The Cherub Revue

by: Dr. Anguish | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 5, 2023

Chapter 2
Cherub Revue, Part Two

Chapter Description: Obscurities


"Yeah, Paul..."

Paul sat, his arms folded across his bony chest, his hands tucked under his armpits. His legs were clamped tightly together.

"Are you sure this is a dream?"

Kevin sat, his feet kicking first left, then right, his hands covering his crotch.

"Of course it's a dream! What else could it be?"

The two boys sat naked on the edge of their math teacher's desk, reduced to tiny size, their bare buttocks flat against the wood with their little cracks peeking out.  Their breath was ragged with embarrassment.

"I... I mean, I've had this dream a lot!" Kevin insisted, his cheeks red. "Usually you're not here and I'm in my underwear at least..."

Paul quickly reached up, adjusted his glasses, and replaced his hand in his armpit. "Well, next time you have this dream, either leave me out or bring back the underwear."

Kevin blew the hair from his eyes. "And usually we're not two inches high! Why are we two inches high?"

Paul looked over at him. "I'm pretty sure we're bigger than two inches high!"

Kevin looked around. "Well, there's a ruler over there if you wanna measure..."

"Uh-uh!" Paul pressed his knees together. "I am NOT moving from this spot! No way!"

They sat there, Kevin's chubby thighs and Paul's skinny flanks exposed. Kevin pooched out his tummy over his hairless crotch.

Then Paul nudged him with his elbow. "Hey... Kev..."

"What?" Kevin asked miserably.

"Is he usually in your dreams too?"

They looked over to see class bad boy Gary Cosby also tiny and naked and sitting an inch or so away, his scrawny bare buttocks flattened on the wood desktop, his little crack also peeking out. His face was burning with mortified fury.

"When I get out of this," he half-growled, half-whimpered, "I am going to kill you two..."

Then all three yelped as they felt an index card slip under their bare behinds.

"Last thing I need is the three of you leaving skid marks on my nice, clean desk!" The enormous math teacher scolded.

"Sorry, ma'am," the three boys chorused, struggling not to cry.


Meanwhile, Lucy Ricardo sat at her dining room table listening to her tiny husband rant. 

Little bitty Ricky Ricardo stood on the table in front of a bowl of wax fruit, his face red, his chest heaving, his wee tummy going in and out, waving his toothpick arms in the air. A constant stream of Spanish expletives came from his mouth in a high pitched, unintelligible garble. He stamped his feet, his little boy-thingie wiggling, his bare baby bottom waggling from side to side. His eyes flashed; his neatly pomaded hair glistened.

Lucy heard the kitchen door open and close. "Oh, hi Ethel!"

"Hi, Lucy!" Downstairs neighbor Ethel Mertz entered and looked down at the pint-sized Cuban bare bandleader. "Is he still at it?"

Lucy shrugged. "Afraid so." She sighed. "I thought he'd tire himself out sooner or later but he's still going strong."

Ethel listened to the squeaking. "Can you make out any of what he's saying?"

Lucy shook her head. "Not a word." She smiled. "Sure is cute, though."

"Well, here," Ethel rifled through her apron pocket. "I picked this up at the store when I was getting the groceries. Thought it might help."

She handed something to Lucy, who grinned. "Yeah, you know what? It might be just what he needs!"

She shoved the pacifier into Ricky's open mouth. He stood there, stunned, then looked up at the women in shock.

Lucy nodded. "And if that doesn't work, I might hafta give him a good spanking!"

Ricky's eyes grew wide as saucers.  His face screwed up in mortified misery, clutching his suddenly very naked and extremely vulnerable little rear. He swallowed. 

"In fact," Lucy smirked, "I might just go ahead and give him one anyway for old times' sake!"

Ethel smiled. "Well, don't let me stop you!"

Before Ricky could move, she plucked him up from the table and turned him sunnyside up in the palm of her hand. Ricky squirmed helplessly, imagining  the humiliation to follow.






Another pause.


The doorknob to the bathroom door rattled and the door opened. The mom entered, hands over her eyes.


Peeking between her fingers, she was agog to see her stout little blond son now so small he was treading water in the tub. The tiny, naked boy swam over to the side of the tub and, with some difficulty, clambered over the side. Wet and gleaming, his pudgy pink rump wiggling and glistening, he climbed out of the tub and dropped to the floor. He stood there defiantly looking up at her, his arms crossed over his chubby chest, his wee little boyhood pointing straight forward, his face beet red.

"Andrew!" The mom peered down at him. "What happened?"

"Well mom," Andrew replied with sarcastic cheerfulness, "I guess I must've shrunk in the wash!"

The music started up and Andrew sang in a high, squeaking voice...

"When I look up at your knees

And I feel that chilly breeze

I really wish I hadn't shrunk!

Boy, I wish I hadn't shrunk!

I really don't find it too keen

Showing off my teensy peen

I really wish I hadn't shrunk!

Boy, I wish I hadn't shrunk!

If I could have my wish

I wouldn't look so babyish

I'd rather still be way up there

Than standing here all pink and bare!

Polyester clothes aren't fine

But they beat a bare behind!

I really wish I hadn't shrunk!

Boy, I wish I hadn't shrunk!

It's so embarrassing being teeny-tiny 

With my little naked hiney

I really wish I hadn't shrunk!

I'm sunk! I really wish I hadn't shrunk!"


Three more tiny, naked boys walked past the mom's ankles into the bathroom.

"There you are!" One of the two black boys said. "We've been looking high and low for you!"

"Well," the skinny white boy with the perpetual manic grin added, "well, we can't look high. But we looked really, really low!"

"We're getting the band together," the black boy with the glasses explained. "We're calling it the Really Short Circus!"

"C'mon!" They grabbed him and walked with him out the door. "We gotta do another song! Mel Mounds is waiting!"

"A song?" Buddy/Andrew looked at the others, all just as naked as he was. "What song can we do?"

The mother looked down at them, giggling. "How about The Sweet, Sweet Sway?"

The four boys walked away from the amused mom, their little bare behinds wagging together and winking up at her. "What's that supposed to mean?"


And in a summer camp where the boys were unpacking and getting settled in, a wee counselor, now the same age as most of his charges and considerably smaller, poked his head into one of the cabins.

"Hey!" The rosy-cheeked little mite squeaked up at the agog boys. "Put a wiggle on, gang! Down to the lake for swimming!"

The boys stared after him as he ducked back out and hurried away.

"Wow!" Chip Winters exclaimed. "Didja see that guy?"

"Yeah!" Chunk giggled. "A wiggle was all he had on!"

"Boy!" Bud adjusted his glasses. "I sure wouldn't wanna hafta go around that that!"

"Yeah!" Chunk agreed. "It'd be too embarrassing!"

"Gee whiz!" Pee-Wee scratched his pomaded head. "How'd he get so small anyway?"

"Ah, who cares?" Chip replied. "C'mon, let's get our suits on!"

Pee-Wee was so busy undressing, then finding and putting on his swimsuit, he didn't really notice the other boys' voices getting progressively higher and fainter.

"Hey, you guys!"

Pee-Wee turned... and didn't see the others. Following the voices, he spotted them a second later, only inches above the floorboards.

"Any of you guys got an extra belt?" cried a now tiny and completely naked Chip Winters, holding a bathing suit ten sizes his size.

"Not I!" shouted a tiny Chunk, wearing, if that's quite the word, a suit that fit him more like a tent.

"Nor I!" added a tiny Bud, his bare behind shining above his now enormous suit, the binoculars on a strap around his neck now flat on the floor. "Why doncha tie a knot in it?"

Pee-Wee stood towering over his pint-sized bunkmates, none of whom seemed to notice their change in status. 

"Ah c'mon, you guys! Let's go! We'll be late!"

The tiny boys stepped out of their oversized suits, apparently without even noticing, and ran naked to the door. 

"Yeah!" Pee-Wee adjusted his shoulder straps. "Put a wiggle on, gang!" He laughed.

"Say!" Bud adjusted his glasses, the only thing that had shrunk with him and the only garment between them. "What's he goin' on about?"

"Ah, you know little kids!" Chunk exclaimed. "They're always saying goofy things! C'mon, let's hurry, we'll be late!"

The campers ran, their wiggling little pink posteriors shining in the sun. Pee-Wee followed, giggling into his hand, quite amused by the spectacle.

"Wow!" he laughed to himself. "This summer's gonna be the best ever!" Then to the others, "Hey guys! About calling me Pee-Wee..."

"Yeah?" Chip answered, his wee willie bouncing. "What about it?"

Pee-Wee shrugged and smiled.

When they reached the lakeside, however, they spotted something floating in the water. Pee-Wee reached in and retrieved it.  It was a pair of empty swimtrunks.

"Gosh!" Chip marvelled, looking up at them in Pee-Wee's hand. "I wonder where they came from!"

Then they heard another tiny, squeaking voice, this one with an English accent.

"Hey! Hey! Excuse me! Those are mine!"

Another boy swam frantically over. He stopped, blushing and treading water.

"I wonder if you could kindly give those back!" He puffed out his little chest.  "Name's Johnny Selden! I'm staying at the writer's camp across the lake! I was swimming and my trunks somehow slipped off..."

Pee-Wee tossed them to him. They landed near the tiny boy, who dove for them, flashing a lily white bare bottom to the other boys, who laughed uproariously at the sight. Pee-Wee was amused to note their own bare bottoms were only a little less pale.

Presently, he surfaced, straining to hold them. "Thanks!" Floating in the water, he struggled to put them on. Presently, after repeated tries, they just slid off and sank out of the sight, which seemed to satisfy him. "I don't know how I could have lost them..."


And in the depths of the Undersea Kingdom...

"Sire!" squeaked a tiny, naked boy soldier. "We have captured Crash Corrigan!"

A little face peered over the edge of the throne. "Excellent!" The miniature Unga Khan peeped, not quite as menacing without his Fu Manchu mustache, his spiked helmet, or his robes. Bare butt thrust skyward, he kneeled on his tubby knees on his now outsized imperial throne and watched the drama unfold on the floor. 

Two more naked boys dragged a third lad into the throne room. He struggled manfully, or boyfully, his little unshod feet slipping on the smooth tile.

"You won't get away with this!" Tiny Crash Corrigan shouted defiantly, his once impressive but now childish physique gleaming. "Sharad's men are breaking through your defenses as we speak!"

"It's true, your highness!" One of Unga Khan's little advisors whispered.  "It seems most of Sharad's men are still big! Many of our soldiers are either deserting or crying their eyes out!"

"Fah! My disintegration ray will soon even the score..." Wee Unga Khan stood on his throne, his chubby little tummy swaying, and looked over at the sophisticated (for 1930) scientific device, lightning crackling around its spike-covered cannon. "...As soon as my scientists can find a way to reach the controls!"

A handful of wee boys stood at the base of the device, scratching their heads and bums and looking up at the cannon impotently.

Before that could happen, though, a small blond blur dashed out, kayoing one of the boys restraining Crash. Crash made short work of the other and turned to the smiling boy.

"Thanks, Billy!"

"No problem, Crash!" Boy sidekick Billy Norton replied, shorn of his customary sailor suit but not his vaguely annoying moxie. He stood there sporting bright, chubby cheeks and a wide smile on both ends. "These guys are down to my size now! Let's get 'em!"

"Sure thing!" Crash charged into action, sporting a grim, tight scowl on both ends. "We'll give these boys a spanking they won't soon forget!"

"STOP THEM! STOP THEM!" squealed little Unga Khan. 

The tyrant's men battled Crash and Billy. Little Unga Khan, meanwhile, clambered down from the throne, his blubbery little baby butt jiggling.

"I must reach my disintegration ray!" he insisted, scurrying across the room. "And that way I shall stop these surface interlopers!"

As if in response, a small panel on the side of the device detached and crashed to the floor. Everyone turned to look as a skinny, disheveled, slightly dirty boy crawled out. 

"That won't be happening, Unga Khan!" The boy rose to his feet proudly. 

Billy smiled. "Dad!" Then he guffawed. His dad was a naked little boy like him now, his pasty bare bottom smeared with motor oil and soot. "You need a bath!"

Crash also smiled, for different reasons. "Professor Norton!"

The wee Professor Norton stood, hands on hips, his ribs visible under his pink little nipples. "I've disabled your machine, Unga Khan! Your dreams of conquest are through!"

Unga Khan looked for a moment like he might burst into tears. "Blast you! But I shall have my revenge!" He turned to his men. "Destroy them!"

Suddenly, a shadow fell over them. They all looked up to see go-getting newspaper reporter Diana Compton, full sized and fully dressed, right down to her purse and smart hat.

"Hi, boys!" She waved down at them.

The tiny naked soldiers shrieked. "A GIRL! AAAAAAIIIIIIGH!"

They all turned tail and ran. Unga Khan's chubby pink tushie brought up the rear, bouncing in a most undignified manner. 

"You will pay for this, Crash Corrigan!"

Crash, Billy, and Professor Norton laughed as they watched them flee. 

"So much for them!"  Professor Norton wiped his hands on his bare stomach. "Now we can head for home!"

"Great!" Crash turned to Billy. "And we'll have to have some words with you about stowing away on this trip, young man!"

"Ah, Crash!" Billy looked chagrined. Then he smiled. "Still, at least you can't spank me now!" He smirked, standing eye level with both Crash and his father, all three of them thoroughly, nakedly, and baldly prepubescent.

"Oh yeah?" Crash responded, half-smiling. "We'll see about that!"

"Will you be able to drive the ship at that size, Professor?" Diane asked from on high.

"It shouldn't be a problem if we activate the automatic... OMIGOSH!"

The trio of tiny, naked boys suddenly remembered there was a woman looking at them.


Faces turning blazing red, they covered their privates and turned to run after Unga Khan and his tiny soldiers. Diane quickly scooped them up before they could get too far.


The boys found themselves lying on the girl reporter's palm,  little pink backsides wiggling and jostling one another.

She giggled. "I knew I'd be seeing ocean bottoms but this is something else!" Another giggle. "I guess we'll have to change your name to Flash Corrigan!"

"Ah, come on, Diane!" whined little Billy, his scrawny, dimpled tush as white as his long-lost sailor hat. "Be a sport, willya?"

"Yeah!" Crash almost sobbed, his chubby little rump clenched in embarrassment. "Let us have a little dignity, for Pete's sake!"

"I must protest!" Professor Norton's round little behind was still smeared with grease. "I am a distinguished figure in my profession and I..."

Diane bounced them on her hand, watching them jiggle and listening to them yelp.

"Well..." she commented as she walked outside.  "It's a long walk back to the sub! I hope you boys don't get sunburns!"


And in a suburban living room, an angry father was punishing his young daughter.  Wearing only glasses, the tiny, dark-haired, firm-faced boy lay across his full-sized, fully clothed pre-teen little girl's knee while she administered a sound bare bottom spanking.

"Now... OW! ...Audrey... OW! You... OW!... know... OW! ...this... OW! ...hurts... OW! YOW! ...more... OOO! ...than... OH! EEP! ...does... YOWCH!! But... OW! OH! ...keep... WOW! ...misbehaving! WOWTCH!"

"Yes, Pop!" Little Audrey nodded, struggling not to giggle. 

"I... OOO!... am... OW! ...a... YOW! ...firm... WOW! ...believer... OH! YIPE! ...old... OW! ...fashioned... YOW! ...discipline! WOOP!"

Little Audrey couldn't help noticing a certain portion of her de-aged father's anatomy was considerably less than firm. In fact, it jiggled with every swat she gave it.

"I... OW! ...always... YEEP! ...say... WOAH! ...a... WOW! ...good... YIP! ...spanking... EEP! YOW! ...necessary... OOP! ...sometimes! OOO!"

Back when her father used to spank her, she always felt there was no such thing as a good spanking. Now that the roles were reversed, however, she was beginning to see his side of it.  In fact, she saw a certain side of him quite often.

"Now... OW! ...Audrey... OH! ...I... YIPE! ...want... OW! YEEP! YOW! ...think... EEK! ...about... WOW! ...what... YEEK! OOP! ...did! YELP!"

"Yes, Pop!" She nodded contritely, trying not to smirk at the sight of her father's now blazing bare behind. "I'm sorry I broke Mrs. Murphy's window."

And she was too.  She hadn't meant to, and she'd promised to mow Mrs. Murphy's lawn to make it up to her.  

Her little boy father was still across her knee, his bright red backside still upturned. "I certainly hope that teaches you to behave!" he squeaked, his little arms folded angrily. 

"I sure have, Pop! My palm stings like anything!"

She couldn't resist giving him one last smack. He howled with pain, leaping off her knee and onto the floor, where he did a frantic, teeny jig, clutching his incandescent little rump, his miniature boyhood flopping wildly about.

Presently, he regained his composure. "Good!" he peeped up at his amused daughter. "Let that be a lesson to you!"

Then he stomped off, his little red bottom wiggling. She later saw him standing on the kitchen table reading the newspaper, his tiny reddened rear attracting startled and amused looks from the neighbors.

"Gosh!" She mused out loud. "I wonder how Melvin made out! I wonder if his father shrank too!"

Then she heard Melvin's voice, fainter than usual.

"He didn't..." A choked sob. "But I did!"

A moment later, Melvin himself walked through the room, just as tiny, just as naked, and with a rump just as incandescent as her father.

Melvin glared up at her, puny and pink, and straightened his crown hat, his only garment. He was blushing all over.

"Ah, what are YOU looking at?"


And in the examination room of a local doctor's office, young Ben Seaver clutched the back of his hospital gown. No matter what he did, his rosy pink bare behind was still visible poking out in the back.

"How embarrassing!"

Presently, however, the door opened.

And a tiny, stark naked Dougie Howser, MD entered, his own behind just as rosy, just as pink, and totally exposed. He glared up at the giggling boy, blushing profusely.

"Ah, what are YOU complaining about?"

Ben watched with amusement as the pint-sized, preadolescent physician struggled to climb up onto a nearby stool so he could examine him. Ben couldn't help doing some examining of his own of the little naked doctor's scrawny body and hairless pubes. 

The wee Doctor Howser stretched to reach a stethoscope on the examination table behind him. With some difficulty, he managed to place the requisite parts near his ears and listened to Ben's heart. Ben bent down to accommodate the tiny doctor, still clutching his gown in back.

"Okay," the minuscule medic squeaked. "Take a deep breath. Now let it ou..."

Ben blinked, seeing the stethoscope now lying empty on the stool. After a moment of searching he finally spotted Dougie struggling to climb out of the wastebasket where he'd been blown. He plucked the little doctor out of the basket and plopped him back on the stool.

"Okay..." A mortified Dougie said through clenched teeth. "Lung capacity normal..."


In far-off Asgard, meanwhile...







The tiny, buck naked boy who had once been the Mighty Thor hopped squealing around the table, his pudgy little boy bottom stinging fiercely. Clutching his red little rump, he glared through teary eyes up at Kid Loki.


Kid Loki looked down at him, smiling. Then he made a little gesture.

Reluctantly, the sore little Thor turned around and bent over again, his hands on his knees.










Meanwhile, in the far-flung future of the past...

"Well, Spacely," the smug face on the video-screen smirked. "I always knew you were a small-timer but this takes it to a whole new level!"

"Go ahead and laugh, Cogswell!" the red-faced, pink bottomed, chubby little boy squeaked up at his rival on the video phone. "But my company's new product is going to put you out of business!"

"Oh, putting me out of business again, junior? I've heard that one before!  Don't you have a paper route to get to?" Cogswell reached through the screen, tickling Spacely's little bare tummy with his finger. Spacely laughed helplessly, blushing even deeper.

"N-n-now CUT THAT OUT!" He fled out of Cogswell's reach. "Jetson! Have you finished programming the Mommy-Vac 3000?"

"I-I think so, sir!" The nervous, skinny little boy struggled with gears and wires on a machine bigger than he was. "I don't know if I've gotten all the bugs out but..."

"But nothing!" Spacely thundered.

"True!" Cogswell snickered. "Your butt's almost nothing now! So's your employee Jetson's, from what I can see!"

"Oh yeah?" Spacely shouted back. "I can see you're nuts, Cogswell!"

"Well, EVERYONE can see yours, Spacely!" Cogswell rejoined. "Though they may hafta squint..."

"Laugh if you will, Cogswell!" The pint-sized boy mogul fumed.

"Oh, I will! Oh, I WILLLLLLLL!"

"But my Mommy-Vac 3000 is the latest in automated baby care for the modern push-button young busy mother on the go!" Then he glared at his frantically working little employee. "JETSON! IS IT READY YET?"

"Just about, sir!" Little George Jetson closed the control panel. "That should do it!"

He took a few steps back and absentmindedly sat down on the remote control, his pale little tushie pressing one of the buttons.

"Uh-oh..." he exclaimed as the machine whirred to life.

"Uh-oh?" A worried Spacely turned. "What do you mean, uh... OH!"

Spacely found himself hoisted butt-first into the air by a mechanical claw that had emerged from the machine. 

"JETSON!" The irate little mite kicked and screamed, being held by his dimples in mid-air. "GET ME DOWN! THIS ISN'T FUNNY!"

"Oh, I'd say it is!" cackled Cogswell on his monitor screen. "In fact, it's a crack-up! Yours!"


"I'm trying, sir, I'm trying!" The little naked boy George frantically pushed buttons on the remote. Presently, another mechanical claw seized him too. "YOW!"

A little pink tub filled with soapy water emerged from the side of the Mommy-Vac 3000. The two pipsqueaks were plopped into the water while more claws appeared armed with wash-cloths and brushes to scrub them all over.

"Well! Widdle Cosmo Spacely and his Itty-Bitty pal Jetson getting a baby bath!" Cogswell howled. "Forget your rubber duckie, boys?"

"JETSON!" The mortified Spacely shouted, blushing and gleaming in the suds. "YOU'RE..."

A cake of soap larger than he was got stuffed into little Spacely's mouth. He kicked and sputtered as the machine washed his mouth out.

"That oughta teach you to keep your language clean, Spacely!"

Then another claw reached behind the monitor, plucking a tiny, naked boy Cogswell out from behind the screen.


Cogswell joined his bare business rival in the tub, their every dimple and crevice being thoroughly scrubbed by the relentless claws.

"SPACELY!" He sputtered, splashing around as his hair was washed. "THIS IS DIRTY POOL, SPACELY! I..." A cake of soap was shoved into his mouth. "GLUB-BUB-BUB-BUB!"

Presently, the three diminished lads found themselves lying on a bassinet, talcum powder being sprinkled on their upturned rumps. 

George Jetson was in the center. The two furious tycoons were on either side, glaring murderously at him while sucking on pacifiers.

"W-w-w-well, sirs..." He gulped nervously. "At least we know it works!"

Six sets of eyes bulged as the boys felt baby oil being rubbed into their nether regions.

"As soon as it lets us go, I'll start working on making adjustments..."


And on a dirt road in Greece, a Younger, smaller, and quite naked Indiana Jones walked a few steps behind his also child-sized, tiny, and completely naked father. The father's blush deepened as he heard Indy snickering behind him.

"I fail to see what's so amusing, Junior," he said primly in his new, higher voice.

"That's because you don't have the same view I have!" Indy laughed back. "I warned you not to argue philosophy with that farmer!"

Father's face was almost as red as his other end, which glowed with an incandescent brilliance. His little butt cheeks were less developed at his current age but they still jiggled just a little with each step.

So did Indy's much more pale, considerably less painful bare bottom. Their two rumps swayed in sync as they strolled down the road, hands cupped over their bald, tiny little privates for modesty's sake.

"You're spanking size now, Father!" Indy gleefully reminded his crestfallen little father. "You have to remember that! Heck, I could probably spank you too, if I were willing to burn my hand!"

Jones Senior ground his teeth. The really galling thing was that his son was right. Of the two, Indy was slightly taller and more muscular now. He had the disquieting feeling at their current size, the boy could quite easily wrestle him to the ground.

Finally, he snorted angrily. "Go ahead and look, Junior! You may even laugh. But I promise you this: When, not if, I regain my proper stature, what you are seeing now is a preview of what your behind will look like once I get done!"

Indy smiled. He was almost certain his father's threats were empty. But out of politeness, he did his best to smother his giggles as they continued down the road.


"Hello, Mister Benny's residence!" Rochester, Jack Benny's valet, brightly answered the phone. "Star of stage, screen, radio, television, and as of late, playgrounds!" He listened for a moment. "No, I'm afraid Mister Benny can't come to the phone right now. He's in a meeting with his social club, The Beverly Hills Beavers..."

And down in the basement amidst an assortment of old furniture, cedar trunks, and other forgotten or discarded items, a group of full-sized, fully clothed young boys were gathered around a weatherbeaten old desk. A boy called them to attention by smacking the desk with a wooden gavel.

"Gang!" He banged the gavel. "Gang! Come to order!"

"YOW!" A tiny voice squeaked up at the boy. "WATCH it, Harry!"

"Sorry," the boy responded offhandedly. 

The tiny, naked boy who had been Jack Benny glared up at the gigantic, clothed boy and pouted from his position standing on top of the desk. "You do know I'm standing here..."

"Sure!" A little boy perched on a rocking chair responded. "This whole meeting's about you!"

"It is?" The wee boy exclaimed. "Why?" He looked up at the enormous boys clustered around him. "What's the problem?"

Harry looked down at the puny pygmy. "Well, y'see, when we admitted you into our club before, you were a grown-up. So we waived the usual club initiation. But you're just a kid now..."

"Yeah!" Another kid shouted. "A little kid!"

"A really, really, REALLY little kid!"

"ALRIGHT, ALREADY!" The tiny bare boy shouted back at the giggling giants. "So you want me to undergo an initiation." He sighed, his hairless little pink chest heaving. "Fine. What do I have to do?"

A boy appeared at the top of the stairs holding an ice cube. "Guys! I got it!"

He ran down to join the others as the little bare Benny watched warily. 

"Rochester gave you an ice cube?"

"Nah!" The kid explained as he plopped the cube down on the desk next to the tiny boy. "He said they were all out! I had to bring one from home!"

"Well, there's no point in keeping a pile of old ice cubes lying around the house!" Itty-Bitty Jack responded, eyeing the cube nervously. "So, whaddya want me to..." Then he realized. "Oh, no." He looked pleadingly up at the giant boys. "Guys, you can't be serious!"

Harry shrugged. "It was either that or a paddling!"

"Yeah! And we've DONE that!"

"DON'T REMIND ME!" Jack rubbed his tender little tushie.

Harry pointed to the, to Jack, enormous ice cube. "Sit!"

Jack shook his head. "No! Never! I still have my dignity!"

The boys all looked at him. "Uh, you're five inches tall, ten years old, and naked as a jaybird. No you don't."

"Well I still won't do it!" Teeny Jack shouted up at them, clenching his fists, among other things. "I'll quit the club first!"

Harry sighed. "Then you'd also have to resign as treasurer and give us back our money..."

"G-Give BACK the money...?" 

Jack swallowed hard. Then he plodded miserably over, climbed up on the ice cube, and sat bare bottomed on the wet, frosty surface.


He shivered, rubbing his arms, his little bare feet dangling in the air. He sulked, glaring up at the giggling giants watching him.

"Wow! I've heard people say Jack Benny's cold! But now we know where!"

"Ah, this is just like watching him on TV! We always get snow on our screen!"

"Hey, look! Cracked ice!"

"Vuh-vuh-vuh-vuh-very fuh-fuh-funny!" The little mite hugged himself.

Then there was the clatter of someone else coming down the stairs.

"Oh, Mister Benny! Mister Benny!" Dennis, Jack's feather-brained singer on the show, looked over the boy's shoulders at his now puny and preadolescent boss. "I... Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were indisposed!"

"Whuh-whuh-whuh-whuh-what is it, Duh-Duh-Dennis?"

Dennis held up some sheet music. "I was wondering what song you wanted me to do for the show tomorrow! I can't decide between 'Cold, Cold Heart' or 'Blue Moon'..."


Dennis put the music away and nodded. "Yessir, Mister Benny. I'll come back later." Then as he climbed back up the stairs. "Boy, Mister Benny's given me the cold shoulder before but this was something else!"

Just as Little Jack was about to relax back into his solitary mortification, an equally tiny, equally bare, and equally preadolescent Phil Harris stormed over.

"Blast it, Jackson! You've ruined me!" The boy bandleader stomped his little bare feet, his wee winky bobbing up and down. "Look at me! This is the end!"

He heard the boys giggling behind him. "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!"

Red-faced and rosey-cheeked, the robust little mite continued his tirade. "This is ridiculous! I'm too young now to drink, I'm too young to get into nightclubs, I'm WAY too young to... Well, you know..." He looked around at the actual boys. "I can't even wear my cool duds! All I've got on is skin! Granted, it's fabulous skin..." He struck several poses, admiring himself. "What am I supposed to do now?"

"Well..." One of the boys thought a moment. "Wanna join our club?"

The little bare Phil Harris considered and shrugged. "Oh, why not? It's better'n staying home all day..."

He padded over and climbed up on the ice cube. 

"Move over, Jackson!"

Another boy held out his palm. "Dues are twenty-five cents a week."

"Do I LOOK like I have any money?" Pint-sized Phil rejoined. "I'll hafta owe you for now..."


Elsewhere, two tiny figures posed on the brick wall surrounding a backyard swimming pool. 

"Derek," the little blond cherub whispered through clenched teeth, his little tummy with its outie belly button going in and out. "This is officially the dumbest thing you've ever talked me into!"

"Relax, Rick!" the darker-haired, freckled boy whispered back, his eyes glued on the swimming pool in the backyard. His own little tummy with its innie belly button rose and fell. "Oh man, lookit! Is that Cynthia Richards?"

"But if they catch us..."

"Nobody's gonna catch us!" Derek insisted.  He shifted his weight to his other foot. "Look: We're cherubs. We're both bare naked!"

Rick's blush deepened and his eyes rolled skyward. "Thanks for reminding me!"

"And girls are gonna see us naked! So it's only fair that we spy on the cheerleaders' skinny-dipping party! It's quid pro quo, you know?"

The two boys stood, their pale little bottoms shining, doing their best to conceal their increasingly excited little preadolescent parts behind the, to them, waist high spikes encircling the wall.

Rick swallowed, his flat, pink little chest heaving. "They'll kill us if they realize..."

"That's why we hafta keep still! Just hold your pose and keep your mouth shut and they'll think we're just statues!" 

Rick was still dubious. "Yeah, but... Omigod, is that Deborah Sue Ryan!"

"And Patti Jenkins! And Gwen O'Shaughnessy!" Little Derek licked his lips. "All naked as... us!"

The two boys stared, eyes wide as saucers, at the girls only a few feet away sporting in the water. They were twelve or thirteen, making them a little more developed than the now prepubescent boys who were enjoying the spectacle. And they were ten times the size of the two tiny spies who had once been in the same junior high as them.

"Wow! Brianna Tyler's already gotten her boobs!"

"And Heather Grant... Rowr, rowr!"

They were so enthralled they didn't notice another boy climbing up the ladder they'd used to reach the top of the wall. 

They did notice, however, when they were both goosed.

"WHOO...!" Rick clamped his hand over his mouth.

"YII...!" Derek's eyes bulged out of their sockets. He slammed his mouth shut.

They looked over their bare shoulders to see Freddie Lippincott, the school nerd. The last time they'd met, they were all the same size and Derek and Rick had swiped Freddie's clothes from the locker room while he was showering after gym class, forcing him to run through the school halls in just a towel. Then Derek stole the towel.

Now Freddie was fully dressed and several times larger than the two very tiny, very naked, and immediately regretful former pranksters.

"H-H-H-Hi, Freddie..." Rick smiled nervously at the giant boy smirking down at him.

"F-F-F-Fred, old pal..." Derek folded his scrawny arms over his little nipples, pasting on his standard smarmy con artist smile.

Whatever Derek was about to say died in his throat when he and Rick saw what Freddie pulled out of his jeans pocket.

"Uh... Oh..."

"Fuh-Fred... Fred, Freddie, buddy, you REALLY don't want to do this..."

Freddie felt he really did. He held up the two feathers, one in each hand, and set to work tickling the porcelain white bare buttocks of the two diminished boys.

"WOO... WOO HOO... WOO..."

Rick and Derek held their poses, their mouths clenched shut, painfully aware the slightest noise or movement could alert the girls of their presence. Their faces grew more and more red and their eyes bigger and bigger.

The feathers teased each of their cheeks and ran up and down their butt cracks as the two boys struggled to hold perfectly still. Freddie smiled grimly.

"You... You know..." Derek gasped, his prepubescent chest rising and falling. "I've never... wanted t-to laugh and cry at the same time so much..."

The girls, meanwhile, hearing the odd squeaking noises, wrapped towels around themselves as they headed over to investigate.

 "Derek..." Rick shut his eyes, his entire little body shaking with mortification and repressed laughter. "When I get out of this, I am going to KILL you..."


And in the doctor's office, the door to the examination room opened. 

"Well, Ben," tiny, nude Dougie Houser said brightly, grinning from ear to ear. "Looks like a clean bill of health!"

Ben Seaver, now shrunken down to Dougie's size, walked out, his face red as a beet, his other end as pink and bare as Dougie's.

"Look, just think of it as Shrinking Pains!"

He turned and glared angrily back at Dougie.

"Hey, I didn't do it! That's just how it worked out! That's not to say I didn't appreciate it, though! Made my job a lot easier!"

Ben contemplated the sprint through the waiting room.  "And I thought the hospital gown was humiliating.."

Dougie smirked. "Not so funny anymore, is it?"

Bracing himself, Ben walked into the waiting room and past a young girl ten times his size who pointed and laughed uproariously at his bare behind. 

"Pardon me!" he shouted up at her, trying to cover his rump with his hands as he hurried past. "How embarrassing..."

Dougie stood at the door, thoroughly enjoying Ben's discomfiture, at least until the girl was escorted by her mother over to him.

"Angie's here for her check-up, Doctor!" the amused mother said.

The smile faded from Dougie's face as he stood there tiny, prepubescent and buck naked looking up at the young girl looking down at him.

"Hey, Doctor Houser!" She grinned down at him. "Wow! You're really little now! Hey, is that your pee-pee?"

The all-over blush crept back over Dougie's bare body. "Uh, yes it is, Angie. C-Come on in, we'll start your exam..."

Dreading what would come next, he turned and led her into the examination room, Angie laughing hysterically at the sight of his wiggling bare behind.

"Gonna be a loooong day..."

And as Ben struggled to push open the door leading outside, he looked up to see the startled face of bully Louis Vesco.

He stared down at Ben, now hardly higher than his pant cuffs. "You SHRANK..."

Ben stared back in horror. "You didn't..."

A cold smile spread across Louis' face as Ben's little tummy turned over.


Meanwhile in Lazytown, Sportacus was in the middle of jumping rope when he felt a sudden draft.  

He also discovered the jump rope was suddenly much too big for him now.

"What in the...?"

Dropping the enormous rope-grips that now filled his tiny hands, he looked down at himself and saw a hairless little boy body.

"Oh no!" He squeaked. "I've shrunk! I'm a little kid again! And... And... And I'm NAAAAAKEEEEED!"

He dropped into a crouch, his arms folded in front of his little belly, his legs clenched together, looking for somewhere to hide.  

That's when arch-villain Robbie Rotten sprung out of the bushes, cackling.

"Aha!" Robbie gloated, enjoying Sportacus' look of genuine horror. "Not so tough now, are you my widdle biddy Sporty-Boy?" 

He reached down and plucked up the tiny sports hero, holding him between thumb and forefinger by his dimpled waist. The reduced Sportacus' pudgy little bare behind wiggled helplessly in his grasp.

"Nice tan, cutie-pie!"

To his amusement, Robbie had noticed the Speedo-shaped tan on Sportacus' little rump. The pint-sized hero fumed, mortified.

"Blast it, Robbie Rotten! This is hitting below the belt!"

"Oh, really?"

Robbie goosed the tiny boy with his middle finger.

"WHOOP!" Sportacus yelped and wriggled harder.

"I wonder what the people of Lazytown will say when they see their beloved sports hero like this! I'll... YEOW!"

Sportacus had grabbed the skin on one of Robbie's fingers and twisted hard, pinching the giant villain. It startled him enough to cause him to drop the tiny hero, who did a bare bottomed barrel roll and fled.

"Why, you little..." He spotted the little pink hero ducking under the nearby bushes. "I'll get you for that!"

He ran after the wee little naked hero, groping for him under the bushes, then chasing him when he emerged.

"Give up, small fry!" He taunted the pint-sized hero. "You really think you can outrun me with those tiny legs?"

"I can try!" The panting,  pantsless boy rejoined, still running. Robbie Rotten, stooped over and hands outstretched, chased him around the bushes.

"You little brat! When I get you..."

Three times the two ran around the bushes. The fourth time, however, Robbie Rotten disappeared from view as little bare Sportacus ran around the side.

And a tiny naked boy with a plastic pompadour and an elongated chin emerged, still running crouched with his arms outstretched.

"You pipsqueak!" The downsized Robbie Rotten squeaked, his now also prepubescent bare backside bouncing as he galloped. "You just wait until I catch you!"

Hearing the voice change, Sportacus looked back and saw what had happened. Smiling broadly, he stepped aside and let the reduced villain pass so he could goose him in retaliation.

"WHOOP! HEY!" Clutching his rear end, Robbie Rotten jumped to his feet. He felt his exposed flesh, then looked around and realized what had happened.


Then he saw the naked boy Sportacus still smiling, posed with his hands on his little dimpled thighs, his minuscule boyhood on full display.

"Not so tough now, are you, Robbie Rotten?"

Robbie smiled nervously. Then he ran, his bare little boy behind wiggling frantically.


Now it was Sportacus' turn to chase Robbie Rotten around the bush. The two tiny, pink, naked mites ran around and around, squealing and squeaking.

Above them, a crowd gathered as the other residents of Lazytown heard all the squeaking and saw what was going on.

"Wha... Is that Sportacus?"

"What HAPPENED to him?"

"Where's his costume?"

"Maybe he wanted to get more sun!"

"I thought exercise was supposed to make you bigger, not smaller..."

"Maybe he got too big and exploded!"

"And... Wow! Lookit Robbie Rotten!"

"At least he's got underwear... Oh, wait! I guess he doesn't! Nice tan, though!"

"I guess if I had to run around in striped overalls, I'd get a little tired of them too!"

"Are they... Are they kids now?"

"I sure hope so! If they aren't, clearly they're both suffering the side-effects of steroids!"

Stephanie leaned over the giggling crowd and addressed the two tiny boys.

"Hey, guys!"

They stopped and looked up at her.

"Uh... Anything wrong?"

The two diminished boys stared up at her, then at the audience they'd gathered, then at each other and their own naked preadolescent bodies. Then they had the only appropriate reaction: They burst into tears.


Stooping over, the two furiously blushing boys streaked sobbing down the sidewalk,  the citizens greatly amused by the spectacle of the tiny retreating bare bottoms.


"Gee!" Ziggy exclaimed. "I never thought they'd be such babies!"

"Well," Trixie shrugged. "They are pretty babyish now..."

Stephanie covered her mouth, giggling.

"But at least they're getting Vitamin D and lots of healthy exercise!"

The two boys ran down the street, laughter ringing in their ears.



And in a chilly swimming pool in back of a Beverly Hills mansion, two pale pink mites with four sets of ruddy cheeks butterfly-stroked their way through the cold water. 

"It's nuh-nuh-nuh-not cuh-cuh-cold!" insisted one dark-haired lad, shivering uncontrollably. "Nuh-nuh-not to muh-muh-me!"

"Muh-muh-me neither, Luh-Little Deusey!" The boy with the dimwitted smile responded, shaking like a rattle. "I'd ss-ss-say it was buh-buh-bracing!"

"Huh-huh-huh-hey! Knuh-knock it off wuh-with that Little Deusey buh-business, Teeny-Tiny Juh-Jethro!" The boy laughed good-naturedly. "Yuh-you're no buh-buh-bigger than muh-me now!"

"Ah, cuh-cuh-cut it out, Luh-Luh-Little Bitty Itsy-Bitsy Teeney Weenie Deusey!" Jethro answered. "You ssh-ssh... You ssh-shrunk too!"

"Yuh-yeah!" Deusey admitted. "Buh-both of our weenies are puh-puh-pretty teeney!" He blushed. "And this-this wuh-wuh-water sure isn't helping!"

They heard a giggle from overhead.

"Looks like both of you boys done swim out of your trunks this time!"

"Elly-Mae!" The two blushing boys looked up at the fetching blond giantess kneeling by the edge of the pool.

"Aw, cuh-come on, Elly-Mae! Guh-get on outta here! We guh-got nothin' on!"

Deusey couldn't help gloating a little. "Nuh-not so fuh-fuh-funny now, is it, Juh-Jethro?"

"Sorry, boys!" Elly-Mae tried not to laugh. "Didn't know you was out here! Jist came out so's my cat Rusty could get his swimmin' practice!"


The two mouse-sized boys then spotted the elephant sized cat approaching, a hungry gleam in its eyes.



The tiny boys paddled frantically toward the opposite end of the pool, their own opposite ends wiggling wildly, the cat in hot pursuit.

"Rusty!" Elly-Mae scolded from shore. "Rusty! You bad cat! You leave them alone!"

The two clambered out of the water and made a run for it across the lawn. At the moment, modesty was forsaken for panic, so their complete nudity was on full display.

"Head fer thet mouse-hole, Little Deusey!"

"Okay, Little Jethro!"

In their haste, they failed to notice Elly-Mae catching the cat by its collar before it could pursue them any further. Restraining the cat, she watched two flushed, pint-sized posteriors vanish into a hole by the porch.

"Rusty! You bad kitty!" She gave the cat a light swat. "Just for that, I'm gonna hafta keep you locked up from now on!"

Inside the mouse-hole, the two tiny boys struggled to catch their breath, their little tummies going in and out as they got their little bare bearings.

"Boy!" Deusey panted. "And to think I just saw THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN last week! I should've taken notes!"

Jethro nodded. "I hope we don't get chased by a spider next!" He swallowed. "But at least that guy had pants! This is hoomiliating!"

Then they heard a voice even squeaker than theirs.

"You want hoomiliating, bud?"

Their eyes adjusting to the gloom inside the hole, they saw a tiny reddish-orange bipedal cat wearing a blue bow-tie and speaking in Beatnik patois. He was only as high as their belly buttons.

"You oughta try overdosin' on a shrinkin' potion some time! SHEESH!"

Deusey and Jethro stared at the pipsqueak pussycat.

"Hey, if'n all cats was that size, I might get to likin' 'em again!"

"You and me both, brother!" An unfamiliar voice answered.

A pair of little grey mice almost as big as the two boys emerged from the shadows.

"Okay, Dinky Jinks! Back to work!"

The mouse in the vest snapped his tail like a whip at the cat, who quickly busied himself.

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT ALREADY!" He rubbed his furry rump. "Boy, if I ever figure out the formula to get big again..."

The mice looked tiny Jethro and Deusey over.

"You two staying for dinner? Cause if you are, we'll hafta go out and get more cheese!"

Deusey and Jethro looked at each other.

"Uh..." Deusey smiled politely. "No thanks..."


"So, clearly you should forget about marrying me, ladies..." Superman, now Superboy, stood on Lois Lane's desk, looking up at both her and her romantic rival Lana Lang. "It's just not an option right now!"

Superboy was blushing from head to toe. He was, of course, utterly mortified to be standing there naked, tiny, and kid-sized in front of the two ladies. But he felt it was necessary for them to get a full view of his prepubescent body and undescended testicles to really get the message through to them. 

"As a cherub, I certainly can't carry on a relationship with a full-sized woman!" He heard his voice crack. And that wasn't the only crack he was feeling self-conscious about. "I'm sure you understand!"

Lana Lang gaped at the tiny tot of steel. "Why... It's true! I remember seeing Superboy when we were both children growing up in Smallville and he looked exactly like that! Of course," she chuckled, "I never saw him in his birthday suit before!"

She giggled while Superboy blushed. "Ah, come on, Lana..."

"Well, you do have to admit you're absolutely precious at that size, Superboy!" Lois Lane snickered. "Oh, look at that cute little tushie!"

"Knock it off, ladies!" The itty-bitty boy of steel pleaded. "This is embarrassing enough!"

"Talk about embarrassing! I seem to remember you bottle-feeding me when I shrank to baby size!" She smirked. "Now the blush is on the other cheek!"

"Darn it!" Superboy squeaked indignantly. "The whole point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't keep trying to get me to marry you! We're not compatible anymore!"

"Hmmm..." Lana Lang considered. "We'll see about that!"

She bustled off while Lois pulled up her desk chair and sat down.

"I just thought of something! This is my chance to finally give you a good spanking for all those tricks you've played on me over the years!"

She reached over and plucked the teensy Superboy off her desk. 

"Now... Now, Lois..." the bare-bottomed boy of steel protested. "Let's not do anything you might regret later..."

"Regret nothing!" She placed the little naked and squirming boy over her knee and flexed her hand. "I'm going to enjoy this!"

"That's what she thinks!" thought a smug Superboy to himself. "She's forgetting I'm invulnerable all over! She'll just end up hurting her hand!"

He crossed his arms and ankles and waited as Lois wound up her wrist. Then she struck, her palm coming in contact with his pink little behind.

Superboy's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped.

"OOOOWWWWW!" He yelped. "That HURT!" He looked up at the gloating Lois in dismay. "I... I've lost all my super-powers! I'm just a helpless little baby!"

"Yeah!" Lois smiled. "Too bad!"

Then she resumed spanking the howling little ex-Superboy, smacking his pudgy little backside until it was as red as Krypton's sun.

"OW! Ah, c'mon... OW! ...Lois! OW! Have a heart! OW! Oh, for... OW!"

A few minutes later, a thoroughly humiliated baby boy of tomorrow was dropped back onto Lois' desk. He stood, clutching his painful little red rear and struggling to hold back tears as he glared up at the grinning girl reporter. "You just see if I ever save you from gangsters again!"

Then Lana Lang returned, carrying an odd, ancient looking glass bottle.

"I knew I still had that magic potion that old wizard gave me for saving his life once!" she announced triumphantly. She looked down at the tiny Superboy. "Think we're incompatible? Well, think again!"

She took a drink of the potion and scarcely had time to set the bottle down before shimmering and disappearing down into her dress.


Presently, all Lana Lang's clothes lay in a heap on the floor. A small lump made its way over to the collar of her dress.

And a tiny, ten year old Lana Lang peeked out.

Lois stared down in shock and amazement as the minuscule, stark naked little girl emerged from her now gigantic dress and climbed up onto the desk next to the tiny Superboy.

"Now we're the same size and the same age!" Tiny Lana proclaimed, grinning at the shocked little boy, who was trying hard not to look. 

"And with the same wardrobe!" laughed the still adult-sized,  fully clothed Lois Lane. "Look at you! You're not even ready for a training bra!"

Blushing, the little lass crossed her arms over her perfectly flat chest. 

"What's it to you, big lady?" She squeaked up at Lois. Then she turned back to Superboy. "See? We may be too little to get married but we can still go steady!"

Superboy was blushing profusely. "G-Gosh, Lana. You look just like you did back in Smallville!" He couldn't resist adding, "of course, I didn't see as much of you back then!"

He giggled. Lana's blush deepened.  Lois smirked down at the two of them.

"Well," Lana said, struggling to regain control of the situation. "We are now both little kids!"

"And naked kids!" Lois laughed. Then she plucked up Lana from the desk. "Come to think of it, this is the perfect opportunity to get even with you too!"

"What?" Lana squeaked. "What are you talking about? What are you doing? Wha... You wouldn't DARE! You... OW! OW! OW! OWWWWWWW!"

Tiptoeing over, Superboy couldn't resist watching little Lana Lang getting a bare bottom spanking. He also couldn't help smirking at the spectacle. Only the continuing sting from his own bare bottom kept him from enjoying it completely.

Presently, an utterly mortified pint-sized Lana was plopped down next to the previously mortified Superboy, her own rear as red as his.

"There!" Lois gloated. "Now you match back there too! Don't think I've forgotten about how much you teased me when I was a baby! I wonder if the Daily Planet has any baby bottles around here..."

"You... You..." Lana rubbed her blazing rump as she shouted angrily up at her gigantic rival. "You're just jealous because now Superboy and I are the perfect couple and you, Miss Mountain, are too big and too old to ever have a chance with him again!"

"Oh, really?" Reaching over, Lois snatched up the little bottle and gulped down what potion was left. There was a pause as she shimmered and shrank, her clothes falling into a heap.

And a moment later, a completely naked ten year old Lois Lane climbed up on the desk to confront Lana.

"Now who's too big and too old?" demanded the diminished and denuded Lois of her similarly shrunken rival. "Now we're both small enough to date Superboy!"

Superboy stood there, embarrassed but thoroughly enjoying the show, his tiny tummy doing flips at the sight of his now preadolescent girlfriends both completely naked in front of him. Of course, the fact he was also completely naked in front of them made it a bit awkward.

But there they were, three tiny kids without a pube between them, the two girls arguing while he watched.

"Now who's too little for a training bra?" Lana sneered. "Like Superboy would ever want a bite-sized, bare bottomed brat like you!"

"Oh yeah?" Lois rejoined. "If I were big again, I'd give you another spanking just for that, you red-haired little squirt!"





Then the argument was interrupted by a shadow falling over them. 

Cub reporter Jimmy Olsen looked down at the naked little cherubs with amusement. He was holding his camera.

"Am I intruding?" he asked, grinning from ear to ear.

The two tiny naked girls shrieked in horror. Clutching their arms over their undeveloped little chests, they fled to hide behind the phone. 

"GET OUT OF HERE, JIMMY!"  They squeaked, peeking out.

"Oh, what are you two so shy about?" Jimmy chuckled. "Neither one of you have anything to look at now anyway!"

The girls glared up at him, faces burning.

Superboy stood there returning Jimmy's grin.

"Hiya, Jimmy! It's a long story..."

"Yeah," Jimmy smiled down at him. "I heard a lot of it while I was getting my camera. And it occurred to me you played a lot of mean tricks on me as well!"

Superboy's smile fell. It vanished completely as Jimmy produced a bearskin rug and spread it out on the desk.

"Time for your photo session, little fella!" He chucked the tiny Superboy under the chin. "Be good and maybe I won't submit it to the Sunday Supplement!"


Meanwhile in Neverland, John and Michael dangled upside-down, their feet caught in nooses. They looked down at their night-shirts, which had slipped off and now lay on the ground far beneath them, leaving them both completely naked and exposed. 

"How humiliating!" intoned John, a proper little English gentleman to the end, even if his end was on full display. He adjusted his glasses, looking around.

"John," Michael asked nervously, trying to cover his upside-down little willie with his hands. "John, what happened?"

John looked over. "Yes, Pan. What happened?"

Peter Pan likewise hung upside-down and completely naked nearby, his leaf suit also in a heap upon the ground. The two English boys admired his all-over tan, which contrasted vividly with their all-over pallor. Their all-over blushes, however, matched nicely, and all three bare bottoms were quite pink and round and pudgy.

Ignoring them, the embarrased little blond boy fumed, arms crossed, hands jammed into his armpits, addressing a ball of light which swirled around the three of them making faint chiming sounds.

"This is NOT funny, Tink! Get us down!"

More chiming 

"What do you mean 'silly little ass?'"

Michael checked. Pan's ass was definitely little and debatably silly, as was Peter's peter. John's too. Indeed, while Peter Pan had looked quite older to Michael before, now both he and John seemed to have shrunk to the same size he was. Both boys seemed to unconsciously realize it too. Michael smiled surreptitiously at their discomfiture.

"This is most inconvenient!" John huffed, swaying back and forth on his rope. "I certainly hope no one sees us like this!"

The thought seemed to fill Peter with a fresh horror. "Come ON, Tink! Cut us down! I can't let the Lost Boys catch me like this!"

"Too late!"

The voice came from behind them. The three boys twisted about to see five more boys, also naked, also hanging upside-down from snares.

"This is slightly embarrassing!" one boy whined.

"Gosh!" Michael exclaimed. "How many snare traps ARE there?"

More chiming from the ball of light.

Peter looked cross. "What do you mean, 'As many as necessary?'"

More chiming. 

John reddened. "Why... Is that ball of light laughing at us? Such cheek!"

More chimes. Peter looked over. 

"She said your cheeks are nice too."

"Hey!" Michael shouted. "What about mine?"

More chiming as Peter grew angrier. 

"Tink! This is not funny! It's not!" He did his best to assert his dignity, not quite possible for a small boy hanging naked upside-down on a rope. "Do you see me laughing?"

The ball of light seemed to consider a moment. Then it flew in circles around the tiny, squirming boy, tickling him mercilessly. Every bit of his flesh was exposed and every bit of exposed flesh was tickled, from the soles of his feet to his armpits to his rump to the top of his head. He wiggled and waggled helplessly, yelping at the top of his little lungs.


John, Michael, and all the Lost Boys looked at each other, then back at Peter incredulously, stunned and amused to see their leader in such a state.

Peter was crying with laughter, his bare behind wiggling wildly. "D-D-DARN IT! YEEHEEHEEHEEHEE! STOP THAT! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHOOOO!"

The boys found themselves grinning, then laughing at Peter's predicament.


"Unquestionably, sir!" Slightly assured him. "But this is, after all, quite a show!"


Just then, Lost Boy Curly had a thought.

"Wait! We still hafta get down before Captain Hook catches us! We're sitting ducks like this!"

Toodles scanned the area, then smiled broadly.

"Oh, I don't think we need to worry about Hook now!"

He pointed off in the distance to a Pirate costume piled in a heap on the ground. Above it hung another upside-down boy. He was facing away from them but they could all see his long, black, curly hair hanging down and his squirming little lily white bare backside shining as he ranted in a familiar but much higher pitched voice.

"Pan! I'll get you for this, Pan! I swear, when I get down from here, you'll pay for this indignity!"

The object of his threats, meanwhile, was still being tickled, his little tummy gasping and his face red.


"You stop laughing, Pan!" The tiny bare Hook clenched his little boy buttocks. "I promise you, I will have my revenge!"

"Gosh!" Michael gasped. "Neverland's sillier than I could have imagined!"

"Indeed!" John grinned, crossing his arms over his little bare chest. "Until we pass out from all the blood rushing to our heads, this all looks to be quite amusing!"


And somewhere far, far away, two boys were fleeing a strange beast on an alien world.

"HURRY... WHOOP! ...DOCTOR SMITH! WHOOP!" The tiny, freckled little naked Will Robinson squeaked to the other boy.

"OH ME, OH MY, OH DEAR! WHOOP! WHATEVER SHALL WE... WHOOP! DO?" The dark-haired child who had been Doctor Zachary Smith struggled to keep pace with his more athletic and until recently much younger companion. 

The beast vaguely resembled an earthly lizard. The major difference was the brightly colored, glittering scales covering its body.

"I... WHOOP! ...WARNED YOU... WHOOP! ...THOSE WEREN'T JEWELS... WHOOP! DOCTOR SMITH!" A red-faced, pink cheeked Will shouted.


The boys' pale little bare bottoms wiggled and twisted as they ran, making irresistible targets for the creature's sharp, darting prehensile tongue. It goosed one of them and then the other as they struggled to get out of its reach.

Finally, Will spotted a possible solution.


The tree was little more than a sapling but it was plenty large to them at their current size. They quickly scampered up into the little tree's branches, Will boosting his little pal up, then following himself. 

The creature circled around the tree, looking up at them with dull, black eyes.

"It can't reach us!" Will gasped, perched in the branches. "We're safe!"

"Indeed!" Little Doctor Smith huffed, his puny prepubescent boyhood sticking straight out. "For now! But at least we needn't worry about that beast taking any more liberties upon our persons!" He rubbed his backside.

Will's boyhood was also erect, presumably from all the stimulation. Blushing, he crossed his legs quickly to conceal it.

"Yeah," he said quickly, trying to distract himself. "As long as we stay up here, we're fine!"

That"s when the bark of the strange alien tree seemed to grow vibrating feathers, tickling the boys' wee bottoms mercilessly.

"WEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!" Will Robinson twisted on the branch, his eyes wide and his chest heaving.

"HOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOO!" Doctor Smith yelped, his face wrinkling in embarrassment.  "Oh, p-please stop, you silly tree! WHAHAHAHAHAHA! Consider our tender years!"

"And our tender rears!" Will tried shifting his own tender rear over the edge of the branch, clinging on with his hands and legs. Unfortunately for him, not only was he bare and ticklish there too but his dangling backside made an excellent target for the tongue of the creature below.


Will quickly scooched back onto the branch, then just as quickly tried to lift himself with his arms to suspend his behind over the bark. It didn't work.

"YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He squirmed. "Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!"

"Quite! WOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHA!" Melancholy despite his hysterical laughter, Doctor Smith wiggled from side to side. "Oh, the utter humiliation of it all! GEEHEEHEEHEEHEE! That we should both see such an ignominious end!"

"W-W-Well... BWEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE! ...I'll try not to see your end if you don't look at mine!"

Just then, to their astonishment, a tiny, toy-sized robot rolled over from the distance. It extended its tube arms and fired a blast of electricity from its pincers at the lizard. The lizard whined, hissed and fled.

The boys' eyes started from their sockets. "ROBOT?"

"Greetings, Will Robinson!" said the wee Robot in a little boy voice. "You as well, Zachary Smith." He helped them down from the tree. "This is so embarrassing."

"No kidding!" Will Robinson nodded. "But it's still good to see you, Robot! You came just in the nick of time!"

"In fact, you could have come a little earlier!" A blushing and blustering boy Smith scolded the Robot. "We were both almost devoured, no thanks to you, you pint-sized pipsqueak!"

The Robot turned its bubble to face him. "If I were not so mortified at having my rear entry portal hatch exposed, I would have serious words for you!"

"Yeah, you and me both!" Will patted the Robot fondly, then looked over at the reduced Doctor Smith. "Come to think of it, Doctor Smith, something just occurred to me..."

"Indeed?" Smith dusted himself off.Even as a scrawny little boy, his hair black instead of white, he was still a pompous bareassed little ass. 

"A couple of things, actually..." A smile crossed Will's freckled face. "For one thing, we're both kids now!"

Doctor Smith sniffed. "Maybe physically. But I..."

"Second..." He walked over close to Smith, who was almost a full head shorter. "I'm bigger than you now!"

Startled, Smith looked up at the smirking boy.

"Why... William, whatever are you suggesting...?"

"And third," he seized Smith around the waist. "This is the opportunity to do something I've wanted to take care of for a long, long time!"

"William? William, what are you... WILLIAM!"

Presently, Will Robinson had the little boy Smith upended and pinned helplessly over his raised knee as he delivered a sound bare bottomed spanking to the squalling little miscreant. 


The two naked boys struggled, little Smith's bottom growing steadily redder,  Will's also bare behind pale pink and jiggling with the reverberation of each blow.

The Robot watched. "This is a scene I shall enjoy reviewing in my memory banks for many years to come!"

"OH!" Smith whined. "THE PAIN! THE PAIN!"


And on a farm on the outskirts of Hooterville, a trough full of rain water was serving as an improvised swimming hole to four very small and extremely naked boys. They climbed up on a pail, clambered onto the trough, and jumped in, one at a time.

Three boys, one black, one white, and one Asian, all visiting from the city on a government 'Send A Kid To The Farm' program, treaded water while a little blond boy walked along the edge of the trough.

"Gosh, Mister Douglas..."

"Oliver, boys! Call me Oliver!" The little blond boy insisted. "Given the current circumstances, it's silly to stand on formality! Just treat me like one of the boys!"

"Sure!" The white boy adjusted his glasses. "Anyway, you sure look goofy shrunk down to a little kid!"

"Yeah!" The black boy laughed. "I bet you're shorter than me now!"

"Yeah!" The Asian boy chuckled. "Nice tan!"

Oliver's face reddened. "Your own tans are just as nice!" he snapped. "I would suggest we play cowboys and Indians but we don't have any Indians! Just palefaces!"

The boys made wry expressions. "Those aren't our faces, whitey!"

Oliver made a face. "Anyway, I may be smaller now but I still know a thing or two! Watch me do a perfect jack-knife dive!" 

Before he could jump, however, they heard a voice overhead. "Hi, boys!"

They all gaped as a girl about their age but human sized and fully clothed, loomed over the water trough.


The little girl who'd come along to the farm with the boys smiled at the spectacle before her.

Panicked, little naked Oliver Douglas forgot the fancy dives and just jumped into the pool. He joined the other boys treading water and looking up at her.

"I thought we told you to go back to the house!"

"Ah, it's too far to walk!" Lori shrugged. 

"Lori," tiny Oliver Douglas said in measured tones, his little pink shoulders bobbing in the water. "We BOYS are swimming. NAKED!"

"Yep!" Lori giggled. "I noticed!"

The four boys sank down to their chins, their faces a rainbow coalition of blushes.

"It's okay!" Lori grabbed the pail  and sat down in front of the trough. "I won't bother you! I'll just watch!"

The boys swallowed in horror, looking up at her looking down at them.

"Oh no..."

"That water's really clear!" She exclaimed. "Nice tans, boys!"

The boys gasped. "HEY!"

"Do you think she can see anything?"

Lori responded. "I can see EVERYTHING!"

The boys splashed and shouted, yelling for Lori to go away. She just smiled more broadly.

"DO something, Mist... Oliver!" One boy shouted to the blond boy.

"Yeah!" Another boy added. "After all, thus whole skinny-dipping thing was YOUR idea!"

Little Oliver cleared his throat, speaking as sweetly as he could. "Lori, darling, won't you be bored hanging around here? Wouldn't you rather go join Mrs. Douglas in the house?"

"Nah! Mrs. Douglas went into town. She told me to keep an eye on you boys!"


"Gosh, Oliver, I overheard you saying you wanted to be treated like one of the boys! And I wouldn't let any of those boys get away with yelling at me like that! So pipe down or I'll give that pale little bottom a good spanking! And that goes for the rest of you too!"


They all sank down in the water.

Seething with mortified fury, the three boys encircled the tiny Oliver Douglas.

"One of the boys, eh?"

Oliver looked around at his charges turned peers. "Now... Now, guys... Let's keep a calm head..."

They pounced, ducking the protesting little lad and punching and wrestling him. Parts of them flashed out of the water, giving Lori a moment's amusement, but they were too preoccupied to notice.


The three against one battle continued apace, bare backsides and skinny, pummeling arms gleaming in the sun. The air was filled with high-pitched squeaking and squawking.

"Gosh! Oliver isn't doing so hot!" She giggled. "Maybe I should give all of them a good spanking and March them back to the house!" She considered. "Maybe later. I'll wait until Mrs. Douglas gets back!"


And in another time and place, in an alleyway in a small, early Twentieth Century town...

"Gosh, Mick!" Hambone Johnson peeked out from hiding, eye level with the knees of the folks walking by. "How're we gonna get home? We ain't got no CLOTHES on!"

"I'm workin' on it, I'm workin' on it!" Mickey McGuire, tough guy leader of The Scorpions, the roughest kid gang in Shantytown, poked his head out of the discarded soup can he was hiding in. "I sent Tomboy Taylor out t'find something for us to wear!"

"Tomboy Taylor?" Katrink clutched the newspaper page he'd wrapped around himself tighter. "But she's a girl! We can't let a girl see us like this!"

"Yeah, I know!" Mickey chewed on the stub of a twig like a cigar. "But this is an emergency!" He looked around, hoping the can hid his crack. It didn't.

"Aw, let 'er look!" Billy McGuire, Mickey's little brother, strutted about naked as the day he was born. He was usually the shrimp of the group; now they were all the same size he was. "I ain't got nothing to be ashamed of!" He struck a series of muscle-man poses. 

His bravado faded when they heard her approach. Squealing, he ran to hide behind an old box.

"Mickey? Mickey?" Still full-sized, Tomboy Taylor entered the alley, her hand over her eyes. "You still here, Mickey?"



Feeling something crunch under her feet, she feared the worst. Gathering her nerve, she looked down to see she'd squashed the soup can Mickey had been in. Mickey himself had escaped just in time. She caught a brief glimpse of his bare bottom as he ran behind a crate.

"Gad-dummit! Be CAREFUL, Tomboy!" The pale little toughie glared up at her. "Didja get us some clothes?"

"Well... Sort of..."

Rooting around in her pockets, Tomboy Taylor produced a handful of wee garments. The boys recoiled in horror.


"I took them off my dolls..." she explained. "They were all I could find..."

"We can't walk around in baby bonnets!" Katrink whined.

"Yeah!" Hambone Johnson exclaimed, blushing. "A bonnet don't cover up a whole lot!"

"Wait a minute, fellers! We can make this work!" He took a bonnet and tied it around his head. "Look, we're small enough to pass for babies. All we gotta do is go 'Goo goo' and 'gah gah' and people will think we are babies! Then we can get home!"

"I dunno, Mickey..." Hambone said, nevertheless donning a bonnet. "It sounds plenty undignified to me!"

"Yeah!" Katrink agreed, also tying a bonnet over his blond hair. "Goo goo and gah gah! If anyone recognizes us, we'll never live it down!"

"Y'gotta be kidding!" Billy adjusted his bonnet. "This is the bunk!"

"Ah, c'mon, you guys!" Mickey insisted. "Nobody's gonna know it's us! And if we hurry, we can get home by dinner!"

"Well..." sighed Katrink. "I suppose it's our only real hope..."

The boys emerged, buck naked except for the bonnets. Tomboy Taylor goggled down at them.

"Gosh!" she giggled.

The boys dropped into crouches, doubling over in embarrassment.

"HEY!" squeaked a furious Mickey, red-faced and pink bottomed. "GET OUT OF HERE!"

"WE AIN'T DECENT!" added Katrink, paler on at least one end.

"Well..." Tomboy shrugged. "If you say so..."

She had as much doubt about Mickey's plan as the others and wanted to keep an eye on them. But the naked boys would have died first. So she left.

"Okay," Mickey said to the others, swallowing hard and gathering up his nerve. "Here we go..."

One by one, the blushing, bare bottomed boys stepped out onto the sidewalk, garnering looks and not a few giggles from the gigantic passer-by around them. 

Mickey squared his little pink shoulders, puffed out his chest, and stuck out his chin. Other parts of him stuck out already.

"Okay, men," he whispered to the others. "Try to act like babies!"

He walked down the street, bold as brass. "Goo goo!" he shouted. "Gah gah!"

The other three boys reluctantly followed. 

"Goo goo..." A mortified Katrink tucked his chin into his chest, fighting back tears. "Goo goo..."

"Gah gah..." Hambone clenched his legs together, his little brown shoulders hunched. "I say, gah gah..."

"Goo gah..." Billy glared from side to side. "Goo gah..."

A kid took aim at Billy's tiny tushie with his slingshot and fired.

"YEOW!" Billy howled as the pebble in the slingshot hit its mark. Clutching his behind, he stormed over to the full-sized boy. "HEY! YOU CUT THAT OUT OR I'LL KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OFF! YOU GET ME?" He shook his fist, among other things, then hurried back to rejoin the others. "Goo gah... Goo gah..."

The teeny quartet continued down the street, garnering stunned looks and quite a few laughs. Despite their most fervent prayers, they were fooling absolutely no one and their neighbors and classmates were greatly amused by their reduced circumstances.

"Come on, guys!" Mickey whispered urgently. "Try to look more like babies!"

They came to a traffic light, waited until the light turned green, ran across the street as fast as they could, then resumed their walk.

"Goo goo... Gah gah..." 

"Ah, c'mon, Mickey!" Hambone whined. "I don't need to get more tan! Can't we just..."

"Don't give up hope, guys!" Mickey insisted. "Get a wiggle on! Only a few more blocks to go!"

The others blushed head to toe, acutely aware of their own and each others' wiggling.

Then disaster struck. A pair of patent leather shoes so polished Mickey could see his reflection stepped in front of him, blocking his way. He looked up to see his arch nemesis smirking down at him.

"Stinky Davis!"

"Well, well, well!" He snickered. "Mickey McGuire! Lose something, little fella? Like your diaper, perhaps?"

Stinky Davis was the town rich kid. He habitually wore a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit with velvet knickerbockers and a lace collar, set off by curly blond locks. Mickey always thought he looked like a sissy but he had to admit at this moment he was the better dressed of the two of them.

"Well, well, well! Mickey McGuire and his pals! All naked as newborn babies!"

Stinky's pals, other rich boys, laughed down at the tiny, naked Mickey and his gang in their baby bonnets.

"How's the weather down there?" Stinky cackled. "Cold?"

"Ah, you just stow it, Stinky!" Mickey squeaked up at the grinning boy, his feet burning with humiliation. "Get outta the way or I'll knock your block off!"

In response, Stinky plucked the wee little tough boy up by the scruff of the neck and held him up to get a better view. Pint-sized but pugnacious, the tiny Mickey kicked and struggled, throwing punches in the air and shouting threats.

Seeing Mickey's wee little willie, Stinky flicked it. Mickey yelped, slamming his little legs together protectively.

"H-HEY! YOU DO THAT AGAIN AND I'LL CLOBBER YOU!" Mickey blustered, shivering in the breeze.

Stinky dropped his little adversary onto his palm, where he shouted unintelligible threats up at Stinky's smug, smirking face.

"Hey boys," Stinky called to his gang. "I think these itty-bitty baby Scorpions need a good spanking, don't you?"

The other boys nodded, snickering down at the tiny, struggling boys in their grasp. 

Mickey protested vehemently as Stinky sat down on the curb and placed the kicking, squawking little mite over his knee. The other boys did the same.


An utterly humiliated Mickey McGuire howled, helplessly enduring a bare bottom spanking from his arch rival. His face was burning almost as hot as his rear. 

But something began to happen. As time went by, Mickey noticed the spanks weren't as hard as they had been. They were, in fact, very weak and getting progressively weaker. 

"Gosh, boys!" Stinky said to his pals, his voice considerably higher. "You guys feel a breeze?"

"Yeah!" Another rich kid answered. "And this stone curb is COLD!"

Mickey looked over his shoulder to see in the course of the spanking, Stinky Davis had dwindled down to his size. He was now lying awkwardly across the boy's small lap.

Meanwhile, Stinky had just realized he was now naked in public. Yelping, he leapt to his feet, sending Mickey sprawling.

"HEY!" Stinky Davis peeped up at the amused bystanders gathered around them. He covered his privates as best he could, knees buckling with embarrassment. "YOU FOLKS BETTER STOP LOOKING AT ME! I MEAN IT! MY DAD'S AN IMPORTANT MAN IN THIS TOWN AND HE..."

Then he felt a hand clamp down on his bare shoulder. He turned to face a furious, red-faced Mickey McGuire, who was once again the same size as he.

"GIVE ME A SPANKING, WILLYA?" He cocked his fist.

Screeching, Stinky and his gang fled, the mortified and enraged Scorpions in hot pursuit.  The townsfolk watched with amusement as four tiny boy mites, their wiggling bare bottoms almost blinding white, fled naked down the street, followed by four bright red on both ends, equally naked midgets, who squeaked ferocious threats as they disappeared into the horizon.


Meanwhile, in a modern stone age suburb, Arnold the paper boy rode his scooter through the streets, a pile of stone tablet 'newspapers' piled up behind him. And on top of the tablets sat one disgruntled little passenger.

"Almost home, Mister Flintstone!" he said cheerfully to the tiny, naked, pudgy little boy who perched on the paper next to him.

"Well, it's about time!" the little grump with the mussed up black hair whined, his little arms crossed over his boy boobs, his ample pink bare behind flat on the stone. "I almost fell off that last turn you made! I'd drive myself if I could just see over the steering wheel..."

"Ah, you're not old enough to have a driver's license now anyway." He screeched to a halt in front of a residential stone house. "We're here!"

Barney Rubble hurried over.  "Hiya, Arnold! Where's our little passenger?"

"Right over... Huh?" He turned to find the boy had vanished. "Mister Flintstone? Mister Flintstone!"

Finally, they spotted him, or a portion of him, his rosey little rump wiggling furiously as he kicked and shouted, jammed into the bookbag where he'd fallen.

"Mmph! Mmrfg mmph mmph!"

"Why, Fred! Looks like you don't know which end is up!"

Arnold reached down, plucked the little fellow out of the bag, and plopped him down where he'd been on the stone 'newspaper.' 

"There y'go!" The paperboy said to the little boy sitting on the paper, which he handed to Barney. "That'll be thirty cents for the ride and twelve cents for the paper!"

"Thirty cents!" Fred exclaimed indignantly. "That's highway robbery!"

"Here, I'll pay!" Barney handed Arnold some coins. "Fred's a little short this month!"

"Oh, haaaardee-har-har!" Fred shouted up at his pal. "Well, don't pay for this paper!" he insisted. "I don't need it! I've read it already!"

Arnold looked down at the little mite sitting bare-rumped on the stone. "That's not the end you read with, Mister Flintstone!"

"You don't know our Fred!" Barney joshed. "Hey! With Fred sitting on it, this really is a crack news source!"

"Yeah!" Arnold giggled. "Getting to the bottom of all the hard news!"

"Oh, you're both regular riots! A couple of cards!" Fred sulked, his chubby little tummy just covering his hairless prepubescent boyhood. "Why don't the two of you go on Art Clinkletter and say the darnedest things? Now take me inside! I'm gonna catch cold out here!"

Moments later, Fred paced on the floor of the Flintstones home, just over ankle-level with Barney, Betty, and his wife Wilma.

"So Fred," Betty brought up the subject gingerly. "Have you given any more thought to that job offer from that modeling agency?"

"We could really use the money," added Wilma.

"I already told you," Fred shouted up at them. "The answer is no! N-O! I still wear the pants in this family!"

Wilma smirked. "You're not even wearing diapers!"

Fred stuck out his baby barrel chest. "If you're trying to belittle me, Wilma, you're too late! Someone already beat you to it!"

He continued stalking around, his chubby little behind jiggling with each stomping step.

"But Fred..."

"But nothing!" Fred snapped back. "I may have come down in the world but I still have my dignity!"

He accidentally wandered into a mouse-hole and disappeared. Before any of the others could do anything, though, a mouse almost twice Fred's size led him back out by the ear.

"YEEEEOW! Alright! I'm going! I'm going!"

The mouse then followed up with several sharp swats to the tiny boy's bare rear.

"OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!"

"Remember, Fred!" Barney chuckled. "Dignity, always dignity!"

"Very funny! Verrrrry funny!" Fred rubbed his stinging backside. "Remind me to set some more traps when I get the chance! Anyway, I'm starved! What's for dinner?"

Wilma couldn't suppress a smile. "Rump roast."

Fred glared up at her.

"Hey! It could be worse!" Barney joked. "It could be short ribs!"

"Or shrimp tails!" added Betty. "With baby peas!"

"Or pork butt!"

"Or maybe..."

"ALRIGHT ALREADY!" He stood, beet red, with as much dignity as he could manage, while his wife picked him up, carried him into the dining area, and set him down in an old high chair. 

"But I am NOT changing my mind about that job! I will NOT do it! My mind is made up!"

The next day, at the Tiny Tots Modeling Agency...

"Make those eyes big... Big... Now curl those chubby little legs... Perfect!"

The shutter clicked.

Little Fred Flintstone lay on his tummy in a mock-up of a bassinet, his fists under his chin, a frozen smile plastered on his face, his bare behind goose-pimpled from the over aggressive air conditioning.

"If any of the guys in the lodge find out about this..."

"Just think about the paycheck, Fred ol' buddy!" Barney reminded him from his seat nearby. "Hey! Who could've imagined it? Fred Flintstone, nude model!"

"Very funny!"

The photographer fussed over the picture. "Okay, now stick your chin out and wiggle that fat little fanny... Got it!" Snap. "These should be ideal for the Fostone's Formula account..."

"I'm about to lose my temper and slug this guy..."

"C'mon, Fred!" Barney chuckled. "Just grin and bare it!"

"Oo! That reminds me! We should get some pictures of him on the bearskin rug! Felicia! Set up the bearskin rug for little Freddy! And add some more baby oil to that little tushie! Fiiiiine!"


And in a gigantic castle high in the clouds, a boy in brightly colored psuedo-Midevial clothes made his way through the cavernous halls.

"I knew climbing that beanstalk was worth the effort!" he said, adjusting his feathered cap. "Now all I have to do is find the Magic Harp and the Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs without running into the giant and I'll be on easy street!"

Turning a corner, he found a room and peeked in. He didn't see a giant, though. Quite the opposite: A small boy, quite thin and completely naked except for a wizard's conical hat and a pair of wire frame glasses several sizes too big for him. He was sitting bareassed on top of a stack of books reading another book bigger than he was by the light of a candle twice his size.

He looked over at the, to him, huge boy. "Oh. Hello."

The boy entered the room, looking down at him. "I... Who are you?"

"Under the circumstances, shouldn't I be asking you that question?"

The boy adjusted his spectacles. He stood up, standing on top of the book pile yet scarcely reaching the other boy's waist. His ribcage was visible as he stretched, his little belly rising and falling, his tiny bald dingle swaying. 

"I know some people find it hard to believe, but I am the wizard Merlin! How do you do?"

He made a most courtly bow, made slightly ridiculous by his small size and his nudity.

"YOU'RE Merlin?" The boy stared down at the scrawny, nude lad in disbelief.

Merlin nodded, smiling thinly. "And you're Jack, I take it."

The boy started. "I... Yes, I am, as a matter of fact! How did you know that?"

"Because I'm Merlin," the boy shrugged his bony shoulders.

Another boy, a wide-eyed little Mexican, also naked, with brown skin and an expressive face, peeked out behind another stack of books. "And I'm Pulgarcito!" He smiled up at Jack. "Merlin and I are old friends! We used to work for Santa Claus together!"

Jack stared down at him. "I... What?"

"True, true," Merlin nodded. "But after many centuries of faithful service, I grew tired and weary. So I chose to become a cherub and retire! And dear little Pulgarcito chose to accompany me!"

"I knew him when he was an old man!" Pulgarcito laughed. "Now he's a boy like me! I think he's really cute this way! And now we can play together!"

"Uh, yeah..." Jack was completely lost. "Say, could either of you tell me the quickest way to the Magical Golden Harp without running into the Giant?"

"The Giant?" Merlin scratched his head. "Oh, if you came to see the Giant, I'm afraid you're going to be somewhat disappointed..."

A moment later, a voice boomed through the halls, albeit one higher and fainter than what Jack was expecting...


A fat, naked little red-haired boy the same size as Merlin and Pulgarcito walked into the room, staring up at Jack.


Jack stared down at the doll-sized mite, struggling not to giggle. "THAT'S the Giant?"

"Don't rub it in!" The red-faced little boy whined. "This is so humiliating!"

"I'll bet it is!" Jack guffawed, stepping over him. "This'll be a cinch! Where's that Magic Harp?"

"In the next room," Pulgarcito answered calmly. "Up on the table!"

"But... But it's MINE!" whined the tiny Ex-Giant.

"So? What are you going to do about it? Kick me in the shin?" Jack laughed down at the helpless little redhead. "It's mine now! And so's that Magic Goose!"

Jack ran into the next room, leaving the three pygmies staring after him.

"This is so embarrassing!" whined the tiny Giant, his blubbery bare behind sagging sadly. "Now Jack is the giant and I'm just a helpless little boy! Oh, if only I were my proper size again!"

"Don't worry, friend Ogre!" Merlin assured him. "I smell a faint odor of burnt ozone and mimosa on the wind that suggests our erstwhile young Jack will be getting his comeuppance!"

"Or comedownance, maybe?" giggled Pulgarcito.

"We will see!" 

Merlin made a gesture and the three boys vanished from the room.

They reappeared a moment later on a oaken table near the enormous Golden Harp. The little ex-giant looked at it sadly. 

"Oh, I will miss my Golden Harp and the soothing melodies it would play! But that overgrown rapscallion Jack will undoubtedly make off with it and I'm too small now to stop him!"

Merlin smiled mysteriously. "Don't be so sure..."

Moments later, a tiny, stark naked Jack climbed up on the table, pale and panting, his shoulders freckled and his wiener just as tiny, bald and undeveloped as any of theirs.

"I'm getting tired of all this climbing!" Jack complained out loud to himself. "But that Golden Harp and Magic Goose will make it all worth it!"

He approached the Magic Harp, which now towered over him. Pulgarcito snickered at his newly bare bottom wiggling from side to side as he walked toward it in awe.

"Wow! This thing's huge!" Bending over, he seized the base of the Harp and strained to lift it. "But... UNNGH!... I'll get it.... HUHNGH! ...back home... GUUUNGH! ...somehow! This thing's... URRRGH! ...gotta be worth... HUNGH! ...a fortune!"

The three boys smiled at the spectacle of Jack's pale little buttocks as he futilely attempted to lift the Harp.

Finally, the former Giant went over and gave those buttocks a resounding slap.

"YOW!" Leaping upright, he turned to see the once tiny Giant he'd laughed at now eye-level with him. "Hey! You got big!"

"Not exactly!" giggled Pulgarcito. 

Jack looked at them, then down at himself, yelping and blushing as he realized his nakedness.

"Wh... HEY!" He covered his puny little privates with his hands. "Come on you guys, gimme back my clothes!"

Merlin shrugged. "Not really an option, young man."

"Do you think we'd be parading around like this if it were?" added Pulgarcito.

Jack glared at them. Then, blushing furiously, he took a deep breath, squared his freckled pink shoulders, and did his best to look defiant, though cutely naked.

"Oh... Oh yeah? Well, I'm not gonna let a little embarrassment stand between me and a fortune in gold!"

He tried to turn back to the Harp, only for the ex-Giant to grab his shoulder. 

"You forget," he said to Jack. "It's my harp. And I'm the same size as you now!"

He stood, his fat little belly flopped down over his boyhood, his chubby little arms folded.

Jack swallowed. "Oh yeah? Well, you're no giant any more! You're just a kid like me! I want that Harp! And I want that goose!" 

He clenched his fists, among other things, advancing on the wee Giant. An itty-bitty brawl seemed imminent.

Pulgarcito nudged Merlin. "Hey! He wants a magic goose!"

Merlin looked at Pulgarcito and smiled. "Then that is what he shall have!"  He gestured.

And Jack shot bolt upright, clutching his rear as a magical, and very cold, force slid between his butt cheeks. 


He yelped, bouncing on his heels as he felt the invasive force again, and again, and again.

"YIPE! DARN IT! YOW! CUT THAT OUT! WHOOP! YOU CAN'T DO THIS! YEEP! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE HERO! YELP!"  He took to his heels, hands trying ineffectually to protect his backside. "MAAAAA!"

"We shall send your mother a golden egg," Merlin called after the blushing, blustering, bouncing bare bottomed boy as he fled down the table leg, across the castle, and back down the beanstalk, yelping and wiggling all the way. "That should be more than enough to maintain the two of you in comfort for the rest of your days!"

"Thank you, friend Merlin!" The little Giant smiled. "Still, I wish you had let me fight that rotten... WHOOP!"

He clutched his behind, a look of shock on his face.

"What is... YIPE!" Merlin's eyes bulged as his scrawny little rear end wiggled. "I must have put a little too much spin in my... YEEP! ..spell! Now it's... WOO! ...backfiring!"

"On our backsides! YEEP! This is... YOW! ...humiliating! WOO!"

Pulgarcito, meanwhile, was doubled over with laughter. "Looks like the goose is loose, doesn't... HEY!"  He bolted upright, clutching his chubby little bottom, reddening and scowling.

"Merlin! WHOOP! Do something! WHOOP!"

Merlin turned, legs locked together, clutching his bare behind.

"Well... WHOOP! Back to the... WHOOP! ...spellbooks!"

He waddled toward his library, wagging his tail behind him. The other two boys followed, also with frantically twitching behinds.






And in the perpetual eternal summer of the Golden Age Super-Heroes, a picturesque lake sat empty, its waters lapping the shore. Moments earlier, it had been filled with young boy sidekicks mischievously skinny-dipping, their colorful costumes discarded on shore. They still sat empty in piles as the mentors of the young sidekicks had discovered the tween truants and were delivering sound bare bottom spankings as punishment. 

The red jersey adorned with twin white stars usually worn by the magnetic marvel known only as Davey sat in the grass. Not far away, the heroic Magno sat with the squalling, stark naked raven-haired lad across his knees, his reddening rear pointed to the sky.

"OW! Ah, c'mon, Magno! OW!"

Similarly, the gold and red costume that usually signified Sandy the Golden Boy was draped over a tree branch. The blond, curly-haired youth who usually occupied it was draped over the lap of The Sandman. And while only his hair was gold now, his seat was once again a bright red.

"OW! Gee, Sandman! OW!"

The red suit and yellow cap was stuffed into the yellow quiver of Speedy the boy bowman, and leaned against the same tree. The strawberry blond boy was suffering an ignominious fate at the hands of Green Arrow, who found the squirming lad's blazing backside as good a target as any he'd encountered.

"OW! Ah, heck, Green Arrow! OW!"

The black trunks, belt and boots which were usually the only garments worn by the boy inferno Toro were left under a bush. The dark-haired boy was meanwhile feeling a different kind of heat in a specific portion of his anatomy kindled by the heroic Human Torch.

"OW! Please, Torch! OW!"

The midnight black leather suit worn by Tim, sometimes referred to as Kid Terror, was neatly spread out on the ground in an effort to avoid wrinkles. Tim, on the other hand, was more kid than terror right now as The Black Terror delivered harsh, stinging justice to his reddening rump.

"OW! OW! OW!" 

The star-spangled suit of the Star-Spangled Kid, on the other hand, had been neatly folded and set aside. His neatness, however, earned him no points from his brawny colleague Stripesy, who administered a harsh blow to the bespectacled boy's very exposed dignity.

"OW! Darn it! OW! OW!"

The sky-blue raiment of Captain Marvel Junior was scrunched up in the crook of a tree, the yellow boots sitting on top, the white cape poking out underneath. The tousle-haired lad, meanwhile, was miserably finding even he was vulnerable to the might of Captain Marvel, especially in a certain very tender area..

"OW! Ah, lay off! OW!"

The crimson tights worn by Mister Scarlet's young crimefighting partner Pinky had been rudely kicked aside upon being removed. The boy, meanwhile, now more closely emulated his codename, being quite pink except for a certain area Mister Scarlet was making more like his own moniker.

"OW! Ah, gosh, sir! OW!"

The clothes of Stuff The Chinatown Kid, weren't quite as tight or dynamic or flashy as his companions but the Asian sidekick of the western hero The Vigilante was now dressed the same as the other boys, and a part of him was rapidly turning the same hue.

"OW! OW! OW!" He shouted something in Chinese that sounded borderline obscene. 

The striped shirt and blue trunks of Roy The Super Boy hung haphazardly on a nearby bush. The tanlines left by the trunks were quickly by swallowed up by the crimson glow being created by hero known as The Wizard.

"OW! OH! OW!"

And the colorful outfit of his friend and occasional crimefighting associate Dusty the Boy Detective were tossed nearby.  Dusty was tossed across the lap of his mentor The Shield, his face almost as red as his bare behind.

"OW! OW! OH!"

The patriotic red and blue suit of Bucky, young partner of the war hero Captain America, had been neatly folded in proper military style and set aside. Right now, however, Bucky's former white bottom was becoming a painful red and he was feeling quite blue.

"OW! Cut it out, Cap! OW!"

And finally, there was the precursor, the pioneer, the first sidekick of them all. Robin, the laughing young daredevil chum of Batman, named for the flashy red and green costume with the yellow cape that sat crumpled nearby and which made him look as bright as a robin red breast. It wasn't his breast that was red now, though it was blushing as another portion of his person took on a brilliant red glow.

"OW! Batman, this is... OW!"

So, thirteen usually brave and heroic tweens feeling neither brave nor heroic at the moment as they lay completely naked, their exposed rears being soundly paddled.

The grown heroes nodded to one another and concluded with a hard simultaneous smack that had all the boy sidekicks leaping to their feet clutching their behinds, howling, and dancing frantically, displaying their various stages of puberty as they flopped and jiggled about.

"There!" scolded Mister Scarlet with a smile. "Maybe now you'll know better than to run off to go swimming!"

"Yeah!" Captain Marvel added. "Just think if some crook caught you and stole your clothes!" He spoke from bitter experience. "Just think how embarrassing that would be!"

"Not to mention the threat to your secret identities!" Batman added. "You're not even wearing your masks!"

The boys had to admit, their masks were the last thing on their minds at the moment. Faces burning almost as brightly as their opposite ends, they went to collect their clothes.

The hypnotic hero known as The Wizard gestured. Instantly, every stitch of the discarded clothing vanished into thin air.


The startled boys turned to face their mentors, hands over their privates.

"Ah, come on, guys!" a blushing, buck-naked Bucky whined. "Where's our clothes?"

"I know!" The Wizard's young partner Roy The Super Boy exclaimed, trying to conceal his boyhood. "The Wizard just cast an illusion turning all our outfits invisible!"

"But why?" asked a very pink Pinky.

"Come on, you guys!" sobbed Captain Marvel Junior. "Give us back our clothes! This is embarrassing!"

"Yeah!" Stuff simpered. "Someone might see us like this!"

"You didn't seem that concerned about being seen when you were swimming!" laughed The Shield.

"We were in the water then!" Dusty answered his partner. "Not standing out here exposed in the altogether!"

Batman smiled. "I'll bet they're also embarrassed by their red behinds!"

The boys' increased blushes indicated this was indeed the case.

"C-Come on, you guys!" whimpered Speedy, looking more like Cupid. "It's getting cold standing here!"

Captain America grinned. "Here's the deal, boys. We'll make it part of your training."

The boys looked at one another, puzzled.

"You'll get your clothes back," Stripesy explained, "After every single one of you runs all the way around the lake."

The boys gaped.

"The WHOLE lake?" Toro sobbed. It was a very big lake.

"Like THIS?" Tim sobbed.

Sandy also sobbed. "BAREFOOT?"

"Not to mention bare everything else!" The Star-Spangled Kid adjusted his glasses. "Come on, guys!"

"And I'd better not catch any of you using your powers!" The Wizard told them. "Now get going!"

Miserable and mortified, the bakers' dozen of nude, muscular young tweens started their run, their bare bottoms bouncing and blazing behind them. 

"This is so humiliating!"

The adult heroes watched, struggling, but not too hard, to keep straight faces. A moment or so later, they collapsed into laughter.

"Did you see their faces?" snickered The Sandman.

"Did you see their everything else?" retorted Magno, drawing fresh laughter.

None of them noticed a strange change taking place as their voices began getting higher, their heights began getting lower, and their costumes began fading away. Within seconds, thirteen dynamic and strong super-heroes had been replaced by thirteen bare bottomed little boys, still amused over the humiliation of their young sidekicks,  unaware they were now just as young and as bare.

"Boy!" laughed Captain America, his privates on full display. "There they go! Bucky! Buck naked!"

"Stark naked!" cackled The Black Terror, now more pink and white than black. "Same with Tim. He doesn't even have his mask on!"

"Poor Sandy," The Sandman, now a dark-haired, slightly portly chortled. "He doesn't even like showering after gym class! They must have dared him to go in!"

"Well, that will teach him not to take dares!" Mister Scarlet, now Master Scarlet, rubbed his face, sensing something was missing, unaware it was his mustache. 

"Junior was fuming!" giggled Captain Marvel. "Billy had better watch his back for awhile!"

"I reckon we'd all better watch our backs!" joked The Vigilante, going to tip up his hat and finding nothing there. "Not to mention our backsides!" Fortunately for them all, their backsides were on full view for anyone to see.

"The Kid was just mortified!" chuckled the beefy little freckle-faced redhead who had been Stripesy. "He always tries to act so grown up! And there he was, in his bare skin, getting his seat warmed!" He stood there in his own bare skin, his own seat being warmed by the sun. 

"And little Toro!" The Human Torch, now hardly more than a spark, guffawed. "He's used to being hot, but not back there!" 

The Wizard, now more a Whiz-Kid, pondered. "How long do you think we should wait before giving them back their clothes?" He was another one who had lost his facial hair and wasn't sure why he felt exposed. He was also unaware the boys' clothes, rather than being invisible, had vanished along with their own. None of the twenty-six heroes, junior or senior, had a stitch left.

"I don't know. It should take some time for them to get back!" Green Arrow, now Wee Arrow, looked across the horizon. "That's an awfully big lake! Funny, I didn't realize it was so big before!"

"Yes," Batman, now more of a Bat-Brat, pondered. He usually struck terror into the hearts of criminals. Now he would be quite unlikely to do so, unless the criminals had a dread fear of dimples. "There is something very strange going on..." But he couldn't resist sneaking a look at the lake. "That water does look tempting, though..."

The men-turned-boys exchanged looks, then smiles, then nods.  Then, as one, all thirteen of them ran whooping into the cool lake, bare behinds ranging from pale pink to pasty white but all wiggling wildly as they hit the water.

Other bare behinds also wiggled some distance away. However, they were all bright red and wiggling in sync as the thirteen sidekicks ran.

"Well, we're covering a lot of ground..."

"At least we're covering SOMETHING..."

Davey the magnetic partner of Magno, was bringing up the rear, as it were, of the procession. He had realized some time ago he was Different From the Others and had eventually come to terms with it, though he was careful to keep anyone else from finding out. Not even Magno knew.

He had admired a lot of the other sidekicks ever since he saw them in newsreels and the like. He had to admit, he found almost all of them very cute. When they ran into each other on a case, he'd been excited. When someone suggested they go swimming in the raw, he almost died. And now here he was admiring the view, watching their heroic bare butt cheeks jiggle as they jogged through the woods.

Robin was, of course, the most famous of the group. Davey had always liked how he looked in those little green chainmail shorts. He liked how he looked out of them too. He had round, pudgy cheeks on his face and elsewhere, and an acrobat's body, muscular and a bit top heavy. And he was just starting to get his pubes. Not only knowing this but observing it first hand was incredibly thrilling to Davey. 

The Star-Spangled Kid, on the other hand, was quite thin, almost nebbishy looking with his neatly pomaded hair and his horn-rimmed glasses. He was quite obviously the most mortified of the bunch since people usually thought of him as the boss of his team. Being spanked by his erstwhile grown-up 'sidekick' and running around buck naked with his freshly paddled rear end and his general lack of development on full display was a bitter pill for him to swallow. His face was burning red. So was his oval-shaped other end. 

Captain Marvel Junior was gorgeous, tousled dark hair, square jaw and bright blue eyes. His blue costume almost looked painted on in some photos and Davey had eagerly examined them to see what he could. Now he had every inch of the young hero on full display for his perusal, including a certain part that Davey had to admit had always seemed bigger in the photos.  His bottom on the other hand had always looked higher and flatter. Apparently, this was due to the restraining nature of the tights. It now bulged out unbound.  

Toro was vaguely exotic looking with his dark eyes, messy hair, and deep tan. His costume was the skimpiest of them all, essentially swim trunks and boots. Now he didn't even have those. He seemed pretty embarrassed, which had surprised Davey at first since after all he paraded around almost naked in public all the time. But Davey felt he understood. His outfit may not have covered much but what it did cover was important. 

Stuff, on the other hand, belied the stereotypes Davey had heard about the Chinese. For one thing, he pronounced his words properly. As a young boy just entering puberty he didn't have much down there but what he did have was on a par with the others, belying another stereotype. And while his skin wasn't quite the same hue as the others, it wasn't as yellow as he'd been led to believe. Under the current circumstances, Davey had a lot of opportunity to compare and contrast.

Roy The Super Boy was someone Davey had to admit he'd never heard of before. Upon meeting him, however, he'd decided he really needed to study up on him. With his blond hair, sturdy build and chubby cheeks on both ends, he was seriously adorable. The way his round, pert bubble butt stuck out, at first lily white and now fire engine red, also amused Davey.

Dusty The Boy Detective was also quite nice looking, in Davey's opinion. He'd mentioned earlier he and Roy shared an apartment while attending military school. This had started Davey wondering if they were Different too; if they were, Davey envied them both. Dusty was a bit shorter than average, with bright red hair and freckles, almost a caricature of The Typical American Boy. Davey noticed to his amusement the freckles didn't end at Dusty's face.

Sandy The Golden Boy seemed a bit effete to Davey, pale and slim, though wiry. He was also perhaps the most shy about his body. Davey had noticed he'd undressed in the bushes when they went swimming and rushed into the water as quickly as possible. Now of course he was on full display as they all were. And while he was putting up a good front, Davey could see little tears of embarrassment being blinked back. He clearly wasn't used to the woods and had trouble running barefoot, stumbling and limping. Davey really had to struggle to keep from passing him. Still, the view of his slim, perfectly formed bare backside made it worth the effort. 

Speedy, on the other hand, was quite proficient running in the woods and seemed the least embarrassed about being naked. If anything, he was more ashamed of having the evidence he'd gotten a bare bottom spanking visible to all. Davey had heard Speedy had been raised by Indians; hence, his skill with the bow. Davey wasn't sure what the Native Americans would have made of Speedy's strawberry blond hair but in at least one portion of his anatomy he was definitely a redskin.

Tim, The Black Terror's partner, had seemed quite intimidating at first with his black leather outfit, complete with skull and crossbones on the chest. He seemed much less foreboding now with his long, skinny legs, almost nonexistent ass, and bald little willie.  Davey got the feeling he was quite aware of it too. They were all blushing, but he seemed especially red. And he was blushing all over.

Bucky buck naked was a bit of a disappointment to Davey. Granted, he was quite cute with his square chin and his mop of unkempt hair. But his crack seemed almost nonexistent. It emerged from between his legs but only seemed to go halfway up before stopping abruptly. Maybe he didn't have the best angle to see. Still, the rest of him was quite worth looking at. He'd already started the transition from boyish baby fat to adolescent muscle. Still not much body hair, though. 

Then there was Pinky The Whiz Kid, another strawberry blonde, though it was easy to tell him and Speedy apart: Only one of them was circumcised. Though Davey admitted his own superhero name wasn't all that inspired, he had often wondered what possessed Mister Scarlet's young sidekick to take the name Pinky. At the moment, however, it was decidedly apt. He was quite definitely very, very pink, except for the parts that were red. That would be his face and... lower...

To be fair, though, the same could be said of all of them. Davey couldn't help being amused by the notion of all these usually powerful and impressive young heroes running around stark naked. And it was especially amusing to think they all had freshly spanked, red bare bottoms. But then he had to remember he was just as naked, his bottom was just as bare, and while he couldn't really see, he was pretty certain it was just as red. On the other hand, theirs almost certainly stung just as much as his did. 

Davey was jolted out of his reverie by Stuff complaining.

"Ah, whose idea was it t'go swimming anyways?"

"I dunno," Dusty whined. "But I'm getting cold!"

"Well," Roy snickered. "I know part of you that looks like it's still pretty hot!"

"HEY!" Dusty glared at him, blushing. "SHUT UP ABOUT THAT OR I'LL..."

"Ssh!" Robin motioned for them to stop. "I hear something!"

The others listened and soon they heard it too.


They quickly ducked into the foliage for modesty's sake.

Creeping forward, they soon spotted an old cabin and a collection of people gathered around it.

"Oh no..."

An icy terror seized all their hearts. They all suddenly felt considerably more exposed.

"Oh NO..."

They exchanged terrified looks.


Meanwhile, the dwindled heroes were all splashing in the lake, as young and as bare as their sidekicks but much, much smaller. In fact, not one of them was more than a few inches high and all of them were quite thoroughly, quite obviously, and quite nakedly prepubescent. Their tiny baby dinks bounced and swayed as they sported in the water.  While the lake was now quite deep to them, they refrained from going in too deep.  Indeed, the water scarcely came up to their waists and as they played, at least a portion of each lad's lily white bottom remained constantly visible.

The Sandman, or Sandboy, now had a body-shape almost like a potato and looked rather priggish with his messy, greasy hair and flat little backside. He seemed rather like the type of boy who'd be bullied in an English prep school.

And Stripesy seemed like the type to do the bullying with his curly red hair, stocky build, and fat, drooping buttocks. Only his innocent little face betrayed the kind soul within.

Captain Marvel, of course, looked a lot like his alter ego Billy Batson. Not identical, but quite close. The main difference was a rounder, chubbier face and thicker eyebrows. And while he hadn't realized it yet, the goose pimples forming on his bare behind betrayed the fact he was no longer invulnerable.

Young Master Scarlet provided an amusing contradiction. While the bare bottom of his sidekick Pinky was at the moment quite scarlet, Master Scarlet's equally bare bottom was quite pink. Also quite scrawny. He looked rather bookish and nerdy with his skinny build, wireframe glasses, and thin, drawn countenance. He did not look like the kind of boy who'd be out skinny-dipping in the woods. 

Neither did Green Arrow, who now with his neat blond curls and chiseled features resembled a prep school lad out mixing with the common boys. One sensed his parents would reel back in shock at the spectacle of his marble white little rear end exposed to the world.

The Vigilante was a handsome cowboy singing star and was now quite an adorable little boy with bright, mischievous eyes, a pert little button nose, and an equally pert, round little rump. He sported a deep prairie tan over most of his body, making the portions of his anatomy that weren't tan seem almost comically pale in comparison.

The Black Terror was now more cute than terrifying with his round, dark eyes, unblemished, innocent little face, and wiggly little hind end. He usually displayed a Jolly Roger on his chest. Now the roger he displayed was far too young to be jolly and located much lower. 

The Human Torch never actually had a childhood. An android, he was created fully grown. So this was his first time as a boy. He was a bright little spark who seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly though, laughing and squealing his little blond head off. His artificial construction meant he had an all-over tan, so his little pink tush stood out amidst his paler associates. 

Magno did not have the same proclivities as his young partner Davey, so he was not enjoying the spectacle, or even taking much notice of it. It was probably just as well since at his current age his chubby, jiggling little behind would definitely amuse Davey very much.

Fortunately for Captain America, the effects of the Super Soldier Serum had not been nullified when he shrank to his current size. While hardly muscular as a little boy, he wasn't as frail and scrawny as he had been during his actual childhood. He was, in fact, a robust, rosy cheeked little lad, though one set of cheeks were quite white.

Batman, or Batboy, was another boy whom one wouldn't have expected to see splashing around bareassed at a swimming hole. Immaculately groomed, he was a handsome, toothsome, upper class little lad with an innate dignity and bearing that almost but not quite survived two thirds of his pasty little buttcrack protruding from the water.

Befitting his patriotic costume and bearing, The Shield was an All-American looking little scamp, with strawberry blond hair, apple cheeks, and peach colored skin that glistened wet in the sun. And like the others, what he had resembled raisins more than grapes. 

Finally, The Wizard would have seemed rather studious and quiet a lad under other circumstances, that is, in a situation other than skinny-dipping at the old swimming hole. Though he no other had his mustache or any other secondary sexual characteristics, what little he did have was on full display.

The thirteen pint-sized pygmies laughed and whooped and shrieked until they sensed unfriendly eyes observing them. There was a burst of laughter and fifty-two cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

"Hey guys!" a snarling voice, quite high but deeper than any of theirs, called out. "Check out the pipsqueaks!"

Startled, the bare bottomed boys crouched down in the water to cover themselves. Then they saw seven baby-sized boys on shore wearing nothing but diapers, laughing at them.

"Hey, heroes! How's the water? Cold? Or are you always that teensy!"

Batboy blushed furiously. "Babyface and his Goo-Goo Gang!"

They'd all encountered Babyface before in various untold stories. A once-notorious crime boss, he and his gang had been exposed to a strange, experimental gas that was supposed to give them all eternal youth. Instead, they ended up permanently shrunk to pint size. Now the laughing stock of the underworld, Babyface opted to avenge his humiliation by donning diapers and masterminding a series of daring robberies, using his small size to his advantage. 

Now he stood there, a chubby little mite chewing on a pacifier like a cigar, clad only in a sagging cloth diaper secured by a safety pin. His similarly sized, similarly clad gang stood around him, not one of them more than knee-high to a normal-sized man. To the shrunken heroes, however, they looked like giants. 

"Hey, superheroes! Looks like the tables have turned!"

Red-faced but unbowed, the thirteen naked little crime fighters plucked up their courage and emerged from the water to confront the gang, their tiny boyhoods wiggling as they walked over to the smirking baby bandits.

The Black Terror's little chest rose and fell, his head tilting back to look up at the baby gangsters. "You think we're scared of a bunch of diaper-wearing squirts?"

"Who're you calling a squirt, squirt?" Babyface gloated. "And at least we're wearing something! Feeling the draft, little boys?"

The heroes had to admit, they were feeling a bit chilly standing there buck naked. The villains, wearing only their diapers, were also less than comfortable, but they did their best not to let on. 

"So!" Mister Scarlet squeaked fiercely up at their belly buttons, "the infantry has escaped again! When did they let you boys out of your playpen?"

"Eh, we escaped by greasing up and slipping through the bars!" Freckles, a jug-eared lad responded, picking his teeth with a safety pin.

"And just in time, too!" added Danny Cupid, a former Romeo turned pint-sized pickpocket, combing his neatly pomaded hair with a comb as long as his arm. "What a sight!"

"Lookit 'em!" laughed Junior the little safecracker, his own crack peeking out from his drooping diaper as he bent down to look at them. "The mighty mystery men! Not much mystery now, eh?"

"Nope!" gloated Toughey, former enforcer, once rock hard, now baby soft. "They're showing everything they got!"

"Which ain't much!" guffawed Peewee, the bubblegum pink gunsel. "You almost need a magnifying glass!"

"Ah, go powder your fannies, you crooks!" Stripesy shook his tiny fist up at the mocking boy gangsters. "Before we get sore!"

"And whazzis oo donna do, tiny?" Bruiser leaned down to flick Stripesy's nose, his oversized derby hat tilting to one side. "Cwy?"

"We're still big enough to take care of you brats!" Captain Marvel marched behind Babyface, seizing the seat of the villain's diaper and trying to drag him away. "Now... UNGH! Come on! UNGTH! You boys... HHMPH! ...have a date with the police! HHHHUMPH!"

Unfortunately, with his diminished strength, the little pink cheese wasn't able to even budge the diapered desperado. He struggled with all his might, pulling as hard as he could, to little effect beyond pulling the cloth diaper down slightly. 

"Hey! Knock it off!" 

The kiddie crimelord lost his balance and tumbled backward. He landed on top of the pint-sized Captain, squashing him under his gargantuan, diaper-clad fanny.

"H-Hey!" The once World's Mightiest Mortal, now the World's Most Mortified Mite, could be heard underneath shouting, his voice muffled considerably. "G-Get off!"

"Wow!" Babyface exclaimed, his eyes wide. "That tickles!"

"Come on, guys!" The unshod Shield squealed. "There's twice as many of us as there are of them!"

They charged forth to do battle, only for the insidious infants to easily block them. Each Gangster pushed two pink little palms against two tiny heroes' foreheads and held them at arm's length while the heroes angrily struggled, flailing their fists in the air, their bare behinds wiggling frantically.


"Wow!" laughed Peewee, watching their little white rears gyrate. "Lookit 'em go!"


Red-faced, the heroes struggled futilely, their puny, pint-sized preadolescent bodies no match for the larger baby gangsters, who were greatly enjoying the role reversal.

"Lookit those tiny heinies!"

"Lookit those teeney weenies!"

"Hey guys! Nice dimples!"


"Hey boys," Babyface looked conspiratorially around at his gang. "Remember all the times they spanked us?"

The heroes stopped struggling. They looked up at the gloating, vengeful villains in horror.

"You... You can't be serious..."

"They couldn't... They wouldn't..."

Within moments, the thirteen heroes found themselves upended and being paddled on their all too vulnerable bare bottoms by Babyface and his gang. Aside from Babyface himself, who retrieved Captain Marvel from under him, each gangster had two boys across his lap, alternating smacks, as the squirming, howling, humiliated heroes struggled helplessly.

"YOU'RE... OW! ...GONNA PAY FOR... OW! ...THIS!"


"Well guys," Danny Cupid cackled. "Looks like it's the end for these guys!"

Toughey guffawed. "I guess we've hit bottom this time!"

Bruiser sneered. "I bet they'll say we're hitting below the belt!"

The heroes kicked and fought, burning with the humiliation  of receiving bare bottomed spankings from boys wearing diapers.

After a set amount of time, the gangsters exchanged boys, going clockwise in a circle until each crook had spanked each boy soundly. The heroes, reduced to prepubescent pipsqueaks, were now also reduced to tears, clutching their red hot rear ends.


They turned reddened tail and ran, fleeing into the distance, the villains' mocking laughter echoing in their ears.

"That was great!" gloated Babyface, his pudgy little arms folded over his chubby pink tummy. "Didja see their faces?"

"Didja see their butts?" laughed Freckles. "They ain't gonna be able to sit down for a week!"

"Yeah! We... WHOOP!"

The miniature criminals found themselves hoisted into the air by their diapers, struggling helplessly in the grip of preadolescent crimebusters Little Boy Blue and The Blue Boys.

"Hey!" One of the crooks exclaimed. "What gives?"

"Jeepers!" Blue Boy Tubby said, holding his two crooks aloft. "It's lucky we happened along!"

"Yeh," Blue Boy Toughey agreed, glaring at gangster Toughey. "Dese crumb-bums might've gotten away!"

"Come on, small fry!" Little Boy Blue said to the squirming Babyface, smiling winningly. "It's back to jail for the lot of you!"

"Oh yeah?" shouted the wee gangland boss. "That's what you think!"

On cue, all seven crooks reached down, undid their safety pins, and dropped out of their diapers, landing naked on the ground. They scrambled to their feet and fled.

"After them, guys!"

Tossing the empty diapers aside, the three colorfully costumed kid crimefighters took off after the bare bottomed midget menaces.

Meanwhile, some distance away, a flying saucer  sat incongruously in the midst of the forest. And inside...

"Attention! Attention!" A pert yet vaguely sinister young girl in a crimson skullcap, matching skirt, and a pink body-stocking banged her gavel on her podium. "This meeting of the Sorority of Sin will come to order!"

Outside, thirteen bare naked boy sidekicks peered nervously through a conveniently placed window at the assembly inside.

"Good gravy!" gasped the Star-Spangled Kid, now a starkers spanked kid. "That's Patt-937, the girl from the future who came to our time to capture Stripesy and me for her museum!"

"And there's Katarina!" A red-bottomed Robin pointed to a bored-looking girl in a jet black cat-mask and evening gloves. "The misguided schoolgirl who aspired to emulate Catwoman!"

A bejeweled lass who barely had enough figure to fill out her harem outfit yawned and adjusted her veils. "Get on with it, girl!" she shouted in a vaguely foreign accent. "I didst travel long from my native land to meet with thee and thy... 'Sorority.' And I warn ye not to waste my time!"

"Oh no!" sobbed Dusty the Boy Detective, his boyhood now clearly detectable. "That's Princess Perit from the lost subterranean city of Ka! She's tried to conquer the surface world dozens of times before!"

"But we've always stopped her!" added Roy the Super Boy, his own boyhood equally bare to the world. "She keeps trying to add Dusty and me to her harem!"

"Eh, pipe down, ya showboat!" sneered a chain-smoking gal with an eyepatch and a tattoo that belied her tender years. "Let's hear what the daffy dame has to say!"

"Nails Naylor!" explained Speedy the Boy Bowman, now divested of his bow and all other accoutrements. "She secretly ran the gangs of Star City for months, using her dad, North Naylor, as a front!"

"Sho nuff certain we should!" squealed a curly-topped little blonde in a pink pinafore. "After all, she broke us outta jail an' everything!"

"Oh no!" whimpered Stuff, his own stuff swaying in the breeze. "Daisy Dearie, once queen of the movies, who turned to crime when her box office popularity started slipping!"

"Ja!" An even blonder girl wearing a Nazi armband and a black blouse and skirt sniffed. "But if she has nothing to offer..." She pulled out a revolver and placed it on the table in front of her.

"Axisana!" The buck-naked Bucky exclaimed. "The Hitler Youth who tried to sway me into betraying Cap and my country!"

"Ah, ledder talk already!" A ponytailed miss snapped her bubblegum. "Cool it with the interruptions!"

"Lily White!" Sandy the Golden Boy, more pale than golden, told the others. "A teen queen who tried to kidnap her favorite crooners so they'd only sing to her!"

"Yes," Patt-937 nodded. "Now as I was saying..."

"What I wanna know," interrupted a redhead in a rainbow-striped leotard, "is where she got all this stuff!" She jangled the enchanted charm bracelet on her wrist. "Flying saucers don't come cheap, y'know!"

"Pixie!" The denuded Davey blushed. "A girl with a crush on me who used a magic charm bracelet to commit crimes to get me and Magno's attention!"

"Will you all be SILENT!" The green haired girl in the scaled swimsuit shouted. "I have only three hours before I need to renew my strength in the water! And your talking is going to make me late!"

"Perfidia the Mermaiden!" Toro winced, his backside blazing not with fire but with the sting of his recent spanking. "A delinquent exiled from the land of mer-people who threw in her lot with the Axis Powers!"

"HEEHEEEHAHHAHEEE!" The bone-chilling laugh echoed through the room as the skull-faced girl, her hair in fashionable ribbons, her prom dress torn and faded, looked around the room with glowing green eyes. "A fine chance this Sorority of Sin has! We can't even stop arguing long enough for anyone to propose a plan!"

"Macabrett!" A very pink Pinky said. "The avenging ghost of a Seventeenth Century witch!"

Then a set of conjoined twin girls piped up, the two girls speaking alternating words.






"Mary-Marie,"  an unadorned Tim told the others.  "Otherwise known as The Phantom of the Freak Show! She led the Black Terror and I on a merry chase!"

"So," Stuff nodded. "A crime ring..."

"Composed entirely of girls our age..." continued Speedy.

"Most of whom have crushes on us..." added Robin.

"And here we are... RAW!" sobbed Sandy.

"We have to capture them!" insisted The Star-Spangled Kid. "It's our duty as American citizens!"

"L-L-Like THIS?" Roy turned an even brighter red. "We're COMPLETELY NAKED!"

"We've got no choice!" Dusty told his erstwhile partner. "We'll just have to think of a plan to catch them while retaining what little dignity we have left!"

"Ssh!" Captain Marvel Junior shushed them. "She's just announced something!"

Inside, the meeting continued.

"And now," Patt-937 told the others. "I'd like to introduce our founder and leader... GEORGIA SIVANA!"

"Good night!" wailed the World's Mightiest Bare-Bottomed Boy, smacking his forehead.

Inside, an ungainly, bespectacled girl with buck teeth and an evil sneer took the stage.

"Well, hello, girls!" She grinned ear to ear. "I've got some amusing news for all of you!" She paused, giggling. "Heh, heh, hehhhh..."

"Listen closely, guys!" Robin told his fellow nature boys. "This is where... ULP!"

A metal claw grabbed his bare shoulder. The boys turned to discover a small army of mechanical men surrounding them.

"We have visitors!" Georgia Sivana told her co-hosts in crime. "Gentlemen callers! Our sensor eyes discovered them a few moments ago!"

She clicked a button, activating a screen. It showed a panoramic view of the young heroes' rear ends as the reddening boys turned to face their attackers.

"But don't concern yourselves!" She flipped some switches on a computer terminal. "Our electronic robot sentries will deal with them."

She then produced bags of popcorn and gestured to a collection of seats in front of the screen.

"In the meantime, we can watch the show!" She grinned at her old enemy Captain Marvel Junior's body on full display. "And what a show it is!"

"YOU-WILL-COME-WITH-US!" intoned the robots en masse, their light bulb eyes blinking in tandem with their words.

"Not likely, tin can man!" Robin judo-flipped the robot who grabbed him, his willie jangling as he dropped into an action pose. "Heads up, guys! Looks like we've been found out!"

"Great!" hissed Bucky through clenched teeth. "Just great!" He aimed a devastating bare-foot kick at one of the mechanical men, his face red as a beet. "There goes the rest of our dignity!"

"G-Gosh," whispered Sandy, glistening with sweat. "I hope they're not watching!" He punched one robot's head off and elbowed another in the fuse box. 

The Star-Spangled Kid straightened his glasses, his tummy rising and falling as he breathed. "Try not to think about it!" he shouted to his blushing, bare bottomed compatriots. "And put that anger into your fighting!"

"Oh, gosh!" Speedy punched and kicked like a wildcat at his robot attackers. "If I only had my bow and trick arrows! I'd make short work of these goons!"

"Fortunately, I still have my magnetic powers!" Davey observed, gesturing at a crowd of mechanical men and levitating them into the air. 

Tim plowed through another crowd of robots. "And I still have my enhanced strength, even if I don't have my pants!"

"Well, good for you!" An aggravated Stuff nursed a bruised knuckle a second before bruising it further on a robot's face. "Let's have some respect for us guys who hafta make do with just normal, human level strength!"

"C'mon, Stuff!" Pinky shouted good-naturedly at his equally bare-assed associate. "It's not the strength, it's what you do with it!"

Toro conjured fireballs in his hands, hurling them at his opponents. "Oh, if only I could flame on and use my full power!" He shot a bolt of flame, melting several robots. "But I can't risk starting a forest fire!"

"You're doing fine, friend!" Roy and Dusty, the Boy Buddies, teamed to form a flying wedge to take out more mechanical men. "We're starting to turn the tide!"

The various super-villainesses inside the saucer, meanwhile, sat glued to their monitor screen, relishing the jiggling buttocks and bouncing boy-parts of their stark naked nemeses.

"Whoa! No wonder they call him Stuff!"

"Lookit Toro's little tanlines! Oh, he's just too adorable!"

"Let's have more tackles, guys! The view is great!"

"But wait," Georgia Sivana held up her hand for silence. "Something's wrong. Where's Captain Marvel Junior?"

Right on cue, the metal side of the flying saucer buckled, then tore away, revealing Captain Marvel Junior and the other boy heroes.

"Peek-a-boo, ladies!"

The tousle-haired, bare chested little usually blue cheese grinned cockily as he stepped naked through the gaping hole he'd ripped in the saucer.

"Yeah, enjoy the view! It'll give you something to enjoy during those long, lonely nights in prison!"

"Feh!" Nails Naylor spat out her cigarette and produced a machine gun. "I'll take care of that mug!"

She fired repeatedly straight at his chest. The bullets bounced harmlessly off him, making his pecs jiggle. She aimed lower, discovering even that was invulnerable too, though she did succeed in making it swing like a punching bag. 

"Hold on!" Patt-937 rushed over to pull some switches. A huge, green gorilla-like thing with an insect head and six arms emerged from a hidden cage. "My pet mutant will stop him!"

"That's what you think, lady!" Turning, Junior unleashed a roundhouse right that sent the mutant sprawling back into his cage. He rushed over, pulled down the raised bars, and hammered them down with his fist. "And this will keep your little teddy bear from getting loose again!"

Nails took aim at Junior's exposed rear end and fired. Again, no effect, or at least not much.

"WOOHOOHOOHOOHOO!" Junior started as the bullets ran up and down his crack. "HEY! WATCH it, lady!"

The other boys, bare-bottomed and blushing but unbowed, were invading the ship to join the fight.

"Dumkoff!" Axisana grabbed the machine gun from Nails and aimed it at the other boys. "Maybe he is immune from bullets, but his friends aren't!"

To her surprise, the gun was pulled out of her hands and flew across the room, shattering against the far wall.

"True!" Davey proclaimed, doing his best to hide his testicles behind his leg. "But my magnetic powers should take care of any guns you girls may have!"

Various other guns and rifles went sailing through the hole into the forest outside.

"Outta my way!" Pixie stepped forward, fingering her enchanted bracelet. "I've still got my magic bracelet! I'll..."

Just then, a flaming Toro melted his way through the top of the ship.

"You mean, you had it! And now, you've definitely had it!"

He fired a curl of flame that melted the bracelet right off her wrist. It fell to the floor, a clump of metallic slag, as Pixie yelped in surprise.

"You... You almost burned my hand!"

"But I didn't!" gloated Toro, sheathed in his flame. "That's called precision!"

"You want precision?" Daisy Dearie produced a futuristic looking gadget from her purse. "I swiped this subatomic disruptor from the set of a sci-fi serial! It'll reverse the polarity of every molecule in your body!"

"That sounds painful!" Dusty the Boy Detective said as he knocked the gadget from her hands and let it smash on the floor. "Let's skip it!"

"Good news, guys!" The Star-Spangled Kid shouted from the robot control panel. "I've figured out how to control the robots!" He pressed a few buttons and in response, the mechanical men trooped in to seize the girl villains before they could flee or resist.

"And I've called the police!" Robin announced, holding the microphone from a police radio the villains kept to monitor law enforcers' activities. "They should be here any moment!"

The boys congregated to look over the captive girls, now squirming helplessly, restrained by their own mechanical men. Toro landed, flaming off.

"So much for the Sorority of Sin!"

"Feh!" Princess Perit hissed, her wrists clasped in mechanical claws. "You will feel our vengeance! Once we escape..."

"Ah, save it for later, Princess!" Katarina hissed, a smirk playing around her pouty lips.  "Right now, let's just enjoy the view!"

The girls exchanged looks and giggles.

The boys looked at one another, puzzled. "What view?"

Then an errant breeze caressed their exposed flesh and reminded the boys they were all standing there completely naked in full view of the very amused, giggling girl-villains.


Instantly, thirteen boys dropped into crouches, arms folded over their midsections, faces burning as red as their other ends.

Georgia Sivana cackled. "We may have best captured, but we also had the rare opportunity to see our adorable arch-enemies in the altogether!"

"Oh... Oh... Oh, yeah?" The currently starless Star-Spangled Kid shouted back, his voice choked with embarrassment, his face blazing red, bent almost double. "Wuh-wuh-well, we defeated you!"

"Even if we had to do it without our clothes!" added Roy, unwisely and unnecessarily reminding them all of their predicament.

Goose-pimpled and choking back tears, the boys shouted out their humiliated rage at the bemused girls. The ladies watched with amusement and amazement as the mortified boys grew redder and redder. Their powers ebbed, what signs of puberty they possessed faded, and they all began to dwindle in size, their invective raising in pitch until they were tiny ten year old pygmies no more than a few inches high standing before their now gargantuan girl enemies.

"Wow!" Daisy Dearie snickered. "I've heard of boys shrinking from embarrassment but I never thought I'd see it!"

The boys exchanged miserable looks.

"This is a lot better!" chuckled Patt-937. "True, there isn't as much detail but at least now we can look down and see them from behind too!"

The boys looked up. At their present size, the girls towered over them and could easily see their bare buttcheeks from above. Paling and blushing, they swallowed, their teensy chests heaving.

Nails Naylor smirked. "Cute cracks, little fellers!"

"Yuh-yuh-you-you shut up!" squeaked a whimpering Toro, "Or girl or not, I'll bust you one!"

"Oh really?" taunted Nails. "You'd need a stepladder just to reach that high, little boy!"

"Yeah!" chortled Perfidia. "You wouldn't want to have a rematch now, would you, pipsqueaks?" She looked gleefully down at the tiny boys. "We'd give you all a good spanking!"

Mary-Marie, both of her, laughed cruelly.






This set off a fresh chorus of mocking laughter. 

The wee, naked boys glowed embarrassment, looking at each other in their shared misery.

"Come on, guys!" Robin finally said to his colleagues. "The police should be along to pick these crooks up soon! Our job here is done! Let's go!"

"Of course!" Georgia Sivana teased. "After all, it wouldn't do for the lot of you to get arrested for indecent exposure!"

The girl villains' laughter ringing in their ears, the boys turned and walked away with as much dignity as they could muster, their blushing faces and jiggling bare behinds glowing like hot coals. 

Then what little dignity they had left vanished as the now tiny boys struggled to climb up to the hole Captain Marvel Junior had torn through the ship's hull.

The police arrived momentarily. The now tiny, now prepubescent boy heroes hid in the foliage and watched as the captured girl villains were led off to the paddy wagon.

"I can't believe Georgia Sivana saw me naked!" moaned Captain Marvel Junior.  

"M-M-Maybe they were bluffing," Sandy the red-cheeked Golden Boy suggested desperately. "Maybe they didn't really see anything..."

"Oh, who are you kidding?" Robin snapped at him. "They saw EVERYTHING!"

"Which right now isn't much!" whined Dusty the Boy Detective. "I've never been so humiliated in all my life!"

"Yeah!" Tim the Kid Terror crossed his skinny arms over his scrawny chest. "Whose idea was it to go skinny-dipping anyway?"

"Ah, who cares?" Roy the Super Boy responded quickly in hopes nobody would remember it was him. "It's too late to do anything now!"

"Yeah!" Toro sobbed. "Those girls got quite a show! We'll never be able to live it down!"

Davey was trying to cheer himself up by surreptitiously checking out the others. They were now younger and less built but then, so was he so it was still quite a show. And fortunately for him, the others were too lost in their own mortified misery to notice.

"And we've still got the walk home!" Speedy the Boy Bowman whimpered. "Naked!"

"This is all the big guys' fault!" insisted the Star-Spangled Kid. "Oh, if they were my size, I'd..."

"You'd what?" smiled Stuff.

Then he pointed to thirteen equally tiny, equally nude, equally mortified boys crouched behind a nearby log. They were facing away from the first group and bent over, creating a row of boney boy backs, skinny boy legs, and blubbery boy behinds which the sidekicks realized with amusement were as red and sore as their own.

"Oh wow..." The very pink Pinky gasped. "It can't be..."

The shrunken, bare-bottomed heroes were watching the police as well, oblivious to their now same-sized bare-bottomed sidekicks behind them.

"Gosh!" The whittled down Wizard said to the others. "I wonder what they're doing out here!"

"Maybe they're after the Babyface Gang!" suggested Batboy.

"I hope they are!" the kid Captain Marvel exclaimed. "It'd serve them right!" 

"Yeah!" The very unshielded Shield rubbed his still stinging rear. "Spanked by a bunch of kids wearing diapers! I hope nobody ever finds out about this!"

The sidekicks nearby exchanged looks and giggles, their little chests heaving with suppressed laughter.

"Wait a second!" A stripped Stripesy looked around. "You don't think someone saw the boys running around naked and called the cops on them, do ya?"

"Well," the vest-pocket Vigilante chuckled. "Y'gotta admit, they'd be quite a sight for some poor old maid!" He glanced around and blushed. "So are we, I guess..."

"At least we're not as scandalous as we'd be at our proper sizes!" the sad little Sandboy admitted.

"Don't remind me!" Wee Green Arrow exclaimed. 

"Let's just hope the boys didn't get themselves into any more trouble!" commented Master Scarlet.

"If they did," the half-pint Human Torch observed, "they're on their own!"

"Yeah!" A pink and red Black Terror added. "We sure can't help them at this size!"

"I sure hope we get back to our right size soon!" a very cute little Captain America whined. "It'd be humiliating if the boys caught us like this!"

"Especially after we spanked them!" Mini-Magno shivered in the breeze. "Say! You don't think they'd try to get even, do you?"

The sidekicks nodded to one another, smirking, limbering up their hands as they crept toward their chosen targets...

And not far away, Mary Marvel, Merry the Gimmick Girl, Little Miss Redhead and Peachy Pet watched with amusement.

"You think we should break this up?" asked a snickering Mary.

They all considered.




(Maybe, eventually...)



End Chapter 2

The Cherub Revue

by: Dr. Anguish | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 5, 2023


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