went for the next twenty minutes, as both teams began to grow exhausted.

“Ready to… give up… yet?”  Samantha huffed as she caught her breath.

“Never, Spppppttt!”  Tina cried as she was still spitting sand from her lips.

They’re about to resume, when the Mayor suddenly spoke up.  “I’m sorry girls.  I know you want to settle this, but unfortunately as the sun is getting ready to go down, we need to call the game.”

“WHAT?!”  Samantha and Tina wailed, as both Jada and Alison sighed in relief.  “WHY?!”

“I’m sorry, but we need to cancel so we can move everyone over to the cove for the fireworks show.”  The Mayor explained.  “We spent a great deal of money on it, and we can’t miss it.   I’m afraid you’ll have to settle this next year.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  Samantha screamed, as Tina began to pound the dirt.

Jada and Alison, both came over to comfort their companions, and we’re standing next to them as they groaned in anger.

“After all that…”  Samantha huffed.  “All that effort… all that embarrassment…”

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder, turning around to see Marla grinning down at her.  “Yeah… looks like it’s going to have to be next year before you get your revenge.”  She said with a wink.

“Why… you…”  Samantha began to seethe.

“Hey girls!”  A reporter suddenly said, causing the four kids and Marla to look up.  “Smile and we’ll put this in the paper on the front page!”  He said as he snapped a picture.

“NO!  YOU CAN’T!”  Jada cried.

“I can’t be seen in the paper like this!”  Tina wailed, trying to grab the camera, but the man was too tall, causing her to jump repeatedly and flail her arms.  “Gimme!  Gimme that camera!”

“I’ll get you for this!”  Samantha blurted at her sister.

“Why, did she do this?”  Alison suddenly gasped.

“Why, big sister…”  Marla laughed.  “I only did what you told me to do…” she said with a wink, causing Samantha’s mouth to fall open.

“I KNEW IT!”  Tina screeched.  “YOU CHEATING BITCH!” 

With that, Samantha was pounced upon by her allies and enemies alike.  A squabble erupting on the beach as the crowd looked on, a swirling storm of dust and sand being kicked up.  Hair was pulled, arms bitten, butts kicked.  It was a terrible fight, and the reporter made sure to get as many pictures as he could, before Samantha fled the beach in tears, chased by her angry teammate and rivals.

“Did anyone get those girls’ names?” the reporter asked.

“Oh.”  Marla said, leaning in close to him.  “I can give you their names.”

“Really?  That’d be great!  We can do a follow up story!”  He said cheerfully.

“Sure… in fact I can even tell you where they live, so you can go and ask in person!”  She said with a broad smile.  “That’ll teach you to look down at me.” She thought, before laughing in an evil way, which caused the reporter to wince and back away from the small goth teen.


“Damn… too much heat and noise for me.”  Miss Miller said as she poured a cup of cold water from the cooler into a plastic cup.  “This is the last year I referee this crap.”  She said as she began to slurp the cold water down, some of it running down her chin, flowing towards and then sliding between her large breasts.


As the breeze lifted her long black hair, she slowly shrank down towards the sand, just as the contestants had done.  As a mature woman, some of her more aged attributes faded first, her laugh lines and softer stomach pulling tight.  Her breasts lifted up at first, rounding out as they recovered the firmness they had originally possessed as a young woman.  Her legs seemed to smooth out, even as her swimsuit began to wrinkle under her breasts, and her long hair inched upwards.


“Wow… that was good.  I must be dehydrated.”  She said, not noticing the slow changes taking place across her gorgeous young form, pouring herself another cup and slurping it down.


This appeared to accelerate the transformation, causing her voluptuous body to tense and squeeze in towards her center.  Her wide hips began to narrow, her legs shortened, her tan faded, butt deflated and her face seemed to round out slightly as she slipped back into her teens.  Her rounds breasts now lifted higher as they grew backwards, tightening and pulling her nipples back in towards her chest.  Her swimsuit wrinkled across her frame, sagging down over her chest and butt, while the crotch of it dangled almost three inches below her groin.  She still seemed not to notice, now a skinny preteen, sliding closer towards becoming a child.


“Huh… the sun is so hot today.”  She whined, her voice cracking and plaintive as a teenager.  She poured herself another cup, even as she slipped over the other side of puberty and went to sit behind the table in it’s shade.  “Need more water…”  She muttered in a childish voice, tipping back another glass.


Now Miller was getting smaller, her swimsuit sliding down on one shoulder to reveal a flattened chest and scrawny frame.  Her cheeks became rosy and her hair was barely down below her neck as she was becoming a little girl now.  Limbs grew shorter, her face grew softer as her voice cracked and she began to seem distracted by the sand, scooping it up in tiny palms and tossing it over her petite feet.  Her body was now so short, she was sitting under her sliding swimsuit, her legs kicking playfully in the sand, even as they slid up towards her, her hair passing her shoulders as she began to yawn loudly.


“Wow… I feew sweepy…”  She said, barely a toddler now, and practically swimming inside her loose swimsuit.


Crawling free from her swimsuit, Miss Miller’s toddler body was still shrinking, her legs shifting on her hips, her hair sliding back up around the top of her head and her body struggling to move.  She grew slightly pudgy as wrinkles and rolls of baby fat grew up on her small frame, her hair became little more than a thin swirl on her scalp, her teeth vanished and she plopped down on her belly with a small flattened bottom up behind her.


Miss Miller was now just a soft pink baby girl, naked on all fours in the sand with her swimsuit empty behind her.  “Beeeee, blah  gah!”  She sputtered, before laying her head down on the shaded sand and closing her eyes to sleep.


Miss Miller wouldn’t be teaching the swim team for a few decades… but she would end up on the team again one day… after going through puberty again…




End Chapter 1

Join the VolleyBall Youth League

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