Baby Rey and Little Leia

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Star Wars AR Story

Chapter 1
Complete Story

Chapter Description: The finished piece

Star Wars AR

By Klatuk4u

Commissioned by:  Iamdeadpool2

Blue light was cast down the dark corridor of the crashed First Order light cruiser, as Rey made her way down towards the cargo hold.  The light came from her extended lightsaber, a deep humming sound rumbling through the darkness, as she weaved around broken wires and fallen bulkheads.  The young Jedi was wrapped in white garments that hugged her frame closely, her eyes darting back and forth, with her dark hair tied into three folds down her back.  Behind her rolled BB-8, his orange and white frame humming softly as he maneuvered around and over debris.  Somewhere behind them, several resistance soldiers, led by the elderly General Leia Organa and her adjutant officer Lt Connix were making their way to her position.

“Careful BB-8.”  Rey said quietly.  “There might be survivors…” she said in reference to First Order troopers.

BB-8 made a long whining sound and several loud beeps as he kept close into her, occasionally whimpering nervously.  The resistance had brought down the light cruiser, an older model used as far back as the Clone Wars, on intelligence that it was caring bio-weapons for use against civilians.  Once the ship had crashed, the Resistance team planned on quickly moving in, snagging the bio-weapons and retreating.  However Rey had been worried about Leia accompanying her inside and had insisted on going first to clean out any threats.  She hadn’t found any, and was now moving towards the cargo bay to meet up with them.

BB-8 chirped, and Rey looked up to see the heavy doors of the cargo bay before her.  “This is it?”  She asked the small droid.  When BB rocked his head up and down, she angled the lightsaber towards the door, and gestured for him to back away.  “Stay clear, this is going to be bright.”

She plunged the blade into the center of the door, and began to move it up and down in a flurry of sparks, slicing through the mag-locks which kept it sealed.  She heard them snap in half, and the door suddenly flew open, emergency power driving it to stay clear in case of an accident.  Rey raised the lightsaber above her head, peering into the gloom of the cargo hold.  There were smashed crates, a busted tie fighter, and even several bodies of crew who had not survived the crash.  In the center however, there was a large sphere made of some glass like material, suspended in a clear liquid, occasional surges of energy lashing out from it.

“What is that?”  Rey asked, BB shaking his head in confusion.  “Does it look like a bioweapon to you?”

BB rolled close to the odd item, scanning it with his optics, before twisting back to her as she approached, and beeping several times.

“A hyperdrive core?  You think it’s a core?”  She asked, seemingly surprised by his statement. BB chirped again, followed by a flatulent sound, causing her to wince.  “What do you mean it’s like a hyperdrive core, but not like one?  That doesn’t make sense.” She said, putting one hand on her hip.

As soon as she neared the glowing sphere, she felt a static sensation, the hair on her head beginning to rise up.  Her senses told her something was wrong, but before she could react the core sparked loudly, a bolt of electrical energy shooting out and knocking her down.  She gasped for a moment unable to move, as BB rolled to her side beeping and whirring in distress.  Rey groaned and sat up, her lightsaber shutting off as she released it.

“What was that!?”  She blurted as she felt a static surge on her skin, rising to her feet and shaking her head.  “Damn that was stupid…”  She told herself in frustration.

That’s when she saw it, the wrinkles forming in her clothing which were normally tightly wrapped around her.  She could feel the sensation of soreness in her chest and hips, while her legs and arms felt like she had been running for miles.  The room seemed to be rising slowly around her, BB-8 almost looked to be getting bigger before her, as if she were shrinking down towards the deck.  She winced, glancing at her chest and seeing that the fabric over her bosom was drooping into wide folds, wrinkling as though her breasts were vanishing behind it.  Her pants began to fall, forcing her to catch them with her hands, as the crotch of her trousers hung several inches below her own groin.  She looked about in confusion as she steadily grew younger, unaware of what was happening, but now only around twelve years of age, and shrinking quickly.

“BB!  What’s happening to me?”  Rey hissed, her body skinny and thinning even further, her voice cracking like a child’s.   “I’m turning into a little kid!”  She gasped as she realized what was happening.

She sank down faster as BB spun about in panicked confusion, watching his friend turn from an adult to a little child.  Her face became round, as her sleeves slid down over her skinny arms, flopping back and forth as she squirmed.  Her pants began to bunch up around her waist where she held them aloft, while the leggings piled up around her feet as they slid around over her shoes.  Her skinny body gave way to a slightly round belly, pudgy cheeks, and soft puffs of fat rising around her limbs.

“BB hewp me!  I dun wan no mo!”  The toddler cried out, sinking down towards the floor.  “Mag id stahp Bee bee!”  She whined through tears.

BB watched as she collapsed down, her clothing seeming to swallow her up, before landing in a tangled heap before him.  After a moment, a soft whimpering sound began to rise up from the pile, before a round baby girl crawled forward.  She was almost bald, plump with baby fat, and had huge adorable eyes as she giggled at him, clearly amused by his ball like-shape.  He chirped nervously at her, asking if she was ok, when she suddenly reached out to him, and began to babble innocently.

“Blrrr… bah BAH!”  The nearly bald infant suddenly said, grabbing at BB-8 and hanging on him as if he were a toy.

“Rey?”  a voice called from the corridor, as General Organa came in, accompanied by Connix. 

BB seemed relieved, pulling free from the chubby fingers of the babbling Rey, and shooting towards General Organa.

“What… why is there a baby here?”  She asked, BB as he rolled towards her beeping.

“What did he say?”  Leia asked, looking to Connix.

“He says that Rey was hit by some energy from this… core.”  Connix said looking to the odd structure as BB continued to beep and chirp frantically.  “He says she was hit, and then just… shrank down into a tiny baby.”  The lieutenant said with an odd chuckle.

Leia scoffed, waving her hand at this.  “Please… that’s ridiculous.  The First Order couldn’t create a device that could-“

There was a sudden crack of energy, a blue light flashing as it struck the general in the chest, causing her to jerk as though captured in an electrical arc.  Connix and BB eight tumbled away from her as her body began to change and twist, her skin pulling tight as her gray hair began to flow with a warm color of brunette hair.  Her clothing seemed to wrinkle as the weight she had gained in her maturity melted away, her chest plumping upwards as her hips appeared to raise up.  Her pants slid down to her feet, exposing restored silky legs, and supple thighs as the general finally was released from the grip of the lightning.  She sighed and looked down at her body, as BB and Connix looked up to see a restored and gorgeous eighteen year old, looking as she had when she was a princess.

“Well…”  Leia said, still shaking slightly, as she looked down at her youthful form, her pants at her ankles, and her hair flowing down her back.  “Apparently… I’m wrong…” and then she drooped down towards the floor.

Instantly, her youthful face began to plump, her hair sliding up her back as her long sleeves slid down, her flexing fingers vanishing into them.  Her long legs lost their smooth curves, shrinking down and becoming scrawny post-like limbs, her feet looking huge in her oversized shoes.  Her bust melted away as her shirt and jacket slid sideways, as one skinny boyish shoulder slid out of the open collar.  The little girl the general had become blinked, even as she descended down, falling onto her little bottom, her legs sucking up into her voluminous jacket.  In moments she was a confused and adorable little toddler, her big eyes blink and her mouth working as if she couldn’t find the words to say.  Then as the hair on her head swirled up, vanishing into her scalp as her teeth disappeared; she sucked down into her shirt.  The motion stopped as her garments lay still on the ground, occasionally twitching and moving.

“General Organa!”  Connix gasped as she looked down at the seemingly melted hero on the floor.  “General are you… ok…?”  She said as she slowly looked upon the General

There laying on her back, almost beside baby Rey, was a new baby girl with a big smile, and a very round face.  She squirmed and laughed as she kicked her tiny feet, and reached up at Connix.  BB-8 rolled up and made a slow mournful squeaking sound, as Connix looked to him in shock. 

“I’m in soooooo much trouble...”  Connix sighed as BB shuddered in clear distress.

“An understatement you pathetic scum…”  A cold feminine voice said, causing everyone to jump suddenly.

Looking up, Connix could see four First Order Troopers, their armor white and black, their guns raised and their dead black visor’s trained on her.  Standing between them, glistening even in the gloom, was a taller trooper with a chrome finish, a cape over one shoulder and a blaster hanging at her side.  It was the deadly First Order Captain, known only to the Resistance as Phasma.  She was tapping her weapon at her side, and tilted her grimacing helmet towards Connix. 

“I see you found the Temporal Node.”  She said with a slight lift of amusement in her voice.  “And what it does... I’m afraid you’ll have to die for that.”  She said as Connix reached for her blaster behind her back slowly, hoping the gloom would keep her motions hidden.  “But don’t worry about the infant Jedi and the pathetic General Organa.  We’ll take them with us… and raise them as loyal servants of the First Order.”  Phasma hissed, malice clear in her voice.

This made Connix’s blood boil, and she shook her head.  “No chance.”

Suddenly, Connix aimed her blaster at the fluctuating bio-weapon behind her, the troopers bringing their own weapons up to shoot her.  Suddenly Phasma raised her hand and snapped at them, slapping the nearest blaster aside.

“You idiots!”  She called.  “The blaster will cause a discharge!  You’ll destroy it and end up like those sobbing infants on the ground!”  She roared.

Just then, behind the First Order troopers, Connix could see the shadow of General Organa’s two bodyguards, their weapons ready as they prepared to rush in and rescue them.  BB-8 suddenly beeped in delight, and looked to Connix, a smile forming on the younger Resistance fighter’s face.  “Thanks!  That’s good to know!”  She said, as she fired her blaster point blank into the center of the node.

The node began to spark and flash, sputtering as the two Resistance soldiers rushed in, their laser rifles firing right into the group of troopers.  Two dropped instantly, the 3rd trooper killing one fighter, before the last of Leia’s bodyguards dropped both of the remaining troopers.  Connix hurried to grab the babies, wrapping them up in the general’s oversized jacket, as BB-8 grabbed Rey’s lightsaber and hurried away from the sputtering and arcing node.  Captain Phasma rushed to it, screaming as the device was overloading, knowing she would be blamed for this failure.

“NOOO!”  Phasma screamed, as a bold flew out and struck her dead in the chest, knocking her back against the corridor wall.

“Have fun!”  Connix yelled as she handed baby Rey off to the Resistance fighter, and hurried down the corridor to escape.

Phasma jumped up to give pursuit, but wobbled and tottered back and forth as her armor began to slide over her body.  She could feel the plates pulling her garments forward, away from her dwindling frame as her bust and hips began to pull in.  She felt her armor locking up on itself as her height and build no longer filled it properly, and she walked with a stocky gait like a protocol droid about to fall over.  She felt her head slipping down into her armor, her arms pulling in as she shrank so quickly, she could feel herself almost falling away.  She wailed as her helmet tumbled off, toppling away as she squealed in a childish voice as her suit of armor collapsed like a felled tree.

“Wesistance… scumm… WUAAAAAAAH!”

Then the armor collapsed, revealing a small baby girl, naked save the cloak over her lower body and throwing a tantrum.  Like Leia and Rey before her, Phasma was now basically bald, definitely toothless and very soon would need a diaper.


Safely back in the Raddus’ medical bay, Connix was blushing as she diapered the tiny baby who had only hours before been her leader and hero.  Baby Leia was smiling up at her as she powdered her, and placed a small wrap under her rear to use as a makeshift diaper.

“S-sorry General… I don’t mean to see you in such an embarrassing state.”  She said, trying not to giggle as the little baby girl babbled and grabbed at her hands.  “But seeing as you are… a… well a baby, we can have you wandering around in your birthday suit.”  She said, finally allowing herself a smirk.

She set the General upright, and offered her a pacifier, the baby laughing and taking it happily, before sucking loudly on it.

“Hah… you sure are cute.”  She giggled.  “How about you BB?”  She asked, looking over her shoulder.

She watched as BB used one of his small attachments to powder the adorable baby Rey, and then rolled a small diaper up over her, sealing it with a small roll of adhesive.  All the while, BB was dangling a small sparkling coupling over her head as Rey reached for it, cooing and laughing at the “funny ball” before her.

“Look’s good BB.”  She said as she set the babies back together, and stood over them.  “Now… how do we get them back to normal?”  She asked, a deep scowl forming over her brow.

Just then there was a terrific bang of light, as electrical energy blasted through the room, blinding BB and Connix at once.  When the sound had cleared, and the room began to become visible again, BB looked up to see both Rey and Leia were now sitting upright… as adults.  They were both naked save for a torn diaper between their legs, as they both blinked in surprise, as Leia sucked softly on the pacifier.  She then spit it out and covered her body, as Rey did the same, leaping down and using her hands to conceal her nudity.

“W-what just happened?” Rey gasped, blushing as she tried to cover her rear , as BB made a nervous sound and looked away.

Leia spit out the pacifier, and frowned.  “Judging by my pacifier, and these diapers…”  She said as she covered her groin.  “… I’d say we turned into babies.”

“The mission though?” Rey asked, grabbing two hospital gowns and handing one to Leia.

“Connix must have gotten us out.”  Leia grunted, grabbing the gown and sliding into it.  “I hope she took care of the bio weapon.”

“I’m sure she did…”  Rey said, looking around.  “Were… were we just left on the table?  Where is everyone?” 

“Yeah… Connix wouldn’t leave two babies sitting here.  Where is she?”  Leia asked, before both of them heard a small whimper, and looked down.

At their feet, starting to cry slightly was a small baby girl, naked atop her empty brown uniform, tears forming in her eyes.  Connix, it seemed had traded places with them, and would need to be cared for and diapered for the time being.  She was adorably chubby, with soft cheeks and a big pair of glittering eyes. 

“OH uh… BB… could you take care of the baby?”  Leia asked.  “I think I need to go get some clothes before anyone sees me like this.

“Thanks BB.”  Rey said, as she left, leaving the small round droid with the baby girl, who began to sniffle at him.

BB sighed a loud “why me?” sound, and hurried about caring for the sniffling little Lt, before she had an accident on the floor.





End Chapter 1

Baby Rey and Little Leia

by: klatuk4u | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 6, 2021


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